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Bro, I'm not even referencing Slam's vote against me. I don't really give a shit there. I'm talking about his "suspicions" from people on his bandwagon, so who he's votin' for now doesn't mean jack-shit, and neither does your vote.

Slam, I'm not gettin' this. So basically your only strike against Espi and MK is the didn't reiterate that they were going off of Toben? Yeah, that's real fuckin' suspicious. "Hey, everyone's pointed out that this is a really good analysis and we're not getting any answers yet. Better say the exact same thing and waste everyone's goddamn time!"

It's weaker than skin-flints knees after his first night at the bar and you know it. If Maraoone's vote reasoning checks out, then so does mine. Every one of those votes is equal, and none of them are particularly groundbreaking or scummy. But you need to make someone look suspicious. You needed to throw the heat off yourself. You need to make up for whatever perceived mistakes you made in the early game. Maybe you panicked and just picked three people who you thought might be plausible because they ain't sayin' much. Maybe you just picked the people that seemed the least likely to defend themselves or the easiest to explain away when you got caught in your shit. Maybe you're still trying to pretend there's sound logic to this when really you're making it up as you go along. And maybe you deserve to swing for it.

Personally, I ain't gonna miss ya.

That was mostly a slight at the reasoning provided so far, kid, since it's the sort of erratic, dodgy sewage you get out of those half-baked clowns. Don't let it get passed around that the Doc doesn't get his licks in.

You're just dodgin' it again and again. Yeah, you're shitty explanation happened. No, you haven't explained what makes any of them stick out more than the other three, because your explanations for Espi and MK apply to literally everyone else on your bandwagon except for Toben. You're just a broken record on this, and it's damned suspicious. You haven't explained what doesn't make Fiori or Jimmy or anyone else less suspicious, you're just slingin' shit and hoping it sticks. If you're ready to explain what sets them apart and why the reasoning doesn't apply to everybody who's voted not just for you, but for just about anyone this phase, I'm all ears. Until then, you're either bad scum or an obvious jester, and I'm starting to think it's the last one from the way you dance.

Here are some questions while I wait for MK to get in the thread. How do you think one should handle the miller role, and why? If Slamexo turns out to be town at some point, why does that make me more shady? You say we have clues; what is so useful from today's posts? How do you think you have applied pressure?
While you think on those again, you say I have been voting one person; that is wrong. Flat out. Try again.

I did not vote for Ruff Desperado. There were more scummy targets around with more fodder for info.

I'd handle the miller by keeping my damn mouth shut until somebody started pressuring me. If it comes up that you're scum, explain it then and be an asset to the town until then. It's not rocket science, kid.

At this point Slam being town doesn't make you any more or less shady. I'm not convinced you two aren't in cahoots, but there's another possibility that just hit me that I'll have to look into more. Neither of you are off the hook, but Slam might be somethin' else. A real piece of work.

How have I applied pressure? Well, I've been trying to get Slam to explain why he's pickin' random targets when everybody's guilty for the same reason and pretending that they're special or significant. So far that's just caused more dodges, which by your logic makes 'im the most suspicious person here, don't it?

We've already been over you not voting for Ruff. It's the most suspicious thing you've done. How many goddamn times do I have to say that?

'scuse me, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of questions from you, Penguin. You're kind of low on my radar right now, but fine, let's play:

DocBalance, you say I made jumpy claims and did not vote? Untrue; my vote has been in play since my first post. Asking questions about shady posts is not scummy. In contrast, your posts fail to engage. You say you jumped on me, yet nothing you posted went so far as to probe my claim. You were very vocal, yet did and are still doing nothing to eke out info. Instead you toss around stuff that sounds good, like 'put your money where your mouth is' but you do not say how that might be done.

You're just ignorin' what I'm sayin'. I don't like that. Again, and again, and again, I've said said that I've got no problem with your vote, it's the fact that you didn't vote for Ruff ever despite the fact that you pointed out the big tip-off that started the bandwagon on him. You still haven't explained why that is, and why you jumped on Slam instead of the bandwagon that you fuckin' started. I'm not sure what kind of probin' you want me to do other than say "you're full of shit, who claims miller on first day and then starts throwing suspicion everywhere else when nobody's questioned them?", unless you're suggestin' I can just read your mind.

Movin' right along to Slam:

You held back on me, which is a wagon with actual momentum, whilst voting flippantly on Penguin, whoís only real pusher was myself, as well as joining in the Dom wagon, which was divided from day one. It shows less of a commitment to put your name down when things might actually come to a lynch, which I hope is clear enough for you now.

Flippantly? Only as flippantly as you. I was on Dom as soon as Penguin pointed out his suspicious lying, and if you actually read anything I wrote you'd know that it's the fact that Penguin didn't jump on that shifty bastard that made me suspect her in the first place. Jesus, you're just trying to stack this again and again and it doesn't make any goddamn sense. Either you're misreading all over the place, or you're trying to misrepresent me. Either way, you're an unreliable witness.

I hope you donít depend on a cop roleclaimining to decide if someoneís scum or not all the time, because if you do you look like a right hypocrite right now and youíre probably screwed if the cop turns up dead. Personally, I try to do my own detective work at times like these.

And now you're trying to change the subject again, because *that's what you were doin'.* You suspected Espi for not being sure you were scum, and now you're sayin' that we don't need to be sure? Pick a tone and stick to it, sweetheart.

Wait, what? I never said I found Ruff suspicious. In fact I was pretty firm early on that I didnít see any point in pushing a lynch on him.

Iím not even sure how your first two statements are even related. I found Espional suspicious because their only explanation behind their vote was that they wanted to see a lynch. I pointed out your non-voting because I found several quotes from you chiding people for not doing it on their targets. It had nothing to do with whether or not you wanted to see a lynch, it was simply showing how hypocritical you were being.

That's good, 'cuz I didn't say you did. I said I did. Misreading or misrepresenting? I think it's becomin' pretty clear.

Okay, now youíre contradicting yourself: you actually repeat my reasons for the three people I picked, and then ask me what my reasoning was. You accuse me of not paying attention to what Iím reading but I could say you might want to look back over what youíre saying too, hun.

I donít find Toben suspicious in the slightest, by the way, because at least what he said followed through with itself.

That's just complete bullshit: The point was that your reasons don't make any goddamn sense. What sets those three apart from anyone else? They all did it for the same reason. You haven't explained it for half a second, and you're just trying to dodge it. How is this not completely fuckin' obvious?

No, itís called a florp. Itís where you call something that canít be proven by either side whatever you want to make yourself look right. Or do you happen to write out every single word perfectly the first time when youíre making one of your claims, and thus never have to elaborate?

I don't write shit that sounds one way and then pretend it means the exact opposite. Mostly because I'm always telling the truth, rather than trying to manipulate every side.

You could start by elaborating on this part, actually, because I ainít got a clue what youíre saying.

What's there to elaborate on? You're straight up lying, sweetheart. You didn't give a damn about throwing Penguin under the bus until recently.

And in my experience of playing mafias on this board, mafias talk at night, as does anyone that can do it secretly. Though I know some variants do exist, so I suppose anythingís possible. And yes, including what youíre going to accuse me of from this quote, not that itís true.

Hope that all this was clear enough for you, since Iím just a simple minded dirtbag further addled by all the nausea from this violent argument that involves me having violent urges. Not one to make sense with my arguments or avoid repeating myself, not at all.

Well fuck it, I've never been mafia here, so that one's just a shot in the dark for me. I've always played it where mafia can talk whenever the hell they want, but hey, maybe it's different this time. It's still damned convenient that you two have gone from worst enemies to BFFs.

Long story short? Slam doesn't have a good reason for any of 'is votes or suspicions. They're all playing on the same card, and I'm not going to pretend that makes any goddamn sense.

Easy. You voted straight away on Ruff and Penguin when any sense of a wagon against them was a little shaky, but against me, the one with a bandwagon with some serious momentum behind it, you were hesitant to leave any clues behind until pressed on the matter. So, throwing votes around left and right when theyíll be inconsequential but holding back when they matter, thatís the difference.

Throwing votes left and right? Kid, you've got a real skewed since of perspective. I voted twice on two people who looked like they were ready to carve us up(one of which ain't exactly pretending he doesn't want to see us all spit-roasted), and your logic doesn't add up. What your'e saying is that I held back on you, who is apparently a big fuckin' deal now, but when I joined the wagon that you were pushing like a Red Ryder to freedom that didn't matter? All I"m getting from this is that apparently you were wasting our sweet time earlier and now we should be pressuring you, even though you're not giving us shit. Jesus, you're a complete schizo, ain't ya?

Voting for a lynch because lynching helps the town is one thing, having that as the only justification in your post is another. If youíre going to vote for someone and canít be bothered to explain why you think that personís scummy, then itís hopping. Bonus points if you actually donít even care if that person is scum or not.

Because we've got a whole lot of information on who's scum and who's not on day one. Here, let me ask the detective, oh wait, they haven't had a chance to do shit yet. We've got no clue whether anyone is actually scum yet, sweetheart, so the point's pretty moot. Somebody needs to die anyway, and right now you're painting a nice little target on your ass.

Here's another good inconsistency: You want to finger Espi as suspicious for voting for you in favor of a lynch, but then you turn around and finger me for not voting for you right out the gate because I was still more suspicious of Ruff and Penguin. Now, which is it: Should we all be voting for you, or is anyone who watches your train-wreck of a thought process supposed to assume that everything's peachy and not dare to question your crazy rambling? You can't play it both ways. It's one or the other, but you keep trying to swing it to where everyone's suspicious except you. That won't fly with me, sweetheart.

What logic? It was a misread that changed the context of the post. Get over it.

See, you're developing a real nasty habit of doing that and then backing out when it's clear you're full of shit. We'll get to that later, though.

Letís review: I was asked who I found suspicious on my bandwagon. I said who and I elaborated. Since then, the only other person Iíve slung any dirt at is you, on whom I also elaborated. Now, Iím not really sure how you can call that all over the place when Iím being consistent with who Iím targeting at present, compared to you who still manages to split his efforts in each post. The lovely thing is that even though I will probably look into Espional and Ricky later, I can concentrate on the guy who is presently making his scummy traits prominent by his continued posting, rather than sitting on my hands waiting for two votes to get elaborated on. Not that I donít want to see follow up, but priorities.

In addition hun, Iím jumping on you (not that thereís even a bandwagon to hop there) because I find your efforts to sling dirt on people scummier than an infected leg wound. Now that Iíve gone and made myself ill again, Iíll also point out that Iíve not said a word in Penguinís defence since I backed away from her. I assure you, my vote on you is purely because youíre pressing all the buttons.

Which is real damn convenient, ain't it? You're playing along with the victim game like a champ. There's just one problem: Everyone who's "suspicious" on your bandwagon is suspicious for the same damn reason. The sociopathic ferret is the only one who gave a nice, solid reason for why you're scummy as all hell, but you singled out three random people even though you didn't really have anything to go on for any of them. One you just misread, the other did the most common move of anyone ever in Mafia(which was followed by pretty much everybody else), and one didn't say enough. News flash, sweetheart: so far it looks like Toben and I are the only people in your detractors that are gunning for the Pulitzer. Your logic is as soggy as bridge-builder's lunch and just about as good at holding water.

I don't sling dirt, kid. I notice what's already all over you. You wanna explain why you picked three random chumps out of a nondescript line-up? I'm sure the boys down in lock-up would love to hear how you fucked up their system with what's basically a random guess.

Itís called elaboration sweetheart, you put it in because it wasnít clear in the original post.

No, it's called back-tracking, scumbag, you put it in when you realize you've fucked up while trying to play every side and hoping nobody notices.

I also say in that post that pushing Penguin was a bad idea, which kind of seems an odd way to bus someone, especially considering that before hand I was mentioning how I donít consider her scummy anymore. What I said I didnít regret was getting discussion and a bandwagon to watch going, which I still donít regret. Also, thereís a difference between pressuring someone and lynching them: one tends to fish out information whilst the other kind of cuts it off permanently after one final moderate but debatable morsel. Not that finding out if someone was scum or town is good, but it also ends all conversation about that person and let's the scum slide away back into the dark, which is why I advocate being absolutely certain before you lynch someone.

Horseshit. You say that maybe pushing the Penguin button wasn't the best idea, but it was an overall success. The fact is you didn't draw a single parallel between your situation and hers and you're still trying to sell what you did as good for the town while not having the balls to commit to it. That's flip-flopping, kid, pure and simple.

Youíre right, you donít really finger Vyse in your post (not that I can understand what youíre saying half the time, but I wonít hold that to fast talkiní types). So, yes, between the entire bragging BS that you followed with to make yourself sound super important too, I did misread. It was nice of you to offer your balls up for lynching if it should come to it, though, although I really donít need to think about severed testicles. Would you people just stop with the violence and let me catch my breath already?

And here it is again. You're awfully quick to jump the gun, aren't you? I'm interested to see how many other misreadings you come up with over the course of this game, because so far it looks like it's hit or miss if things get more complicated than two fuckin' syllables. Nice dodge, though, if I actually gave a shit about your constitution I might go for it. However, if you think what I said was to sound important, you're missing the fucking point. I'm interested in keeping the talk going because that's what draws people out. So far, you're caught in contradiction after contradiction, and if trying to slip me the mickey is what pulls that out, then good on it, because your shit is going down.

I love how you think me and Penguin can play off each other on the fly, because, you know, weíve had every chance to secretly co-ordinate in this first day phase. Itís actually quite a compliment.

Given that scum can talk to each other during any phase, yeah, you have had plenty of chances. Or did you casually "forget" that detail as well?

Well, that settles it. They're both either illiterate or in some sort of scummy circle-jerk that's into rough play. You never get used to this level of stupidity in my line of work. And people wonder why I hate everyone.

See, you're missing my point something awful Penguin: Your vote has been in play, on the same person, since word one, yet it's it's always been on the least suspicious person you're fingering. You kept pushing Slam while simultaneously fingering Ruff the whole time. You were the first person to jump on what is still arguably our best lead, and you did jack shit with it. Hell, did you ever even vote for Ruff? I sure don't remember it.

You say my evidence doesn't engage you. Congratulations, it's not supposed to, because my evidence is against you. You're still public enemy number one in my book, and I'd be gunning for you still if we didn't have other leads to pursue. I'm only pressing Slam because my money has been on one of you two being innocent, and it's easier to squeeze more proof out of Slam's blank slate than your miller bloodstone. Now though, I'm not so sure.

Slam, you made one good point, and that's that the logic that between you and P.A. there's only one scum is destructive. It's pretty obvious now that you're both pretty damn scummy, and if you're innocent I'll eat my hat and wear the shit for a week. Let's take a stab at you're "deconstructing."

For someone who advocates voting on your suspects, I fail to see a vote on me at any point. What a nice way to push a wagon without joining it.

Fuck, now which is it, am I voting too much or too little? See, first I get criticized for jumping around and voting too often, and now you're trying to twist it around to where me *not* voting for you is a sign of guilt? You can't have it both ways, kid. Let me fix this little quandary for you, though. Vote: Slamexo

Stop accusing me of deflecting suspicion when I was asked who I find suspicious, especially now that Iíve followed it up with elaboration.

How about I don't when your elaboration is as crooked as a dolphin's twisty pecker? We could start with your elaboration on Espi:

Saying that you should lynch someone just because you need to lynch someone is very classic bandwagon hopping behavior, usually attributed to players who'd rather see someone lynched than care who gets targeted. it's an attribute commonly associated with scum.

So, are you saying we *don't* need to lynch someone? Because the last time I tried to run that story it ended in a massive fucking argument and a ridiculous circle-jerk of numbers and theories. See, saying we need to lynch someone isn't "classic bandwagon hopping behavior", it's the only accepted town strategy for early game. I'm not on board with it completely, but it's the most common thing you can say, especially on day one. The day one lynch can be a big tool for the town, and you're slamming someone for contributing to it? That's not elaboration, that's Judasing.

Then we could look at what you had to say about Laurels:

Truthfully I misread Laurels the first time into thinking that it said that the vote had been supported by someone else's bizarre ways of thinking and yada yada, rather than my own bizarre ways of thinking and yada yada. I don't know, blame the post restrictions of my ever present nausea over all this violence. So, hey, less suspicion on Laurels, a misread on my end.

Big surprise, your logic didn't work out on this one either. At least this time you could admit it, eh? Hell of an elaboration though, that really gets the town somewhere and doesn't sound like the sort of padding my old lady does before hitting the dive bar for a wild night.

That leaves us with the self-obsessed mug:

Zero insight or elaboration, just a vote for me because it can be done. The very definition of hopping on the bandwagon. Edges out Espional because I think Espi gave at least a better justification in doing the vote itself, but they both still read as bandwagon hopping to me.

Hey, this one actually makes a pretty decent point! Gold star to you, Slam. Big problem: You're making worse cues through your whole post. See, instead of not giving elaboration, you're giving the most scummy elaboration possible and padding things out to try and make yourself look busy.

You want to talk about jumpy bandwagoning? I've stayed on the same three targets since we left joke voting: You, Penguin, and Ruff. All three of you smell like an abandoned fish factory, and I haven't let that go for a second. You, on the other hand? You're all over the fucking place. Three random names getting thrown out, one of which you don't have any real reason to be suspicious of and another you're criticizing for playing the damn game right, and now you're jumping on me because you see a convenient bandwagon to pull attention away from you. I think it's real fuckin' interesting how you and Penguin are covering each other like guilty old lovers now when before you were ready to paint each other's houses with your blood. Anybody else just a bit unsettled by that? Because it makes my skin crawl, and I've seen some shit. Let's move on, though:

Now what exactly does this serve, except perhaps soft gloating and/or painting me as a night kill target? I donít even remember saying I was important, just that lynching me would be a bad move, in the same way lynching Penguin would be a bad move.

Ooooh, now that was a good attempt. Trying to pass the blame to me for painting you as a night kill target when you already did it yourself. Real convenient, eh? Except any mafia with half a brain has already picked up on it, and you know that. You NEVER say you're important this early in the game. You never tell the town "you can't kill me" on day fucking one. That sells us all up the river, because if you're telling the truth they'll be gunning for you, and God help you if there's a hitman because then we can't save you. Even worse, maybe you're bullshitting us and distracting all our guards by making them consider you. If you're telling the truth, now they've got to cover your ass not just now, but maybe for the rest of the game. Smooth moves there, kid.

Let's look at what you said, exactly:

That said however, lynching me would be a bad move period, so don't do it. I mean, don't even get me started how nauseous I'd feel from all the hanging me from a tree in a violent bloody mess would get me. Still, I'm quite happy to elaborate on any further statements if anyone wants them, and perhaps pushing the Penguin button wasn't the best way to start the day, but screw it, I've still gotten discussion going and a nice bandwagon for people to watch formed, so I call it an overall success.

Now, I don't see word one about how lynching you is a bad idea in the same way that lynching Penguin is a bad idea. Instead, I just see you continuing to bus Penguin by saying that jumping on her was a good idea anyway, so you don't regret it. To me, it sounds like your saying that pressuring Penguin was a good idea, but pressuring you is bad and you don't have to answer for your shit. That's real fuckin' suspicious, sweetheart.

You still think I'm too eager? Because I think it's pretty damn clear that I'm stuck on the same three mugs with decent suspicion behind them, while you're jumping on whoever is convenient. And this, this right here?

For someone who criticises people for shifting accusations around, youíve been pretty eager to keep your attention divided between me, Penguin, and Ruff at first, and now youíre even dragging Vyse into your game of Chicago Fingering.

This is just the cherry on top. You try to pretend I give a shit about Vyse or think he's scum all day long, but I didn't say that. I justified why I think P.A. is playing us like a banjo in Alabama and looking to find out just how purty our mouths are at the same time and never said word one about him being scum, just uninformed. Now your'e just imagining bandwagons to throw me on. Or did you misread again?

My vote is set. I think you and P.A. have been playing both sides against the middle this whole time, but you're definitely the bigger alarm.

What can I say, I like to keep the pressure going, especially once explanations starting running.

I jumped on Penguin because a miller claim this early followed by a bunch of jumpy claims with no actual votes screams scum to me. I'd still be gunning on that one if it wasn't basically a dead end for now and a waste of time until the first night passes. I mean, this is all pretty much one big circle jerk, ain't it? We don't have shit to go on other than what people slip-up and give us. I'm not gonna waste my time on a dead line of questioning once the mood has passed, and since the general sense seems to be that Penguin's a dead end I'm laying off it.

I jumped on Ruff for obvious reasons. He's a fucking cannibal, for god's sake, and he's openly lying. That accounted for, we don't seem that busy to string him up either, so why would I circle around that carcass? Until we get more to go on, I'm not touching him.

Slam's the most pertinent case. I don't care if there's a claim that things have been explained, so far all I've seen is a bunch of empty shots in the dark with no actual skut-work to back it up. That's changed a little bit at present, but it's pretty clear from looking over the other posts that I'm not the only one getting a cross-eyed read from this one.

That's what got me suspicious about these last couple of votes, actually. I can get a handle on the soggy Brit's angle on this shit, since apparently he's not liking the idea of flipping around(even though I've stated over and over and fucking over again why the way both of these mugs are gunning for each other is way too crazy to be a common punch up), but let me ask you something: If I'm just bandwagoning, why didn't I jump on Slam immediately? I fought it at first because I still think P.A. is the scummy one in that pair, and I wanted to keep the heat on Desperado. We've at least got a passable explanation for Desperado's behavior, though, and there's nothing more we can milk out of P.A. It seems pretty fucking stupid to me to stick around on them when Slam's claiming we shouldn't lynch 'em because he's important. Why? That's a hell of a claim to make early on. If you're actually important, you might as well hang a big fucking neon sign around your neck saying "HEY! MAFIA! SHOOT ME IN MY STUPID FACE!" If you're scum though, and you don't want to come up with a decent excuse for why we shouldn't make you swing like a grandfather clock, it sounds vaguely threatening and might be enough to save your skin. I don't like it. It splits our resources and doesn't reveal anything useful.

Vyse, though, you're a real card here. See, you say I've got worse reasons than Slam even though I actually explained my reasons. What exactly strikes you as innocent from someone claiming they're part of the town but can't prove it, then immediately trying to throw suspicion on two or three people without having the guts to actually vote? That's the big cue to me. Call me erratic or flip-flopping or whatever else the fuck you want, but when I read scum I've got the balls to say it. That's what pisses me off about P.A.'s early play, and that's why I'm going to keep pressuring everybody that pops up as even half-way suspicious on day one. Why not? It's the best way to get information, and so far it's turned up some interesting clues for us to follow when shit hit's the fan tonight. That's why I've got no problems explaining myself: I'm not going to tell you not to vote for me because I'm important, or because I was just fucking around and wasting everybody's time. I'm putting my balls on the track for this town, and if they get cut off fine, that's what we need to do to win. When the rest of these shifty bastards are ready to do the same, they can step right up.

Well look at that, three pieces of tasty bait laid out for us. The problem is the biggest worm of the lot is the one who decided to slap 'em down.

Slam, you're doing a lot of deflecting and a lot of dismissing, but there ain't much substance to it. You're throwing out scum cues on everybody and you've yet to give a good reason why we shouldn't suspect you. You say fitting you for the Chicago Overcoat would be a mistake, but why? Any mug can pretend they've got friends in high places, but so far it just sounds like barstool bragging. You're not gunning as hard as you used to, but that's enough to peg you as neck-deep in something nasty in my book. You pushed Penguin hard when we had all the time in the world, and now that we're running out you throw out three people and don't give a one of 'em a question, a vote, or even an FoS? Jesus, either you're living this phase backwards or you're trying to muddy the waters. Either way, you ain't doing us any favors, sweetheart.

And there it was. The last thing this bunch of psychopaths needed was somebody pretending they knew a goddamn thing about what's going on in their heads, which means it was sure as sunshine gonna pop up eventually.

Goddammit. I hate head-shrinkers. The boys tried to send me to one after that crazy moonshiner did Johnny in, but all he wanted to talk about was whether I secretly wanted to dance the horizontal polka with my mother. They carried him out in a stretcher, and I swear that if you try to pull any of that Freud shit you'll wish you were that lucky. Stay on target, sparky, or you might end up as one.

So, we're looking for scum worse than the cannibal? It's a tall order, but right now I'm fingering the Penguin and Slam for the job. They're both a little bit too eager to jump on each other. One of 'ems probably innocent, and one of 'ems probably guilty. Now, Penguin's gone and played the Miller card straight off, so that mean's Slam is the only one we can look into. Is it worth lynching on a vague suspicion? Maybe. Unless someone else has a better lead, I'm still waiting for Slam to swing so we can find out what Penguin's made of. If Slam comes out clean after some time in the wringer, then maybe it's time to turn up the heat on the icy black bird.

Unvote: Ruff Desperado

Lying is never a good sign, kid. There's worse scum than you to worry about for now, though, so you're off the hook. Dance while you can and don't waste anymore goddamn time.

So, Slam's the latest suspect? I'm not buying it. He's over-eager and he's been laying into Penguin like a starving Mississippi leg-hound, but it ain't exactly a one way relationship. Last I checked, Penguin still has the cross-hairs firmly on Slam's beady mug. Something doesn't smell right here, and it's not just that godawful bear-piss that Persy calls moonshine.

Jesus, can we split up our focus with any more pointless trails?. Sure, Penguin's as shifty as a sand eyebrow and Slam's jumped on that like it's a half-price holiday at the whorehouse, but in case you've forgotten we're still short one would-be poet with a suspicious lack of explanations. I say it's time to turn up the heat and fry this palooka until he cracks or we get more information on how this plan of his worked out.

Vote: Ruff Desperado.

Eh, fuck it. I still think Penguin is stirring up the shit, and I'm not too comfortable trusting anybody who won't put their money where their mouth is on a big claim, but it's still the best lead we have.

Unvote: Penguin

Fos: Ruff Desperado.

What's the story, kid? Stumble out of a nasty bender and forgot what day it is? You sure as hell couldn't have been putting this together for a week unless there's some sort of behind-the-scenes plot we're not getting filled in on. That seems like quite a secret, if you ask me. I don't like mugs who keep secrets. Right now it looks like you're holding out on us, and that's as good a reason to swing as any.

Let me see if I'm getting this straight: You ran a shifty as hell claim right out of the gate to point out scummy behavior, just so you could say that it doesn't really matter and you're wasting everybody's time with you're paranoid schizo rants?

Congratulations, kid, you just made it to the top of my shit list. If I had a nickle for every time some two-bit lunk tried to pull something this idiotic, I'd be one poor bastard, because this is a new low for the species. See, instead of going out and just claiming that somebody's scum, you're trying to get other people to do it for you. You don't have the balls to stick your neck on the line and see if the 309 takes it off, do ya? If you ask me, it's damned convenient that you claimed a role that would explain why you would show up as scum to anyone who decided to go crawling through your cesspool of a record, and then you immediately start pulling the sort of panicky shit that gets people checked out in the first place.

Unvote: Turtle Tyrant

Vote: Penguin

You know what doesn't sit right with me, penguin? A damned miller calling itself out, then trying to throw scum everywhere else. I don't see what the hell that accomplished, because even if you had some kind of point in the middle of that sewage plant you call an accusation, you sure shot it in the face the second you did the most scummy thing possible short of butchering some sweet old bird in front of us. Even worse, you make what might be a useful observation to help smoke out these mafia bastards, and then you turn around and throw your vote at some other asshole! This smells like a set-up, and I swear that if you keep pulling this kind of crazy shit without an explanation, we'll be fitting you for a Chicago Overcoat by sun-down.

Honor? Let me tell you something about honor, kid: Honor is for the sort of suckers who'll off themselves to save their enemies the trouble. The last thing you want in this situation is honor. You want somebody who won't stop until every last bastard that wants to off us is dead? Then come right to me.

Was that a threat? Well hell, here I thought this was gonna be a boring night. I've decided I like you, kid. Of course, that means it's my job to toughen you up a bit. Pissing on the graves of your pets might settle that eventually, but until then...

Unvote: Fiori

Vote: Turtle Tyrant

Let's play chicken.

God, I thought it'd be easy to pick out which one of you I hate the most, but so far it seems like you're all gunning for the top prize. Between the self-important stooges, the stuttering nancies, and the down-right pedantic balls of rage and contempt that make me look like Socalite of the fucking year, I'm pretty sure we're all dead before the first shot gets fired.

Of all the mugs I coulda been trapped in this hell with, it had to be this bunch. If I had any sense, I'd walk out now. I left my sense lying dead in the gutter back in Santa Fe, though, and no crooked conspiracy of half-wits is going to bring it back.

Personally, I'm going to Vote: Fioriboy. He's a mad dog, and he needs to be put down. I'd do it myself, but I'm already too tired of this shit to move.

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