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Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Hmm, I can't tell if that's 10 or not, too sleep deprived :P Throwing down a


Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I'm torn. Decoy has done some lurking and that leaves me a bit suspicious. However, Dom's got some scummy stuff floating in the waters too.

FoS: Dom for now, I'd like to here an explanation from both of them though.

Handler: DocBalance
Dates Away: July 30th-August 8th.
Days Away: 9
Reason for Away: Debate Camp.
Characters: Only Mafia and Concepts.

This is more of a "severely limited" notice, since I should be able to get some posts in but I can't guarantee anything. I'm staying with my partner and I'm not sure if he has Wi-Fi.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Maybe curb the votes a bit, guys? We don't want a mafia hammer here. With that in mind, I'm going to go ahead and unvote. I'm uncomfortable with being that close to a lynch with the full mafia still roaming about.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
We also need to be working off the assumption that we either don't have a vig, or they are being indefinitely detained. That puts us at a disadvantage. I'll try and get a list of inactives put together for leads, we'll need to hit lynches like the last one at least every other phase if we want to make up for our handicap. As glad as I am to see the SK bite it, that also means he won't have a chance of randomly hitting mafias, so lynches are all we have. Any thoughts on who Rattle should check out next?

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
We know that Rattle is insane now, at least. Still, not a great night for us to be sure. Because of that:
Vote: Decoy.

The School Band
Sure, I've got a couple of characters who might be interested. Karen's kinda on the chopping block right now, but I could see Alfred getting in on this provided that mandolin is considered classical enough.

v5 Student Newspaper & Yearbook Committee
I haven't been involved in a school newspaper in awhile, but do they still do those anonymous advice columns? I'd be all over that.

V5 Relationship Chart
I dig it, especially since that is basically Lee's character concept in a nutshell.

v5 Student Newspaper & Yearbook Committee
No matter what direction I take him, Lee would definitely be interested in something like this. Count me in.

V5 Concepts Thread
New Concept time!

Lee Penbur: Lee is a somewhat shady individual. He loves gathering and analyzing information, especially information people don't want him to know. He stands at about 5' 8", with long black hair put back in a ponytail and grey eyes that always seem to be searching for a new subject. Basically he'd be that guy who seems to know everything that's going on at school: Who's seeing who, who's cheating in Geometry, who got beat up by whom after gym last week, who's secretly on drugs, etc. However, while he is usually pretty well-informed, he rarely has any personal involvement or stake in the situations he studies. The challenge of getting the information, and knowing that he is one of the few people who has said information, is enough for him without complicating it with blackmail or gossip, though he has been known to discretely let a few facts slip into common knowledge if someone crosses him or one of his friends. His thirst for hidden information has drawn him to computer engineering and coding, in hopes of one day joining a covert hacktivist group to unearth the world's most well-kept secrets.

What I'm feeling with Lee is kind of a mutation on the old "school snitch" trope, with the difference being that he isn't gathering information for anyone but himself. He'll give out vague stuff(For example, if you were to ask him "Is X single?", he'd respond with a simple yes or no), but deeply personal details only go public if you piss him off or hurt someone he cares about. He also is a compassionate individual at heart, and if he discovers a serious issue such as suicidal depression or hardcore bullying, he makes sure the right information and evidence ends up with the right people. Where this puts him on the social scale depends largely on what other characters he'd be playing with, and I'm especially excited about the pregame opportunities this affords. I'm playing around with his interests a bit right now, and I wanted to do a brief poll: Given the character as described so far, does he fit better as an aspiring hacktivist, or does he sound more likely to be drawn to criminal justice? Both are on the table for consideration, and I'm having a hard time choosing between the two.

I have discovered Garry's Mod
Wow, that looks pretty good man!

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I haven't voted yet, and I'm not mafia. I just don't want to end the phase early. If the popular consensus is to finish it, though, I'd be fine with hammering it.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I'm with Holly on this one, I'm not sure how much more we can get out of the day. I won't hammer in haste, since I'd like to hear what other leads you'd like to pursue T-fox, but Droppy seems to be side-stepping the issue by suggesting to lynch Namira while not explaining why we shouldn't lynch him.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Unvote: Namira

No point in keeping a vote up with this much discussion still at hand. Still, that response was a little bit jumpy, Namira. I'm not crucifying you for being vocal, but with the information that was present at the time the best solution was to lynch you, as the most information would be provided from it. An alternative solution has been provided by way of investigating me to find out whether Rattle is nutsy or not, so there's no need to vote until a consensus is reached on which idea is the best.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I don't think that the faked PM is necessarily between you and Slam, Namira, but something here is fishy to me. That every person we've been suspicious of so far has turned up innocent just seems far to coincidental to me. It seems there is only one way to find out, though.



I hate to do this. But we need confirmation on whether Rattle is an insane cop or not.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
G'damn. Somebody here is faking a role PM.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread

Because even if you've got a pro-town role, you are playing in an anti-town manner.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
..../faceplam, I hadn't even considered that. Fail Doc is fail, disregard my fears.

SOTF: Arena (Game ON!)
Man, I can dig this, sign me up.