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Kill All Motherfuckers
Alda stalked back inside without a word. She heard Iselle call out to her, and then the only sound within the house was the creaking of their foot-steps and the soft splattering of rain drops as they fell from her body to the floor.


Catching up to the other girls didn't take long. As she spoke, her face was held in cold neutrality. She shivered, and dripped, and shook, but it was hard to tell how much of it was from the chill pressing in from the air around her, and much was from the boiling emotion seeking to escape from within.

"We know what the plan is yet? 'Cuz if you're still taking suggestions, I might have one or two."

The leather hilt of the whip rolled back and forth against her palm as she waited for a response.

Prayer for the Someone Who Is Somewhere Dying
Garrett wanted to believe Bella as he listened to her soft words and felt her softer touch. He needed time to process everything and sort out the sickening feeling in his gut. Nothing would be better than retreating inward and sorting things out with her, seeking shelter from every new horrible decision and just finding a new center.

That's what he wanted, but it was impossible. There were too many voices, too much movement around him. Beyond Bella, he heard Matt speaking to someone, something about an injury. He also heard him threaten Ami. For some reason, that made him feel angry. His hands on the floor clenched into tight balls. Stupid. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

Everything was falling apart. Ami wasn't one of their targets. She didn't fit the profile yet, and Matt was pushing her closer and closer with his hostility. His instinct screamed for him to get up and try to get control back. He could find out why Ami killed Sara. He could figure out who was injured and why. He could get the group solidified and figure out their next move.

Except he couldn't stop crying. Every time he tried to push up or choke the tears back, reality smashed into his psyche again. He could smell the death in the room, so much more thick and virulent than it had been with Gabby, or Joey, or Bianca. It felt like it was saturating the air around him, coating his clothes and seeping into his pores until he could never be rid of it.

Another dry heave racked up through his chest into his throat at the thought. If he kept dwelling, the next one would bring vomit. In a small, weak way, he was determined to not get to that point. Shakily, he pushed himself up on his knuckles, and stared over at Ami.


A handful of questions could have finished the question. Why did you kill Sara? Why did you shroud the bodies? Why are you here? Why are you just standing there? Why haven't you tried anything yet?

The word was left to stand on its own, though. For the moment, it was all he could choke out.

V5 Character Themes
Alda Abbatte: Hang Time (Bang Bang Boogie) by Sage Francis.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I don't trust Ricky to play ball.

But it looks like we're past the point where we lynch him. I'm willing to play ball on the Flare lynch, but I want to be clear what we're looking for here: Are we looking for a godfather? An SK? Something else? Because godfather and SK are the two common BP scum roles, but it's rare for Godfather to have both BP and investigation immunity. So I think we really need to consider our options here.

Right now, Ime and I are the two "town-confirmed" individuals that have no one able to corroborate that we're not the godfather, at least as far as I know. I personally really, really suspect Ime, she's been on my scum-reads for a long time and (this is very meta-gamey of me, I know) the mix-up with the investigation result would make me suspect that maybe the investigation immunity was forgotten. However, if no one else is willing to go in on that, I'm just gonna quietly nurse my suspicions and wait.

With that in mind, however, I think we really need to establish what we're looking for, because there's no guarantee that Ricky's the SK. In fact, going on our current hypothesis that Flare's BP, it's more likely that Ricky is Maf and Flare is the SK. So what I would purpose is that we lynch Ricky today and investigate Flare tonight. I feel like that gets us the most information. If it gets down to the wire and it's clear this plan isn't going to go through, I'm willing to hop over to Flare, but I feel like we're dealing with so many hypotheticals there that ignoring someone who is confirmed scum to chase it is a mistake that deprives us of potential information.

Prayer for the Someone Who Is Somewhere Dying
((Garrett Wilde Continued From Internecine))

Garrett checked his materials under a balcony jutting from the hospital's side. This was a safe place to set up out of the rain, as long as he kept track of the papers. He would have preferred to get inside first, but it was announcement time. They were always at the same time. He'd become better at getting ready over the last five days. Bella and Matt stood nearby, staying out of the rain with him while he worked.

He edited Katarina and Hansel's sheets, as well as creating ones for Travis, Stacey, and Eliza. When Theo's name was read, he merely crumpled up the sheets and tossed them into the rain in front of him.

Ian's name came like a slap in the face. He nearly missed the next set while taking it in. Perhaps he'd just been lucky, but so far no one he'd consider truly close to him had ended up as a killer. It was something that didn't even factor into his plan. As he scrawled the name down on the list of kill tallies, though, he had to consider what would happen if Ian killed again. And maybe again. And again.

If he crossed the thresh-hold and started a pattern, what would they do?

He decided not to think about that.

"Let's get out of the rain, yeah?"

Yesterday was still weighing heavily on all of their minds. He considered that a good sign. What happened shouldn't fade fast. It was going to happen a lot more, unless they were really lucky, but the second they started getting used to it was the second they might as well throw themselves on the list.

He pressed open the door to the hospital slowly, making sure to look around carefully as they entered. It was dark. It took his eyes a little while to adjust. As soon as they did, he bolted forward. He saw Ami Flynn.

Ami Flynn surrounded by what appeared to be covered bodies.

Thoughts raced through his mind as he rushed towards her. She killed yesterday. Sara, I just wrote her name down. She must have killed again. Killed a lot. It didn't occur to him that he didn't have the knife out. He didn't have any sort of plan. His body just...reacted, spurring him towards the carnage to catch her while she appeared to be unaware.

A breeze in his wake caught one of the sheets. He glanced down, and noticed a familiar face. In an instant, he realized he was wrong. Ami hadn't killed these people, at least not this one. He'd been dead for a few days. Garrett hadn't let his name sink in when it was read, or when he wrote it down, or in Makatala's notes, or even when Cammy had mentioned seeing his death. He'd kept it pushed away as a personal distraction that distracted him from the greater goal.

Looking down at Carlon's slowly decaying face stirred something in him, though. Maybe it was the fact that this was the first true friend he'd found dead. Maybe it was how fresh the memory of Jaq's death was in his mind. Maybe it was the fact that just a few minutes ago, he'd been thinking about how he might have to kill a similar friend, and now he couldn't look towards Carlon without seeing Ian, with his blood on Garrett's knife as he lay on the floor. Maybe all of these caused him to stumble over the sheet as his body spasmed from a sudden dry heave, made him crash to his knees and catch himself painfully on his hands, made the flood of emotions he'd been holding back for five days finally come bursting out as he wept uncontrollably next to the corpse.

Maybe it was foolish. But for the moment, he just couldn't care.

Naft makes SotF related images
This thread is my favorite thing.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Hypothetically, if Cake's role claim were a mafia gambit, why do you believe he outted Dom and Deamon? Why hasn't the real cop come out to counterclaim him?

Hypothetically I'd say that the mafia sold Dom and Deamon out due to borderline inactivity, and we don't have a real cop.

I think it's a dumb plan that only a really terrible mafia would plan on this early in the game, especially giving up two of their members and then leaving a third held up to take guesses in the dark all game. The only other option would be a mafia cop, which would be...really bad for us. Like the worst. So hopefully that's not a thing, though I think selling out two members for that would be way excessive.
What is your opinion of Grim, now that it turns out he's on the level?

I think he played in a way that wasn't smart and allowed his personal biases to cloud out town needs a lot. Despite coming out as town, he was still consistently leading the town into bad decisions and he didn't show any sign of changing. So I'm not too broken up about it.
What is your opinion on Renard's claim, considering he came out as a role that reads as Anti-Town?

It's something to watch and he's probably be a safe-lynch if we ended up on a day where we really had absolutely nothing, but I'm inclined to believe it because it hasn't been counter-claimed and I don't have a scum-read on him.
What is your opinion of Vyse's claim, considering he has a role that all power roles would never, ever touch?

I'm pretty well on record that I want the PGO role to burn in hell.
What is your opinion of Doc's behavior the previous day, before and after Cake's positive read on him?

I think this Doc fellow is a trustworthy man and should be showered with whiskey and crab rangoon at your earliest convenience. Speaking as an unbiased third party.
What is your opinion of Imehal and her reaction?

I'm still scum-reading Ime, and she's my personal pick for Godfather right now. I didn't have anyone else hugely on my radar for it other than Grim before he died, but Ime has some really super scummy posts, as Psych has pointed out, and I've been reading her as scum for awhile.
What is your opinion of MK?

Lynch it with fire.
What is your opinion of me?

Leaning town on you, as noted yesterday. You haven't done much to change that, so I'm still with you.
Between all the confirmed Pro-Town players, who would you gamble to be a Godfather?

Ime, as noted above, if we're doing going investigation immune. Flare also makes a strong case, though. I'm almost inclined to say Ime is Godfather and Flare is SK, but we don't have any confirmation that Flare is BP and I don't really want any yet because I don't want to out the vig.
How many mafia members do you think there are in play right now?

4. I would guess seven scum total in a game this size, and I think we had six mafia and a serial killer. So we should have four left.
Do you believe there is a Mafia-Aligned Roleblocker? Do you have any possible evidence to support this?

Yep. I remember someone else mentioning being blocked the same night you were? I may be misremembering there, though.
What other power roles do you think are in play right now?

Yeah, I don't want to get into that. That seems like just giving scum more information. We know there's a protective role, and we know there's a vig, and we know there's a cop. Let's leave it at that and let them stay in the dark, opening up scum ideas is bad.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Vote: MK Kilmarnock.

Obviously we shouldn't quick hammer him, but if he keeps this up all day I'm in favor of just lynching him even if he could be an SK asset, because he's clearly not going to play ball anyway.

Psych has no reason to lie. He hasn't lied to us about anything so far. Pretending to have investigated you makes zero sense.

Your claim isn't ridiculous since you haven't made it yet, but your defense that our cop who has only steered us right in terms of his investigations so far is suddenly lying on a guess is at least equally as ridiculous.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread

We've done this dance with Ricky once before.

If you have an investigation that confirms it, he's instantly my number one lynch no matter what, because I don't want a repeat of all that silly bullshit from last game.

Kill All Motherfuckers
Easy ten count and out.

The words kept playing through her head. Through all of it, that was the real slap in the face. Joking about Paulo's jiujitsu bullshit. Somehow, that made it all worse.

Her aimless march through the downpour halted in front of a tree as she seethed.

She could just see him. Swaggering around on the edge of the overpass, puffing out his chest and shit-talking like it was their fucking backyard.

The coiled cat unfurled as she shifted her grip. She'd unwound it a few times these last few days. A couple days ago, she'd even been ready to use it. Tensed up, waiting to pounce, and then...nothing. The girls had talked her down. Jaq had left.

She lashed into the tree. The sensation of the leather tearing into the bark, even minutely, felt satisfying. Physical. Something that she could control, handle, understand.

Fucking Paulo.

Leather raked against wet wood as her focus intensified.

Fucking MMA.

The memories were flooding her now. He'd been into it before...and then afterwards, when he had a face, and a name, and a life to put into that hole he'd nursed for years, he was obsessed. That's when they started being pulled apart.

Fucking deadbeat.

She rocked back and forth, grunting as she bit into the trunk again and again.

She never cared about him. He wasn't there, so he didn't even deserve the thought. Paulo idolized him though. That really pissed her off, for some reason.

Maybe she never really hated him because he didn't exist to her. She'd never met him. His influence wasn't part of her life. But Paulo...Paulo was there. Paulo had always been there, but he was less and less himself as time went on. He kept trying to be him. He kept trying to force him back into their lives when they didn't need him.

"Fucking needy dipshit..."

Her thoughts were leaking out through her mouth now, but she didn't care. Her arm started to ache from constant motion, but she pushed on anyway. More angry marks dug into the tree as she kept going.

"Copied every little detail you could get your hands on...worked your ass off for his dead-end, waste of time sport...talked exactly how you thought he would...even used his fucking name..."

He probably thought they didn't know about that, but she'd heard. She'd never told her mother, but she'd heard, and she'd sunk it as another piece of flotsam in the well of anger inside her.

"You always wanted to be just like him..."

Her voice went from a growl to a snarl, building up volume as she whipped faster, stripping as much bark from the tree as she could with every stroke.

"Well you finally did it, didn't you? Mimicked him right down to the detail, right down to abandoning us, just like-"

Bark split.


Her palm throbbed from the exertion.


The screams started to carry through the yard, but she didn't give a damn who heard her.


Vibrations shook through her body from the cold and exertion with each sloppy strike.


There was a pounding in her temples. Her face felt flushed, and her breath was ragged. She was soaked to the skin and shivering violently. She didn't even pause.


The slickness finally caused the cat to slip from between her fingers as she swung back in. As if on queue, her body collapsed for a rest, bringing her to her knees as she sucked in air greedily, shaking and staring a hole into the ground.

Sweat and rain were all that dripped from her face, though. She didn't cry. The thought never even crossed her mind. Tears weren't for her. Not now. There was no time to grieve. Not when the anger she nursed inside of her felt so vibrant and alive. Not when for once, she had a real, acceptable target to pin it on. Something that wasn't so distant that she could never invest herself in it, or so close to her heart that she could never really despise it. Something with a face and a name that she could envision and just hate, and plan.

She lifted up off of the ground and glanced at bare patch of trunk in front of her face. With a nod, she silently brushed her damp bang out of her face, retrieved the cat, and headed back towards the mansion.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
...I love you Psych.

So if I'm reading this right, you've caught maf, and SK, and then we might have Flare as BP?

I'm more into lynching the other confirmed Maf because there should be a whole mess of them and there may be more power roles besides role-blocker, hit(wo)man, and godfather. SK's more of a known property and they can't really lead lynches or anything on their own. As long as we keep Psych nice and safe, we should be good.

Ime was on my scum-reads early on, and I've come back to her a few times, so I can believe this case. Is there hard-proof, Psych, or just a hunch?

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
I'm with Ricky as well. I was sure, dead to rights, Grim was scum. I'm not sure where to head from there.

Flare seems like our strongest option, now that his internet is back. I know he's got Jack's death to deal with, but I'd like to see something from him.

One thing I will say is that right now, I'd prefer our Vig not reveal if they did ping Flare last night. I don't like the idea of putting a cross-hairs on them as well and forcing our protective roles to make a choice unless we can guarantee at least two scum for it.

((Sorry for the abrupt exit, but danger-zone.))

He knelt on top of her in silence.

When he spoke, his voice cracked and faltered.

"S-shut up and multiply."

Weakness ebbed through him. The shock was fading out as his rational mind returned. He kept staring down into the eyes of the corpse in front of him.

"Shut up and multiply."

More confidence this time. He was able to stand. To wipe the blood from the knife on a clean patch of Jaquilyn's shirt. To face his companions.

"Eliezer Yudkowsky. Rationalist philosopher. It's one of his more famous claims. 'Shut up and multiply.' It's meant to say that every time you face a serious ethical dilemma, you don't moralize. You don't search your feelings. You shut up and multiply, you run the math, and whatever option creates the most good, that's what you do."

Dead eyes stared up at him. He ignored them.

"She didn't feel any guilt about killing Carmina, or Adonis, or Grace. She was just upset that her plan, whatever it was, didn't work. We all heard it. With that attitude, killing again was a statistical certainty. Killing multiple times was probable."

The knife dangled in his hand, before being pulled up into a more solid grip.

"I multiplied. Then I subtracted. That's what we do now. That's how we keep the most people around."

Bella was still on the floor. Matt was staring at him in disbelief. He simply shrugged. "I did what needed to be done. It's not pleasant, it's not easy, and that's good. That means we're still better than them. Hold on to that."

He gestured towards Bianca's bag. "Gather her things, and gather yours if you're still coming with me. I don't think the others are coming after us. It's been too long."

Wordlessly he climbed back up the stairs and arranged his notes into his bag, except for Jaquilyn's. He had something in mind for her's. After making a few alterations, he carried them back downstairs past Bella and Matt and laid them over her face.

Jaquilyn Locke.

Accomplice in the murder of Carmina Maliski.

Accomplice in the murder of Adonis Alba.

Murderer of Grace Faraday.

Unrepentant Killer.


Object lesson.

Learn from her mistakes.

~Garrett Wilde

((Garrett Wilde Continued Prayer For Someone Who Is Somewhere Dying))

Kill All Motherfuckers
((Alda Abbate Continued From Do You Know Who I Am?))

They had taken up residence in the big mansion during the night. Relatively big, at least. The larger one next door didn't look as torn to hell, but it also seemed like somewhere people were more likely to poke around. It was safer to sleep here. They found a room on the first floor and took watch through the night as they slept.

Alda had the last watch. Her shift passed uneventfully. She spent most of it trying to shake the vibe that someone had followed them. Seeing someone as crazy as Jaq was illuminating compared to her other encounters so far, and for the first time she felt really aware of the danger of the island.

The announcements were almost welcome when they came. It meant the others would be waking up and they could move on to somewhere new. Lay low, look for opportunities, and maybe finally find-

"Paulo Abbate went for a trip of his own, when he provoked Ian Williams. Williams hurled him off the overpass, and he landed hard. Easy ten count and out."

Her face froze. She threw the door behind her open and grunted out a message, barely registering that Kathryn and Iselle were still inside.

"Goin' for a walk."

If there was a response, she didn't hear it. She tromped out through the hall into the splattering rain outside and didn't look back.

BDA Quote Nomination Thread #5
“Mara, you're not dead. They're going to be upset with me.”

I love it.

((GMing Approved.))

"I can."

As soon as he spoke the words, the pressure around him exploded.

On a subconscious level, he was aware that he was moving. Running. Consciously, it didn't feel that way though. He was gliding. Effortlessly flying forward, weightless except for the knife in his hand, which grew dense and leaden as he was carried away.

There was a crash, an entangling of bodies, a series of screams. Jaquilyn's, Bella's, Matt's, his...he couldn't tell. The words in his ears had become a chant, drowning out all other noise as the immense weight in his hands fell downward again and again.

I can, I can, I can...

With each blow came another name.

Katarina, Theo, Makatala...

Another face.

Hansel, Amaranta, Joachim...

Another mistake he'd let walk away.

Tyler, Travis, Iselle...

And as the stinging liquid pouring from his eyes dripped down to mix with the warm fluid that covered his hand with every wet smack of steel penetrating flesh, he stared down into the eyes of one last face, watching the light of life dimmed away inside them, and thought one last name.

Jaquilyn Locke.

"I can..."

The fog had become a pressure in the air. He felt it pressing all around him, enclosing him in its tight embrace as he listened to Jaquilyn speak.

"Your plans?"

His muscles ached. He felt restrained by the air around him. Still, he held the mask. The outer calm remained as he stared back into her eyes.

"I see. Our plans are similar. We want to get off the island. Specifically, we want to increase the length of time people have to find us. The main threat to that, it appears, is people who won't stop killing."

The knife shifted in his hand.

"Are you one of those people, Jaquilyn? What exactly were these plans that went so awry?"

V5 Character Themes
Garrett Wilde: Weak and Powerless, by A Perfect Circle.

Still searching for my stride with Alda, I'll update for her once I get comfy and find a song.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
Well this happened while I was asleep.

Looks like you don't need my vote, if my count is right. To be safe Unvote

Vote: TDS

I think this is probably a mistake because Grim is giving me all the scum vibes, but we'll see where it goes.

V4 Part 2 Mafia Game Thread
You're mischaracterizing my direction to the Vig as "KILL PSYCH AT ONCE" when it was very specifically "KILL PSCYH IF HE WAS LYING"

Except if Deamon turned up town, it wouldn't have proven that Psych was lying. We already knew he could be insane, we were testing Deamon to see if Persy and Side were town or Deamon and Dom were. Instead of saying to kill Persy or Side though, you immediately jumped on the idea of killing Psych if Deamon flipped town.

Again, probably because you're the serial killer and you have no idea who is aligned where.

As far as removing context, name one example. Actually call something I've done into question instead of making broad statements about what I always do. I've named the context and specific evidence for every point I've made against you. I'm thorough. It's kind of my job. If you want to pin that on someone, maybe don't try a researcher.

You still haven't quantified how you're prow-town. You haven't cited one lynch or lead you've pushed that's come to fruition. One townie you've said. One action you've taken that hasn't ended in utter disaster for the town, or would have if we'd listened to you. You accuse me of removing context? My associate Mr. Jackson wants a word with you.

This tunnelfight is getting boring.