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((Going on a long away, double-posting to exit Abby for thread-mate convenience since I won't be able to post for awhile))

The dreariness of the classroom was really starting to weigh on her. She reckoned that a little bit of air and a drink would freshen her mood up a notch or two. It'd certainly beat sitting here looking for distractions.

Abby quietly excused herself with a hall pass and bounced out into the hallway in search of a fountain.

((Abby Floyd Continued in Extraordianary Machine))

Silence is Golden
Ty felt the hair on the back of his neck bristling as their conversation was interrupted. He didn't know who this asshole was, or where she got off lecturing them about noise when she was being more loud an irritating than the three of them combined, but he wasn't about to take any of her shit. There was a low rumble in his throat as his palms met the table, sliding his chair back so he could stand up to tear into her.

He got off one twitching look before he felt Bee tugging at his arm, trying to pull him away and lead them out from the confrontation with a few sharp words of her own. She was urging him to let her take shotgun and get out before he did something stupid. Knew him too damn well. There was something deep in his gut that wanted so badly to just dead weight her and stand his ground and give the intrusive girl both barrels. She'd manage to hit a whole slew of buttons with her outburst. The condescension and intrusion came first and foremost, but he didn't like the way she singled out Bee for some damn reason, and he sure as hell didn't like this "we" bullshit, like anybody else in the mostly empty library gave damn about what anyone else did. There was this whole air of importance and dismissal that really riled him up, and for just a second he didn't want anything more than to rip it apart and show her just what the fuck "loud" was.

Warm air forced its way through his nose as he breathed to gain some composure, following along at Bee's lead. He wasn't that boy anymore. He didn't have to give into those urges. He was a man, and he was going to act like it, no matter how much it fueled the fire inside him and made him want release all the more. Disengaging before he flew off the handle was the smart thing to do, and he was glad she was around to make him do it.

Ty didn't even look at the girl as Bee pulled him out of the library. He tried not to acknowledge her at all, but he couldn't help giving one small concession to his anger, grunting loud enough to carry back through the stacks as they made their exit.

"Fuckin' hypocrite."

((Ty Yazzie Continued In Pool Slingshot))

Caedyn Miller
Name: Caedyn Miller
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
School: Cochise High
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Puzzles, Acting, Rollerskating, Social Media, Furry Fandom, Pole Dancing

Appearance: Caedyn stands out at 6'1" and 147 lbs. She is ethnically Caucasian, with smooth, artificially bronzed skin, giving her a shiny, dark tan complexion. Her eyes are deep set and cobalt blue. She has bow-shaped lips, a sloped, aquiline nose, and tilted ears. Her overall face is oblong, with high cheekbones. Her hair is dim blonde and styled into many loosely bundled dreadlocks, hanging down to the back of her neck. On the outer left side, center, and right side of this bundle are three lines of black cassowary feathers, knotted into her hair through whipping with blonde bamboo yarn slightly brighter than her hair. For makeup, she always wears a light terracotta brown bronzing powder layered over tinted moisturizer to provide her artificially tanned complexion, along with other dark, deep tones for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick to complement her skin.

Moving down from her head, Caedyn's overall body type is tall and lanky. She has a short neck and broad, sloping shoulders. Her arms are long and thin, hanging down to her thighs and ending in wide hands with tapered, slim fingers. Her nails are well-manicured and often painted with a shade of nail polish to match her current lipstick. She has a small chest and a narrow stomach, with square hips and a thin waist. Her legs, much like her arms, are long and thin, making up an above average portion of her height. Her feet are long, narrow, and have a splayed deformity due to a past habit for hanging on to and wearing outgrown shoes too long during her growth spurts in puberty. Like her fingernails, she regularly has her toenails pedicured and repaints them to match her current favorite shade of lipstick often.

Caedyn's wardrobe tends to change frequently due to her shifting sub-culture and self-image. There are many discarded items of clothing from past identities in her closet, which she very rarely wears once her interest in the lifestyle has passed. Currently, she focuses her look around her basic understanding of reggae and Rastafari culture. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a white tank top bearing the stylized words "LOVE, PEACE, REGGAE" across the front and a picture of singer Bob Marley's smiling face along the back, a layered green, yellow, and red sarong, black hot pants, long stockings depicting a nebula, and brown, hemp slip-on shoes. For make-up, she chose her usual bronzer, darker, shiny terracotta eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and deep plum lipstick. Around her neck was a brown, corded necklace with many red, yellow, green, and black beads, as well as a large, silver Peace symbol in the center.

Biography: Caedyn Miller was born on January 3rd of 1998, into the residence of Nathaniel Miller Jr. and Carol Miller. Caedyn was the second child the couple had had, roughly eight years after the birth of her brother, Ashton. The family had a long and successful history working and living in Las Vegas, allowing Caedyn a wealthy and indulgent upbringing. Caedyn's grandfather, Nathaniel Miller Sr., became the security director at the Flamingo Capri Casino in 1969, and stayed on after its re-opening as the Imperial Palace in 1979, where he continued to work until the winter of 1999, when he retired and ceded the job to Caedyn's father. Prior to his promotion, Caedyn's father worked for fourteen years at the Imperial Palace, easing his way up from the bottom of the casino in a variety of positions including bartender, surveillance officer, locksmith, and games manager, making him an established professional within the workplace. His dedication to his work and fluctuating schedule meant his presence at home was erratic, leading him to rarely spend time with his young daughter or her brother.

Despite her father's absence, Caedyn had an active life as an infant, and was rarely left home alone. Despite offers from both her grandparents on both sides of the family, Carol insisted on taking Caedyn to work with her at the end of her maternity leave, and would hear no arguments otherwise. She had regretted missing Ashton's earliest years due to work commitments, transitioning out of working as a stylist and massage therapist to manage her own Vegas salon and spa, Million Dollar Makeover, when he was three years old and entering preschool. She resolved to spend more time with Caedyn as she grew. Due to the competent staff and efficient system she had cultivated over five years of operation, Carol felt comfortable leaving most of the day to day upkeep of the salon to her specialists while she focused on the long term management of the business. She spent most of her time at work fawning over Caedyn while dutifully managing inventory, researching new products and techniques to pass on for investigation to staff, maintaining their accounts, and managing the salon's social media presence. During slow periods, the other workers in the salon would stop into her office to praise the new baby, who hbecame a well loved fixture within the workplace.

Caedyn responded positively to this early attention and was a mild-mannered, happy infant, due to the constant attention from her mother and the salon staff meeting her simple needs and desires. As she grew older and began to speak and interact with others, she came to expect attention whenever she was in the shop, or at home. Wherever she was, she wanted to be the focus of the situation, and most were willing to indulge her. She entered preschool at the age of three, in 2001, and became an eager, hyperactive student, constantly seeking the approval of teachers and other students during group activities and work periods. One of the most frequent interests she displayed at this age was drawing with whatever she could get her hands on, whenever she was allowed. While she was quite passionate about her art, she had a tendency to scribble quickly across the page and only decide what she'd drawn if questioned after she grew bored with that picture and began another. Her early teachers found this trait amusing during free work periods, though it became a source of frustration during activities that asked her to draw something specific. The indulgence of the salon staff, as well as her affluent family, had left Caedyn expecting most, if not all, of her desires to be met almost as soon as she expressed them. The structure of the preschool system did not allow for this sort of flexibility, and Caedyn struggled to adjust at first, especially with tasks involving letters and numbers. Learning to focus and calmly draw her name was Caedyn's greatest challenge during preschool, and would come to reflect the issues she would have with attention in the coming years. Other tasks requiring extreme attention generally came no easier to Caedyn, and she would often drift off in imagination or become fixated on something else happening in the classroom during group activities such as reading and songs, requiring constant re-engagement and oversight by her teachers to keep her on task.

One area where Caedyn did not show her characteristic attention issues was in solving puzzles. Caedyn found that focusing on putting the pieces together allowed her to stop and think on a slower level than she was used to, and also let her stop wondering about what others were doing around her or thinking about her. Working on a puzzle would always dominate her attention span, and on the rare occasions that she was called away from solving one, she would become very sullen and unresponsive until her mood had been worked out. She would follow simple directions and avoid fighting with other children, but beyond that she mostly needed to be left alone until she was either allowed to finish what she started, or something else caught her attention and assisted in helping the mood pass. After observing her for some time, her teachers began supplementing her regular lessons with her love of puzzles, and encouraged her to think of things like writing her name, learning words, and solving simple math problems as puzzles that she had to solve. This approach took some getting used to, but while it was not as consuming or effective as her overall love of physical, manipulatable picture puzzles, she was eventually able to use this tool to overcome some of her difficulties with attention and cultivate basic academic skills.

It became clear as Caedyn's vocabulary grew during preschool that she had a very active imagination. Her family members and teachers would often observe her including imaginary friends in her play during free periods, or retelling fantastic stories about her perceived accomplishments that day. While she was still socially involved with other children, she enjoyed the game of creating new people and places to insert into her world, both for her own edification and to distract her from her parents' busy lives. as Caedyn grew more active and demanding through preschool, it became less convenient to bring her to the salon, as her increased mobility, vocabulary, and curiosity made her a mild hindrance in the work environment, leaving her at home without the constant attention she desired. On an average night, one or both of her parents worked late on flexible schedules, due to their management positions. This occasionally left Caedyn and Ashton alone with a rotating group of sitters, relatives, and family friends. Caedyn's imaginary friends stimulated her creativity and kept her from feeling alone at home without her parents, as well as giving her a source for the constant interaction and attention she had come to crave. Like many children, Caedyn recognized that these friends were not real and that she had created them, but they fit her present needs, and she was very attached to both them and the reaction they drew from others. Her friends would range from other children, to adults, to animals and magical creatures she'd seen in classroom picture books. As Caedyn prepared to leave preschool at the age of six, she was gently cautioned by her teachers and parents that it may be time to let her imaginary friends go elsewhere, just as she was moving to a new school, so as not to distract her or the other children. She agreed without argument, having already started to feel a little old for the game and mostly playing along for the continued reaction of her teachers and parents. However, while she stopped overtly creating and expressing imaginary creatures and adventures, her active imagination stayed with her, and would serve as a source of inspiration for her continued artistic efforts.

As she developed during preschool, Caedyn attempted to build a relationship with her brother Ashton. They were often left at home together with their grandfather Nathaniel, family friends, or the occasional hired sitter due to their parents' busy work schedule, and she felt drawn to try and get her brother to play with her due to his quiet nature. These attempts were rarely successful, as Ashton preferred to spend his time working out or studying alone on his computer, and made little time for the family in general. This withdrawn personality, coupled with the absence of her parents, frustrated Caedyn and caused her to focus most of her time at home on trying to find ways to engage her older brother. In response, he began putting more effort into ignoring or outright hiding from her, as he viewed her as too immature and young to be anything but an annoyance in his life. While their parents made token efforts to encourage the two to get along, their busy work schedules left them without the time or involvement for any strong intervention, and as long as the children did not fight, they were mostly content to let them work around each other.

Moving into kindergarten, and the increased structure that came with it, proved useful for honing Caedyn's creativity and curiosity into constructive activities. On the advice of her parents and preschool teachers, Caedyn's teachers began reinforcing the idea of approaching her assignments and activities as puzzles to be solved, with continued success. Caedyn was an excellent student in her early grades. She was often eager to find answers and deliver them to her teachers for their approval, and while this drew some negative attention from other students, she was friendly, outgoing, and energetic enough to make many casual friends.

During kindergarten, Caedyn discovered acting. She participated in many small school plays during the period, and grew to be a favorite in her early programs due to her enthusiasm and excitement towards any role given to her. For Caedyn, each role was like an extension of the vivid imaginary play she used to engage in, a friend for her to learn, flesh out, and ultimately become for a short time. The idea of becoming another person, whenever she wanted, amused Caedyn immensely, and she interacted with school theater whenever she could, as well as turning her imaginative play at home into acting opportunities. She would often adopt temporary identities, names, or imaginary jobs for hours or days at a time, depending on how indulgent her family was feeling. Her mother, in particular, often encouraged this form of play as well as Caedyn's burgeoning interest in theater, seeing it as a healthy way for her to express her creativity and work out restless energy.

As Caedyn's graduation from kindergarten grew closer, her mother grew concerned about their children growing up in the Vegas area, particularly Ashton entering high school. She found his frequent silences and closed off nature discomforting and worried that if something did happen in the potentially wild environment of the city, he would never tell the family and might be left facing serious issues on his own. While Nathaniel Jr. found these fears to be somewhat overblown, the family's comfortable financial situation combined with his wife's fears gave him the push to act on an old dream and purchase a country luxury home for the family, far from the city. After much discussion, it was decided they would move into the Kingman area, due to its affordable property values and wide room for expansion. The Millers purchased a large, ranch style home roughly thirty miles east of the city, as well as the surrounding 160 acre property, and made arrangements over the summer to move and enroll Caedyn and Ashton in Kingman schools. While Nathaniel kept his position at the Imperial Palace and began mega-commuting each day after the move, Carol chose to promote one of her most senior beauticians and her most senior massage therapist to management positions and partially retire from running Million Dollar Makeover, choosing instead to work leisurely from home at the financial needs and duties of the business while leaving the day to day operations to her new managers.

The move excited Caedyn, and she loved the vastness of their new living space. While the commute back and forth from school with her mother and brother each day took some getting used to, due to the need to wake up earlier and make certain everything was prepared and in its place for her school day to keep them on time, she found the country environment and the luxury of their new home inspiring, often making hasty drawings of the house and the surrounding area both at home and at school. Moving into a new school system proved awkward at first, both in making new friends and her new teachers needing to adjust to her quirks with attention and focus, but after a few months of adjustment she found herself enjoying Kingman as much, if not more, than she enjoyed Las Vegas. She maintained an active presence in acting throughout elementary school, generally in supporting roles with a few star appearances, and only came to love the activity more as she grew.

The summer after Caedyn turned eight, her mother gave birth to a new baby sister, Amethyst. Once her new sister returned home, Caedyn noticed a distinct shift in her mother's attention. She naturally spent more time taking care of the new baby and seeing to her needs than encouraging or indulging Caedyn's antics, despite Caedyn's frequent protests that she was far more interesting than any baby could ever be. On top of her frustration with being side-lined, Caedyn found her baby sister insufferable and could not bear the constant crying and fussing grating on her nerves at home whenever she tried to be close to her mother. Attempting to get attention from her father proved no easier, as his late work schedule and long commute often left him tired and unengaged at home. What interest he could manage was often pulled towards Ashton's growing career as a high school athlete, particularly in baseball. Due to this lack of attention at home, Caedyn increased her outgoing antics at school, spending as much time acting and drawing attention to herself as possible. She would participate in group activities whenever possible, and often interject her way into conversations if she felt she could spin them to generate attention for herself. These actions had mixed results, as while some of her classmates appreciated or at least tolerated her hyperactive personality, many also found it annoying and distasteful, and frequently told her so. At first this bothered Caedyn, but she quickly found negative attention to be almost as satisfying as positive attention from her peers, using it as a release valve for her frustrations at home by slinging insults and sarcasm at any of her detractors. She developed a taste for gossip during this period and reveled in repeating anything she heard to anyone who would listen as a way of maintaining her sense of attentive importance.

Caedyn began roller-skating near the age of ten, after being invited out to a local roller rink by friends from school. While the activity proved challenging for her, she found the rush of speed and feeling of freedom it brought on releasing, and could often be heard giggling around the rink even after tumbling into a wall or tripping over her feet. She didn't mind the pain as long as she avoided seriously injuring herself, and never saw more than a bruised or bloody knee or elbow in her accidents, allowing her to take them in a stride. This new interest was complicated over the next few years after Caedyn began puberty at the age of eleven, causing her to experience quick growth spurts that left her clumsy and uncoordinated. Both of her parents were naturally tall and had experienced dramatic changes in height during puberty, but she refused to listen to their advice, out of both embarrassment and stubborn refusal to alter her lifestyle around her changing body. Her accidents became more frequent, but with less potential for injury, as she found gaining momentum to be a difficult task with her growing body, and would often lose control during her infrequent visits to the roller rink. Despite this, and her overall lack of practice, Caedyn refused to stop skating entirely, and continued on with the hobby as she adjusted to her new and shifting size. While this came partially from her enjoyment of the hobby, it was also a product of stubbornness towards her new size and a refusal to admit her clumsiness. One of the things that grew most quickly during this period were her feet, which affected her balance and sense of movement, and also caused her to quickly outgrow shoes. In an attempt to wrest some control back from her growing body, Caedyn stubbornly clung to what she viewed as nearly brand new shoes as she outgrew them. While her parents often noticed quickly when she outgrew other clothes, her shoes often went unnoticed until she began to show outward discomfort, allowing her to hang on to them longer than other articles of clothing. This habit eventually caused Caedyn to develop mildly splayed feet during puberty. While it did not last long enough to severely deform her feet, the deformity did contribute to her clumsiness, and caused her to finally give up the habit before causing more severe damage.

As Caedyn progressed through middle school, she began to keep in touch with friends more and more through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. She found social media fascinating, and put a great deal of effort into maintaining her profiles. Within a few months of joining Facebook in the spring of 2011, she was posting new photos, thoughts, and links across Facebook, Twitter, and instagram regularly throughout her day. It was rare for her to go more than an hour without checking her feeds, and only that long if she was busy or stuck in class. While many of her pictures were simply self-shot images or group pictures with friends, she also posted artwork, injuries from skating, backstage photos from live shows or rehearsals at school, and completed puzzles across her feeds, and shared images she found on aggregation sites such as 9gag that she found humorous. The world of social media opened up large new avenues for Caedyn and allowed her to explore aspects of both her identity and the identities of others that she had never previously imagined.

Shortly after her 14th birthday, Caedyn sensed an opportunity to win back her parents' attention. Ashton had left three years prior to attend UCLA on a baseball scholarship, while Amethyst was beginning her final year of preschool and requiring less of their mother's attention. Caedyn's brief explorations of identity and image online had exposed her to many alternative lifestyles and aesthetics, and she chose to reinvent herself as she finished middle school in an attempt to shock her parents into taking deeper interest in her life. During a shopping trip for new school clothing before the end of winter break, Caedyn announced to her mother that she wished to become a goth, and wanted to choose clothes appropriate for her new lifestyle. While Carol was initially surprised and somewhat concerned, further questioning revealed that Caedyn had a very shallow understanding of the lifestyle and simply viewed the fashion as sophisticated and mysterious, and could identify very little about the style beyond its use of dark colors. Based on this information, her mother found little harm in encouraging her choice and allowing her to explore this new fashion sense with reasonable outfits and dark make-up. Caedyn quickly grew bored of the look when it did not achieve the desired effect on her parents and found it troublesome to maintain, leading her to quickly abandon it and begin searching for a new identity over the summer.

During this search, Caedyn created and began maintaining a Tumblr account. The nature of the website began to expose her to new influences that she'd never imagined, as well as giving her new inspiration for her artwork. Over the years Caedyn had moved to drawing electronically with a tablet, and while her work was often hurried, sloppy, and unpolished, she did not adjust her style to criticism and instead delighted in any attention her work drew, whether it was good or bad. Through Tumblr and DeviantArt she cultivated a small following for her art online by creating fan art for popular media properties such as Homestuck, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Pokemon. While she rarely read or watched many of the works she based her art on, she found their popularity gave her greater exposure to both positive and negative followers, which she welcomed equally. While the more aggressive negative comments occasionally hurt her feelings, she generally responded to online criticism the way she responded to criticism at school, through sarcasm and taunting.

Caedyn first came in contact with the Furry community through art projects online. She had seen many projects with a "furry" tag that were anthropomorphized versions of existing characters or celebrities, as well as receiving requests through her own Tumblr page to make "furry" artwork, and became curious as to what it meant. At first she explored the identity as something new to shock her parents with, but as she read deeper and explored more artwork online, she found herself intrigued and researching well beyond where she'd normally go for anything outside of school. While there was a degree of physical attraction that played into her interest, she also found the community to be welcoming and warm, with a perceived emphasis on affection and attention that she found appealing. Ultimately, Caedyn came to identify as a furry on more than a superficial attention grabbing level, and never told her parents about her research or experimentation with the lifestyle. While furry art features prominently in her online art portfolio, she keeps material identifying herself as a furry hidden away more privately and treats it as an open secret among close friends.

Going into high school, Caedyn maintained the bubbling, hyper, gossiping persona that she'd held through middle school, and quickly connected with like-minded friends. She had little difficulty adjusting to high school and found the larger environment even more suited for her personality and needs. She continued to pursue acting and became a member of the school's drama club, and has been a part of every production in some form since her freshman year.

Through her freshman year of high school Caedyn kept searching for a new, unique, overt identity to adopt. She went through many styles, most of which were influenced by music, due to the availability of music-related fashion online and the instant visibility and notoriety of popular musical archetypes both online and at school, but nothing quite stuck enough for her to want to pursue it and use it to try and re-engage her parents, who still remained mostly preoccupied with work or her younger sister, viewing Caedyn as largely self-sufficient. In October of 2013, Caedyn finally found an aesthetic she believed to be visually pleasing, unique, and capable of earning her parents' attention. She chose to adopt clothing and styles that she associated with reggae and Rastafarianism, particularly anything to do with Bob Marley. In November she began the long process of turning her long blonde hair into dreadlocks, and purchased a variety of Marley related clothing featuring images and slogans. She had little knowledge or interest in the beliefs of Rastafarianism, or even in reggae music, but found the free-spirited, rebellious, care-free nature often associated with men and women in the style on social media appealing. While her father was hesitant to allow her to pursue this fashion change, her mother encouraged her on and eased his fears, assuring him privately that it was just a phase and that standing against it would only feed into what she wanted. Despite Caedyn's picture of her parents and their perceived inattentiveness, Carol had kept close track of her daughter over the years and found her attempts to shock and rebel amusing, due to their harmlessness. She was allowed to grow her dreadlocks and dress as she pleased as long as she followed the rest of the rules of the household such as her curfew, her grades, and the cleanliness of her room, which she observed adequately. Much like her style choices, Caedyn's urge to rebel only ran skin deep, and she feared potential consequences if she disobeyed her parents such as limited social or internet access. Mostly she desired to draw some sort of extreme reaction and intervention without serious consequences, to reinstate her long lost position as center of attention within the household.

In June of 2014, a heated argument broke out between Caedyn and Carol, wherein Caedyn's frustration over her parents' dim reactions, as well as her mother's firm belief that she'd never do anything truly rebellious, came to surface. As an example of her potential rebellion, Caedyn threatened to run away to Vegas and become a stripper after graduation. After repeated affirmation that she could handle both the physical coordination of the act despite her clumsiness and that she would not be embarrassed by the career, Carol opted to call her bluff, and enrolled her in a weekly pole-dancing exercise class. She felt that Caedyn would cave quickly as the class grew both too difficult and too embarrassing for her to continue, and serve as a healthy reality check to help her mind and respect her limits and appreciate the the support and trust she had been given rather than treating them as obstacles. Caedyn began classes in August of 2014, and while they proved just as challenging and galling as her mother predicted, she became determined to stay with the classes and prove her wrong just to win the argument. The obvious association with stripping provided some initial discomfort for Caedyn, but the class's emphasis on physical fitness and control rather than sexuality surprised her and began to slowly win her over from simply struggling through the class to putting in a sincere effort to do better.

As a result, the dynamic between Caedyn and her mother Carol has shifted at home. Her mother has become more teasing and attentive since their argument, viewing Caedyn's complaints as largely invalid but wanting her to know that her permissiveness isn't a sign of disinterest, but of trust and respect. Despite Caedyn's hyper-activity and tendency for drama, Carol believes her daughter is a capable, intelligent young woman with good prospects for the future and a broad circle of friends. In her mind, Caedyn's biggest enemy is herself, and she views recent events as a way to help discourage her daughter's stubbornness and need for attention.

Caedyn's relationship with her father is more distant, due to both his busy work schedule and his tendency to defer to her mother on matters of the household. He has watched the situation between Caedyn and her mother grow with some trepidation, but trusts his wife's instincts and believes she will do the right thing. As long as Caedyn maintains her high grades and follows the rules they have set down, he sees no reason to be more than mildly concerned about her choices, even if he does not agree with them. When he has energy at home, he is always more than willing to talk to her about her day, or occasionally work on a one of her larger jigsaw puzzles with her.

Caedyn has a passive aggressive relationship with her younger sister Amethyst, and they interact very little due to their large age gap and Caedyn's tendency to stay busy with projects, friends, or online communities. She views her young sister as a pest, much as Ashton viewed her, and avoids her whenever possible. She will occasionally grudgingly interact with her at home if there is need to babysit, but tends to speak in short, clipped sentences around her sister and try to tune her out. She knows little about her sister's life or interests other than the constant singing that she views as plaguing the household over the last few years, and she intends to let things stay that way to keep their lives separate. This contempt mostly comes from her longstanding bitterness in feeling replaced by her younger sibling, as well as from general frustration caused by their age gap and the vast difference between their experiences and interests.

At school, Caedyn's personality is well known and can be seen as controversial. She has many close friends, but also frequently annoys and frustrates individuals throughout the school with her absentmindedness, drive for attention, and heavy gossiping. She can be known as a mean, even cruel, student among her peers due to her tendency to resort to insults when criticized, and usually makes no effort to patch things up when she hurts someone with her words, leading to a few long standing grudges. Her co-opting of Rastafarian and reggae culture is regarded as problematic by some of her peers, and has earned her a few lectures that she has dismissed without concern. It is also the source of rumors that circulate around the school about her, particularly rumors regarding drug and alcohol usage. Caedyn does nothing to stop these rumors and answers inconclusively when questioned by other students, despite never having used drugs and only drinking small amounts of alcohol on very rare occasions at parties. She fears the consequences too much to stray that far from her parents' expectations, but is glad to let others speculate and create a more wild, rebellious image of her than she is capable of sustaining on her own. Her tendency to lash out verbally is limited to other students in casual circumstances, and does not manifest in more formal settings such as class periods or meetings with faculty. Caedyn tends to lash out only when she feels she can get away with it, and doesn't like risking intervention from authority.

Despite her cultivated image as a care-free spirit, Caedyn worries a great deal about her grades and studies hard in every class. Her issues with maintaining attention and interest have forced her to develop a strict study and work regime for her classes that she has leaned on since sophomore year, with strong results. She is an A student, and particularly enjoys math, chemistry, geography, and art. In particular, she excels at geography. The subject interests her, and fits easily into her tendency to view subjects as puzzles that must be solved. She has grown skilled at memorizing locations and reading maps, and is able to label many cities and landmarks in Arizona when given an unmarked map of the state. She particularly enjoys planning fictional trips in her head and working out distances between locations by reading maps, and keeps a large collection of local, domestic, international, and global atlases in her room at home.

Caedyn has continued drawing through the years and has become decent at working both electronically and sketching on paper. When she takes her time and works slowly and patiently on an important project, she can turn out detailed and thoughtful pieces, especially those involving animals. However, she has not been able to work out her latent issues with attention as well in her personal art, and her informal projects often end up rushed and sloppy as she gets tired of them and desires to move on to something new. She tries to make time to draw something, no matter the end result, every day, and rarely fails to meet her goal.

Her fascination with puzzles has only grown over the years, and she has expanded into many different forms as she has aged. While her favorite kinds of puzzles are still large jigsaws, and she has a large collection of 1000+ piece models that she has saved either in photographs or in frames on her wall, she also works with mechanical puzzles such as Rubik's cubes and number/letter puzzles, appreciating code puzzles and Sudoku more than anything else. When she grows bored at school or at home with nothing else to do, she will often try to mentally recreate and solve old puzzles that she has completed, just to occupy her restless mind.

Drama club and local theater productions remain a large part of Caedyn's life, and she is nearly always involved in a show somewhere in Kingman. She mostly plays supporting roles, despite often going for the most central female role that she can, due to the limitations provided by her appearance and her refusal to change her hairstyle for the stage. Occassionaly this means she cannot be cast at all and must work backstage crew if she wishes to be involved, but she's content to stay close to the production in this manner and bide her time for the right director to appreciate her unique talents.

Roller-skating has become an infrequent interest in Caedyn's life, but one she stubbornly pursues. As she has grown more used to her height and proportions, her coordination in the rink has slowly improved, though she still has trouble balancing if she goes too fast and turns can become tricky. Despite this, she believes herself to be an excellent skater, and has recently taken an interest in roller derby as a sport. She hopes to become involved with the sport through friends and acquaintances at Cochise High, and while she's not quite sure what she is getting into, she finds the ideal of the sport and the videos she's viewed of it online enticing and adventurous, and wants to give it her best shot to prove she's still capable of skating well.

Caedyn's social media accounts are bombarded daily with new uploads and updates on everything she can imagine. She has expanded her network to include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, DeviantArt, and Snapchat, while always staying on the lookout for new forms of social media to express herself with. She follows celebrities, friends, and internet personalities whenever possible, and tries to put out or reproduce content that she feels will garner the highest amount of attention within her feed. When something she feels strongly about performs poorly, she often grows sullen and can be prone to sending out passive aggressive messages and barbed, sarcastic jokes. Despite her occasional mood swings and moments of lashing out, Caedyn has cultivated a modest following online due to her diverse content sharing, dedicated art, and cheerful video updates.

While Caedyn still hasn't come out to her parents as a furry, she associates strongly with the fandom and has even created her own fursona, which she draws regularly. The animal she has chosen to identify with is the cassowary, due to its unusual appearance and territorial personality. She finds the bird beautiful, graceful, and dangerous, and envisions herself as sharing these qualities. As a symbolic gesture towards her identity, she keeps three lines of cassowary feathers bound into her tied dreadlocks with whipping knots. This allows her to feel closer to her fursona without overtly signaling her identity to the world, which she finds appealing.

Caedyn has maintained her pole dancing classes despite her embarrassment, and is actually growing to enjoy them to some degree. At the instructor's bidding she has slowly reclassified the act in her mind from being inherently sexual to a form of art and self expression, and has found that it has helped with her coordination issues to a degree. While it is difficult for her to keep up with the class due to her height and clumsiness, she has come a long way over these last few months, and is considering maintaining classes as a hobby not just to prove a point to her mother, but to help her feel more comfortable and in control of her movements. While she cannot imagine performing for someone else, let alone a group of people, she finds the routines calming and challenging at the same time, and has come to feel a sense of satisfied accomplishment after each weekly session.

In regards to the future, Caedyn intends to finish her junior and senior years and then take a gap year to backpack across Europe while she decides where to go from there. At present she is still in negotiations with her parents to solidify this decision, but she is confident that she can win them over eventually. While she will likely attempt to pursue a career in acting, she is open to other options, and occasionally toys with the idea of becoming a cryptographer. Still, she has no serious goals at this time, and likes to keep it that way, focusing mainly on keeping her grades up for the moment and pursuing her hobbies while she has plenty of time to let the future worry about itself.

Advantages: When given time and motivation to focus, Caedyn has a knowledgeable head for numbers and logistics that could prove useful if she were to work together with others, as well as a novice knowledge base for geography due to her attentiveness in class that could be used to help navigate the island. She has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and knows the reputation of nearly everyone in the school, giving her a good base to make snap judgements on sight when encountering another student. She is tall and decently in shape due to her recent months exercising for pole dancing and her casual interest in roller-skating, allowing her to stay active on the island and possibly giving her an edge in violent conflict. Caedyn is a very selfish person and may readily put her own needs above others, allowing her to focus on herself and her survival without worrying about others. Though she can be over-dramatic and stubborn within theater, Caedyn is a seasoned actor and a decent liar who may be able to manipulate or mislead others for her own gain.
Disadvantages: While Caedyn's coordination has improved over the last few months, she is still a somewhat clumsy individual and a large target, which may make it easier to get the best of her in a physical confrontation. Caedyn is stubborn, and has a tendency to overestimate herself, which could cause friction with others or lead her to make dangerous, unwise decisions. Her personality and tendency towards gossip has created grudges and other students may see the game as an opportunity to get back at her for her many insults and sarcastic comments over the years. In the same vein, she has difficulty biting back comments and is used to freely speaking her mind when challenged, upset, or criticized, a trait which may spark unnecessary conflict between her and her fellow students without control. Caedyn also suffers from focus and attention issues, and while they are only a mild hindrance at home, the game may prove too difficult for her to control them by herself due to the high stakes and unfamiliar environment. In her haste she could miss hazards or valuable resources nearby, and find herself in a bad position as the days progress.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
May 24 2015, 03:50 PM
Like, let's take a prospective handler that I promise isn't based off anyone. Hey handler, how many characters do you have for v6? Three? That's cool. How many of them are extremely liberal? Huh. All of them, you say? All three kids in rural Arizona? Yeah, I know that high schoolers are more liberal than old people, but we're still in RURAL FREAKING ARIZONA, and even in the entire state of Arizona kids are only about a 60/40 Left/Right political split. You're sure you don't want to broaden your horizons just a tad, and make more authentic characters at the same time? Please?
Take this with a grain of salt, especially in rural areas. Statistical representations of youth political affiliations are notoriously slick because 9 out of 10 just don't care.

I'm also uncomfortable with the idea of using things like politics/religion/race/etc. as an authenticity check. Ultimately, these are characters whose heads you have to get into and potentially stay in for a long, long time, years if they go far enough. So that head should be one that you're comfortable staying in for the long haul, and it should be one that you can represent realistically for the long haul. Taking up a character aspect in the name of "authenticity" or "diversity" that you can't necessarily handle under those terms is a really bad idea. If that means you've got five or six liberal kids in the Deep South? Cool. Five or six far right conservatives in along the coast? Cool. Push your boundaries where you're comfortable, sure, but pressure to "broaden your horizons" into a mindset someone might not be able to write, let alone want to write, seems like a quick path to burn-out.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think part of this is me being pretty worn out all together, since I think we're mostly agreeing, I'm just doing a poor job of explaining my position. Though there is one thing I wanted to note:
I just can't conceive of writing a character whose background is so key to their concept as to be immutable yet whose location is an afterthought.

"Location is an afterthought," I agree, but my point is that we're not dealing with locations that are so unique and so rigid in their setting that you can't logically fit the vast majority of logical, realistic concepts that fit within the mold of "American High School Student" within them. I'm not going to say there aren't examples of this, but I can't think of a single character off the top of my head in V4-V5 that simply could not work in St. Paul, Seattle, or Kingman. I could make Garrett fit in Kingman, and Garrett...Garrett sucks as a concept, man. He's the worst. With a little bit of poking around and editing, I could make Vahka fit here as well, and he's probably the most location-dependent character I've written so far. I could put Ty in Seattle, Austin, St. Louis, St. Paul, San Diego, Raphael, or any other number of American cities. The reasons and the back-drop change, but the character core doesn't.

One of the issues often cited, and part of what started this very discussion, is that Kingman is a largely blue collar area in its own workforce, and so the middle class should be more pronounced. While I can understand the logic and agree from a research perspective, it's not terrible unrealistic for a white collar worker to live in Kingman with the proper research. One big reason to live in Kingman that's super relevant to a family with one or more children in school? The parents working in or around Las Vegas.

Vegas is a long commute from Kingman, definitely(Assuming everything goes right, you're looking at at least an hour and a half of travel time both ways), but the route I'm seeing on Google Maps avoids the city's most notorious traffic spots, and even those are not as bad as most larger cities outside of holidays and weekends, from what I've read. Moreso, mega-commuting(Commuting 90+ both ways a day) is a popular way to cut down on costs. While it tacks on travel time and gas expenses, it can allow one to take high wages from an affluent area and spend them in an area where the cost of living is lower. This is very pronounced in the Kingman/Las Vegas case, where if you're in the market for a luxury home, you can get roughly double the square footage 3/4ths the price if you buy in Kingman as opposed to Las Vegas. Most of Kingman's luxury residences are solitary or in gated communities that are considerably smaller than their Vegas counterparts, which is attractive to those who lead more distant lifestyles. Most importantly, Vegas is considered something of a gamble when it comes to raising children and whether it's a suitable environment for growth is a controversial enough subject that it's fairly easy to see why someone would seek other environments while hanging on to income boost working in Vegas would provide.

Kingman's not the first city that pops into mind when it comes to commuting in Las Vegas, but its property values seem to be competitive in the region from what I've seen, and from what I've seen on local discussion boards and such it's regarded as a great place to live if you've got money. With family history on-board, it's not much of a stretch to see why an affluent family would buy a home in or around Kingman and send their children to school there. It's done in real life, and there are solid reasons for why. It's something that requires work to make fit, but it's by no means implausible.

I guess what I'm trying to say, at the end of this long-winded and scattered example, is that setting shouldn't define your character. It should complement it. Why your characters are where they are can make a difference, certainly, but it's not so much of a difference that it changes who they are. Write the concept you want, and then use setting details to flesh them out. Use the setting to support what you're writing, rather than chunking out certain concepts as "unrealistic" because of the setting, since that's both a disservice to the character and the diversity of the vast majority of settings. There's a lot of rich stuff to dig into for Kingman and it shouldn't be simplified down to what kind of characters "should" be there. There's lots of wiggle room for odd people and strange concepts with a little bit of spit and polish, as long as you don't violate fundamental things like laws(of the state, federal, county, city, and physics variety). Kingman is a city with an estimated population of 28,393. If our biggest cast ever was multiplied ten times over, they'd eek into being a statistically relevant depiction of the city's population as a whole. Our work is, by nature, on a tiny, tiny scale, and getting turned off a concept purely because it doesn't fit the setting at first glance is a bad reason to abandon an idea in my book, and one that's going to stifle and frustrate you creatively as a writer. Absolutely do the work and the research to justify what you have, but don't let the setting's overt tones tell you as a writer or roleplayer what to do. The setting is there to serve and inspire you, not the other way around.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Reason for Away: Senior class trip, will probably not have time or access to internet.

Rip Espi. :c

Handler: DuckyB
Dates Away: May 30th-June 10th
Days Away: 12
Reason for Away: Going to see my lovely lady for a couple weeks and won't be around the site much until I get back.
Characters: Ty Yazzie, Abby Floyd

((Friendcannon Model Abby v.6: Target Acquired))

Abby wanted to like Shakespeare. She really did. The influence of his work and all that, great, fantastic, clearly literature wouldn't be where it was without him, she knew that. At the same time though...tragedy just wasn't her thing. Sometimes you can't work things out, and sometimes bad things happen, but the problems in Shakespeare's plays seemed solvable if everybody wasn't so darned crazy and sneaky. So much of it came down to miscommunication, too, that it frustrated her and could throw off her mood all day if she thought about it too long.

Hamlet wasn't so bad, she guessed, since all that measured up to a bunch of lying and stabbing. She really felt for poor Ophelia, though. Used by everybody, drowned in a pond, and then more or less forgotten while the plot tromped on. The whole thing hit uncomfortable close to home. Maybe it was for the best that they were spending most of their time talking about crazy old Hamlet and not about that poor girl.

As much as she disliked the subject, Abby tried her best to pay attention in class. She really did, even with Dante sitting next to her scribbling away, or bursting with a fit of energy to try and catch up after his mind wandered off. She tried her best to keep her eyes forward and nod along to the conversation, taking her own chicken-scratch notes and not so much at glancing over at the goofy boy beside her, definitely not letting the corners of her mouth turn up into slight smile or allowing her curiosity to drive her to peek at his scribblings whenever Mrs. Webber turned her back.

Being an honest girl, she couldn't say she she succeeded. But she could darn well say she tried.

Abigail "Abby" Floyd

Change Log

Abigail "Abby" Floyd
Edits made!


New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think folks should write whatever they wanna write as long as it's within the reasonable guidelines of being a realistic human being and not worry too much about demographics or what other people are doing. Writing stuff that engages and interests you is the first priority, otherwise you're just gonna burn out as a writer. If that means we end up with more rich kids or geeks or goths or certified circus acrobats for whatever reason then we've just got a lot of people who wanna write about that thing, and that seems fine.

I don't really have a dog in this particular iteration of the race since I have no lawyer kids and most of my kids are lower class to maybe upper middle class at best, at this point. At the same time, I don't see much point in getting fussed about the setting of pre-game when, looking past versions, 99.9% of kids are never going to reference it outside of their personal lives and connections that could broadly be placed in the majority of cities and places in the United States. The Island itself is where these characters are going to see most of their development and storytime, since that's the actual game, and outside of extreme circumstances I don't see the city we start in having a whole lot of impact on that, based what we've seen in past versions.

If the actual game were to occur in or somehow be centered on the starting city? Sure, I could more strict adherence to the setting being more than a nice little bit of flair. Since pre-game is a developmental period that's mostly about the characters we're interacting with, not where we're interacting with them, and the pre-game location functionally kinda exists just because we need one, bending over what you personally are interested in writing and abandoning concepts outside of fringe cases where you just can't make it work(And I've been there, Alex is going through heavy reworks for just this reason) seems a bit counter-productive to the whole point of roleplaying, at least as I see it. Almost all of these characters are never gonna see Kingman again, just as almost all of V5's characters never saw Seattle again, just as the majority of V4's characters never saw St. Paul again, etc. Where they're from is going to have almost zero impact, at least in any sense that I've been able to tell in every version of Main and Mini I've read. If there's a problem there, it's something way more pronounced and systemic than profiles and concepts and background details like shifting a parent's job or social class can ever address by themselves without a pretty fundamental restructuring of what's considered both in character development and in influence on the Island.

Silence is Golden
Ty turned back to the book as Fiyori and Bee expressed interest. "Nah, not interruptin' much, just killin' time." His finger reached down to trace across the pages, searching for the passage he'd just been reading. His eyes narrowed as he scanned through the words. The text was an older anthology piece on Eastern religion and philosophy, covering a range of topics, but the Taoism section was what held his interest. The particular article quoted in this passage was on the rhetorical impact of Taoism, and was dated somewhere in the sixties.

He looked back up as he found the words. "The whole thing's on Eastern philosophy. The part I'm lookin' for is on Taoism though, I think it's got some interesting ideas. Like, this here," he noted, his voice dropping as he recited the passage, "Root out your preachers, discard your teachers, and the people will benefit a hundredfold." He tapped the page thoughtfully. "I've seen this one a lot in other stuff I've read, comes out of a book called the Laozi. In the whole thing," he said, making a rounded gesture with his hands,"it's a lot more interestin', since it's a passage about kinda..."

His forehead wrinkled as he searched for the words. "Ending the whole idea of doing good shit for appearances, I guess?" He gave a shrug and settled back against the chair, away from the book. "I'm just gettin' started on it, really. Lots of perspective and historical conflict to sort through. It reminds me of some of those stories I grew up with, though."

Silence is Golden
Were they agreeing, or disagreeing? He wasn't sure he could keep the sides straight at this point, but he was pretty sure he lost somewhere in there. He gave a defeated chuckle as he glanced between the two girls. It was strange how comfortable things had become, over the last few months. Not too long ago he'd have been doing anything he could to stay the hell away from anybody and everybody if he had a free period at lunch, or maybe hanging with folks from the team if he was feeling social. Not that he was complaining about the change, mind.

Ty shook his head at Bee as he listened to her. "Hey now, don't let him catch ya callin' him adorable. You'll spoil his fragile ego, y'know?" With a nod to Fiyori, he continued, "Suppose you take this round, then. 'Course, wouldn't wanna make a habit of rackin' up points like that. Might end up an uptight model citizen, like me."

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia Sing Ups
I'm in. I haven't played the game, but I also don't care about spoilers in the slightest, so feel free to flavour away, I'm just going to wiki-binge and spoil myself anyway XD

Silence is Golden
Something had happened that took her away from lunch. From the tension he was picking up in her grip, she was probably hurting again, but not so bad that she needed to bail. She was fighting through it, and he could support that. He wouldn't press her about it unless things took a dark turn. For now, he was just glad to have her there.

"Somethin' like that, yeah, " he said, regarding Fiyori with a cocked eyebrow. "Actually, you came along at the perfect time, seems we need a rulin' on the field. You get full responsible, grown-up points for bein' nice to animals n' plants like they're people?"

Ty settled back against the chair and rubbed Bernadette's hands gently as he gave the girls a grin. "See, I think it shouldn't count full measure. Otherwise, 'tween Chaplin and the garden I'd be the most responsible adult in the room, and that's just not right."

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!
Update: We have a QuickTopic! This is an easier way to plan together than trying to keep everything going through PMs, so TBH and I put it together for working out some of the finer details of the team. If interested, hop on in and give some feedback or pitch ideas of your own!

Silence is Golden
"A cat? C'mon now, you know you only get half points for animals n' plants n' shit, otherwise-"

Instinct and Ty had a complicated relationship with each other. Take, for instance, his first thought when a pair of arms crossed around his shoulders without warning. Now, on instinct, his first reaction was to take those arms and try to flip whoever was attached to them over the table before things turned rough for him. Maybe put some distance between whoever came over and him if time allowed before they got back up, or just dive right in to maintain control. That was how you stayed on your feet. How you survived.

A brief flinch gave his leaning away before he buried the notion deep, especially as he felt the comforting squeeze he'd grown familiar with over the last few months. Bee. He figured she'd be around here, somewhere. Nothing to worry about at all. His hands came up and crossed over hers, squeezing back gently and smiling over his shoulder. "Hey, Bee. I was wonderin' where you got to."

I decided to get back into League again as time allows, slotting back in on support because there's something fundamentally broken in me.
We get grades now?

I don't know what any of these new things mean and also I'm 99% my build was trash since I abandoned the guide I looked up in a panic, but I didn't lose or burst into flames so I feel pretty okay about everything. I like a lot of the changes they've made while I've been gone, team builder is a cool system.

Ties That Bound
((Yazzie Family Residence, October 25th, 2002.))

"Where...are you?"

The voice was low. Slurred. Monstrous. It made the hair on the back of Ty's neck stand up as he squeezed tighter into the dark corner of the closet, hiding behind hold, musty coats and forgotten boxes. It wouldn't find him here. He had to believe that.


The pause gave way to a deep wheeze, and the sound of something dragging across the floor. Something large, and heavy, and metal, audible over the hacking coughs coming from just down the hall.

"Where are you?"

It was growing louder now. He wrapped his arms tight around himself, squeezing his shivering body to hold in the anticipation. He could hear the creaking of the floor boards as each step brought the voice a little closer to his hiding place, dragging, stalking, hacking towards the door.

"I'm going to find you, and when I do..."

A shadow blocked out a portion of the light streaming in through the door's fanned slits, causing him to breathe in sharply, holding the air in and biting his lip as he watched it lurch and sway before the door. Seconds extended on with his chest on fire, shaking in the corner and clinging to the bright red sleeves of his shirt. Then, as quickly as it came, the shadow began to turn...

Faster than he could act, the form spun back, throwing open the door and lunging for him, making him squeal in terror and delight. He flew up, up, up onto his father's shoulders, squirming and giggling as the powder from the broad man's face and clothes scattered over his costume, leaving white specks along the red suit and gold accents. His father's booming laughter filled his ears as they paraded through their house, the chains of his own costume clanking behind them as they swept towards the kitchen. He set him down on the counter with a wry smile and waved his finger in the air.

"Someone has been a naughty boy, ah? A shame, a shame, to ignore your mother and dig into that," he intoned, pointing a finger at the Red Power Ranger costume Ty was wearing, "without permission?" His face grew grim and close as he moaned out, "A trespass most foul, deserving great punishment, and yet..."

He gave his son a sly wink and spread his arms out, displaying his own powdered, ragged outfit. "I will not tell if you don't, ah?" Ty grinned up at his father from the counter and nodded, kicking his feet idly over the edge. "Excellent," the boisterous man declared, "and while we're breaking rules..." His eyes darted back and forth across the room, narrowing into slits as he leaned down to Ty's ear, "How about a pizza, while the others shop?"

"Pizza!" Ty cried triumphantly, pumping his fists into the air and jumping into his father's arms. He settled in against his chest, sneezing as the baby powder coating his clothes and hair showered down around him while his father rummaged for the phone book. The house was nice, when his brothers weren't there. Quiet and vast, almost like a fairy tale castle without running into one of them around every corner.

Days alone grew fewer over the next few years, as their schedules aligned and everyone grew busy with school, or work, or friends. Still, the image of scurrying through the house alone, his father chasing after him, and no one to stop or contain them, stayed with him as he lay in bed at night, staring out his window into the sky.

On some nights, as the first star appeared, and the last tears fell from his face to the pillow, he remembered the wish he made that night. A wish to wander the house every day, alone and unafraid, without any of their faces in sight.

It was a good wish, in his mind. One he could only want more each night.

Silence is Golden
Ty watched Fiyori's head-games with amusement. They were mostly harmless, and Al didn't seem too shook up. He couldn't tell if the guy hadn't been around her enough to figure out the score, or if he was just so used to her at this point that stunned apologies were all she could get out of him. He was a tough little guy to read.

He turned his head as Fiyori made her crash landing behind him, casually nesting into the chair beside him. "Y'know," he chuckled, "one of these days you're just gonna...I dunno, walk through a door and wave, like normal folks. Probably give me a heart attack while you're at it." He gave a nod down to the book in front of him. "Just killin' time. You?"

Al seemed to be fussing with his puzzle again, out of the corner of his eye. Between the two of them, the guy seemed pretty off his game. Maybe he wasn't much of a people person.

Let's mash some characters together and see what happens!
Added a Sixth concept, Caedyn Miller! Gonna be a lot of restructuring coming in the OP soon now that I have more time away from school.