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I suppose I'll swap Vahka for Caedyn then, if you don't mind? :3

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Well Randomness, we're suspicious together, because that's the exact same thing I have as well. I was told that I was a townie, and that I have flavor, but I'm not important enough to know it basically?

So we're either both scum telling a really bad lies or we've both gotten stuck with the second worst role I've ever had. At least we don't suffer alone either way. Whee!

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 27 2016, 05:43 PM
freudian thingy

lore we did not need to know you were sexually attracted to vyse
we didn't need to know that because we're all attracted to vyse

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Sure, I can claim!

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
oh my god my scumdar is absolute shit this game, the only thing that can absolve me is Rorick turning out to be scum, pls RNGsus.

But yeah, let's kill frogue. That seems a reasonable course of action. I'm curious though, froggles: why fess up?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
So I guess my math was bad, because I totally thought the day would be over by now. Kinda late to vote for Z since I voted for d4nnyRolex yesterday and we don't get take-backsies. I don't like Z's claim, though, it doesn't add up to me. I think for safety purposes she'd be the best lynch since she's confirmed her name is the same as the killer.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I'm not really looking for d4nnyRolex to claim because this late in the phase I'm uninterested, it's still the most convincing case to me. I get why people think Z might be scum but it's kinda hard for me to see how she's being any different than usual, even her press on me...sorta makes sense to me? I didn't want to vote for her, and not just because she is my sister and we're always on the same side, especially when we're not on the same side. The case just isn't grabbing me at all, it feels nitpicky and head-gamey and like, she's at least actively around and doing stuff. The fact that d4nny's unlikely to claim feels like even more of a reason to vote for him, to me.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Hey, so, a fucking lot has happened, but I'm still most moved by frogue's case for d4nnyRolex, so that's where I'm voting. Voted. Just voted. Ye.

Smart people carry on doing things while I sit and think about my Mafia life choices and why they've led me down this dark path

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Can we replace the BKA food with just like, a signed "Hang In There" poster and a heartfelt personal message on a walkman from Boris? I feel like that would be v. motivating.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
So, lemme give a little insight into why I'm so quiet in general in this game aside from just business: my strategies don't work. Like, at all. I can't wrap my head how to adapt any of the weird backstagey cagey stuff I do, because a lot of it revolves around stirring up conflict that must end in absolution and seeing how people react. In my mind at least, most games I'm in have one or two core conflicts that absolutely dominate each phase, and I try to be either behind or contributing to all of them. I like this because most scum teams have rookie or uncertain scum on them, and those players are more likely to either over commit to a town lynch or to defending themselves/fellow scum members that get caught out. It can kick off a domino effect that usually ends up in the acceptable death of some townies(and sometimes that death is mine).

I can't figure out how to do that here. There are so many fights going on and NO reason for any of them to coalesce into a single movement. Nobody has to settle for a second or third best lynch when they can just vote for the one they like most and the majority wins. And while some of you may have figured out how to work that to pick out scum, man, it's just boiling my fucking brain, and I CAN'T focus on anything but that when I read this thread. Every time I try to read posts and do analysis I get caught up in trying to adjust to that new paradigm and you get weird, weak, useless shit like the one reads post I've done. I don't get this game. It hurts my brain a lot. Something about this system just does not mesh well with my brand of crazy.

That's the most coherent explanation of why I just wanna sheep this game I can offer. I don't get much of what's going on because I can't get off of that detail, but other people seem way more confident in what's going on so I'm kinda just trusting the players I trust to be both good and townie(In this case, it's pretty much Froggles, 'cuz I feel like I always suspect Froggles and then he's always town so let's see how this turns out) to do the work while I try to find time to figure out how to unfuck my brain.

So like, if that's unsatisfactory or anti-town or scum or whatever, I'm not gonna pretend I really have anything valuable to bring to the table this game other than Watsoning on to somebody who has their ass on straighter? But I won't pretend it's not kind irritating to be read as scum purely for doing the thing over half the game does every game for once instead of being a loud, mouthy, chaotic bitch like usual. I would have thought someone would appreciate the relative piece and quiet.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I don't really have a defense for myself, my stuff is bad but I told you it would be bad and that's why I didn't wanna give it in the first place sooooo ^o)

I'm honestly just kinda sheeping this game, I feel out of place with the meta and I don't have the energy I'd normally dedicate. I just wanna follow along the smarter people for once instead of causing absolute chaos like I usually do, let me have this :(

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Thank you Frogue for proving my point as to why I don't want to suggest anything because I'm super out of touch with the game and super out of it in general. I could dig for examples of what I meant but I'm probably wrong anyway, I have no strong feelings on anyone I talked about in that post, so like, I don't really have the energy to put in the effort and have an argument about something I don't really believe or give a shit about?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread


That is all. Carry on with your regularly scheduled mafias.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
MW seems to be doing usual MW things and at least attempting to be helpful and guide town discussion to productive places.

Randomness is probably the scummiest on that list but not by much, they're just coming off as very...picking stuff apart in their posts? Talking mostly about why we should NOT do things without proposing many alternatives and throwing out broad scumreads? That's the thing that looks closest to scum in the group you've asked me about, but I'm not 110% on it by any means. I feel like your case against d4nny is stronger.

I don't have anything to say about Prim, Prim hasn't said anything. No idea what's going on crew represeeeeeeent

Lore's avi is really cute and it's distracting me from reading her posts but I like that she seems to be proposing a lot of courses of action and pushing for reads 'cuz that's what we need.


Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Frogue seems to be the person who most knows da fuck is going on in this game. I'm gonna start hailing the hypnotoad if that's cool, so I'm down for prodding d4nnyRulx with questions and/or hot sticks as needed. Still feel kinda odd about Z and Rorock TBH but it's more of a feeling from knowing/cuddling both of them on the reg, not an actual case.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I'll totally accept that me not doing much isn't helpful to town. I'm just not up to my normal game on this one. The stuff I normally do to draw out suspects and get leads, I can't do because of the weird nature of this thing fucking with my steez. I really have no idea what I'm doing in this game, so I'm kinda just trying to take a back seat and let people who know what's going on drive things until they turn up something familiar that I can work with.

Except I'm starting to suspect that that's what most of the game is doing and that none of s have any idea how this one really works on a meta level and it has us scurred. Fuck.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 16 2016, 12:06 PM
I'm really not liking this "idk I'm confused" spiel that Paige is giving whenever she's prodded for more information. While there was some suspicion on Rorick when she first voted him, I'd think that there would be enough to look through in the thread after that fact to give her some idea of who else might be suspicion-worthy.
C'mon, Z. You know me better than that. I do dumb, silly shit in Mafia all the time simply because it amuses me. I stage elaborate role hoaxes and get into big senseless tunnel fights just because it's fun, and I play Mafia to have fun. Do you really think I could give up all my dumb tendencies for some boring "hahaha I don't know what's going on" scum defense when if I actually knew what was going on I'd have about a thousand stupid ideas to act on that would be way more interesting for me?

Like, I'm kinda starting to suspect you for how hard you're pushing this. You know I'm an easy lynch target to wind up, and you ALSO know me well enough both as a player and just as a person to know that I wouldn't do some basic shit like that, because there's nothing entertaining about it. And especially when you only need a small minority to derail the lynch, your relentlessness on this smells reeeeal fish.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I suspect Rorick 'cuz I used to suspect him like three days ago and whoops my understanding of this game has advanced roughly 0% since then so I'll just keep my eggs in that basket since no one is giving me a better one yet.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
While I understand the skepticism towards my vote, I'd like to invoke whatever amendment gives one legal protections on the grounds that one was busy being groped at the time and didn't want to just not vote since that seemed dumb.

I don't feel like there's enough information to draw much from the night kills at this point. I'm honestly still fairly suspicious of Rorock.

Also Boogie looks like a non-problem right now to me. We should keep an eye on him when the numbers thin because he could just as easily flip to vote with the mafia as with us, but...he's already won. Whatever he does from now on is just shits and giggles.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Soooooo I'm not gonna be here when the vote is called. Given that, cards on the table, I'm putting in a vote for my beloved earl, Rorock. He's very clever in my experience and I don't see the point in bringing up whether it's good to lynch someone or not Day One. While it could just be Rorock talking about his feelings, of which he has many and they're all adorable, but he feels the most like sneaky scum to me. If this sounds weird or requires explanation it's gonna have to wait until next phase, I gots a guy to finish prettying up for~