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V6 Concept Flash Prompts
I'm holding Abby's for pre-game because I've got IDEAS YO, but would you kindly give one for the updated Ulysses?

Ulysses is 5'6” and weighs 113 lbs. He has naturally curly brown hair that hands down around his ears and matching brown eyes when left unattended. His skin is a pale shade of white, with a moderate amount of acne scattered across his oval-shaped face and red, irritated patch of skin spread across his nose that deepens under periods of prolonged stress. A thin layer of facial hair grows around the cleft of his chin and his upper lip, which he keeps clean-shaven. His eyebrows grow thick and curve upwards slightly at the tips. Ulysses enjoys writing and performing stand up, playing role-playing games both on the table and digitally, and getting stoned. He is an immense fan of the music genre he lovingly refers to as "douche rock."

Shortly before pre-game begins Ulysses will be entering the last couple weeks of anti-psychotic medication to treat his paranoid schizophrenia. Ulysses was diagnosed at the age of 15 and made the choice with his father to pursue traditional anti-psychotics rather than depot medication treatments and see how far they lead. At some point near the beginning of pre-game he will reach the end of the "effective" period of anti-psychotic medication. Ulysses has not displayed symptoms in one year and three months, but still suffers from nagging doubts about the effectiveness of his treatment. He currently deals with post-schizophrenic depression, regulated with sertraline and monthly therapy sessions.

He's the step-brother of professional dominatrix Sasha Fury and the on-again-off-again boyfriend of unrepentant sociopath Brianna Jeffrica Barzani.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Dec 30 2014, 07:25 PM
Umm, for clarity, 'P-edit' means I checked the thread again before dropping my post, and changed it to reflect that. It's an MS thing. I didn't edit anything after posting.
*quietly returns Forseti, Gavel of Decimation to its resting place.*

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
MarzipanStrudel is removed from the Game. His name and role will remain in place until I hear from his volunteer replacement to confirm their ability to take over. If they are unable to take over or do not contact me by the end of this dayphase, the role will be modkilled.

Healers are weird. Big, dumb monsters and arrogant, malevolent overlords a like seem to go at the chump in full plate with the Tower Shield of +8 Badassery screaming insults and laughing at the instead of the unassuming folks in the back keeping them alive and empowered. You'd think in any situation, those guys would be the first ones you kill, but more often than not it doesn't seem to work out that way.

I guess once all the meat shields are gone though, they've got to be next on the chopping block. So when a bearded, booze loving cleric was found wandering all alone on his way to his next house call...


At least he gets to go home, now.

The Day Begins Now. It Will Last Until 5:00 P.M. on January 6th.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Dec 28 2014, 03:11 PM
Blast, and I was riding on town failing to lynch again. So close.
Foiled Again Death Posts should be saved for the Day Phase going forward.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Business just picked up.

There's a funny thing about liches. They're crazy powerful, eternal, and even if you kill them, they're just gonna regenerate somewhere.

Unless you catch one washing its phylactery in a stream while it whines about "exploding sharks."(Note to self: Look into that? Look into that.)

Then, it's just a handful of soldiers throwing holy water and a little bit of cracked jewelry, and this all-mighty, immortal vessel of destruction is about on the same level as a jester who failed his reflex save vs. pyrotechnics.


Night starts now. Night will last until 5:00 P.M. CST, December 30th.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
That's a lynch. Votes and discussion stop now. Flip to come.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Approximately Five Hours Left In The Phase.

Vote Count:

MurderWeasel: Seth Crimson, BadB(2, 5 to Lynch)

Decoy: Un-Persona(1, 6 to Lynch)

Un-Persona: MurderWeasel, VysePresident, NotaFlyingToy, DMBoogie, Slam(5, 2 to Lynch)

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Black Flag is the game my heart never realized it wanted.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Approximately Three Days and Seven Hours to the End of the Phase.

Vote Count:

MurderWeasel: VysePresident, Slam, Seth Crimson, Badb (4, 3 to Lynch)

DMBoogie: Un-Persona(1, 6 to Lynch)

Happy Holidays!
Let me play you the song of my people.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Biki been modkilled yet?

Per the rules established in the opening post, Marzipanstrudel is on his second warning. If he does not post by the end of this phase, or he contacts me to withdraw before then, he will be replaced. Barring a replacement, he will be modkilled.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Flavor to come later. There were no deaths last night. Day Phase begins now. It will continue until 5:00 P.M. CST, December 29th.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
That's time. The Day Ends on a No Lynch. Night begins now. This night will be longer than normal, as I will be out of town on December 21st and unable to post results. As such, Night will last until 5:00 P.M. CST, December 22nd.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Approximately Four Hours Left In The Phase.

Vote Count:

Decoy73: Slam, Un-Persona, Seth Crimson, RemoteControl(4, 3 to lynch.)

MurderWeasel: Vyse, NAFT (2, 4 to lynch)

RemoteControl: BadB (1, 6 to Lynch)

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
BadB has volunteered to take Sideliner's place. This swap is effective immediately.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Approximately 26 Hours Until The End of the Phase.

Sideliner has requested a withdrawal from the game. Anyone who wishes to replace Sideliner may volunteer through the PM system. If a volunteer is not found by the end of the Night Phase, the role will be mod-killed.

Fallout New Vegas Thread: Mojave, Mo Problems
Dec 17 2014, 05:01 PM
So Daniel from Honest Hearts is legitimately the first time I've been so annoyed with an NPC I've out and out killed them out of frustration.
You say that like you're not supposed to play Fallout by killing every NPC in sight.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Approximately Five Days Left In The Phase.

Vote Count:

Decoy73: Slam (1, 6 to lynch.)

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, right? Especially when you're in the middle of the worst siege that crown's ever seen. Y'know what's heavier, though? The head that's trying to keep that one from rolling. That job's gotta have, what, at least a +4 strength modifier requirement, easy? Wouldn't be my bag, is all I'm saying. It can make you real sloppy when you're always keeping an eye out for someone else. We figured that out yesterday, and the lesson decided to repeat itself today.


Anybody else feel like a hero?

The Day Phase begins. It will continue until 5:00 P.M. CST on Friday, December 19th. Discussion may begin.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
The Night Phase Will End in Approximately Half an Hour.