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Escape attempts are not inherently evil
I can understand that! I'm speaking less from a "game mechanics" and rules stand point and more from a simple thematic and logical one. Escape and Rescue are distinct words with distinct meanings, and sitting in one place waiting for someone else to arrive is the anti-thesis of escape, while matching the definition of rescue perfectly.

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Escape attempts are not inherently evil
Aug 23 2014, 04:52 PM

Warning V4 Spoilers
This is something we just talked about in chat, actually!

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Escape attempts are not inherently evil
That's not what the game's about!

Here's the sticking point for me, and where the sticking point will always be on Main. Logistically, these kids should not be able to escape. AT has a level of resource and monitoring capability that far, far exceeds what anyone in our world is even close to capable of, and to have that undone by a group of teenagers through anything other than sheer dumb luck is, to be quite frank, silly as fuck.

Escape as a mechanic has to be designed for and built around. This is something I've been very conscious of for PAHL, since Escape is one of the primary mechanics, and it's a lot harder than one would initially think. A nice, simple example of it for SotF lies in the Mini-Universe of SotF-TV. There, escapes are hand-waved under the idea that they can be good for ratings, so the production staff is more lenient about letting people get away with things. Main doesn't have any stipulation like that. The terrorists have no reason to let kids escape. In fact, they have every reason to prevent them from escaping. If they see you planning something escapey, and to my knowledge it's canon that AT has known about at least every escape attempt in V5, there is no reason for them to not signal the collars to beep for a bit, then radio in that that was a warning shot and everybody better cut that shit right out. This says nothing about how they're going to leave the Island, where they're going to go, or what they'll do if AT sends, I don't know, a speedboat with a large, angry minion and an RPG aboard to sink their Huckleberry Finn-esque attempt at damning fate.

With the canon as it stands, escape attempts shouldn't succeed in Main. The terrorists are too well-organized and borderline all-powerful on the island to make it work. That being said, I'm all for attempts being made with the OOC assumption that they're going to fail. If it fits your arc to try and escape, go for it! But I think some of the biggest gripes about escape attempts come down to the fact that they're usually largely OOC motivated and it shines through hard in trying to read them. If the goal of an escape attempt, OOC, is to actually escape, I'm leery. If the goal is to escape and escaping adds nothing to the character's story other than "and then they lived," I start frowning. Conversely, if you go into an escape knowing you're going to die, and building an engaging arc around that, fantastic! But work within the parameters you're given. Understand the world your character exists in, and do things to serve both it and them, not OOC desires. It'll make for a much more interesting story, and a much smoother game.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
I'd like to add Vahka Basayev to the queue!

Let's Talk About Death
I decided to read, post to post, Kris's involvement in the thread, with none of the proceeding or following posts to support the death. I've read Kris, and her death, before, as well as Kimberly, but I want to focus on Kris's sequence as a measure of the death.

There's a lot going on in Kris's posts, but it's structured in a way that really works in the reader's favor. We don't know exactly what Kris has done leading up to this point, and there are only a few moments of specifics, but we don't need them. The tone of what she's done, and how everyone around her in this scene feels about it, is crystal clear.

Kris's inner conflict shines out really well without being overpowering. This didn't feel like a last minute "oh woe is me I was wrong all along pity me" turn, like a lot of villainous characters fall into, and there are even notes of Kris rejecting the notion of redemption and forgiveness. Mostly though, it's just an extension of her will to survive. She wants to keep pushing on even though she's bleeding, exhausted and just generally worn down and beaten to hell. She keeps going because she has to keep fighting down to that last breath, but she doesn't enjoy it. She hates it and she hates herself and then she's dead, and she's just glad it's finally over.

Good shit. Another!

V6 Concepts Thread
Adding one more.

Abby Floyd: Abby is the daughter of a veterinarian and an orthotics and prosthetics practitioner. She's dedicated to community service, especially projects involving the homeless and medical donations. When she's not studying or drumming up support for local volunteer drives, she enjoys playing violin, reading non-fiction, and listening to music, especially country and southern rock. Due to her mother's profession, she has many pets, including a munchkin cat, a Russian Blue cat, a basset hound, a hognose snake, two hedgehogs, and a canary.

Let's Talk About Death
Huh. This is an interesting thought experiment.

Count me in, hoss!

Bowser reads V5
Blood Boy's a V3 character whose story involves pretending to be the Joker and, IIRC, trying to rape someone with a severed arm. The later happened in V3, but it might not have been Blood Boy.

Don't read Blood Boy. Don't read V3.

Bowser reads V5
Alda Abbate, please! Her Wiki Page is down there in my sig.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
This is a neat thing. I like this thing.

Garrett Wilde, if you would!