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Taking Requests for Character Art
Godsdamn dude these are perfect, especially Hel and Jeremiah. Danke for putting up with me, I love them ^.^

Friendship is Tragic~
Oh hello hi hello friends I'm gonna start hugging you now okay <3_<3


Oh Blaise is gonna rain hellfire on that ass if he owes them money. Honestly though I think they'd keep playing with him unless he becomes a serial flake, they can give as good as they get and they're not looking to be friends, just take a sucker for a ride XD

Ooooooh I love this with Jeremiah and Demetri. Yes pretty please. Like, it's a perfect realistic relationship for him where yeah, dude's a toxic influence and by all rights he should have cut him out of his life, but if they're old friends I think he'd be afraid to lose one of the few points of stability he has as long as things don't escalate super hard. I think his homophobia would make Jeremiah visibly uncomfortable though, how would he respond to that?

Checkity-check-check with that Damian/Demetri relationship.


I think Blaise would definitely encourage polyship there, and that description of their relationship seems spot on. Actually huh. Hold up. Blaise might be poly and have a lot of Very Serious Thoughts about ethical polyamory. Fuck me. You're making me have character deep thoughts Cae-dot, I did not give permission for that O_O

Yeah, I think Hel is out to Beryl. She likes her and trusts her and thinks she's a groovy gal, plus it helps they're both emoji addicts. She'd be open to doing magic stuff with her as well, Hel's a pretty free-spirited practitioner~

plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls lure Jeremiah into chess club so I have an excuse to write a character who is as bad at chess as I am

Actually I think Damian generally likes Beryl. She's good enough in spirit that I doubt he'd police her too much, her heart's in the right place and he has bigger fish to fry. They're not super close friends or anything, but he'll smile when he sees her and has probably been to some of her shows.

Oh my gooooood I wanna do Babs and Beryl quietly awkwardly unawaredly crushing on each other forever and ever until the end of time, this picture is way to adorable in my head and it needs to happen yesterday


Awww, I hadn't thought of Cleo as a momfriend before but actually you're super right, I can see that all the way. Cleo will drop a motherfucker who gives her trouble, and would probably try to encourage her to get out of her head and into the world a little more. It's cute and I love it, double plus approval.

Okay so this is kinda weird, but Blaise is very rare to explode and hates explaining themselves, so how would Megan feel if one day the relationship just...stopped? Like it was a casualish thing to start with and then Blaise suddenly got really distant and dismissive for awhile and has never explained why? Follow-up, but what if Blaise is back around to being weirdly flirtatious in the present day like nothing ever happened? I feel like we could do something real twisted and interesting here since Megan is super into expressing her negative feelings and making them understood while Blaise is super into being as vague and distant with people who they don't feel are worth their time as possible.


Here's the thing. I think at the start Blaise might get huffy, but once they've clocked his deal then for the most part they never engage with him. Never even acknowledges him. Like, possibly for for upwards of a year or two. Just watches him interacting with both them and others every day until one day in as public a place as possible they walk up behind him real slow, and bend over and whisper something absolutely vicious in his ear. Like, just going off the cuff here but I feel like it's something along the lines of feeling a great deal of pity for him since he is such a bitter, unimaginative, narrow-minded child that the only way he can feel competent is to reduce others with droll parroted opinions so that his own tasteless, cookie cutter existence doesn't look so fucking pathetic when placed alongside any person who could actually be mistaken for interesting. Then they walk away and go back to pretending he doesn't exist, no matter how he tries to get a rise out of them. And that's about how Blaise feels about Aoi.

Hit me up when you have those others, I'm very interested ^.^

Taking Requests for Character Art
Let me just sliiiiiiide my kiddies up in here and you can tell me to fuck off and come back with less of them if you want, that is very reasonable XD
Cleo's description

Blaise's Description

Hel's Description

Jeremiah's Description

Damian's Description

Babs's Description

Sometimes I Cough And Words Come Out
I wrote a couple character backstory one-shots that I really liked for a SPAAAAAAACE campaign I'm playing and I really liked them so boop boop three year rez


Blink Once For Yes, Twice For No

in all the posting of relationship threads no-one will notice that i'm gay
I think Cleo likes Ashley's tattoo and generally respects the dude. Probably even flirts with him quite a bit though I dunno if anything's ever come of that?

Blaise on the other hand smells New Money on Ashley and is equally captivated and vindictive about it. Probably quite a few snide references to whether he ever wonders if among all those kids he was as much of an accident as his family's success was. I think they and Teresa would be fantastic hot messes at parties though and regularly run wild together to make horrible, horrible decisions. There's also an interesting thing here with Yuko that I don't think has come up before where Blaise has very little patience and tends to roll their eyes at straight allies because they feel they don't have skin the game, so to speak? I don't think there's a lot of outright hostility, but they scoff and are dismissive of Yuko's opinions and general presence in the LGBTQA+ community of the school.

Hel likes Roxanne. She reeeeally likes her. I could see them as jam buddies since they're both bassists and have their own bands. I think she's also friendly with Jonathan, though they're not too close, and probably sees Teresa as exactly the sort of person who keeps her from wanting to party.

Oh man, I think Jeremiah and Jonathan have hella shared trauma to bond over since Jeremiah is still basically getting shipped around until he removes himself from the system and feels like he's never had a real home. I could even see him getting involved with some volunteer work through their relationship since I'm playing with this notion of him as an amateur refurbisher/recycler.

Damian shares interests and communities with Jonathan, Spencer, and Yuko. I don't think any of them are like, bestest best buds, but I see them as being friendly to each other?

It's like the lunchroom on the internet
Eeeeeey Leah and Hel are probably buddies! They've got that MOBA life rolling after all, and I think Hel would find her an entertaining personality to have on stream for the most part, so we could definitely explore some stuff there!

[put frog emoji here]
Valerjia and Hel get along reasonably well, I'd say. They're both hella liberal and she seems like someone who would be on the debate team. Hel's more of a moderate than she is but as long as that doesn't cause clash then I'd say they work together and have lots of neato political discussions.

Damian and Valerjia are even better suited for each other since he's also a pretty heavy activist and wants to get involved in world politics someday to affect change. Maybe they even team up Wonder Twins style for some political shenanigans in the school from time to time. Oh hey, Maxwell is a football dude who's not a complete asshole. Damian likes him on principle!

Valerjia utterly terrifies Babs just like everyone involved with politicky stuff so expect a lot of scurrying in the other direction whenever she starts to go in on it.

Riki needs you!
Cleo has nooooooooo interest in anything that ever comes out of Hycanith's mouth. Ever. Forever.

Blaise finds Hycanith to be extremely boring and trying to make up for a creatively bankrupt cookie cutter personality by pretending beauty has an objective standard. We've talked about this a bit but I think they clash a lot because Hycanith feels they should be on her side and they are so very, very not. And oh hey, lookit that, Piet is enemies with Myles, who is Blaise's nemesis, and good friends with Kayden, who is Blaise's bestest friend ever. From what I'm seeing, I think they probably get along quite well!

Hel knows of Piet but dude is a little too extra for her to handle, and she avoids Hycanith whenever possible.

Jeremiah is absolutely one of Hycanith's targets and it makes him very very sad inside because I think he probably believes it at least a bit.

Damian wants Piet to mind his damn boundaries a bit more because he is the exact opposite of touchy feely. Other than that, though, I think they're cool?

Okay, this one's a little weird but hear me out. I think Babs is "traditionally" quite attractive but she doesn't put a ton of effort into her appearance other than taking care of herself and doing very simple make-up/conservative clothes. I like the idea of Hycanith seeing potential in her and like, possibly wanting to turn her into a project to make her more confident and prove her own ideological point, and Babs is extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing but is also bad at telling people no in ways that don't involve running away and hiding so she ends up going along with it for the most part and it goes very, very poorly?

My (Now Hopefully) Complete List of Cannon Fodder
Of course Blaise and Nick have slept together. Just of course. Look at Blaise. Look at Nick. Now back to Blaise. Now back to Nick. Vain-ass illusionists with nice accents and lots and lots of issues that make them dismissive of others. They occasionally refer to him as Daddy and pretend it just slipped out when they're feeling like stirring the pot. The more I think about it the more I realize they may actually be a little stuck on him but they'll never, ever own up to it.

Hel and Ashlynn seem like they'd at least be colleagues? I imagine they get along decently since their ideologies tend to align, but Hel often tries to get her to reign it in a little and be more engaging with other viewpoints as a way to help win people over rather than alienate them, though I also imagine that's not terribly successful.

henlo you stinky character concepts
Yoooooooo Cleo's all about Katie. They've both got a temper, they're both athletic, and they both deal with some homophobia/gender norms thanks to their hobbies that's only gotten a little worse thanks to them being actually interested in ladies. I could see them as good friends and possibly having shared a relationship at some point depending on whether they opened up about their feelings to each other? If Garren tries any of his shit around her there would likely an extremely vivid thought experiment about how far he imagines a prosthetic leg can fit up a dweeby little shitstain's ass, I'd envisioned her sig quote aimed at Malloon's Keith but goddamn does it fit Garren too.

I could see Blaise and Lyra having a complex relationship. On the one hand they're both into sleight of hand magic tricks and Blaise is openly genderfluid and proud of it no matter what comes their way, but on the other hand they're also just like, intensely problematic? What with outing Myles, being dismissive or cruel to people who ask any questions, and just being an all around bully when it suits them? I think Blaise would be nice to Lyra whether they knew about them being genderfluid or not, though, they really have no reason to be mean to them since they're interesting if nothing else. Dean, Katie, and Garren would all be in their sites for various reasons though; "failures", people who are fun to rile up, and asshats that almost definitely misgender them get all that sweet sweet sass. Also, you have a gambler. I have a gambler who likes to cheat. Stepney vs. Blaise should happen *_*

Hel looooooves Lyra. I could see them being mutually out to each other and bonding a ton over magic and mythology, plus Hel would be super into Robot Wars jazz. I think she's friendly with Stepney as well and has probably lost some dosh, but really, really wants him to teach her how he plays so she just keeps up despite her losses. I think she and Dean might be friendly even if they don't share much contact other than a hello in the halls? And continuing the trend I think it'd be really fun if Garren trolls her stream sometimes and she occasionally screeches at him IRL.

Lowkey I feel like Stepney and Jeremiah could be really, really good buds. As long as he's not intentionally mean about his ribbing they'd get along well and gods know that Jeremiah could use a laugh from time to time. Advantage: It's hard to forget which one is Jeremiah because he's the only one that's blue. And hey, what the hell, let's keep the hate train rolling and point out that Garren's jokes probably remind Jeremiah waaaay uncomfortably of the ideas his dad harbored way more violently and he avoids the dude like the plague.

Damian digs Dean a lot. As far as he's concerned it's nice to see another football bro who isn't a total douchebag and as long as his conflict with other members of the team wouldn't create animosity between them I could see them being pretty friendly. It goes without saying that he despises Garren and definitely sees the mean-spiritedness beneath his "jokes," out of everyone in my little cabal Damian is the one who would take him the most seriously as an actual toxic human being instead of an annoyance. He definitely goes out of his way to call him out.

Primrosette's Relationship Thread
Cleo and Violet might have clashed at some point? She's a verbal bully when she's annoyed or frustrated so I feel like that might have come up. That being said Cleo's also a horror fan and she's not like...bad intentioned, she doesn't want to hurt anyone, she's just got a temper, so I kinda like the idea that maybe Violet calls her out when she gets too rowdy and she respects her opinion.

I feel like Blaise and Emmett might have been decent enough friends at some point before they really kicked up their complete disregard for other people in high school? They're both arty and independent, but Blaise is definitely a bully and I think the friendship would have soured over time on his end, though they still regard him well and are waiting for him to get over what they view as a moody phase. Violet and Blaise have deeefinitely had words if she tried to defuse one of Blaise's tantrums.

Hel is real high on Violet, she loves everything about her whole vibe and I think they could be pretty good friends. She wants to be friends with Emmett but probably finds him kinda intimidating?

Jeremiah is probably interested in Emmett but struggles to, well, not be boring. He's not good at talking and I'm not sure if any of his interests would catch Emmett's attention. If he'd be interested in teaching another loner sadboy hiding from bullies about chess, though, they could bond over that.

I don't think Damian and Emmett really have much overlap but he's quick to come to the dude's defense against bullies if he wants it. A lot of his aggressors seem to be people Damian regularly clashes with anyway.

Babs and Maeve seem like they'd be pretty good friends! Fellow bookworms and folks who loathe confrontation who can go hide in the library together whenever shit hits the fan XD

Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler
No staff hat here, to be clear, but I really dig raising the limit as long as the versions have a lower total handler count. What I would personally advocate is waiting until V7 pre-game has some meat on its bones and we're getting close to the final stages before we re-evaluate. Still let people submit up to six pre-game concepts and then if the numbers are still looking manageable bump the limit up to four for the last two or three waves of apps. That way if we get a surge of new or returning members that would make that count unsustainable we're still good to pump the brakes, but if not we can have more peeps in the game.

V7 Sprites!

Cleo's description

Blaise's Description

Hel's Description

Jeremiah's Description

Damian's Description

Babs's Description

Posted Image

Wanted: Peeps
Duuude I think Hel would love Fitz. They'd be on the debate team together and she is so, so happy to listen to all his conspiracy theories, she eats that kinda thing up. She's all up in that tabletop life and that LGBTQA+ life too. There's a party to be had there.

Cleo has no fucking patience for Abe and would absolutely fire back if he tried to get a rise out of her. I think she probably had a huuuuuuuuuge crush on Christine at some point but she's super private about her bisexuality and only dates people she feels are okay being low-key about it so I don't think she ever followed up on it other than maybe some awkward flirting.

Blaise finds Christine just ridiculous and probably ridicules her constantly in exaggerated Ren Faire speak that is obviously wrong.

Hel has a hot and cold relationship with Abe, I'd say, where she wants to get along but he probably pushes her buttons and she needs a breather sometimes? They can be stoner buds but on the other hand she's Sbucks trash soooooooooo. I think she really likes Alexander though. Maybe they dated for a hot minute? I don't think it'd last, especially because I think there'd be some at least internal problematic romanticizing of his blindness within her dysphoric headspace that would make her uncomfortable/ableist even if she doesn't express it and eventually you gotta make way for secret online relationship, but they could still be acquaintances afterwards. She lives in awe of Christine and wishes she had the personality to be like her.

Mmmmmmmmmm I feel like Abe has probably said some really bad things to Jeremiah at some point and that bridge is just burned to cinders. I feel like he and Christine could have an interesting relationship? How is she about like, trying to fix people's problems?

Damian also loves Christine and they could be LGBTQA+/social activism buds. I feel like they'd mesh really, really well.

Babs likes Alexander a whole lot and probably trades podcasts with him pretty frequently. She is terrified both of Christine's loud, confident, political personality and the weird fluttery feeling she gets in the pit of her stomach whenever Christine is around that she does not want to explore ever at all till the end of time thank you very much please.

GASP! Who are you supposed to buh?
Cleo thinks all three of them are NEEEEERDS but probably reserves some special venom for Zach as the sort of person who grinds her gears. She greets him as "little boy" every single time she sees him, I guarantee it.

Blaise probably finds a certain usefulness to Zach and isn't above feeding him gossip and social ammunition when it suits their purposes.

Hel's pretty into both Yuki and Ned, though probably more Yuki since it seems like they'd play more together with tabletop and such and Ned's kinda got his own Youtube thing going? She and Ned could defo be anime club buddies though!

I feel like Jeremiah would be an easy target for Zach and the dude just wouldn't respond to it, and I'm curious how that might make him react?

Relationship shit, fiends, enemies, totem spirits etc.
I thiiink we've hit on just about everything already, other than Damian really doesn't like Wyatt and most of the other Football Bros(TM) so by extension Damian doesn't like Bret all that much. I think it really is mostly by extension though, Lee and Wyatt draw most of his ire thus far and Bret just gets caught in the run-off.

Turtle's Murder- I Mean, Relationship Thread
Blaise has a hard time between deciding whether they want to see where Marceline's style goes or whether it's just tragic. Probably the latter for the most part. They want to see some variety godsdammit.

Hel loooves Marceline even if she probably spends some time cleaning up after her mischief and smoothing things over where she can. All the boxes check, they can bond over literally everything and I think Hel would love her personality. From the sounds of it if they were close enough, Hel would probably be out to her. I think Hel might know Richard as well. I'm mulling it over in my head a little and I have two ideas: one is that they're fairly professional team-mates who don't really gel personally but play well together and get along in-game since they both wanna go pro. The other is that they could be rivals of a sort, especially since their personalities just do not mix. Perhaps even one led to the other, where they tried to make a local team thing work and it blew up in their face and there's some tension still?

Babs probably likes Ming quite a bit and maybe Ming pulls her out of her shell a bit? Babs could be useful for volunteering since she can translate a lot to help with other avenues, and I like that they're both Pregame/Meanwhile characters cuz that opens the door for TRAUMA BONDING

a boring relationship thread name here
Cleo's arms are not long enough for the jerk-off motion that is in her soul every time she sees Gaelan. Homegirl is so not into his type and is not shy about letting them know it. She'd be way into Jordan though and probably crush on her a bit, though I don't think she'd act on it at all.

Blaise is over the goddamn moon for Gaelan and they are always looking for him to model new designs or ideas they have. He's exactly the sort of person they adore and I think they could have a very productive relationship, probably even a fling or two in the past. There are very, very few people who hit the right notes to have not only their attention but their admiration, and I think Gaelan is exactly that. I think they probably tease Jiji from time to time but mostly get along and enjoy their energy. They are mercilessly critical to Jordan forever and ever and ever. Probably way, way into Kayden as "let's burn this heteronormative bullshit to the fucking ground" buds since that is Blaise's aesthetic to the tee.

Hel loves Jiji and loves spending time around her. I don't think they have a lot of interests that connect or see each other often, but I just get this picture of them talking from time to time and Hel just getting real jazzed and inspired. She likes Jordan a lot too, they could be geeky friends and Hel has just all the sympathy in the world for her tendency to choose random hills to die on. Mikki is interesting here because I think Hel wants to like her but finds her a little too extra and demanding for her laidback lifestyle. I could absolutely see them kissing at a party one time though and Hel never, ever bringing it up. She's got complicated as fuuuck feelings about Kayden because she's self-conscious about both her trans and pan identities and while she's happy to be supportive and stand up for people she also doesn't want to draw too much attention and has a dysphoria thing where she worries being around someone like him too much is likely to increase her chances of getting clocked, so there's tension in any interactions there.

Gaelan gives Jeremiah very complicated feelings that he doesn't know what to do with. He's extremely jealous of Kayden's clear sense of self-identity and probably quietly looks up to him to a degree that may or may not be picked up on. He finds Jiji's high positivity aura to be hella grating because he is The Saddst Boy(TM)

Damian finds Kayden to be a refreshing alternative to all the other football douchebros with their toxic masculine bullshit and de facto always sides with him in any arguments he sees between them regardless of whether he knows anything about the situation or not >.>

Who'd have a heart to heart with, be neck and neck with or inflict an eye for an eye on my kids?
Yo! We talked some stuff, lemme hit you with some more~

Oh my goooooods Hel kinda loves and kinda hates Joey all at the same time and she has no idea how to decide which emotion is more prevalent at any given time. I feel like they probably clash some cuz she's a politic-y girl on the debate team but for the most part she has trouble not respecting the hell out of his spirit/determination/presence.

Damian hates Keith and is pretty open about it. Jeremiah also probably hates Keith because Keith reminds him of his dad and has never breathed a word of it.

Babs is completely terrified of Joey and goes out of her way to avoid him. Politics gives her an existential complex. He might notice her constant scurrying in the other direction.