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SotF Murdercast
The podcast was fantastic, ladies and gents. It was really entertaining to listen to ya'll work, I can't wait to hear more from everybody!

Character up for grabs
Hello Fairy!

I've really dug Harry's storyline so far, and the trader aspect I've briefly toyed with doing with Garrett, but I had to cut it for brevity's sake. I'd enjoy exploring that further with Harry, so I'll happily put in a bid for him.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I'll be starting classes and work up again on the 19th, so I'll be around considerably less than usual until I settle into a routine. My posting shouldn't be too delayed, but I'm throwing this up as a precaution.

Sugar and Spice Critiques
I would love your thoughts on Garrett Wilde!

Spicy! Mango Habanero Buffalo Wings.

Ciel Goes Critical All Over Everybody's Ass
Hey Ciel! Garrett Wilde could always benefit from more feedback, if you find the time. All of his threads are linked in my sig, with the very first being Will Alone.

Edgar Tolstoff
I'm fairly certain I would never forgive myself if I let Edgar slide. I'll happily throw a bid in for him.