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Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Holy Hell, I know I should be pissed that I'm dead, but I'm actually pretty content with that exit. Peace out, dying peeps!

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Sounds good to me mate, count me in.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
I can confirm that I was silenced as part of my role. I don't feel it is in the best interests of the town to say why at this time.

I going to throw my vote behind the movement and Vote:Slamexo Everything's just way too suspicious at this point, and I don't like it one bit.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
What light through yonder window breaks? It is Day 5, which means I can finally say things!

To throw in my two cents, I strongly agree with the suspicions towards Slam. My earlier vote was based mostly on my own suspicions up to that point, and I believe this new evidence both from the hanky-panky shenanigans with town-cop roles and the in-feasibility of multiple back-ups justifies those suspicions. However, I'm sort of wondering what the promised gain was from this gambit. It would have to be a long term scheme to see any real pay off, after all. From the wording of Slam's post though, I'm beginning to consider another possibility: The abilities are real, but they are gifted. If that is the case, it is wholly possible for him to have become a temporary cop and still be a member of the (unconfirmed) mafia or a negative third-party role.