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V6 Reduced Activity Notices
I'm in my homestretch for my final semester so I'm gonna around less for a bit. I'll likely be done by the 3rd, 8th at the latest if my final performance gets pushed back to the last day. Apologies in advance >.<

((Caedyn Miller Continued From Love Runs Out))

Caedyn was on top of the fucking world. Always had been, always will be.

Sure, some things had gone sideways. She couldn't find wherever Jazzy had slunk off to, and her supplies were starting to run a little low, and she'd had to shoot Jeremy, but was that all really so bad? Jazzy wasn't around to pressure her to explain herself, so maybe some time apart would do them both good. Supplies could be solved just by rolling up on some idiot and taking them. And Jeremy...

Bridgette had wrecked her. No denying that. That whole thing had left her so fucked up and angry and disgusted that she wasn't sure she could do it again. Killing people just wasn't in her...at least until Jeremy taunted her. She wasn't even really trying to kill him, but he was probably gonna die. That was just inescapable. 'cuz people like Jeremy, and Bridgette, and Oskar...well, they were supposed to die. They couldn't handle it here. They could barely handle it back home. It was just the natural order that they'd die. She'd had that thought before, and she was thinking maybe, just maybe, it was the natural order that she kill them. That made sense, right? Of course it did. Nobody could blame her for that. It totally tracked.

After all, wasn't the Cassowary an apex predator? And that like, meant it could kill whatever? Yeah. That all seemed right. She'd read that somewhere, probably on one of the nerdier blogs she followed. Or somebody DMing to try and impress her. That had to be it.

Because Caedyn was on top of the fucking world. Always had been, always will be.

She hummed idly to herself as she made her way through the hall. Her gun tapped along her leg while she walked as a constant reminder of how dangerous she was, how in charge she should feel. Who'd so much as taken a shot at her? Who hadn't she been able to out-talk, out-shoot, or out-run since the second she woke up here? The door to the storage closet flew open to reveal her standing there without a thought towards who might be inside or lurking nearby. She could take them. She could take all of them. Caedyn squinted into the room from the door, trying to make out the shapes past the shelves. It was a, big place. Trying to pick through here for anything useful was gonna take awhile.

Topic Title
Given everything that had happened, maybe he should have been more defensive when Clarice started lumbering forward to put her hands on him. He hadn't seen her for days and they hadn't split up on the best terms. Somebody a little more cagey, or practical, or however the hell you wanna phrase it might have kept their distance rather than letting her pull him in, but Ty just didn't care about that at this point. She was all he had left out here. His arms wrapped back around her almost on instinct.

"Me too."

There was a lot for them to be sorry about, but right now he didn't feel like hashing it out. He just wanted to hold her and know she was still alive. From all appearances she was still pretty fucked up, but this was a win. At least it was the closest thing he'd gotten to one the whole time here. He could hold on to this one good thing. It was enough for now.

Keith's voice pulled him back a bit. He looked back but kept holding on to Clarice with one arm. "Clarice, this is Keith. Couldn'tve made it through these last few days without 'im." Maybe that was overselling the dude a bit, but hell, who knew if Ty'd be sane enough to talk at this point if he'd stayed on his own. Sure, wasn't Keith's idea that they get together, but he'd stayed with him. Dude deserved some credit.

Welcome To New V6 Staff
Thank you frands! ^.^

the workers spring is nigh

Mass Effect Mafia Sign Up Thread
Apr 19 2017, 04:41 PM
I'm in! I'm allergic to being googled easily, though, so can I be Ben for this game? I feel like it's close enough. I'm male.
Google'd MW's secret history pass it on

Mass Effect Mafia Sign Up Thread
Well I guess somebody's gotta be the first XD

Paige. Female.

Topic Title
Ty tensed up as soon as he heard those heavy footsteps coming. He raised a hand to Keith to try and get him to quiet down; no use giving out more than they had to. Any edge they could get in case they were hostile was good news. He started to creep around the hallway, trying to figure out where they were coming from.

'course he shoulda known who it was. Only one person around here who could make steps like that, and as he rounded up behind her he wasn't real sure how to feel.

Clarice looked like she was struggling as much as he'd been a few days ago. Couldn't imagine the days she must have had. A small part of him felt spiteful; maybe they could have held on better together if she hadn't been so damn angry and driven him off. He shouldn't give into that though. She was Bee's friend. Nah, that it wasn't fair to put that obligation on her, she was his friend, his co-captain, his goddamn third musketeer when it came to the wrestling squad. There was no way he would leave her behind.


His voice came out soft and his hands were up for her to see if she decided to turn around. "It's Ty. I ain't armed. Keith's around here too, and he ain't either." Felt important to get that out of the way right up front. He was about to ask if she was okay when his face twisted up in a frown. No way in hell anyone could answer that with a yes at this point. Instead he said "You hurt?"

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I just

I'm so happy this occurred you guys

I don't know how to properly express the emotions I'm feeling over this and how everyone involved pulled it off but it's some good shit :D

Love Runs Out
Oh. So this was all for her. An act of charity from St. Jeremy, hunting down his big bad crazy ex to try and make nice with her. Wasn't that real convenient for him.

The gun started to lower just barely as she shut her eyes and shook her head slowly. They flashed open to stare into his in time with the sound of the gunshot.

There wasn't any waiting around to see if he lived. It wasn't like she'd tried to kill him, it was just a blind angry shot because he wouldn't stop pushing her. She already turning heel to get the fuck out of here so she didn't have to face what she'd done, but...would it be so bad if he died? Wouldn't he deserve it? Couldn't anyone really blame her for that? Yeah. That made sense. He antagonized her, and she put him in his place. That's how things were supposed to work. As she left she called out over her shoulder.

"Y'know, I think that really helped. Thanks, Jerebear~"

She hoped the smug little prick bled to death.

She hoped his parents saw the whole thing.

((Caedyn Miller Continued In Takao))

Love Runs Out
If she had both hands free she would have slow clapped. "Wow. You went with the thing I met my next girlfriend doing. At school. Where everyone could see us. A lot. You really got me there, I'm an open book to you."

Her finger tightened on the trigger for just a second. Maybe he figured she'd be amused, but she wasn't laughing. It was just making her more angry. "That's it. That right there. You don't know anything about me, 'cuz you never cared. We were just a thing," she echoed bitterly.

"The stupidest thing is I don't care anymore either! I don't think about you when you're not around. I haven't thought about our relationship in forever. You treated me like a boring, ugly piece of shit, but I adulted up and got the fuck over it! And now you, you wanna stand here and tell me that you want closure?"

The gun was shaking a little now. So was her finger. Even she wasn't sure if she might pull the trigger any second now. The cracks in her voice and hysterical way she blew up might undercut her point about adulting up, but no, no, fuck that. She was the reasonable one. At least she tried back then, pushing his precious fucking boundaries just to get him to treat her like a person, let alone his girlfriend. What had he done, exactly?

Love Runs Out
She almost shot him right there. Not for any strategic or defensive reason. Just satisfying her anger. He was so wound up on "closure" and yet either he didn't remember or never even knew why they were such a mess in the first place.

" 'kay. Happy to. Let's start with this: we dated for what, two months? Tell me one thing about myself that the entire school doesn't know. Just one."

It was written all over the way he was approaching it. 'That thing.' 'The relationship.' 'Getting closure.' It was all so vague and clinical. Like he didn't want to own up to anything. It wasn't his, it wasn't hers, and it certainly wasn't theirs. It just was. And from the way he acted when they were together, sure, that seemed like a pretty accurate way to describe it. That was the problem.

There was a part of Caedyn that could be reasonable. She hadn't been angry with Jeremy about their past in a long, long time 'cuz she figured all the messiness was just them being stupid middle schoolers who didn't know how to deal. It only seemed logical to think he'd finally grown the hell up and cringed looking back on himself. But he didn't. Whatever closure he was seeking seemed to sit squarely on her being the one in the wrong.

Asshole. She should have shot him before he opened his mouth. That wasn't going to stop her from seeing this through.

Love Runs Out
Her free hand gave him a dismissive wave. "Yeah, yeah, I get that. That doesn't answer my question though. You're gonna have to be more specific."

It was strange, talking like this. Usually she was more animated, but she felt restrained by the gun at his chest. It couldn't move. He might find a way out if she did that, and that wasn't happening. No matter what else went down, Jeremy didn't leave this room. Once again she was reminded that she should just shoot him, but this was bothering her. Did he really not get what happened between them? All this time she figured he'd been avoiding her because he was ashamed. But now...

"Oh my god."

He couldn't be saying that. No, that was too thick, too Jeremy even for him.

"Do you really not have any idea why I broke up with you?"

Love Runs Out
Shouldn't take that bait. Should not take that bait. He was trying to bury the lead like a jump. He'd mentioned Jazzy and he'd mentioned Josh so she had all the proof she need to just shoot him and move the fuck on. He was going to hurt her. There was no doubt about that. Why should she bother figuring out what he meant about that thing, it was an obvious ploy to grab her attention and she didn't care about it.

She didn't care about him.

"Thing? You're going to have to be a little more specific there, sugar."


This was fine.

She could still shoot him later.

She was just covering her bases.


Love Runs Out
He was looking for them. Caedyn didn't think for a second it was because he was worried about either of them. Nah, Jerebear didn't have any nice reason to care about what happened to them. There was only one reason you looked for some like her, like Jazzy, in a place like this.

"I guess you found me," she said absently with a look towards the ceiling. Before her eyes met his again her gun was up and aimed at his chest. "So why're you looking?"

Her finger was wrapped around the trigger. Fucking asshole. Did he think he was smarter than her? Like she wouldn't get what he was up to? If he'd got the drop on her instead of the other way around they probably wouldn't even be talking. Was he friends with Bridgette? Or Josh? Had someone been telling stories about her and Oskar? There were all sorts of possibilities, but none of them really mattered. Her mocking smirk had turned cold and hateful. Jeremy wasn't a plaything anymore. He was a threat.

"Talk. Fast. And don't lie."

The Mafia Waiting List
Apr 6 2017, 05:34 AM
Put me down for Nightless Mafia.

Actual name might change eventually.
This name scares the fuck out of me.

Love Runs Out
Nothing, really.

Oh, not much.

Not anything, I guess.

Nothing interesting.

It was like a response to one of her texts back when they were dating. There was never really anything going on with him. Nothing was bothering him. He wasn't up to anything. Maybe her memory was exaggerating things, but it seemed like every time she'd tried to honestly engage with him, he'd clammed up like this despite the fact that there was clearly something going on.

So when she asked him now, it came with a certain venom and no belief that he'd actually be honest with her. As vague as he was being, Jeremy was talking about some sort of specific incident with his parents. The way he talked made that much obvious. But he didn't want to share that with her despite the fact that now he was expecting her to chatter on about her days on the island. Had he not been paying attention to the announcements? He knew she'd like, killed a girl, yeah? He was being pretty casual about the whole thing.

Well fine. She could pretend like there was nothing wrong too. "Okay I guess. Just spending lots of time with Jazzy."

Aperture Science Mafia Fallout Thread.
I was asleeps for the dancing Flare, I danced in my soul tho :(

Aperture Science Mafia Fallout Thread.
General Goose
Apr 6 2017, 09:50 AM
I read through the thread before the flip - tbh my scumdar went crazy when Paige went "oh, no point in asking Goose any further questions at all" when there'd be no attempt. Struck me as an attempt to narrow the conversation and seal the deal quickly.

Don't even front that I wasn't 100% correct you salty sausage ;P

Aperture Science Mafia Fallout Thread.
Also yeah, I legit just forgot that doctors can't self-target because idk some bullshit >.>

Aperture Science Mafia Fallout Thread.
Boys, my music if you please~

I love the narrative presented of me as some sort of reality warping Puckish rogue on scum when I'm pretty sure this is the only scum game I've ever won XD

That was a fun one, and a real wacky one. Zetsu tracking me could have and probably should have sunk the fuck out of us, but I do hold that we made the logical decisions as far as our roles went. Watcher and Roleblocker are low-key fucking useless to scum in this set-up, at least in my opinion. At least if you're operating on the same logic I was N1 that everything is going to be x-shot. You can't just blindly throw out roleblocks, town's unlikely to claim until they've used up their shots, and you don't get that tell-tale town tell of a successful scumblock of having no NK. Doctor's way more useful in a game where you know there's going to be vigs, possibly up to one a night. Similarly Watcher...doesn't actually tell you anything, and in the event of a tracker or a rolecop it's much safer just to take the Cop, do the action, and clear a teammate than try to catch out town powers that probably won't even exist the night after you use it.

I was sweating on Boogie in that last phase. Good goddamn that felt close, legitimately the most stressful phase of my mafia career.

I owe Brackie and Random drinks of their choice. Brackie, couldn't have asked for a better scumbuddy to ride this madness out with. Flare, couldn't have asked for a better honorary Traitor ;3

Can't wait to get lynched Day One next game!