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Doc, we have two and a half days to lynch. We can afford to pressure the inactives.

So let's actually pressure one instead of everyone throwin' their votes out at random. That sort of pressure's gonna be about as effective as an old arthritic geezer tryin' to squeeze coal into diamonds.

Fair enough, although that's in the same vein as Bro. Percy is the only one wot fits this rolename, as even those wot disagree with me point will admit to, so this doesn't apply.

Can't you read, kid? I was disagreeing you right in the paragraph you quoted me on. Hell, you fit Callous Curmudgeon a hell of a lot better than Persy does. You've got that jovial Cockney bullshit going on that makes you sound all chipper until you've gotta thrown an orphan down a staircase or drown a bag of kittens, and you keep sayin' that you haven't done anything when no one's saying you've done anything but be an idiot. I'm willin' to let your no-lynch stupidity slide, but the constant misrepresentin' of the facts is really gettin' on my nerves.

Anyway, since Rocky isn't gonna be showin' up and it seems that ship has pretty much sailed, I'll Unvote: Rocky and Vote: Decoy.

Extremely Late Relationship Thread
Timothy's model-making and love of imaginary warfare would interest Garrett. He's really into that sort of thing, and he has the type of attitude where you basically have to be openly antagonistic to put him off, so I don't see him having any issue with Timothy's lack of social graces. At the least I can see them being good acquaintances and model buddies.

'ere's a litte 'elp, if you're 'aving trouble motivating yourself, Dmboogie. I VOTE: Dmboogie

Really? You're splittin' the vote up more, based just on him bein' quiet? Didn't we just cover this? If you're gonna jump for an inactive, give a reason why you should jump on them instead of one of the other dozen of lazy mooks we've got.

I don't think we're rushing to a lynch 'ere, Penguin. Actually, we managed I'd be moderately okay with not lynching, if we can't turn up any decent leads. That said, I don't think we'll be lacking for options.

Back. Up.

Actually, we managed I'd be moderately okay with not lynching, if we can't turn up any decent leads.

Are you yankin' my chain, kid? Are you really sayin' that this late in the game, a no lynch is at all a good idea? That's not something you should be okay with. That's a town death sentence. If next phase is a no lynch and a kill goes through on the town, we're down to 20 people, 9-10 of which are guaranteed scum. If there is still a wackjob recruiter, that number shoots up to 10-11. There is no situation where a no lynch is good for us. None. If we don't start reliably hitting scum in the next two phases, it's a lock-down. Either you're not thinkin' this through, or you're sellin' us up the river.

Your point on post restrictions is wrapped up in hindsight and doesn't make sense. For instance:

Could the "Cowardly Craven" have been mistaken for anyone other than White Lancer?

Yeah. It could. Easily. Turtles and Slam stick out immediately. Slam didn't read like a generic sicky, he read like someone who was afraid of blood. Turtle is still a stutterin' nancy. Same goes for the Callous Curmudgeon, you could throw out callous or curmudgeon on half of the people in this thread. Witch-huntin' on post restrictions is tinpot idea. Witch-huntin' based on just inactive status is a dumb idea. Not lynchin' is a dumb idea. If it didn't seem like you just aren't thinkin' this shit through, I'd have you booked by nightfall.

DocBalance, if Un-Persona is blocked and there is a kill, that only clears him of being the designated killer; it does not absolve him of being scum. So while it is worth a try, we cannot inflate the results.

The entire reason we're suspicious of Un in the first place is because he's supposed to be some old bastard running around murdering people. Other than that, there's not much to go on, unless there's something I'm not gettin' here.

(And Slamexo has a thread in the forum about finding posts by users in a thread to help you find what Rocky has done. Which is not much.)

This, this right here? It makes me regret every bad thing I ever said about the poor bastard. Rest in peace, doc.

Decoy bugs me for the reasons I mentioned >>above.

I'll admit that Decoy smells like he's spent a few too many happy nights in a quiet stable, but it's not scummy. I think you're readin' way too much into his blocking claim, you're startin' to sound like a shrink. Decoy's not playin' great, but at least he's poppin' in to answer questions when the heat is on. They're not good answers, but at least they're answers. It seems like mentioning gettin' blocked was probably just to confirm he's been doin' somethin'. The FoS is also probably just him bein' gun-shy after stringing up Espi, since that didn't turn out so well. When it comes down to it, Rocky's only contributed one post of any substance, and that's the one where he voted for Laur. Decoy's been involved with one bad lynch, tried to keep from jumping on another one, and is still feedin' us some information.

But anyway Doc if you want I can help you find the mark. wink wink nudge nudge.

...and there goes any chance of me sleepin' sound tonight. If anyone needs me, I'll be conferin' with my close personal friend and investigative expert, Jack Daniels.

I want it on record that I still can't believe we're trustin' the crazy baker who says she can kill at will(but hasn't) while being practically immortal. We have a joint for that type where I'm from that usually involves shiny white coats, a ban on pointy objects, and enough pills to make muggles look tame. Not that feelin' the jive isn't standard around here at this point, that's the only explanation for how things are shakin' out.

That bein' said, Rocky is our best bet out of the names the colorful kid put together. He isn't postin' much and I don't like the way that looks this late in the game. Is it arbitrary? Sure, just like everyone else on the list. We're basically down to "not much activity" as our biggest scum predictor, since it means we probably won't lose a lot even if the poor bastard we string up ends up being on our side. I can't think of a thing Rocky's contributed so far, though maybe it's just been awhile and I gonna go diggin' through 42 pages to try and find dirt on a mark my gut's not chasin'. So basically, it breaks down like this:

Dom: We need him alive so Penguin can kill him. If we're gonna pretend PA's claim makes any sense at all, we might as well leave around the method to test it.

Deamon: The lack of defense is a pretty dead giveaway. We could go back and forth playin' head games, but the fact is that it looks weird and it makes me uneasy about killin' 'im. As long as there are better targets, we should come back to get him later.

Decoy: Not quite as infrequent as Rocky, at least as far as I can tell. I'd also like to hear more about him gettin' role-blocked before we fit him for a Chicago Overcoat.

Persy: The plan is to block Persy tonight and see if there's still a scum kill. If there is, then it's safe to say he's clean. If there isn't, he can dance a bar or two of the hempin jig at dawn.

Vote: Rocky

Persy, we need the cannibal alive so PA can try to put a bullet in 'im. As much as I'm sure that's not gonna happen, we might as well keep him around a couple more phases until that happens.

>The whole point of hitting him was that if she did, we'd never know

The whole point was to confirm Lancer's role. I'll admit that in a normal circumstance the Vig shouldn't out after confirming unless necessary, but PA is claimin' she's bullet proof. Scum isn't a threat for her. Making the hit would have confirmed both of them or killed Lancer if he called his bluff. Of course, that doesn't really matter, because:

Short answer: no, I did not shoot white lancer.

This oughta be good.

Long answer: And if I had, what should I have done, revealed myself to confirm a sitting duck for scum the next night phase? If he was scum, he could have been a BP scum or under the protect of a scum doctor, so it would not have confirmed his role.

So you confirm that he's bullet-proof at night. Since the Scum can't really do anything about you being outed other than block you, which you're already doin' to yourself, what's the big risk there, again? It makes his claim check out and makes it to where we can come back and peg him later if things go south. It's a win-win.

Having played that role myself, I did not think he would be so brash as to announce when he was leaving town. And I believed his claim, so why would I risk taking him out? Not to nitpick in hindsight, but the way he went about it was poorly done. Which makes me want to go back and see if he was advised to declare his plans so firmly or if he did so on his own.

Was it smart of him to declare? Probably not, but he was doin' it anyway. You might as well have made the best of it. It doesn't matter that his plan was poorly thought out for him, you could have made it work for you and the town. You either decided it wasn't worth the trouble, or your claim is fake.

Actually, let's double back. You're saying that Lancer's claim didn't shake out right, but how is your strategy much better? You outed yourself as a straight miller on day one and drew a bunch of attention to yourself. Now, that makes a weird, twisted sort of sense when you're just a miller and you think you're future includes a rail-roadin', but you were more than that. You're the Vig. The last thing you want is attention. Even more than that, you went on to play like you're just a miller. You haven't rubbed a single target out or drawn a single bullet, as far as we know. Fact is, even if your claim was originally true it makes the most sense that Psych grabbed you up Night one and you've been playing for the purple people eaters since then. Still, we'll find out tomorrow, eh?

In the meantime, DocBalance, who do you think is scum? You have not really said, aside from thinking VysePresident is waffling a bit.

You. In case I've been less than clear about that this phase, I think your claim is a bunch of Baltimore bullshit and that you're the obvious choice to be recruited Night One. I'm willing to see if you Vig Dom to try and prove yourself, but if that happens I'll be surprised. Wanna know why? Because you already had a chance to prove yourself, and you blew it. See, Lancer wanted the Vig to hit him. If you had, and you're night-kill immune like you say, that would have been an instant confirm for both of you with no risk for the town. The Mafia can't kill you, so the best they can do is roleblock you. But why would they? You're already doin' it to yourself, so you aren't worth the action unless you start to get active. Even then, that suddenly frees up Ricky to start investigatin'. If you'd taken Lancer up on his offer, things would have swung way in the towns favor and we wouldn't have to waste time arguing about his shitty play. You didn't, though. Let's see if you come through this time. Personally, I'm not holdin' my breath.

A night-kill immune, vigilante, miller. That's the kinda game we're playin' now. We're just takin' that in a stride. Fantastic.

Vyse actually makes a pretty decent point. I threw in against Lancer pretty quick, but I stand by that. Lance made some stupid plays and kept derailing the town by trying to nail Toben for being right and not letting us lynch the doc. I'm not really sure how we managed to keep from lynchin' him instead of Laurels, not that it made much of a difference. Still, I think it's interestin' that you're houndin' me on that when you're doin' the same thing on...well, pretty much every lynch you've been involved in. I mean, just look at your last two posts. You swung from wondering why PA thought I was suspicious to claiming you had your eye on me the whole time and optin' to see me swing without a second thought. I'm not scared of a jittery watchman, kid, but at least have the decency to have some consistency in your paranoia.

PA, though? She's a whole different story. She keeps trying to derail us from lookin' into the cult, and that really doesn't sit well with me. Even if there are just three cultists and that's all there'll ever be, they give the scum a dangerous advantage. Add up your own numbers: You say there are 6 or 7 mafia types lurkin' around, and three cultists. It's 11 or 12 votes to lynch, which means at best the scum have 75% of the vote locked down and at worst they only need one townie to jump in before they can pile on and hammer. I know the mafia and the cultists aren't workin' together, but they can both agree that the town needs to be screwed like a loose board on a dime store porch. If the mafia sees that the lynch target isn't one of theirs, and the cult sees the same, they don't need to coordinate to pile in. They just know that's a safe target. So why do you keep pretending that the cult isn't a big problem for us? Granted, the other scum are packin' way more heat if the crazies can't recruit anymore, but that's not gonna go away in a single lynch. For right now, the cult and the mafia are on pretty much even footing when it comes to lynchin', and I find it pretty damn suspicious that you'd try to lead us otherwise. So, if we're puttin' our cards on the table as to who reads town, I'm afraid you're not on my list, sweetheart.

Oh hell no. The last thing we needed was a bunch of spooks moving in. How long has this been under the surface? Shit, how did I miss it? More importantly, who else is in on it?

Alright, this cult business really flips the table on us. The cult didn't suicide, so I gotta wonder if leadership transfers on death. Even if it doesn't, there's a damn good question that comes to mind: Why would the cult risk hitting the mafia if we've got at least one confirmed townie, possibly up to three before Lancer bit it, running around? I'm not tryin' to start a witch-hunt here, but unless Psych didn't know that hitting scum would kill 'em(which I'm pretty sure is the standard rule, but I could be wrong), then we gotta face the fact that we may have at least three traitors mixed in with the scumbags, two of which outed themselves as safe targets a long time ago. My guts telling me there's a strong possibility that Ricky and Penguin were recruited. I'm not about to string 'em up just yet, but it sounds like a good place to start talkin'.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Garrett: Well, that's not really for me to say, is it? I'd feel very arrogant making that statement for someone else. I'd be honored if someone said that about me, but it's an uncomfortable concept. I don't want to receive special treatment, especially when there are so many people who are far more deserving of attention.

Question: Why are you, as an individual, here?

A late topic for a laid-back philosopher
I think he'd be particularly sympathetic towards Mirabella's anxiety disorder, since he's suffered from emotional problems in the past. He'd also be very interested in Maynard's views on politics since it seems to mesh really well with his avoidance of conflict and aspirations towards objectivity.

A late topic for a laid-back philosopher
Garrett Wilde managed to overcome the crippling incompetence of his creator and get approved for V5! His profile is located here, but to summarize Garrett is a committed student focusing on social sciences, creative writing, and philosophy. He's a very easy-going, personable individual who deliberately avoids conflict and goes out of his way to negotiate with people. It's kind of difficult to give concrete examples of his relationships because he's not very quick to form close friendships, but I can see him getting along well with just about everyone and having many acquaintances. In particular, I seem him fitting in well with the following groups from the "Sports and Clubs" list:

School Newspaper: Garrett probably wouldn't be a part of this because he's not that interested in being a reporter himself, but his father is a former international relations correspondent and a novelist, so I can see him being having some interactions with the school journalists. He might make an interesting contact, or conduit for interviews in the area due to his father's plausible connections with Seattle and international journalism.

Speech and Debate: I specifically mention in Garrett's biography that he isn't part of the Speech and Debate club because he finds the general emphasis on disagreement in debate to be distracting. That being said, he really enjoys debating as a way to supplement his knowledge and find flaws in his position. In a way, he enjoys losing a debate far more than winning one, so I think he could have some very positive relationships with avid debaters even if he doesn't necessarily agree with their end goal.

Chess Club: Garrett loves strategy games in general, but he started with chess. He'd get along well with anyone who appreciated the hobby. In a broader sense, I can see him having a positive relationship with any other characters that are into table-top games(especially Warhammer 40k).

Book Club: As mentioned above, Garrett's father is a novelist, so reading is a big part of his life. He'd enjoy discussing and examining books with just about anyone that's interested, and doing it on a regular basis would be a good catalyst for closer relationships.

Creative Writing Club: Garrett enjoys creative writing due to his father's influence, and spends long hours with him walking and creating fictional biographies for the other hikers they encounter. The Creative Writing Club seems like a natural fit for him, and he'd love to get alternative perspectives on his work.

As mentioned above, Garrett doesn't like conflict, so I can't envision what anyone of his more contentious relationships would look like. However, if you have a character that you think wouldn't get along with Garrett, I'm very interested in that as well! I'd like for there to be tests to his Stoicism, the broader id/ego internal conflict inherent to such interactions is very fun for me to write. So essentially, if you think Garrett would be a fun character to play with positively or negatively, let me know. I look forward to working with you all!

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
I'm using eVolution and it looks great, but I can see why it could be problematic for some people after swapping over to Indulgence.

...fuck it, we need the lynch, and Laur is still suspicious as all hell. I've got a bad feeling about letting Lancer run loose for another phase, but at least he's pumpin' out consistent reasoning. Let 'em swing, boys.

Unvote: Lancer

Vote: Laurels

Now, I had it in my head that we don't have any jesters in this game. That might be the celebratory scotch speakin', but the Jester gambit seems unlikely at this stage. From what I'm readin', this is just typical Dom. Is that a good enough reason to vote for him? Maybe. We don't have a lot of leads right now, and he's bein' actively distracting. Still, that's not enough to get my vote.

I don't like fingerin' Skraal. The duck's quiet, but here's my logic: either Skraal'll be getting killed/replaced in the next couple of phases, or there's somethin' goin' on in the back alleys that we aren't dealt in on, see? If Skraal is still around after tonight, I say we see how loud a duck can squeal with a noose around it's neck. Until then though, there's not much threat there.

Un-Persona was quick to jump the gun, but I think there's still somethin' to be said for his instinct. I think we can all agree that Lancer seems shifty as an Arizona hotplate after trying so hard to get the doc lynched, so I think watchin' his beat is a good call. The way he and Vyse keep trying to demonize MW for saving the doctor really doesn't sit well with me.

Vote: White Lancer

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Apr 18 2013, 11:17 PM
No, it was rather obvious.

Now that I think about it, the color change makes the forum a lot less 'murican. And 'Ritain. And 'Tralian, 'Ealand, etc.

Welp, I'm a dullard, because I didn't get the connection until Natf pointed it out >.>

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
While I will not pretend to be savvy enough towards the inner workings of the site to have any clue what these changes mean, I wholeheartedly approve of the snazzy new purple name-plates. More purple in the world is always a net positive.

Cannibal, you eat walls a text, right? Jump on Vyse for me. Please 'n thanks.

Let's cut to the chase here:

DocBalance, I'd like to point out I wasn't active during the last day phase, nor was I ever all that actively on the Slam bandwagon. You might be bit a bit miffed recalling this, but I actually dissolved it briefly, during the first day phase by going after you. I'm sure I could very easily avoid making myself vulnerable by saying "huh", and just moving on. Also, I ain't the brightest pence on the street, but why do you think I'm misrepresenting people here. I even linked to the specific quotes, so as to avoid that particular problem. I've read MW's case several times over, and I simply think it was weak, even if it did turn out to be right. For that reason, I have to wonder a little why he was so certain. I understand why you disagree, and I'll even admit, it's most likely that he's being sincere here, but there's enough of a chance that this was a ploy to call for some caution. I believe that the advantage of having an apparent major victory under his belt would be worth losing the chance of an extra kill. Once again, I'm more inclined to take MW at his word, but there he's made enough questionable decisions that I'd caution people against following him blindly, as several have done over the last couple of day phases.

Good dodge, but I wasn't talkin' about you being part of the bandwagon. I'm talkin' about you misrepresenting why people got off of it. You can say "The argument was weak", but you're in the minority here. It was a good argument, and most importantly, I can't stress this enough, it was right on the goddamn nose. Why the hell would the mafia pass up an easy lynch like that? Slam was dead to rights. We had a cop and everything. Toben was the first person to say "Wait a second, this doesn't check out", and you think THAT's the most suspicious thing here? Kid, you're story don't check out. You're ignorin' the results of things: it doesn't matter how good the argument looked at the time, he tried to save the doc and made the mafia night kill him instead of someone else. If anyone looks suspicious after that trade off, it's Lancer.

And since we're talkin' about the carpet bagger,

I'm not sure why you bring up Percy accusing Lancer of being the Vote stealer as one of your reasons for questioning me. I don't think I actually brought that up in my last post. Still, I think it's a valid point, now that you bring up. I'm a bit surprised he how just decided Lancer had to be the vote stealer, just because. It's possible, but it seems more like an excuse to latch back on to the Lancer bandwagon.

I like how Lancer is a bandwagon but grilling MW is just bein' cautious. That's just fantastic logic. In case you can't tell, I'm bullshittin' you, kid, you couldn't pay me to take that story on a dead-drop Monday. If we're keepin' score, MW derailed the lynch of the Doctor, Lancer tried to kill him anyway. The "faulty logic" you keep bangin' on about kept us from stringin' up one of our most important roles. What is so damned malicious about that that it's got a bug up you're ass? What possible benefit is there from using shitty logic to save the town from lynching its doctor? In the other hand(that one you keep behind your back, just so everyone can take note of that), no matter how sharp you think Lancer's story was, it was a story that was leadin' us to killin' one of our own. If it had worked, that's exactly the kind of play that makes Toben suspicious, because it's the sort of good play he's famous for. So why aren't we lookin' into him a bit more?

Ruff Desperado
Apr 16 2013, 03:39 PM
my eyes are blurring and that wall of text just blends together


for cruelty to my eyes (om nom nom him unless turtle posts next in which case om nom nom shells)
Jesus, at this point I'd forgive Ricky for bein' a paranoid cop. So, should I be the first one to point out the cannibal's been busy eye-ballin' us and askin' us to point out bandwagons to jump on? If we're lookin' for inactives to witch-hunt, I'd say we should look at the one who's still makin' joke votes three days and five townies in. Play time is over, kid. We can't afford a Stockton smartass.