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I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory
It seemed she was fine with him sticking around and wasn't about to shoot him, so Ty didn't get up. He didn't know much sign so they probably weren't gonna get real deep, but he could pick up the broad strokes of simple shit like that. That might be good enough for them to both come out of this a little better. All bets were off.

Ty ran a hand through his hair and sighed, staring off above her through the doorway. "Y'know, I heard your name out there a few times. You're a murderer."

'nother short pause. Still didn't look her in the eye, just kept rubbing his head and staring off into the distance. "Can't seem to be angry about that though, 'cuz you didn't take anybody from me."

His eyes came down on her for just a moment. "Two or three people dead and I can't work myself up cuz I didn't know 'em. Barely even got the energy to get pissed off about the folks I did care about anymore."

They left again, this time to the plaque on the wall.

"Ain't that fucked."

I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory
Ty knew her. Some friend of Clarice's he'd seen from time to time. She'd stuck a hell of a lot more in his head once he started hearing her name damn near everyday on the announcements. Kimko'd been busy these last few days, and for a moment it looked like she was about to get right back to it with him.

'cept she didn't. For some reason she didn't draw on him, just stopped and stared until her hand left the gun. Ty sat up real slow to show that he wasn't up to nothing. Cracked his neck with his palm around his chin and winced. "Second thoughts? Not complainin', mind, just surprised." He rolled over to sit with his legs hanging off the side of the bed. If he remembered right, she couldn't talk. If that's what she was looking for they'd have to figure something out. He was more inclined to do that than get shot, though. Least for now.

"I ain't lookin' for trouble. If you're tryin' to lay down I'll move on, you can have this one."

Kimiko was just standing there. The fucking murderer was just standing there shocked, and if Caedyn's gun was loaded she could shoot her too. If she was thinking more clearly reloading might have been an option, or whacking her in the back of the head, or any plan of action to put this psycho out of commission.

That wasn't on the table right now though. Caedyn was off the ground running before the thought could even fully form. She shoved Kimiko out of the way as she ran with her eyes locked on Jasmine's slumped form.

It all came in blinks. Kimiko falling away, Jazzy getting closer, her body in her arms, the blood spilling over her arms that was so hot, too hot, that had to be good right, that had to mean she was still alive? "J-Jazzy," she croaked out and brought her in tighter. "It's okay little bird, it's okay, w-we're gonna..." What? Caedyn didn't know anything about first aid, let alone how to handle a fucking bullet wound. But maybe it was just worse than it looked. Any second now Jazzy would perk up a little and give her a hug and it would turn out she was just being dramatic. Jasmine couldn't die here.

She loved her. Yet she couldn't say anything more.

Yugi Ranks 50 SotF Characters Chosen By You
I'll throw in Garrett Wilde(V5), Gabriel Munez(TV2) and Ty Yazzie(V6)!

10 year anniversary

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: Empress Plush
Dates Away: June 10 - June 15
Days Away: 6
Reason for Away: Vacation and moving prep with the boyfriend ^.^
Characters: Caedyn Miller

V6 Fifteenth Rolls
Requesting an extension as my killer is wrapped up in another death thread. We have most of the thread prewritten and can post it as soon as they're free, and I believe the other death is nearly finished so I'm requesting 2 days.

She was so shocked when the click finally came that the word before it didn't register until it was too late. The shape in the doorway was alien through her tears. Its voice was unrecognizable under the pounding of her pulse. But when that trigger finally pulled by her head, she felt relief like never before wash over her.

For just a moment she was still alive.

In a moment more her tears cleared enough to see, and she wished she wasn't.

I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory
((Ty Yazzie Continued From Topic Title))

On the bright side of things, this was the first time he'd been able to find a bed in this place. It felt good to lay down on something that wasn't hard as rock for once. After all that running and lifting and screaming he might just be due a rest. Could fool himself into thinking he was gonna go back and find Clarice and Keith after he'd had a chance to lay down, like they weren't already long gone.

On the other hand he couldn't help but stare at the plaque on the wall. Goddamn, this place was fucked long before they got into it. In a twisted kinda way he had to wonder if all of them dying was even gonna register compared to what could have gone on here. Ty didn't know much about asylums and the like, but he'd heard stories about the old places like this. If a lobotomy was their idea of a moment worth celebrating, he didn't wanna see what they kept in the dark.

Just a distraction though. Something to keep his mind off of everybody. It was a real mess he was in this time, but the worst part? He just wasn't sure he had the strength to try and fix it anymore. Could maybe consider the fact that he only directly hurt Conrad getting off easy, all things considered. Couldn't get Clarice's eyes out of his head though, or the way she stumbled over talking to him. After everything she was still looking at him like that.

How would Atsa look at him if he somehow made it home? Or mom and dad? Hell, even Marcus?

Maybe he didn't wanna find out anymore.

Topic Title
Ty wasn't the sharpest tool when it came to emotional shit. That'd been a problem for awhile. Not here, though. He felt every bit of the hesitation Clarice was laying down. She didn't hate him anymore, at least not near as bad...but she was afraid of him. She might not admit it, but it was there.

Why shouldn't she be, after what she'd seen him do?

Couldn't dwell on it. Just forced a smile and gave her a nod. His chest felt so damn tight all the sudden, made it real hard to talk. "Sure thing." Hard to look at her too. "Be right back."

At first he was just walking away nice and slow, but it was picking up. All he needed was some air and then he'd be back, it was fine. He could clamp down on himself and they could talk again. That kept him moving through the wards to try and find his way out, that's why he had to run so damn far, it was just to get some fresh air out of this goddamn place. Everybody was gonna be okay. Just couldn't face them right now, that was all.

He'd be back though. Of course he'd be back.

((Ty Yazzie Continued I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory))

V6 Fifteenth Rolls
I'd appreciate a hero for Ty since I'm really enjoying writing him but he's also kind of a broken mess who could easily die so hit me up with them death ideas please ^.^

V6 Fifteenth Rolls
Ya'll thought you were safe 'cuz VT wasn't posting yet. Surprise!

We rolled four more to hit the floor. Here's the score:

#1. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson) Aiden Slattery (D/N, Hero Card used)
#2. Olivia Fischer (Maraoone)
#3. Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel) Jasmine Reed (Ciel, Swap Card used)
#4. Tyler Yazzie (Empress Plush)

Sing along if you know it. Three days for cards:
Posted Image

And further seven for deaths:
Posted Image

As always reasonable extensions can be granted beyond the deadline, but try to stay within it. Deaths past deadline may be disqualified from BKA/BDA voting.

Please observe all rules regarding death PMs and don't gloat about not getting rolled.


The first thing to drag her to her senses wasn't her pain, but the bright flash in her face and the presence of somebody around her. Something cold was pressed to the back of her head too. Everything else had drowned that feeling out but now it was all she could focus on.

She was going to die.

Someone was going to shoot her in the back of the head and she'd never even know who it was. Probably some idiot who just got lucky, she could have had them without the gunshots in the hall. Of course she could have. It had to be some kind of trap. A team catching her in their fucked up conspiracy. That was the only explanation, right? Because this wasn't how this worked. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fucking fair.

The worst part is that she could feel her body shaking. Tears were forming in her eyes as she just waited for them to pull the trigger. Everybody was watching and seeing her like this, hundreds on thousands on millions of eyeballs glued to the screen watching it all end for her and she couldn't even put on a brave face. She was too scared to breathe, let alone fight.

Oh god. She was going to vomit again, she could feel it. Please, not here, not now, not with everybody watching, not in her last moments. If there was any justice in the world she would die first.

But that was out of her hands. All she could do was shiver and wait for the click before it's all over.

Topic Title
Well. Didn't he feel like an asshole now? He had no idea Clarice even had a sister.

Jasmine and Scout. Maybe even Brendan. Ty wasn't real sure he could trust himself to find him just yet, but he should probably lay that one out there too. Eventually. Maybe. For now he scratched the back of his head and let his gaze drift down. "I'm not lookin' for anyone for good reasons. Everybody's..." The words caught in his throat. "I buried Bee, Clarice. There's nothin' else for me to look for now."

He managed to look up at her for that. With all the guilt that'd been weighing on him after Harry it felt kinda like looking up into the sun at the bottom of a long hike. Swallowed, probably sweated a bit. "I'll throw in on helping you find Scout, though. Least I can do." Ty threw a glance back at Keith. "You in?"

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 10 2017, 03:12 PM
Gonna leave a tentative note here:
I might need replacing next dayphase. SSRI withdrawal is being absolute hell on my physical/mental state, and depending on how it goes, I might not be able to handle this game.
Since I'm still here and can technically say things until the end of the game please be safe and put your health first Kermit we love you ;_;

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
I also need to replace out. I PM'd Decoy already and I'm gonna have to step off from here. I'm really sorry folks.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Your scumminess is being outweighed at least one and possibly three people who are scummier than you fighting you. On top of that scum can make good points as much as town can make bad ones. It's hardly the first time even this game I have agreed with you despite squinting at you XD

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
I'm onboard with the Gramps is wrong train for two reasons:

1) Last I checked in with the weather Hell is still a balmy 70 degrees rather than totally frozen over

2) Dude doesn't have a lynch. No, seriously, check that ISO. I just did and man there's a lot of "X is super super scummy," especially towards me. But there's not one vote or even a concrete "we should lynch X" statement. Fogu is not putting his money where his mouth is despite his rhetoric acting like he's found guaranteed scum.

Either he's plum forgot how this here game works in his twilight years, he's acting way more confident than he actually is, or he's just straight up lying because town started to real in that good good scum fish at some point and he's running interference to stall.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
No, opportunistic would be "hey Vyse is doing this thing that's really powerful as scum he's probably scum lynch it." That would also be reactionary. Because it turns out town can also make bad plays and this is one that Vyse frequently makes. I even clarify that several times as something to watch in later phases, rather than something that is immediately a scumread, because while I disagree with his moves they're not scum until they start turning up scum results.

I've done this with most of my reads for awhile now. It's not a gambit, it's just like...restraint?

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 8 2017, 01:48 AM
@ep srs question are you unclear re: my reasoning? i can go through it again if you would like
I'm totally clear. I have had way too many pointless arguments for fun with you OOC not to be. Your reasoning is that you've decided I"m scum cuz you don't agree with my play and it's way more fun for you to think that you're right to keep the argument going than to actually try to figure this out. I know you Gramps XD