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[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
Watching her unpack the basket made every second he'd spent saving for it, hunting for its contents, and prepping the whole thing together worth it. As difficult as the last few days had been for her, all of that seemed to melt away as she went through and found each new piece. None of it was terribly expensive, or rare, or fancy. But they were the things that kept her going, the ones that made her passionate and let her express who she was. That made them special to her, and special to him. That made them worth the effort.

Then she found the ring. This was the big gamble of the whole thing, the bit he wasn't too sure about when he put the basket together. She wasn't super into comics or anything, far as he knew, not like her mom was, but she seemed into this whole Star Sapphire thing, and he thought it might be a small, cute gesture, since she didn't have one of the rings. So far, it seemed like he was on the mark. He listened to her as he felt her closing in and taking his hand, curling his fingers through hers and looking down at her with a slight shrug. "Not much, honestly. Comics kinda make my head spin. But it's a symbol of those folks, the Sapphires, yeah?" He knew that much. He'd tried looking into the whole thing online, but he got caught up in wikis and issues and hundreds of fucking blue links leading him deeper into this giant industry he couldn't even scratch. He'd found the rings for sale, though. To be honest, he was just happy he'd bought the right one.

Every day is great at your Junes
Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide. She'd remember that one. Maybe write it down a few hundred times to make sure of that. If only she'd gotten a picture of them together...still, she could draw one, right? This rumor was way, way too juicy to let die that easily. There'd be this whole mock-up, like...

Yes. Yes, this would do perfectly. Caedyn couldn't help but grin at the thought of what she'd get up to once she went back home. She was drawn from her plotting by Jasper's questioning, though. Had she never told him about her and Lily? It must have just slipped her mind. No reason to keep it a big secret though. "Oh Jaspie," she remarked with a wink, "I definitely knew Lily, if you get what I mean." Caedyn turned back to the table and kept cleaning it as she talked. "We dated for a little while, like a few months. Lily doesn't really, like, people, though? So eventually I wore her right out."

Kingman goes Kinkman (as demanded by Frogue)

(Fiyori/GLD is my favorite V6 ship so far and I swear I will will it into existence before the version is over.)

Pool Slingshot
As Ty hit the wall, he got a glimpse of a crash between Junko and...shit, what was his name? J...something. Jamie. Jacob. Jerry. Didn't know the guy all that well, to be honest. Still, it looked like they'd gotten the first accident out of the way, and nobody was too roughed up by it. Better them than him, in that case.

Staying by himself seemed to be the best option so far. The pool was crowded and people were bustling all over the dam place, so staking out a lane and staying sharp to avoid anybody who might wander into it was better than bunching up. Ty sunk into the lap once more, and let the water rush by him.

Introduction Thread
Jun 18 2015, 07:25 AM
Hi, I'm Naft.
Hello Naft, I am dad

[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
Ty gave her a nod and sat up. "Be back in a flash, promise." He chuckled to himself as he wandered around the mess of blankets and back towards the kitchen. If she stayed out of it the whole time he was gone, he'd be surprised. Still, he opened the cabinet and pulled out a couple small glasses for water.

In a couple minutes he was back into the living room, carefully holding the glasses together in front of him. As he glanced over at the couch, he noticed that she'd been pulling all of the moss roses he'd pinned in around the rim out and was piling them up beside her. He couldn't help but smile as she worked so carefully to extract each flower without damaging it. He didn't know what she'd get up to with them afterwards, but she seemed to fancy them more than anything else in his garden, so they felt like a good fit for presentation. As she moved, he circled around and came to sit on the other side of her, offering her the glass.

There was more to find within the basket. Flowers, her favorite chocolate, paint and paint brushes she'd mentioned needing a couple weeks ago, some dance CDs and...well, the last thing he wasn't quite sure about. More of a whim than anything she'd directly asked for or mentioned wanting while they'd been together. It seemed like a nice, goofy touch though, one she might appreciate from her mom's work. If nothing else, one miss out of all that wasn't too bad a record, he figured.

Every day is great at your Junes
A wagging finger came up as she eyed Jasper teasingly. "How could you forget about me? I'm hurt, I really am." She clutched at her chest and let out a sigh. "My poor broken heart will just have to go on." The floor shifted under her feet as she sat back up and looked around the mostly empty cafe. "Not to me, though I guess we got graced with the lovebirds here, huh?"

Caedyn wandered over to the counter for a rag and started cleaning up the tables around Jasper. Maybe it was time for a little information gathering. Adelaide and Lily had both beat right out after her little comment, which was...intriguing, to say the least. If she had to guess, somebody had a secret. Of course, it was her duty to respect that and only share it with a few dozen of her closest friends and followers. Jasper might be able to tell her a little more before she started, though.

"Say, Jasper..." she began, leaning on the table behind him and smiling innocently. "Who was that, anyway? The snippy brunette that Lily was with?"

[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
She had a gorgeous smile. He noticed it every time she lit up like that. It was still a small wonder he could make her smile like that, after everything else, but he tried not to think about it too much. Didn't really matter why, or how it happened. All that was important was that it did. The discomfort in the way she moved and spoke was clear under the surface, but she was still happy to be there with him. It was a new set of experiences, but one he'd grown pretty fond of over the last few weeks.

Bee's errant comment drew only a smile and a slight chuckle as he stroked her hair. She seemed embarrassed by it, to a degree, so he wasn't gonna press about it or make a fuss. He sat up slightly and got to his feet as she deflected him towards the kitchen and gave her a nod. "Sure thing. Anything you need from in there while I'm up?" Before she could respond, he paused and lifted the basket from the floor and set it by her on the couch. "Should probably give this to you, before I forget again."

Every day is great at your Junes
The Wild Bitchface shows signs of hesitance as the mighty Cassowary towers over it. This is not its natural environment, and it knows it has overstepped its bounds. This hesitance shall prove to be its fatal act, as it should either show decisive aggression or submission, attack or retreat. There is no room within the Cassowary's territory for weakness.

The Bitchface believes itself safe due to the presence of its packmate, the Bookworm. The Bookworm is a frequent denizen of the Cassowary's habitat, and the Bitchface hopes to buy safe passage through its presence. Our studies show this may be a miscalculation, however, as the symbiotic relationship between the Bookworm and the Cassowary turned parasitic many years ago, and now there is little but enmity between the pair. This may be the end for both creatures now, unless an alternative appears. Let's watch.


Lily was being a real buzzkill today. First she salted Jasper's game with Alvaro, probably, and now she was trying to defend her new whatever and get Caedyn to back out of her own cafe? Fine. Alvaro was out of her tiny little clutches anyway. Mission successful, in her book.

"Lily," Caedyn began in a chipper voice, "sweetie, whatever made you think I was here to distract you? I was just being polite...something your new girlfriend could use a few lessons in, if you're not too busy." She let out a small giggle and shook her dreads as she sat up and turned towards Jasper. "Jaspie! Don't hide from me, you! Why didn't you tell me you were coming today?"


Dominance asserted, the Cassowary continues to patrol her domain. The Bookworm and the Bitchface will be spared...today. As long as they proceed with caution and do not startle the Cassowary, no harm should come to them. Truly, this tense pact between her children is one of nature's many surprises.

Every day is great at your Junes



Caedyn's happiness for Lily was quickly shattered as her new beau decided to crank the bitch factor up to 11. Who the fuck talks like that to another human being, anyway? So rude. Clearly she didn't have any idea who she was dealing with, or she'd back up and take some thought before she opened her stupid mouth. She better not had been talking to Alvaro that way, that was for sure. Maybe it was time somebody put her in her place.

Caedyn shot a look at Jasper before bending down over the table and placing her hands behind the dishes, staring into the other girls eyes with a big, sickly sweet smile. "Listen, bomboclat," she began in a mocking, sing-song voice. "Maybe you're new here, but I'm not your slave girl, 'kay? So if I wanna stop in and say hello to my best friend and my ex, you don't get to say word one unless it's real pretty and polite. You got a problem with that, find someone who cares, jah?" Long fingertips slipped against the stack of plates and slid them across the table in front of the girl. "You need these gone right this second, take them yourself. I'm busy."

[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
Ty just kept grinning as he stepped inside and shut the door. Company and the care package seemed to keep her from getting too pissed at him for skipping class, so that seemed to work out well. He didn't even think about giving his arm to her as she pressed closer. It'd become a habit over these last few weeks, and one he wasn't particularly inclined to question. He liked having her close to him, after all.

He was about to ask if she needed anything from the kitchen before the pain caught up to her. The basket came to rest on the floor as his stance shifted. "Easy goes, Bee," he warned before bending down and sweeping her up in his arms and giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead. The couch wasn't too far away, and this would be faster and safer than trying to guide her by hand. After navigating the mess of blankets on the floor, he set her down along the seat and knelt by the armrest, gathering the blankets forward in case she needed them. As he pulled them together, he looked over the edge of the couch into her eyes. "Anything I can get you?"

[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
Slipping out had been easier than expected. He wasn't the kind to ditch school under most circumstances, so he didn't have a whole lot depth on what it would take. Turns out, it was pretty much as easy as slipping out the door after lunch. Didn't bother him none that it was easy, that let him focus on what was important a little more.

He'd lost track of how long he'd been working on this little care package for Bee. It'd probably started when they were still just friends, and then when things got more...well, it needed to be perfect, after that. He needed to be perfect. She deserved that much, after everything. It was possible he would have held on to it and just kept building it up in his head if she hadn't had another rough trip, but after the second day in a row with her being out, the time seemed right. Bee was hiding the struggle well, since that's what she did, but if there was ever a time for a pick-me-up, it was a day like today.

His phone buzzed as he made his way up the porch to her front door. It was probably her, and if it wasn't he wasn't inclined to answer just yet, so he let it rumble as he slipped a hand out from underneath the basket and gave the door a couple of sharp knocks. For a moment, he wondered if maybe he should have let her know he was coming instead of saving the surprise, even though he know she would have done nothing but try to talk him out of it for sake of his grades, to at least make sure she was able to answer the door and such. That worry proved unfounded as he heard movement insides, and the slow approach of someone coming to the door.

There she was, bolting out of the door and wrapping around him faster than he expected. He moved the basket aside so she wouldn't run into it and wrapped her up in his embrace, holding her gently against his chest. "Hey, Bee," he smiled down, rubbing her back gently. "Yeah. Figured I had somewhere more important to be than class today. I brought you a little somethin'."

Every day is great at your Junes
Oh Lily. So cool. So aloof. So mysterious. She always liked that about her, sort of, except when it pissed her off. It pissed her off a lot, come to think of it, but that didn't matter. Right now, it was cute again, and that was all that was important. Alvaro had bailed once she showed up, so he was out of Lily's clutches and she was into Caedyn's. It was show time.

Or so she thought, until Little Miss What's Her Problem got all uppity and tense about...plates, or whatever. Like it was her problem that they were done? This fab uniform doesn't come with a ball and chain, girl.

She was about to lay into whoever this chick was when she had a rare, beautiful, stupendous moment of clarity. Rudegirl was eating with Lily, and watching Lily, and all uppity because she talked to Lily. Did she know about...them? And if she did, did that mean they were...?

Oh. My. God. So edible. This is the best day.

That had to be it. They were...y'know, like that. Totally like that. It was so obvious now that she stopped and thought about it. It explained why Lily was so uncomfortable, and Bitchyface was so bitchyface. She'd caught her exie with her new main squeeze! God, she could just scream with how perfect this was working out for her. Sometimes, it was amazing how brilliant she was.

It hadn't occurred to her that she had been standing there with a giant smile on her face, glancing back and forth between Lily and Lily's Cutesy CuddleMuffin for more than a few seconds while she thought things through, and it still hadn't occurred to her to unfreeze yet. She was too lost in the serendipity of the moment.

Pool Slingshot
Laps were good. Laps were mindless effort, a routine that could be repeated over and over and over again until the aggression ached out of his muscles. Laps could set him back to...not exactly normal, but damn close enough that he wouldn't snap at anybody, hopefully.

Ty didn't pay much attention to the others as he dipped into the water. The soles of his feet pressed back against the wall as he launched away, letting his arm extend into deep, even strokes as his mind blanked out into the pattern. He stayed in his lane and kept his breathing steady, sailing forward with absent purpose. He barely registered the effort as his feet touched back against the opposite wall and his head rose, staring down the lane as he prepared to launch into the second half of his lap.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Me after this flip: Posted Image

Every day is great at your Junes

"~Alvaro honey, I'm home~"

The sharp voice drifted into the room on an off-key lilt as the door swung open into the coffee shop. The customers didn't know it yet, but business just picked right the heck up, baby. Caedyn sashayed her way in, glancing out over the tables to see who was in for service.

Oh helloooooooo.

Wasn't this just a perfect scene. Alvaro, her beloved compatriot in caffeine, Jasper, her very bestest furriend, Lily, ~the one that got away~, and...some other chick whose name escaped her? Forget her, she wasn't important. Maybe. It'd get sorted out eventually. Right now, this was the perfect time to stir up a scene.

Alvaro's mad crushing on Lily, which is just...eeeeewwww, right? He and Jaspie would be so much cuter. Like, god, so adorable. Their babies would be so shareable, I can't even right now. Gotta make this happen!

The biggest grin she could manage pasted onto her face as she squealed out with excitement. "Lily! Jah, it's been foreves, girl! How have you beeeen?"

As she wandered over to the table, she shot Jasper an on-the-sly, totally subtle wink. Don't worry bruh-man. I got this.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Jun 8 2015, 06:47 PM
Jun 8 2015, 05:34 PM
I haven't said anything different this entire time though. From my first read, I've said you were my number one member for suspicion. You asked me to place a vote. I voted. I said I didn't really wanna vote but I'm gonna be busy so I might as well. I don't get how that's a 180 at all.
Actually, you explicitly read me as town suddenly enough that I asked for clarification, which you provided. Absent that, your vote would seem totally in keeping to me. With it, though, there's a large amount of weird backtracking, and it leaves your townread of me feeling more like a peace offering/derail attempt when it comes to my own reads. As a gambit, it makes no sense--especially since the reasoning behind it was good enough I let it go.
I addressed this already. I townread you because I thought it was too ridiculous to claim Townie as a flavor role and contradict all the flavorless townie claims. Then Aura pointed out that your flavor just plain doesn't fit. It didn't make sense, but the more I look at your play, the more it does.

Your flavor fits. Your play fits. You're scum. You are Nagito Komaeda, The Serial Killer. It fits with your erratic play, and it fits with your flavor as a guy who goes batshit and tries to kill everyone. Either that, or you're just plain faking and pulled a role that you thought would be town aligned based on wiking, but seems to be distinctly non-town. Either way, I'm pretty sure you're scum at this point, and you just pulled a really bad gambit.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Also, how are your cards more face up than mine? We both claimed, and I claimed before you did. You claimed a character as a simple townie who is apparently batshit crazy and a big villain. I claimed not to have flavor at all, along with like, four other people. I didn't claim at first because, like I've said over and over again, I hate claiming and I think it's dumb and I'm only claiming now because my role is useless. Even then, I don't like claiming, because it gives Scum one less target to look for when going for power roles. Which is all we've accomplished with this entire claiming bullshit: Give scum a bunch of targets that they don't have to shoot because a bunch of people (Vyse and Persy among them, off the top of my head) have more or less confirmed that the flavorless are all townies.

I don't get your play, man. I don't get how you think I'm doing anything different when this is the same sentiment I've had in every single post. I don't get why you and Deamon and a couple others are trying to do all this Machiavellian reading to figure out what's going on behind the curtain with me when there is no curtain. I'm legitimately really frustrated with the way this game is set-up and the way the way people have responded to it so far. I'm frustrated by the way you characterize everything I do as AtE and ignore my actual arguments. I'm frustrated by being saddled with an unprecedented role set-up and having to eat scum suspicion for it. I'm frustrated with the fact that I'm basically only able to follow Vyse's logic out of everyone in this entire game so far and that is clearly a sign of a world gone mad.

In short: Posted Image

I don't understand anything that's happening in this game or why it's set-up the way it is by all appearances and it's driving me nuts. Nothing makes sense.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I haven't said anything different this entire time though. From my first read, I've said you were my number one member for suspicion. You asked me to place a vote. I voted. I said I didn't really wanna vote but I'm gonna be busy so I might as well. I don't get how that's a 180 at all.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Man, I don't even know what you want anymore. Your play is super chaotic this phase and I can't follow it at all.