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With Blood and Rage of Crimson Red, Ripped From A Corpse So Freshly Dead
((Ty Yazzie continued From Lay My Purple On The Grass))

His first thought was to search the depot for her. It was the only lead he had, the last place he was sure he'd seen her before charging off. Everything after that was suspect, he just couldn't fucking remember through that red haze, but here? He knew she was here at some point. If he was lucky, she still would be.

Ty didn't get lucky. This place just kept rubbing that in his face every chance he got. There were no signs of her anywhere, near as he could tell, and that anger was building up again. It turned inwards this time, kicking and biting and scratching at every failure it could get its hands on. He'd fucked up. He'd really, really fucked up. He shoulda known she was off the deep end with the way she kept staring at the waves and clamming up, but he'd only thought about himself. If Bee was here, she'd...

But she wasn't. She wasn't, and Harry wasn't, and Clarice wasn't, and now Lizzie wasn't, and he wouldn't be surprised to turn around and find that Keith wasn't either. Everybody, goddamn everybody, that he touched only managed to get driven away or get fucked up. Probably both in the end. There was some small voice in the back of his head urging him to calm down and try to salvage this. There was still time. Somebody could be help.

Ty didn't have an ounce of that kinda charity left in him. He was far out now among the outcroppings and into the soft sand. Against his will he started to sink down to his knees on it. His head lolled up to stare at the sky with that all too familiar feeling of long denied tears welling up inside him.

But Ty didn't cry. Instead he poured everything into a roaring, broken scream.

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
Feb 28 2017, 04:09 AM
We miss you, Persy.

Come back.
A-fucking-men ;_;

Lay My Purple on the Grass
Ty caught movement everywhere. Trees and trash and dust in the wind, all over his damn sight line with his head pounding too hard to stop and make sense of it. Somebody rolling and brandishing something that looked a hell of a lot like either a weapon or an invitation to get their ass kicked. Maybe both. Didn't give a fuck. Caught Keith behind him, safe and sound, and that meant he could...


Keith. Just Keith. Not a sign of Liz behind him. Ty stopped for a moment and tried to listen over the rage throbbing at his temples. For a few moments, he calmed down enough to hear if there was somebody else coming up the stairs. He didn't look at Keith, or whoever was over there jumping out of their skin. They could wait.

Just silence. Then the rage came pouring back harder than ever. His head snapped to Keith with a frustrated growl. Must have been a sight; his eyes lit up all wild, face twisted up in some kinda freaky intersection of shame and disappointment and fury. "Where the fuck is she?" That hate pumping through his veins carried him forward before he even realized he was moving. For a second it might look like he was gonna take it out on the other boy, but he just snarled and kept moving right past him.

Useless. Fuckin' useless.

Ty wasn't real sure whether the thought was directed at Keith or at himself. Right about now it could go either way.

((Ty Yazzie Continued In With Blood and Rage of Crimson Red, Ripped From A Corpse So Freshly Dead))

The Scarlet Garden
"It kinda looks like that's the plan," Caedyn observed dryly. It was getting really, really hard to stay calm. Jae didn't have any sort of plan or reason for what he did, as usual, he was just a rabid dog lashing out at anybody who pissed him off. She wasn't putting the gun down for a second.

"Jazzy? You should start walking." Her eyes stayed right on Jae's as she spoke. "I'm gonna be right behind you, promise. Just get away from him." Fuck. This was stupid, stupid, stupid. Jae didn't need anymore excuses to focus all that aggression right on her after all, and she was painting a big bullseye right on herself. If something did go down, having Jazzy at her side meant she could stab him and maybe get the bow away. Her odds were much better with her around. If she stayed, though, he could just as easily shoot Jazz as he did her, and he'd have a pretty good shot of hitting her at this range. That was intolerable to her.

Caedyn wasn't going to let this asshole hurt her little bird.

Aperature Science Mafia Signups!
Feb 25 2017, 10:51 AM
Biggest scumtell I've ever seen. VOTE: FLARE

The Scarlet Garden
They could hash this out right here. He had a bow and she had an actual, factual gun, so she knew who she'd bet on. Jae had it coming for a long time too, he was such an angry prick all the time. He thought he was better than everybody else because he dug his clothes out of a dumpster or something instead of just getting them at a regular store like a normal person. The fuck was wrong with Hot Topic anyway? Why gatekeep when everybody already hates you? It blew her mind. Luckily, she was about to blow his.

But then Jazzy popped out all quivering and rational and deceptive and as much as she wanted to be annoyed she was also so fucking proud. At the very least this whole thing would distract him. If she could get him to put down the crossbow...

Maybe it'd be better not to risk it anyway. He looked pretty fucked up. She didn't need her name on the announcements again if she could help it. They could walk away and let him go kill himself with his bullshit stunts. Caedyn gave a noncommittal shrug. "We just wanna get out of here." She didn't put the gun down though. That wasn't happening until she was sure Jae wasn't gonna cause them any trouble.

The Scarlet Garden
...well that didn't work out as planned. They were supposed to freak out and kill each other. Instead those other two cowards just bailed and left her to deal with this herself. Idiots. She expected absolutely nothing from them, and she was still disappointed. There wasn't any time to plan around their fuck up. Maybe she should have expected this. Fucking vermin, scattering at the first sign of real trouble. She hoped Brendan bled out.

That left her with one pissed off Jae on the other side of the tree though. Not much she could do about that. If she and Jazz had just snuck off together they could have cut their losses on this place, but now she had to deal with him herself. Fine. Whatever. Fine. She'd make it work. That's why she was a winner.

Caedyn stepped around the tree with her gun pointed right about where she hoped he was, ready to pull the trigger if he did anything dumb. "Heeeeey Jaaeeee," she cooed in the same mocking sing song she'd always greeted him in. She took one look at all that blood on his clothes and cocked an eyebrow. "So...who're you wearing?"

Aperature Science Mafia Signups!

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
That is the last time I ever back off of you when you ping me that hard day one, Vyse. I knew I should have trusted my gut on you ;P

NAFT's lyric prompt event thing based off of Hamilton.
Eeeeey, I'm into this idea

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity
God I"m so into this idea, hit me ^.^

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
I'm just gonna slide Gabriel Munez into them DMs pls~

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I made it through the game without a single tunnelfight so like at least I get my chip at the end of the meeting tonight, that's kind of like winning isn't it?

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The Scarlet Garden
It was their chance. Somebody already got hit and everything was kicking off. All they needed was to introduce a little chaos. Not more targets by jumping out guns blazing, but by playing on the hair triggers that were already out there. If they all shot each other, she and Jazzy could waltz away unharmed and re-armed. The perfect crime at the perfect time.

There was no way this one could go wrong. She was sure of it.

Caedyn started to raise her gun. "Stay still," she whispered to Jazzy before giving her a wink and a quick peck on the forehead. "And cover your ears, babe." With that, she put her hands around the gun, braced herself against the tree, and fired two shots off into the air. In her head, the others wouldn't even think about where the shots were coming from or if anyone was hit. They'd just pop off and shoot each other in a panic. Or at least, that's what was in her head before the ear-splitting ache of close range gun fire filled it up instead.

Lay My Purple on the Grass
((Ty Yazzie Continued From Drip))

The announcements were still blaring in his ears while they climbed the steps to the top of the asylum. All he'd said when it was over was that they needed to get high up. Didn't wait for the others to ask questions. Didn't respond if he did. Just marched his ass up those stairs to see what's what. He needed to see. Height might help him find that miserable little bastard and...no. There weren't even words for what he was gonna do to him when he found him. Nothing he could think of even started to explain it. It was just a pulsing, red wall of anger in his head. Pounding. Screaming.

As the neared the door he whirled around on the pair behind him. "I'm gonna fuckin' kill him," he growled suddenly. "I'm gonna fuckin' find him and I'm gonna fuckin' kill him and there's not a goddamn thing anyone can do to stop me. And I wanna make that real fuckin' clear right now, 'cuz if either of you've got a problem with that, you're gonna wanna get the fuck outta my way right quick."

The snarled sentences were barely coherent. He didn't care, and he didn't wait for a response. Ty tore through the door at the top of the stairs as fast as he could and headed for the nearest edge of the roof to try and get a view. Any view would do. Something to make him feel like he was making progress towards putting this right. His whole body felt like it was shaking apart. That energy needed to go somewhere.

Ty hadn't cried in a long time. Then again, hadn't been this much of a gigantic goddamn failure in a long time either. Maybe he was about due.

The Scarlet Garden
There it was. That giggle, that touch, those big hazel eyes trying to work out what they'd gotten themselves into. She didn't need to worry at all about coming back. Everything was right where it was supposed to be. As Jasmine looked up at her, she gave her a coy smile and leaned in next to her ear. "Not a thing, little bird," she whispered reassuringly. Her hand came up to squeeze on hers, before settling next to her on the tree with the gun in her lap.

"They're mad, they don't see us, and they're armed." Each fragment came with another brush of her fingertips across the back of Jazzy's hand. "Problem's gonna solve itself." From the sounds of things, that's how this was gonna play out. Jae popping off and shooting at somebody, Alba shooting back, Brendan probably pissing himself and curling up in the bushes. She frowned slightly at that thought. Hadn't his name come up a couple times? She'd never figured he'd have the guts. It must have been an accident, or a mistake. Crazy things were happening out here, but she'd believe Brendan was a cold-hearted killer about the same time she believed Bryony was coming to kill her for Bridgette. As easy to rile up as they were, it would have been a miracle if those two made it through graduation without slitting their wrists. Every second they stayed alive here was nothing but dumb luck.

Well everyone's luck was bound to run out eventually. Especially now that she had a way to help them along. If Min-Jae decided to start something with that pissy attitude of his, she felt like she and Jazzy had a pretty good chance of finishing it once the dust settled.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
My favorite part about this roleclaim is that it's completely unconfirmable except for hyper specific conditions that we have to structure a phase around.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Appeals to emotion and grumbling make you more scummy, not less. "I already said that and nobody cared!" doesn't mean it wasn't a misplay, it means nobody was paying attention because there were more important issues at hand at the time. Now there aren't.

It's irresponsible of town not to capitalize on potential misplays. When a player makes an argument based on information that only scum might have and the town does nothing, then town deserves to lose.

You're consistently shifting blame and shooting down ideas without offering alternatives. Your entire strategy seems to center around ending discussion and giving vague answers to questions. Either you're being cagey on purpose(which means you're probably scum), or you don't have much analysis to add. That doesn't make the decision very hard.

Why is Prim's vote opportunistic when it's based on logic that a few people have arrived at? More importantly, why is Prim opportunistic but Grim, or Deamon, or Candy, or I aren't? Who's actually scum and do you have reasons that aren't "opportunistic" in the same way Prim's vote against you is? Why is highlighting a conclusion that no one else has come to with implications of knowledge the rest of the game doesn't have over-analyzing?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Feb 11 2017, 08:33 AM
What an opportunistic empty post and vote. If you all don't get major alarm bells from that post, town deserves to lose tbh.
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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Feb 10 2017, 07:26 PM
From his "bah" post I got the impression he hid behind scum?
That's a lot to read from a single word. Especially when it's "Oops." Especially Especially when "bah" posts giving off any game information is explicitly against the rules for every mafia game, so trying to glean information off of them is kinda sketch.

My gut says Grim is scum and his play is an example of pressure, but this is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper flimsy and a huge scum tell to me. I don't personally feel we can afford not to capitalize on it, just in case.