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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia SIgn Ups
I can dig this system, let's do it!

"Oh hun," Abby laughed as she grabbed things around the kitchen and adjusted the stations accordingly to her fidgety tendencies, "nevermind any idea of being a hindrance. We're glad to have an extra set of hands!" As she passed by Cristo, she hooked his waist in a quick sidehug and gave him a wink. "I'm sure Cristo's just glad to have someone else around so I don't work him to the bone today."

She clapped her hands excitedly as she motioned them towards the array of pans. "It won't be anything too tricky today! Granny and I mixed up all the batter in pans last night, so it's mostly gonna be baking, cutting, and sorting." A timer started going off on her hip, making her jump a little before scuttling towards the oven. "Speaking of! Here's our first set," she said as she moved four pans out of the oven and onto oven mitts on the counter. The scent of fresh baked brownies filled the kitchen within a few minutes. It took a little bit of effort to pull her mind out of the pans and back to the task at hand, but once she was back on track she pushed four more pans into the waiting oven and set another time her hip.

"After those cool for a bit, we'll get to work." Abby turned back to her friends and leaned back against the counter with her thumbs through the the front belt loops of her jeans. "Anything I left out? I know I can go kinda fast with this kind of thing."

Roots of Jade

Just, just fucking wow.

Sometimes the universe aligned perfectly and there was nothing you could say. He was completely speechless. Clarice's rage, Bradley's howling, Kimiko's mute whatever the fuck, none of that felt even close to doing what had happened justice. So why even try? Jesus or whatever clearly had their back on this one, so he was just going to let it ride and not say anything. All Isaac did was start slow clapping as he stared down the now empty lane with a big, self-satisfied smirk on his face.

((Abby Floyd Continued From Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Huddled Masses))

Ingredients? Check.

Utensils? Check.

Baking sheets? Check.

Trampled by Turtles? Check.

Babushka? Check.


She had a good feeling that the ringing at the door meant that one was a check too! Best to see for herself, though. "I'm coming," she shouted from the kitchen as she skipped her way to the door, humming along to Wait So Long as she went. A quick turn of the knob brought Maxim into her smiling field of view. "Hey, come on in! I've got all the fixin's started in the kitchen. Thank you so much for coming!"

Abby didn't know Maxim very well, which was a shame since he seemed really nice. They just didn't cross all that much at school, and she didn't have much time to go hunting for people to get to know them better these days. Cristo had asked if he could come along, though, and Abby certainly wasn't going to turn down help from a kind-hearted friend of Cristo was vouching for them. They could get even more work done, and she'd get to make a new friend, so it was a win-win all around?

There was a certain disappointed tugging in her heart that she and Cristo wouldn't be spending the evening alone, but she couldn't put a finger why. Didn't they get enough of each other as is? He was her best friend, after all, and he did more than his fair share of putting up with her. Why should she be bothered that he wanted someone else along to hang out with them tonight?

Well, no use dwelling on it. There was work to do!