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PAHL: Prometheus Academy for Higher
Final PAHL Submission Queue: NPC students.

The 10-20 PC students make up a very small portion of the standing 2000 students within the current iteration of PAHL-US. While these 2000 students will not be fleshed out over the course of the game, some of them will make appearances. Handlers are encouraged to submit up to three NPC concepts to me via REvo PM with a short blurb on who the character is, what their major is, and what year they are. Students in the sophomore and above class should be assumed to be assimilated into the program.

NPC concepts may not know any PC student prior to the program unless granted explicit mod permission. While you may lobby for this permission, you will need to make an extremely good case for me to consider the concept.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Joachim's dead.

The Secret Fate of All Life
For a moment, he wondered if it would really end. Would Ami really go through with it? Would the gun really fire? Or would it jam? Would the bullet be a dud? Would he have to get up once again, and leave another body in his wake? Would he win?

Then the muzzle flashed.

The sharp crack that filled the air matched the brief spike of pain in his chest.

It started to get dark.

In those last, few moments, his fingers traced across the grass and laced through Paris's cold, dead hand.

He wanted to hate him. He wanted to be glad he was dead. He wanted to take back every second he'd lost chasing the intangible dreams of this madman.

Still, as the last spark of life tapered out in Joachim Lovelace, he couldn't help but feel a brief taste of that compulsion that had drawn them together. In that final moment, there was no Ami. There was no game. There was no island. Just the two of them, side by side.

Just us. As it should be.



The Secret Fate of All Life
In some ways, their guesses had been equally poor. He couldn't imagine the face of a cork, but there might be some nuance he was missing. It didn't matter. Simply a reminder of better, clearer moments.

He shook his head, clearing the memory away. "Not important," he whispered. "You won. Do it."


The Secret Fate of All Life
Joachim sighed and rested back against the tree. His eyes kept watching her as she slowly picked the gun up.

As she turned back to him with a face weathered by the inevitability of the situation. It seemed she finally understood.

He didn't shut his eyes yet. He couldn't. She might still have second thoughts. He would keep watching her until the barrel came up and he could stare into it. Until her finger squeezed around the trigger, and her stance hardened. Until there was no turning back, and he was finally out of...

"Ami," he mumbled out softly, "what has a face but never cries?"

Then, he could shut his eyes.

The Secret Fate of All Life
"Pick it up."

Joachim's eyes bored into Ami as his fingers tensed around the knife. She wasn't going to walk away. He wouldn't let her. One of them was going to die.

That was the nature of the game.

"You won. Pick it up."

He was supposed to lose. He was always supposed to lose. This was how it was meant to be.

The Secret Fate of All Life

The gun felt heavier than before. What would it mean, if he killed her? What would it change?

"It's fifty-fifty, isn't it?"

What would he do if she died as well?

What would it mean to win?


Joachim smiled. He'd never know.

"Goodbye. It was fun."

The gun went sailing back to her feet. His fingers gripped the knife tight as he waited, and watched. The game was over. He lost.

The Secret Fate of All Life
He wasn't dead. That was disappointing.

"Very well."

The knife lay in his lap as he grabbed the revolver in both hands, drawing it up to point into Ami's forehead.


A soft breeze blew across his body. He shivered, both from the sudden chill, and from the anticipation. Three down, three to go.

He let the gun fly back to Ami's feet, and rested against the tree. This time. This time.

The Secret Fate of All Life
Joachim kept looking into her eyes. Slowly, his fingers moved down to his pocket. The knife slide into his hands. He made no effort to hide it.

"Your turn," he whispered. "One way, or another."

His fingers traced along the hilt as he looked down at the gun on the floor, then back to her. "We're playing the game. You can't change that. The only thing you can control is the result."

He nodded once more to the gun. "Your turn."

The Secret Fate of All Life
Another laugh. Again, she missed the point.

"You misunderstand. I apologize."

The barrel of the gun rose up in the direction of her voice. He didn't even look as he pulled the trigger.


Finally, his eyes rose to stare into hers. The gun wavered in the air at the edge of his vision.

"I didn't win."

He threw the gun to her feet.

"Your turn."

The Secret Fate of All Life
"The game," he stated a little louder, "is all about the results."

One bullet slipped back into the chamber. His eyes remained focused on the barrel as he spun the chamber around.

"Isn't it?"

The Secret Fate of All Life

What a charming notion.

Joachim shook his head slowly. "Jaq asked me to kill. Paris expected me to, no asking required."

It occurred to him that Paris might have been the first person he killed for himself. He wasn't entirely sure of that, though. The sheer compulsion of it, the residual pointlessness, Paris's unmistakable look of acceptance and satisfaction...

Perhaps this was all part of whatever plan he had. Or perhaps he was just grasping for something, anything to justify the last few days. There was no energy in the effort, though. He'd given up.

The revolver gleamed in his lap. He opened the chamber slowly and let the bullets spill out into his hand. Five.

Part of him was still wondering why he didn't load the gun fully. Maybe the chance of failure had enticed him. Maybe he'd left it empty for the same reason he'd let Rosemary live, so many days ago.

"A game," he whispered. "Just a silly game."

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Putting in a three day extension request for safety. Ciel and I should have the scene done before then and maybe before deadline, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

The Secret Fate of All Life
He didn't expect to laugh. There was no stopping it when Ami misunderstood him, though. In a way, it felt nice.

"There is no them."

Joachim reached over and plucked the shirt from Paris's face. "He didn't kill anyone. He was too intelligent for that. That's what he had me for. That's what he had Cho for. That's all we were."

That same, contented look stared back at him as he looked over his fallen idol. She could never understand.

"I want to hate him for that, I think. But I can't. That's what he took from me."

He shrugged again and settled back against the tree, holding the shirt over the gun in his lap.

"It doesn't matter. They lost, he lost, I'll lose. That's the nature of the game."

That's how it's supposed to be.

The Secret Fate of All Life
Joachim shrugged against the rough bark of the tree as Ami pantomimed his attempt at suicide. There was something distasteful about that, but he didn't have the energy to care. At least, if she was that blunt, there was a better chance that she'd kill him.

She looked to Paris, and then to him. What did he do, he thought.

There were a few answers he could have given. Lured at least one girl to her death. Tried to lure more, perhaps. Kept his hands clean and his conscience clear as the bodies piled around him.

He didn't care about any of that though. She might have, but he didn't. There was only one thing that Paris did that mattered.

"He took something from me."

Joachim swallowed as he glanced down at the revolver.

"I thought killing him might bring it back."

PAHL: Prometheus Academy for Higher

Skeletal Back Story and Relevant State of The World

If you are writing a foreign applicant, PM me immediately on REvo with your country of origin in mind to receive any necessary information about the present state of your nation and its relationship with the United States education system.

The Secret Fate of All Life
"No," Joachim whispered quietly.

He wasn't dead. Clearly she wanted to talk, at least for a little while. Perhaps once she was satisfied, she'd kill him.

That would be nice.

"No," he whispered again, "I didn't win. He just lost."

Joachim turned and slumped back against the tree and stared up at the girl who had stumbled in on him. Ami, that was her name. She'd killed someone before. There was hope.

The Secret Fate of All Life
There was so much passion, so much assurance, pouring from Paris's body, like the blood running from his chest. He seemed so confident, even as he bled out. So assured. It made him feel...

He didn't know. For a moment, it was there, and then it was lost again.

It didn't take him long to go through Paris's things and find his revolver. It felt heavy in his hands. He couldn't seem to recall Paris ever using it, but perhaps it would be of use to him.

Or at least it would if he had any idea where to go next. He didn't, though. There was no step two. Nowhere to go from here. Paris was dead, as he should be, and now Joachim was sitting by his side.

"It should have been you. You were right."

He looked into the chamber as he spoke. Five shiny bullets stared back at him.

"You were always supposed to be the one, I thought. It seemed so clear from that first moment we met. You had fire. You had purpose. You had the mind to put it all to use."

One, two, three, four, five. One missing.

"You pissed it away. I don't know why. Maybe you never had it in the first place. I might have been the fool all along."

The chamber snapped shut again, and he gave it a spin.

"I wonder what would have happened if we never met."

The tree supported him as he rose to his feet and walked over to face Paris's corpse.

"Jaq. Rosemary. They might be alive. I might be with one of them. I might have accomplished something."

He stared down the barrel into Paris's lifeless face.

"You took that from me. I was distracted, and you stole my purpose."

His finger tightened on the trigger.

"Damn you."

The barrel swung through the air and pressed to his temple as he pulled the trigger tight.


Empty. Somehow, he knew it would be.

The Secret Fate of All Life
He'd been held like this, once before. Adonis. Adonis had tried to stop him, and he'd died as well. He was proud, then.

This felt so much more empty. Joachim didn't trick Paris. There was no outmaneuvering. Paris's hands had met his, and their strength had been found wanting. The blade slipped into his soft flesh and nestled inside with ease. He didn't even need to pull the trigger.

As the blood started to flow, and reality set in around them, Paris looked up to him for answers. For a reaction. For something.

But Joachim had nothing for him. He spoke no words as the man he'd briefly idolized began to die. He simply twisted the knife, and pulled it from his chest to let him bleed.

The Secret Fate of All Life
"You are."

The words came out flat and quiet, whispering along with Paris as he spoke. His foot planted firmly in the grass.

"I'm not."

A finger brushed along the button of the knife as he stared into Paris's eyes.

"I won't."

He flew forward, aiming to the broken boy's prone frame back against the tree. Not from malice. Not from desire. Not from anger.

Only from resignation.