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Last Days
Foe search crew. This had bad idea written all over it. Nothing good could come from feeding all those negative impulses. At some point, a line was gonna get crossed, and they weren't gonna be able to walk back from it.

On the other hand, Harry was dead. Clarice hated him. Conrad had turned into a psycho and got himself killed too. He hadn't seen a hair of Bee, or Asha, or Fiyori, or anybody else who really mattered. For all he knew, they were all dead too. So maybe they were already well across the line, and it didn't matter all that much. For just a few days, he had an excuse to hurt the people who goddamn deserved it. And if his friends weren't dead, maybe he could keep it that way.

His head went straight to Clarice, and the way she kept looking at him. Fuck her and her self-righteous bullshit. Feeling like shit for what he'd done hadn't got him nowhere. Ty took another drag off the cig and gave a nod. "I'm in."

Last Days
Ty gave Shakes a tense nod. "Happens all the time. No skin off here."

From the moment Lizzie lit up, Ty was real, real glad nobody had figured out how to send smell through a camera just yet. If Ma caught him like this, even she'd bust his ass seven different ways. Not like it was the very first time, but he wasn't itching to try again, and it seemed like a situation like this would only get worse without your head free and clear.

Ah, hell. He was well past that point anyhow. Might as well light it up. He coughed, but it got lost in Lizzie's fit. After she found her feet and starting chatting, Ty got up and wandered closer to her. Sat down to take another puff, let the smoke wisp out of his mouth as he thought about her words. "That's a tall ask." He stared down at the sparks on the end of the cigarette as he spoke. "When I saw Conrad with that damn sword, and Harry holdin' his guts in...didn't really think about it. Just next thing I knew, I was on top of the bastard and his arm was broken."

Took another long, slow hit. Made things feel more natural. Like he was out there on the hills, dirt and trees and wind in his nose, talking to the old man. "Didn't know why I did it. Didn't kill 'im, and I couldn't tell you why there neither." Ty cracked his neck, and turned to look Lizzie in the eye. "Been making up reasons ever since. Dunno if any of 'em are right. But it means I gotta ask...when you find her, is it really gonna matter what she tells ya?"

His eyes went back to the ceiling, watching the smoke drift through the lounge. "Or are you just gonna do whatever you feel like you gotta do, and figure out why you did it later?"

His gaze drifted down to Keith. "Guessin' you've seen it the worsta this place too, so lemme run this your way: what're we supposed to do?"

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Why was everything always so wonderful?

Wolfie was off balance, and then here came Blair, all bitch and fury. She was always like this, just acting however she wanted in the moment, like she couldn't give a single thought to the future. Well, she didn't have much of one to start with, so maybe that made sense. Still, she could make that work for her here.

"Hi Blair," she said sadly, "I'm glad you're okay..." Normally, she could bitch back as well as anybody could give, but that wasn't the game today. Just like she hadn't played that game with Jane. Neither of the could see that it was pointless to just fly off like that. As long as she played the whipped puppy routine, she could make Blair look like the dangerous one. "Wolfie told me about Nancy. She's gone though. Could you chill a little, please?"

It wasn't about their past. It was about Nancy. At least, that was the story Caedyn wanted to sell. Make Wolfie doubt her, maybe even make her doubt herself if things went well enough, and get them riled up about the competition.

Caedyn didn't need Oskar. She could bring this home all by herself.

No One Gets Left Behind
"I don't know."

Her voice cracked as she spoke. Trav had almost made sense and pulled this thing back together, but after all that, the helplessness came rushing back in. What did blaming the terrorists accomplish? Sure, maybe it was "right," but did that help them at all? Could they do anything about it? There were people doing terrible things right in front of them, and they weren't doing anything about it, so what was the point?

"I don't know," she said again as she slumped down across from Cass. "I just don't want anymore of my friends to...and, and I can't do anything about the terrorists, but, but they're here..."

Something. They had to do something. How could she make them understand that?

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Blair. Well wasn't that juicy. Honestly, she was kind of surprised the stuck-up bitch was still around what with...well, everything. Maybe she wasn't, if Rene hadn't seen her around. Couldn't have happened to a nicer little back-stabber, really. Still, it was best to keep that under wraps. Caedyn just shook her head. "Noooope, haven't seen anybody really. I mean, I was with..."

Her face dropped, and she looked at the ground. Shuffle your feet. Make a nice big gloomy show of it so everybody thinks you care. "I was with Oskar and Jane before...y'know..." Nice and vague. Keep 'em guessing. It wasn't just a show for Rene, people could see this, so she couldn't just lie unless she had to. But as long as she kept them guessing, there was a chance. Everything could go back to normal once everyone was dead, and she was just a victim of circumstances. So far, that'd been real easy. Why hadn't anyone thought of that before.

She glanced up at Rene after letting the words hang for a bit. "I've been hiding since that. I, I tried to talk him down, but he almost killed me too, and then he disappeared, so I think he might, might..." Caedyn swallowed hard and leaned up against the wall with tears in her eyes. "I don't want him to find me. I don't want him to find anyone. Why are they doing this, Wolfie?"

Aaaaand scene. Please, hold your autographs and applause until after the show, there's so much more to come.

Last Days
Ty didn't smoke much. More the old man's thing than his. They shared the habit on hikes every now and then though. Didn't care too much for it on its own, but for a moment there in them rolling hills, hand to the bark and smoke wrapped around his head in the breeze, Pop looked stronger than Ty had ever seen him. Wiser, and a helluva lot more confident too. And for a moment, when Ty lit up beside him, he liked to think he looked just like him.

Goddamn did he need to look like that now. Feel like it. Take in some of that image and fuck the world if it was all swagger, because for just a moment there wasn't a damn thing that could stop either of them.

He stretched out with a groan and fumbled in his pocket for the old nickle lighter. The words were scuffed and hidden under all the dirt and dust he'd kicked up. Before he could toss it Lizzie's way, he wiped it off to take them in.

Olee ebe i si?

Where are you from?

They were gonna go back sometime. The old man always talked about it, taking him and the rest of the boys back to see Nigeria. The idea snuck into his head every few months for as long as Ty could remember. He wanted them to see Enugu, get a good idea of where they came from. Maybe finally meet some of the family they'd only seen in letters and phone calls and Skype sessions. Something would sour him, though, or the money would run out, or nobody really gave a shit to start with. Nobody but him and Ty. Last few years, every time it'd come up, they'd talked about it. Maybe that's why Pop gave him his old lighter. Maybe, with just a little more time, they woulda actually made it back.

They needed him. Goddamn they needed him. He had to get out of here.

With a grunt, Ty pushed himself off the ground. No time to rest yet. "Hope you brought enough for the class," he mumbled as he handed the lighter off towards Lizzie. Reached up and gave his neck a solid crack, and his eyes found Shakes over there again. He wanted to lay into him. Tear that self righteous little head off for throwing accusations his way when he was just a goddamn coward. It'd feel so damn good. His mother wouldn't like it though. Pop wouldn't either. Not Atsa, not Marcus, not Harold, not Clarice, sure as hell not Bee. So much work had gone into dragging him out of the muck, and he wasn't gonna let this fuckin' place take it from him without a fight. Took a deep breath to steady himself before catching the kid's eye. "Hey," he said quietly. " 's not your fault. Whatever happened...it's not your fault."

That was the man they wanted him to be. Knew he could be. He had to try and live up to it. A goddamn cigarette would do wonders for that, so he hoped Lizzie was in a generous mood.

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Caedyn couldn't keep herself from giggling. Rene was as cute as ever, and the booze probably didn't help keep them down. She cocked an eyebrow as she waltzed down into the library. "Honey, if you can come up with a better time to get hazy, I'm all ears." Best to keep things light and coy for now. Rene seemed a little distracted. Let's pick at that. "You expecting someone, or is this a solo study sesh?" she asked as she gestured towards the shelves. Keeping Rene on her toes could keep her from asking too many prying questions about who she was with or what she'd been up to, and she needed time to come up with a good excuse for...everything? Probably like, everything. That seemed like a good idea. The whiskey definitely agreed. It thought this was a very, very good plan that she should pursue immediately, and it hadn't led her wrong so far, right?

No One Gets Left Behind
They weren't getting it. Cass was right. Nothing had happened to them, so they couldn't understand. This was different, it just was, it had to be. Cass especially was trying to moralize the whole thing away, but they couldn't really believe that, right? 'Oh, some people just make bad decisions,' like that's all the end of someone's life was? Or like people trying to save their friends lives were what they'd been hearing about for the last few days?

No. They were killers. People who did things like what she'd seen done to Tina, or to Joshua, or to Jane, they didn't just make a bad decision. Irene shook her head quickly and stared up at Cass. "It's not like that though!" The words came out more forcefully than she expected, but she kept going. "All those names...they weren't just protecting their friends. How many times are we gonna have to hear Nancy's name to get that? Or Isabel's, or Kimiko's? I mean, maybe a couple are mistakes, or just people trying to do the right thing, but most?" She was shaking now. Fear, rage, anxiety, take your pick as to why. "Don't l-lie to yourself, Cass," she stuttered.

Irene had had enough doubt about what was going on for everyone already. It seemed like everyone else wanted to do the same thing though, in one way or another. Somebody had to be honest about it. Somebody had to do something. She still didn't know what to do, but maybe if she could make them understand, they could help her.

Official V6 Away Thread
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Dates Away: January 10th to January 14th
Days Away: 5
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Characters: Ty Yazzie, Caedyn Miller, Irene Djezari

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
((Caedyn Miller Continued From 血塗れ桜))

"Could use a little redecorating."

Caedyn had gotten into surprisingly little trouble lately. The whole encounter with Nancy had been a rush, but other than that things had managed to stay pretty low. Granted, she and Jazzy had some catching up to do, and that had taken up so much of their attention that she'd hardly noticed the day flying by.

She had a habit of doing that to her. Maybe that was why they worked. Most things, let alone most people, couldn't keep her attention for very long without a challenge, but Jazzy handled it somehow. It never seemed to bother her that Caedyn was a little all over the place, or if it did she kept quiet about it. There was something to be said for both options.

Lots of cuddling and a few swigs of Jane's whiskey later though, it was time to do a little exploring. And here was Rene, their resident geeky bit player. Caedyn was kinda of fond of her; she was quirky little background noise that added flavor here and there without overstaying her welcome. Honestly, it was kind of surprising she was still around here, but somebody had to get lucky. At least she was a nice little diversion to keep things entertaining for now.

She waved at her as she came down the stairs with a grin. "Heya Wolfie," she said as she gestured towards her with the bottle. "Care for a drink?"

Last Days
Half the room didn't interest him none. Between all the quaking for calm and the sputtering coward, his brain was having trouble latching on. Nobody needed him. Hell, nobody probably wanted him. It'd be easy to finally drift off into whatever was waiting for him on the other side of sleep. Stop playing the goddamn protector, since that hadn't worked out so far, and just see how things shook out when he woke up.

Before he could let go, though, Liz said something that perked him up. Recognized that name. Not from school, but all the killin' she'd been up to since they woke up. Wantin' to find someone like that...

Ty had thought about "finding" Conrad for what he did to Harry, leastwise until he heard someone had already "found" him first. Hearing that idea didn't paint a pretty picture. Somethin' had lit a fire under Lizzie's ass since they woke up, and he wasn't real sure where it had launched her, but he had an idea. Managed to sit up a little more and square off under that look she was givin' him. "That depends. What're you gonna do, assumin' you find her?"

No One Gets Left Behind
((Irene Djezari Continued From They Stumbled Into Faith And Thought))

Going back into the asylum made Irene uncomfortable. On top of the place being ripped from a bad horror movie and full of death, it was a stark reminder of her big failures. She'd left her friends behind to freak out and mope, and now...

She shook her head to try and get the thoughts out. Trav's question made her mind dart down another path and she chased it readily, anything to distract her from being a fuck up. Anything at all.

"Makes you think about how people treat each other doesn't it?"

The others were talking, but she'd latched onto the words so she was barely paying attention. A bad habit, especially here, but she couldn't help herself. 'cuz it did make her think. In fact she couldn't stop thinking about it. Now, the thoughts were spilling out in hushed tones from the back of the group.

"The killers...do you think they always wanted to hurt people?" She looked up at the three of them fervently for confirmation. The gears were spinning now, and she wanted to be right. Needed to be. "L-like, this whole thing, it's not making them is it? We're in it too, and we haven't hurt anybody, so they...they had to just be bad people?" Babbling out of nowhere wasn't a pretty look on anybody, but she couldn't help herself. It'd been rattling around her head, and now that it'd been stirred up again. This whole thing was crazy and didn't make any sense, but if they were just bad, if they weren't people, they were just them as opposed to us, it could all align again. It could all be okay.

If they were just bad people, she could hurt them to protect her friends, and she didn't have to think about it any further than that.

Last Days
He was way too goddamn tired for this. Lizzie beat him to the indignation punch, but smartass on the other side of the room was probably too slow on the uptake to figure out what she was sputtering about. He rolled his shoulders a little as he sat up, gave a little cough and a shake of his head to clear the cobwebs. His eyes found the ceiling as he struggle just to stay awake. Couldn't fall asleep. Not here. Not with these people. 'Specially not before he felt them out.

"Come across your best friend...belly cut open...some bastard standin' over him with a fuckin' sword. You figure you'd 'get in a damn fight,'" he growled slowly, flicking his gaze up into the boy's eyes. "Or you the kind that just leaves 'im to die?"

Ty already knew the answer didn't matter. But he wanted to see it. Wanted to hear the judgmental little bastard try to stutter around being a hypocrite, a coward, or a goddamn naive idiot. Probably all three, from the look of him. The ones that jumped at him usually were.