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Rooster Teeth Mafia Sign-Up Thread
Can do, bud.

My compatriot is currently outnumbered by the machines. At his request, The Plush Empire is going to war.

DJ, if you please.

Testing, testing, is this thing on?
No, not the mic, I'm dusting the servers for signs of intelligent life, but,
The only strife I'm picking up is a chumped up lump skittering around in the machine,
Going bump in the night, flipping switches, checking screens,
Stuntin' on a workhorse made of organic dreams

Hunting users too slow or in too many places,
But it occurs to me, have we seen YOUR faces?
See, it's stacking up that we don't know who you even are,
So let's take a peek through that chrome and rebar.

You write in so many voice you've got Smeogol looking sane,
Propping up that fatcat Danya's reign of pointless pain
And shame, instead of cutting against the grain,
Why not let some poor inactives go home to love, fanfare, and fame?
I guess that's a little much to ask from the hands that shot Harry Hanley
And gave Andi Victorino a shorter cameo than fucking Stan Lee!

Yeah, I think it's plain to see, there's nothing human at the core of this MCP
Wannabe, mowin' helpless kids like the world's worst G, somebody please!
Put a stop to this OTP of violence and negligence in the S-O-T-F-Forums,
I'd ping the staff for myself, but I'm pretty sure from their compliance they've been put on the shelf, weeeelp
it's looking like we're gonna have to sort this ourselves, with a little something I like to call SELF_HELP.

Return of the Revenge of the Realism Litmus Test
Caedyn Miller: 60 points.

Ty Yazzie: 22 points.

Abby Floyd: 7 points.

I am too lazy to go back and pull all the things they got points for and I'd feel weird doing Isaac since I didn't write him initially and there are some things I'm not sure I could answer 100% >.>

Rooster Teeth Mafia Sign-Up Thread
Duly noted, and I'm really glad to hear you're doing better, bud :)

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer
Oh my god, she was surrounded by neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds. There was a difference between being smart, which was sorta okay, and being obsessive, which greasy kid and Henry and Al clearly were. And like, somethings were worth obsessing over, because they were great and important and useful, but all this trivia about dates and themes and uuuuuuugh, it was so boring. It's not like they were gonna be tested on it or anything, so why even care? Maybe they thought it made them cool or interesting or something, which just showed how sad and misinformed they were about how the world worked.

Well, Greasy and Henry thought that way, at least. Al was barely even a supporting character in this little drama, she'd cut him from the show entirely if she was casting it. Somebody needed to spice that boy's life up, he was always so quiet and weird. Sure, maybe he'd be awful and boring once he opened up, but he was definitely awful and boring now, so why not roll the dice on an improvement?

She tucked that nugget away in the back of her head for now and tried to tune out all the geek going on around her. It was time to plot until something entertaining happened again.

What A Lovely Annoyance
"Yeah, I thought I recognized you!" Target acquired. Caedyn flipped her hair back a little and slid up next to the cutie on the bench. "Jonathan, I like it. Real, like, indie chic." He could keep her amused for awhile, until something better came along. Plus, he came with a soundtrack. That was always a bonus.

She ran a finger along the top of his guitar. "You play," she said with what she was sure was the most adorable, flirty smirk, "or just holding it for a friend?" It was nice that he seemed kinda awkward and unsure. Confidence was attractive, but low self-esteem was putty in her hands. She could wind him up any old way she wanted, depending on where her mood went. It didn't really matter where they ended up, she was all, 'the journey is the destination' and jazz.

She was deep like that. It was a burden, but one she bore with grace.

Roots of Jade
Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it also worked pretty well for just fucking with people. So when Clarice flipped him the double bird, Isaac turned with an expression of exaggerated shock and disappointment. "Y'know, Clarice, a lot of people find that to be an offensive gesture," he lectured as he scratched his nose with his middle finger. "You really should consider other people's feelings more, your, uh, insensitivity and shit is really hurtful."

With a pat on the back to Bradley and another gutterball soaring down the lane at break neck speed, he turned back to the girls. "Nah, man, I don't think they should get off that easy. There's a difference between telling a joke and being a bitch. At least we're trying to have fun. Ya'll know what fun is, right?" He was only half serious, but man, maybe they didn't. He'd never seen Clarice and a smile in the same room together, after all.

Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses
Oh, she'd really done it now. This poor sweet girl just wanted some company and a brief chit chat between classes and she'd gone and dragged everything down talking about things she had no right or reason to spread. How selfish could she be to force her feelings on somebody else like that? She was usually good at keeping this kind of thing under control, but the emotions had gotten right under her skin this time.

She was in over her head. She needed to talk to somebody, that was for sure. Not Irene though, that would be too much to lay on her. They barely knew each other, and all of this already had her looking so out of sorts. It was best just to move on and try to salvage things in a happier direction.

Abby shook her head gently and tried to smile to salvage the situation. "Oh, no, no, don't worry about it, it's fine. I just, I had a little moment. Don't worry about it!" Should she wipe the tears away, or would that only make it more obvious that she was covering up? Would it be uncomfortable to leave them there? Lord, she didn't want to make things even worse on Irene, she'd already done enough! With a little shake she wiped the tears away and sighed. "I'm so sorry, Irene, I don't know what's gotten into me all the sudden."

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
"Guys. Guys. I figured it out. It was Ryan."

"What? How do you know?"

"It was a classic murder/suicide."

"...what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Ryan kills the intern, right? Then we all go on lockdown. Ryan freaks out. Suddenly he's trapped in here...with his guilt. And all the shame from all the weird, fucked up shit he's done over the years, the cows, the heists, that thing with the slide, it all comes crashing down. So, now he's dead."

"Ryan's alive, though."

"Ooooh, duuuude. You need to check the recording booth."


Alright you savages, listen up. You know how this was supposed to keep everybody safe and keep us together and kumbaya and shit? Well, that didn't work out. Ryan's dead, nobody's getting anything done, so we're calling off the lockdown and everyone's going home because this is officially not our problem.

We just gotta...just, move that, look under there, just...okay, yeah, I know what the release looks like, of course I know what it looks like, I just used it, it's like a switch, or a button, or maybe, like, a little lever, just...fuck.

Okay. Everything's under control. We're just gonna...hang out here for a little while. Nobody do anything weird.


11 Alive means 6 to lynch.

Dayphase Ends in: Posted Image

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
A little less than a day until start of dayphase, be sure to PM me your night actions!

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Phase one ends in a no lynch. Night phase begins now. No more talking. Night phase will last for two days, official countdown: Posted Image

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Posted Image

Vote Count:

Flare - 1[MurderWeasel]
Grim Wolf
Bikriki - 1 [Grim Wolf]
Cicada Days

Not Currently Voting: dmboogie, RemoteControl, Primrosette, Flare, Bikriki, Frogue, Dannyrulx, Cicada Days, NotAFlyingToy, Yugikun

12 alive means 7 to lynch.

Vahka Basayev, please :)

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Posted Image

Activity Counter, number indicates how many posts needed:

DMBoogie: 5.
Flare: 4.
Prim: 3.
Grim Wolf: 5.
Dannyrulx: 6.
Naft: 6.

It's the first phase so inactivity will be forgiven, but I wanted to keep people up to date on this so no one is surprised when things pick up next phase. Remote Control and Bikriki have both posted extended aways this phase, so similarly any inactivity will be forgiven.

Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses
"A bit, yeah..."

Abby didn't know what else to say for the moment. It was hard to be upbeat about this kinda thing, and she didn't want to drag Irene down. Normally she could spin right past dark thoughts, but...God knows, it weighs on a body after a little while, feeling so helpless. She wanted to do more, and she couldn't, and she wouldn't be able to for a long time. Even though she knew that was for the best, that she wasn't prepared to do anything more than be a quiet ear and a shoulder to cry on for the most part, it frustrated her to no end to have all these people hurting that she couldn't do anything for, no matter how hard she tried.

"Sorry, I just..." Oh no. Those were definitely tears, it wouldn't do to just start crying in the middle of a conversation like this, she couldn't drop this whole emotional mess on Irene, it wouldn't be fair! She did her best to smile and pretend there was something in her eye. "At the shelter, you see and, um, hear things, sometimes. But it's alright. You just have to do your best to make things work out, you know?"

What A Lovely Annoyance
Tiny little thing she could loom over? Check.

Tryhard clothes complete with an adorably manly scar? Check.

Artsy type? Check.

Moody detachment just begging to be disrupted? Check.

Caedyn had found her latest target, and she hadn't really even been looking. The only reason she was out walking today was because she was B-O-R-E-D, and yet here was a perfect distraction for her to fawn over, looking like he'd be a lot of fun to play with.

It was great how things just sort of work out for you when you're this awesome.

Caedyn skipped over to the dark haired boy on the bench and eclipsed his sunlight. "Heeeey," she purred, "you go to Cochise, right?"

Dying in the Light
Caedyn started to write a reply, but from the corner of an eye she caught a stink eye and froze. He was definitely on to her. She could push her luck, technically. Blair needed someone to keep her company on these days stuck at home, it probably helped her stop feeling so miserable and stuff, y'know? But if she pushed anymore right now, she'd probably end up losing her phone. Then she wouldn't be able to talk to her at all, and she wouldn't want that, now would she?

It'd be okay. She'd mellow out for a little bit and then text Blair again later, after class. Or, y'know, before the next one, if she got busy in the hall. Definitely by lunch. She'd get around to it. She wouldn't forget her best friend.

Even if she did, Blair would understand, right?

((Caedyn Miller Remembered Elsewhere))

You Look Like I Need A Drink
Oh god there was vomit why was there vomit it was all over his shoes why had he worn sandals fuck it was soaking through his socks fuck fuck oh huuuuuuuuuurgh

Isaac's stomach apparently decided it was a great time to show Jae how spewing was really done. Bile and booze and shock boiled up out through his chest right into Jae's hair, covering his head in a foul, unending stream. Every time he tried to hack and stop, he breathed in the mixed stench of their combined mess and he gagged right out again.

He didn't clearly when it ended, or how he got away from the party, or where the fuck his shoes and socks went. He just remembered stopping to barf again sometime in the street, running, and wondering where the fuck his shoes and socks went.

No matter how much the rest of the night was a blur though, the kiss wasn't. His mind has decided to focus in on that and keep it razor sharp, no matter how much he didn't want to think about it. He could protest, and curse, and rage at his own brain because he didn't want these fucking feelings, he didn't want to be this way, but it wouldn't change anything.

So he buried it, and gave that corner of his head a wide berth from then on.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
"Hey Burnie, quick question?"


"Are we filming a new Ten Little Roosters this week?"


"Okay, cool. So, what's up with the dead body in the conference room then?"


Alright everybody, this is an all-hands meeting. There's a dead intern in the conference room and honestly anybody here could be responsible. The place is on lockdown until-what? Yeah, yeah, we have a lockdown procedure. Because you people are a bunch of fucking animals, that's why. Well, there's a dead body, and nobody's owning up to it, so that kinda proves my point, doesn't it? Jesus.

Look, short story is that we've got to drag whatever idiot did this out of whatever hole they're hiding in and...y'know, take care of the problem. Rooster Teeth looks after their own, we're handling this in-house, no cops.

Get to it. We're not paying you for this. Of course we're not paying you, we don't do overtime, fuck you.

Welcome to Rooster Teeth Mafia! Try not to die.

Day phase will last seven days, night phases will last two days.

Post six times a day phase(a little less than one post a day) or receive an activity warning. Everyone gets one warning then I modkill or replace.

As always, editing posts is verboten. So is quoting role PMs or communicating about the game anywhere but the game thread unless a role PM or night action specifically gives you another place or method to communicate. Images and gifs are fine but I reserve the right to step in and tell everyone to calm down if things get too aggressive, so please try to play nice and respectful so I don't have to do that.

Imehal will also be providing vote counts and time updates as my mod protege. All questions and night actions should be directed to me, though, for simplicity's sake.

Post here when you get your role PM with a role received!

Player List:

1. Yugikun
2. DMBoogie
3. MW
4. RC
5. Prim

6. Flare
7. Grim Wolf
8. Bikriki
9. Frogue
10. d4nnyrulx
11. VysePresident
12. NAFT

The Dead:


Posted Image

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I feel bad for adding to the pile but your work always brings out a lot of character and I'm curious to see what you would do with my biggest weirdo, Caedyn Miller >.>

Cae Bae Appearance