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New League of Legends Thread
Jun 28 2013, 08:06 PM
Also Also. Three point and click spells including a snare. I see why Ryze is recommended.
Now if only he had a hi-hat.

I'll show myself out.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
I've found my V5 stride enough that I'd be willing to run some more games, but I'm only running one character and I think most of our regulars are doing significantly more than I am, so I can understand if people still want to break from it.

Where on the island is Carmen Sandiego?
Garrett stayed a comfortable distance away from the car as Rosemary shifted into the front seat and waved. He didn't want to make any sudden moves and frighten her. As he considered his response, footsteps echoed out behind him. Someone was running. He spun around to see Meera running out of the stairwell, but was put at ease when she relaxed. Clearly they'd been on the same wavelength, just in opposite directions.

He was about to follow up Meera's reassurances when the sound of footsteps rang out once again. He turned slower this time, and laughed loudly as Joey's goofy grin came into view. For a moment, things almost felt normal. He could imagine that they were part of some improbably misunderstood joke that they'd tell their friends and families about for years. The entire scenario was so painfully cliched that it almost seemed plausible.

He couldn't avoid reality for long, though. His laughter faded into calm determination as he turned back to Rosemary. "I have a couple questions, Rosemary, if you don't mind answering them. Firstly, have you encountered any players? We're looking for them. It's early enough that we might be able to talk them out of it. Secondly..." There was a slight pause. He wasn't sure if he should ask this question in the first place, but it wouldn't leave him alone. "Have you come across a girl named Bella? Mirabella Strong? I haven't been able to look for her yet, and I..."

He grew quiet for a moment. The momentum he'd built had been swept out from under him as he thought of Bella caught up in all the violence he'd already witnessed today.

"I need to know if she's alright," he choked out.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
My obvious lack of clues should already be apparent, then. >.>

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
Alright, so I have no goddamn clue about how anything works in 4e, but this has me determined to learn. I'm going to start reading up and trying to build a Glyphologist based around graffiti art to match Dom's rapping Shardmind, because if I have the option to do that why would I ever do anything else?

Project: Wiki
Jun 25 2013, 04:18 PM
Would the announcements state that he'd been pushed and not tell who the killer was, even if it had been an accident? Would we have to discount any accidental gun discharge that ended up killing someone as well?
This is the part that makes the case for me. In my(admittedly highly subjective) opinion, this seems like the sort of situation that the terrorists would twist to fuel the game. If the announcements would list Cassidy as the killer(and I can't think of a good thematic reason why they wouldn't), it feels like David's wiki page should as well.

TT Reads V5!
...I'm bad at reading today. Sorry!

TT Reads V5!
I'm always looking for feedback on Garrett, and I'd be more than happy to send you a critique on one of your lasses in return.

Where on the island is Carmen Sandiego?
Garrett wasn't really paying attention as he glanced around the lowest level of the abandoned parking garage. He couldn't bring himself to focus on his surroundings. Instead, his thoughts kept coming back to his companions. The foreboding atmosphere of the garage accented his worries that he was leading them into danger. For all his talk of negotiations and passivity, he had a sick feeling that Theo, or anyone else they found, would open fire long before they answered any questions. He was tempted to slip out of the entrance now and leave them behind, but that was too risky. They could look for Theo without me, and with only two people they'll be less prepared.

There was another reason to slip away hidden under his masking concern, though: Bella. He was trying to not think about her, but she was always at the edge of his thoughts. I should be looking for her. I should be out there protecting her, not hunting down potential murderers. It was an obvious conclusion, but he'd been avoiding it since he woke up. As much as he wanted to believe he could help her by being nearby, he was doing more for her safety by trying to cut off killing before it began, and he wouldn't be able to do that once he found her. He wouldn't leave her again, and he certainly wouldn't drag her into conflict intentionally. He needed to stem the tide as much as he could before the real killing started. After that, he'd find her.

It was easy enough to come up with that plan, but following it was another thing entirely. When he wasn't actively analyzing anything, his mind turned unbidden to her safety. He couldn't help but fear that despite whatever efforts he might make, she would be attacked, perhaps even killed, while he was miles away. He'd never forgive himself if that happened.

Snap back into the moment, Garrett. This place is getting to me. I need something to focus on. If only it wasn't so damned si-

His thoughts were interrupted by a barely audible cough back near the entrance of the garage. He turned back slowly, taking care to not make any sudden movements. Joey was calling down for them, but that was unimportant now. They weren't alone.

He approached the entrance a step at a time, leaving his hands in the air to show he was unarmed. "Hello? Is someone there? You don't have to hide alone. I swear, we're not here to hurt you. We're just working on a way out of this tragedy." He glanced around the entrance, looking for any sign of life. "My name is Garrett. The lady on the floor above me is named Meera, and the gentleman above her is named Joey. Who are you?"

Where on the island is Carmen Sandiego?
They were splitting up. He wasn't completely comfortable with this, but it might be for the best. Meera's statement was weighing on him, and he needed some time to think alone.

Joey seemed to have heard something. It was probably on this level. He would stay here and poke around, there could be a potential ally. By elimination, that would place Meera on the second floor.

He looked towards her. "Joey's taking the top, do you want to take the middle? That way if anything goes wrong we can both get to you quickly, and it's a bit brighter up there."

Where on the island is Carmen Sandiego?
((Garrett Wilde Continued from Wendigo))

"Well hello, children! I'm absolutely, positively thrilled that you've chosen to read over this wonderful book that I've so laboriously crafted just for you -- it could be the difference between life and death, you see. The fact that you've even opened this book tells me one thing about you: you're smart. Perhaps smarter than I've given you credit for. Within this guide are some key facts you'll need to know in order to survive on this island... or should I say, perhaps prolong your lives a bit longer. What you'll need to survive, most of you don't have. However, little warriors, I'll get on with it."~ Mr. Danya's Survival Guide

Garrett's eyes had been glued to the booklet for most of the journey. Conversation had been scarce, and Joey was easy enough to follow that he could focus on trying to break into the mindset of their captors. The text was rich with thematic devices, and the introduction alone had kept his analysis occupied for the entirety of the journey as he scanned it for clues, highlighting thematic devices as he found them. There were the more obvious clues, such as the child-like imagery and the positive, fatherly tone in which the instructions were delivered, but what fascinated him was the profound sense of isolation. This Danya admitted at the front that most of his "little warriors" were going to die, but the implication is that the reader isn't one of them. This booklet was crafted just for them, and since they were reading it they were obviously smarter than everyone else. They were special. They were unique.

How many people have read this, I wonder? Certainly everyone reads it at some point out of curiosity. We can't all be Mr. Danya's special little survivalists.

More proof. That was all he needed. The more hollow inconsistencies he found, the easier it'd be to convince people that the terrorists were lying, that playing couldn't end positively for you. Maybe that'd be enough.

He put the book away as the entered the garage, given that it was too dark to read. As they walked around inside, Joey asked for a map. He could have sworn he saw one in the bags.

"There should be one in my bag here, I think I saw it when I was looking through earlier."

As he fished for the map, he mulled over Joey's explanation of events. He needed to lay some ground rules if this was going to continue.

"Before we go much further, we need to be clear why we're doing this. If what you're saying is true, Joey, then Theo's scared. I've seen a lot of angry people today, but scared is worse. We need to calm him down once we find him. That means no threats, no sudden movements, and most importantly no panicking." Despite his edged words, his face was filled with more compassion than determination. "He's dangerous. He might have killed someone by now. That doesn't change that he's one of us, though. This game is designed to isolate and terrify you until you think killing is the only option. We need to show him there's a better way. Are we all on board with that?"

Garrett shrugged at Meera's protests. "Death is a plausible consequence of this plan, but it's likely no matter what, isn't it? I'm not going to kill anyone, so even if I survive I'll just be thrown onto the next island. Those are the rules. So like I told Iselle, the threat of death lost its luster around the time people started waving guns at me."

He began to shake his head, about to object to the idea of them coming along when Joey saddled his gear and told them to follow along.

I suppose we've got a guide.

He grabbed his bag and nodded to Meera. "Right. I'm not comfortable asking anyone to come with me on this. I'll play with my life, but not someone else's. If you're set on this though, let's go. At least until we find Theo."

With that, he followed Joey out of the clearing, idly thumbing through the booklet he'd found.

((Garrett Wilde Continued in Where on the island is Carmen San Diego? ))

We. That was the catch of it. There was safety in numbers, so it was assumed they'd stay together. Given the rest of Garrett's plan though, he wasn't sure he could ask them to come with him.

"That's a good plan, Meera. It's smart. It still leaves us without a solution for playing, though. I have a plan, but it's not smart. In fact, it's very, very stupid."

He looked back and forth between them. "Right now, I think the best bet is for you two to stick together and try to gather as many people as possible. I'm going to try and find as many hostile people as I can and talk them out of it. I don't expect it will work, but I haven't seen anyone far gone enough to kill without talking first, and any time they waste arguing with me is time they aren't killing someone. Maybe I'll get lucky and a few of them will quit, or at least give me a chance to get rid of their weapons."

He turned back to Joey while he idly fished through his bag. He'd seen some sort of booklet in there, and it might be useful. "Joey, do you know which way Theo was headed? I could start with him. Hopefully I can catch him before he does something stupid."

La Reine Du Bal
He couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect. Her words were sweet enough on their own, but they were made even more special by the fact that they weren't just charming platitudes. He honestly believed that she meant every word. He felt her fingers weave between his, and found himself curling instinctively, holding her palm against his own as she pressed in.

"Your wish is my command, reine du bal."

He squeezed her hands and drew her close, whispering a soft message meant just for her.

"I don't know what's going to happen next. For once, I haven't planned a thing. That doesn't scare me, though. You make me feel like everything doesn't have to be guarded and controlled, that as long as I'm with you everything will work out eventually. That's the most precious thing anyone's ever given to me. Thank you, Bella."

The rest of the night was a soft blur. They danced, they laughed, they shared small conversations with friends, but that was all mostly ancillary to him. His mind was blissfully unfocused, content to enjoy each moment as it came. It seemed the last dance was winding down before long, fading out as they weaved across the floor in each other's arms until those left began to idly funnel out of the building. He took off his white tuxedo jacket as the cool night air washed over them, draping it over her bare shoulders before his armed followed its suit. There was a vague uneasiness about as they first crossed into the parking lot, and for an irrational moment he was worried that another catastrophe might be looming around the corner. Everything appeared normal, but he held her just a little closer, partially out of protective instinct and partially because he was afraid something could try to separate them again. As they neared the car, he couldn't help but think back to the words that had perhaps been the genesis of this entire chain of events.

You win, Wilde.

In a way, they disgusted him. There was something inherently selfish and possessive about them, and he didn't appreciate that sort of connotation being directed at Bella. He hadn't "won" her, because she wasn't a prize. She was a person...but she was also so much more than that. He loved her, and shockingly enough she loved him too. Taken in that light, Hansel's words couldn't have been more accurate. He could imagine no greater victory than the triumph over his fear that had been experienced tonight.

He leaned in and kissed Bella's cheek as they rounded the car. "This has been the most thoroughly enjoyable night of my life, love. I hope it's everything you dreamed it would be."

La Reine Du Bal
Garrett frowned slightly as she pulled away, afraid that he'd said something wrong. Then he followed her gaze and remembered where they were, immediately feeling a rare blush creep into his face.

Oh. Other people. Those exist. I'd forgotten that detail.

There were a few odd glances being thrown their way, gossiping girls pointing and whispering, and a mixture of smiles and stern disapproval from the faculty. Overall though, it was hardly the strangest thing anyone had seen at Prom, and a romantic couple was most likely a welcome break from any drunken shenanigans that might occur.

He furrowed his brow thoughtfully as he considered her last statement, then shrugged. "I don't know. Things are different now, but I don't know exactly how, if that makes any sense. I mean, You've been the person that I trust and care for more than anyone else for almost as long as I've known you. That hasn't changed, really. It's truer now than it's ever been, but at the same time it feels...different. I'm not explaining this very well, am I?"

He glanced back at the party around them, then back to her. "I suppose it's up to you. After all, this is your night, love. Where do we go from here to make sure the ball is fit for its queen?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Meera, though I'm sure we'd all prefer it under better circumstances."

Garrett quietly added Theo to his list of potentially dangerous individuals. Having a gun was enough to land anyone there, but strange behavior needed to be watched. It was a fine line to walk, maintaining skepticism while fighting paranoia, but it was necessary for survival.

"I've seen Tyler Lucas and a woman I wasn't able to identify. She was a bit too tied up threatening Tyler and I with an automatic rifle of some sort to give pleasantries. And for my weapon draw? A yo-yo. So it appears all in all we're at a rather large disadvantage."

He sighed as Joey brought up the inevitable question. "Right. We need to talk about that. Movement is probably our best option right now, somewhat selfishly in my case since there's someone I need to find and she's obviously not here. However, that means we're going to encounter more people. Probably a lot of people. Some of them will be playing. You may have run into one of them, Joey, and I know I've run into at least two, assuming Iselle's just full of hot air and isn't planning on doing something stupid. I don't know what we're going to do about them yet, but I know what we can't do: Kill. Forget morality. Forget that these are our friends. Those are both noble sentiments, but they aren't going to mean a whole lot to us within days, maybe even hours. This is about survival, and killing destroys our chances of that in three ways: First, Killers get identified, and that makes them targets. Second, the more people that die, the smaller our window of escape is. We need as much time as possible, and that means keeping as many people as we can alive for as long as we can. Third, and most importantly, killers don't get rescued. Once you kill, you're in here to win. So don't make that decision unless you're ready to pay for it."

He paused and looked back and forth between them. "I know this is heavy stuff, and I know I'm going on and on about it in away that probably seems very cold. I've been thinking about this non-stop since I woke up, though. This game they want us to play relies on us freaking out and making hard choices. They promise that if we make enough of them, and if we're really lucky, we can win and go home. I think we all know that's not true, though, and we need to keep that in mind. The only way to win this game is to refuse to play it, no matter what. That means making our own rules. Any objections?"

A knife. It would have been nice to know he had that before now.

Garrett cocked an eyebrow as Joey pulled a face at him. He wasn't sure exactly what he expected. Still, this new girl raised a fairly important question: What exactly were they doing? 'Waiting' was a nice, general answer, but ultimately uninformative. He wasn't exactly sure what the plan was, but he knew a good place to start explaining it.

"You'll have to forgive me, but I don't think we've met. I'm Garrett, and this is Joey. As to what we're doing, 'not dying' is currently at the top of my list of priorities. Second to that is finding a certain acquaintance of mine. Looking at the long term, I'm waiting for one of two things: The military to show up, or for the bluff about blowing our collars to get called. Both place us in favorable positions and are necessary developments if most of us are going to leave this place alive. So basically, we're staying alive and not killing anyone. How's that fit into your current plan?"

La Reine Du Bal
He heard the words pour out of her freely, her melodic voice tinged with an undeniable sincerity that warmed his heart. He ran a hand through her soft hair as she pulled him in for another kiss, lost in the joy of the moment. As they parted once more, he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I love you, Bella Strong. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't ever want to let you go."

He kissed her neck gently before moving back to look into her eyes. "This night has been so perfect, Bella, and I feel like it can only get better." He chuckled as he pulled a hand around to her cheek, brushing against it lightly. "I know you're probably getting tired of hearing me say it, but you're so beautiful. Not just tonight, but always. Especially your eyes. Did I ever tell you they were the first thing I really noticed about you? There was so much pain in them back then, but beyond it they were so full of kindness, and curiosity, and even love. I didn't know I'd be lucky enough to experience that love, but it was there."

He kissed her briefly and smiled. "I've been told that eyes are the windows to the soul. If that's true, then your soul is as beautiful as the rest of you."

"Aight, you're good. Sorry man, just had to make sure."

Garrett opened an eye lazily at his announcement, and nodded. "No harm done. Trust is a justifiably scarce resource here."

There was the sound of someone new at the base of the hill. Joey seemed keen on welcoming her, and Garrett saw no reason to turn her away. She didn't appear hostile, and it wasn't like there was much he could do if she was. Still, two of the three women he'd encountered so far had been border-line psychotic. Statistically, his odds weren't looking good.

He rose and strolled over to Joey's side, waving down at the girl below. "Hello! Care to join us? We seem to have lost our third Musketeer."

Persy decides to draw
Garrett looks tippity-toppers, man. Great work!