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Back on the grind with CRITIQUE: MIRABELLA STRONG


Bella's biggest strength is her emotional drive and clarity. Throughout the process of reading Bella, there were only a couple moments where I began to wonder how Bella felt about something, or questioned her emotional state, but more importantly Bella seemed fully aware of these emotions as a character. This fleshed-out self-awareness is really the highlight of her story, since it's the fuel for the vast bulk of her narrative. Bella rarely acts or tries to dominate the conversation or direction of her scenes, preferring to observe, contemplate, and integrate the information into her vision of the island and what her best course of action should be. To SansaSaver's credit, this passive role manages to still be quite interesting due to just how in-depth these views are, and how much background work Bella does outside of the eyes of the characters around her.

Bella also brings a strong dynamic in the form of her high levels of anxiety. I'm glad that Sansa hasn't ignored the issue of her medicine, and keeping her disorder in check. This is a detail that could have been easily dropped or mishandled, but so far it's been played relatively well. Her constant struggle to keep it in check and how this influences the surrounding players adds an extra dimension to her scenes beyond her kind, contemplative demeanor. Its consistent threat and added tension add a level of unease to her arc that constantly makes one wonder if, or perhaps when, she'll finally snap, and what the consequences will be. One excellent example of this occurs in The Real Folk Blues, both before and after Francis's death. His pressure towards making her face the harsh realities of the island, as well as his ready example in death of those same realities, really tested her boundaries, and seeing where she went next was both exciting and uneasy, because we really don't want to see this sweet, benevolent girl lose it, and yet it doesn't seem like there's another ready outcome waiting for her, due to the nature of the island.


All of that in mind, I feel it's important to note that Bella is an interesting read in spite of her tendency to go with the flow, not because of it. While Bella is an interesting character to read and observe, I believe she's far more interesting when she plays a more dynamic role. All of my favorite moments for her are drawn from her taking the initiative. Whether it is seeking out a distressed Aria in The Despair Game, or confronting Francis in The Real Folk Blues, or making the first move to ask Garrett to prom in The Calm Before The Storm, Bella works best when she is following her own assertions and actively adding to the dynamic of the scene, and that becomes lost in many of her island threads. There is one particular strand that I found troublesome, and I think it's indicative of the problem as a whole.

Bella has one stated driving motivation on the island from the very beginning of the game: Find her boyfriend Garrett. This makes sense. Their pregame establishes that they have a very close, mutually reliant relationship, and finding each other is a logical goal for both of them. The implementation of this goal has stumbled a bit, though, in the way Bella pursues that goal. Or rather, the fact that she doesn't pursue it. This quote from The two people in the distance were Paulo and Becca illustrates exactly what I mean.
No. She had to stop wallowing in whatever she was wallowing in. It wouldn't help, in the long run. She took another step forward, with more confidence his time. She'd simply go along with whatever the others wanted until her Garrett came and rescued her.
I've bolded what I believe is the issue. This statement, and the ideas behind it, seem very, very out of character in the context of Bella's pre-game and characterization thus far, as well as her statements in previous threads. Previously, Bella has stated that finding Garrett is essentially her first priority, and their interactions in the past, especially in The Calm Before The Storm, show that she has no issue with taking the initiative. This sudden characterization in favor of Bella staying with the group and going with the flow feels awkward and confusing. While I can understand staying with the group for safety, or because she believes they will lead her to Garrett, the idea that she's waiting for him to show up and rescue her is inconsistent with how she seems to have viewed their relationship in the past. It's lacking Bella's characteristic self-awareness, and strips her of a lot of agency. Going forward, my biggest suggestion would be to find a way for her to take that agency back. Assert herself. Make her own choices, even if those choices align with what she's already doing. I'd just like to see signs that she's still just as strongly possessed with her own will as she was in the past, because it would be a shame to lose her perspective, and I feel like that's happened quite a lot in her recent threads.


Spoiler Alert: What I'm about to say is going to come up in the next critique as well. It's a contentious issue, and one that I've weighed in on before, but I feel like it's really important to mention it again: Multi-shots are the biggest chore possible in this format to read. They are, hands down, the one thing that will make me stop reading a character for leisure immediately, no questions asked. They simply do not work with how I and a decent chunk of other people read SotF, I.E. following one particular character at a time. They present way too much information with way too much hassle, and they turn me right off of a story immediately. It was somewhat disappointing to see Bella involved in the monolithic Mischief Managed, and even more disappointing to see the trend continued away from the escape group in her next thread. I would strongly caution away from using this format in the future. Some people may advise you differently, but in my opinion it devalues the individual viewpoint of each character and puts an immense burden on the reader that is both unexpected and unwanted. Nothing better displays all the issues outlined above for Bella than her involvement in these multi-shots, and I feel that steering away from them in the future would be a big first step towards rectifying them, should you choose to go that direction.

I enjoy Bella. She's kind, she's thoughtful, and she has the potential to completely, totally lose it. I think if she regains her agency, she'll move back up my list of favorite characters with ease.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
For my next trick, CRITIQUE: ADONIS ALBA


Adonis seems to set out to be a very unlikable, mean-spirited character, and he accomplishes this task well. His nature as a bully, womanizer, and just all around asshole shine through in pretty much every thread. He's aggressive with everyone, spews out insults freely, and makes himself a giant pain for everyone involved in almost every scene he's in. He gives a good unifying foil for other people to rally against. I enjoyed that his pre-game allowed for more interaction with the school staff. It was interesting to read, and brought a realistic element into the scenes. I don't know how willing this decision was for all involved, but it was a good turn of events none the less.

The sequence of events leading to Adonis's death is done brilliantly as well. I love the posturing. I love the senseless of it all. He could try to run at any time, since he doesn't realize the presence of Jaq's gun and he's obviously more athletic than Joachim. He could get away. But he doesn't. He goes on because he feels challenged. He feels like Joachim has stepped out of his place, and he has the pleasure of shoving him back into it, permanently. It's an entertaining scene with an efficient, brutal twist that I found thoroughly enjoyable.


There are a few things about Adonis that left me feeling less enthused. There is one thing in particular that I feel is the root of all of his other issues: We don't know why he's like this. This was a fairly serious issue for me when reading his profile. There's no mention of where his sense of entitlement comes from, or why he lashes out at people he cares about. He has a strong family support system in his father and grandparents, a clear set of both weak and strong ties in the community, and great outlets for the development of greater ties and the importance of companionship and relying on others. That all seems to fall apart in a blink, though, and while we can infer why, it's never outright stated, and the reasons behind his breakdown seem murky to me.

This becomes troublesome in his interactions, because I was constantly finding myself drawn out of the scene to ask why he felt a certain why. Why is Adonis repelled by athletic women? Why does he lash out at his support network? Why is he able to control this anger at some points, and not at others? What are his core desires, his fears, his needs? Characters can be written without openly communicating these sorts of traits, but the fact that we know so little about where Adonis's issues come from, or how he copes with them, despite being given an open view to his internal monologue and feelings, makes the effort troublesome. Again, we can infer all of these things. We can try to get down to a deeper level. But it's an effort, because often Adonis comes off as more as a caricature than a character. He's every negative stereotype about popular, athletic men rolled into one, despite being surrounded by what are at least comparatively positive role models his whole life, and no reason to stray away from them. Designing a character to be unlikable is good. Building an unlikable character, and then hiding within the reasons for the audience to pity them and hope for their redemption is great, and is the sort of addition that would have taken this character to the next level.

Finally, I found Adonis's death post to be a bit jarring. The sudden regret and self-awareness seemed very out of character for him. This is a character who has spent every inch of his current arc blaming everyone else for his problems. He doesn't ever accept responsibility for his actions before this moment, and to have him do so so suddenly felt strange to me. It felt like a rushed attempt at a redemption arc, and while I can respect the effort, I feel given the untimely circumstances of his death whole-heartedly embracing his awful qualities and letting him die as selfish and bitter as he was as he lived would have flowed better, and fit the tone of the scene more elegantly.


I have a very strange pet peeve that has to do with how I view the semi-OOC narrators that follow characters. To me, they work best as a combination of character personality, and a detached, limited-third person narrative. For Adonis, however, there were a lot of moments where this narrator simply doesn't fit with Adonis. It uses big, complicated language, long descriptions, and astute observations in a way that we're told Adonis is incapable of. It breaks up the flow of his post with disbelief that such thoughts would be lurking in the back of his subconscious because of how thick he's presented.

This is not to say that another narrative style wouldn't have worked, but the style itself feels somewhat inconsistent. There are times when it feels like an extension of Adonis, but there are also moments where it seems to be commenting on him from a more distant, negative perspective. It will, in a short breadth of time, label him a bully and depict his actions as preying on people who are different than him for the sheer fun of it in a way that seems judgmental, and then turn back to labeling him a suave ladies man who gets what he wants. This may not be that big of a deal, but for me it was distracting, and at times it would leave me a bit confused about the his direction.

In summary, I feel like Adonis is a concept with a lot of potential, and I think if similar concepts are attempted in the future, there's a lot to learn from him. Adonis makes himself an object of disdain, contempt, and even hatred. To take a character like that and make them an object of pity, sympathy, and hope from a reader's perspective is the next challenge to be met.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Carlon and Paris finish off the queue! I'm closing it now, once this current batch of ten is done I will re-open it and probably expand a couple things.

Picking It Clean
Straight to the point. That might be good, in this scenario.

"We need to maximize how many people survive, agreed? That will allow us to last the longest. If someone really is looking for us, that will give them more time for them to find us. It will give us more time to come up with a plan to escape, if there's anyway out at all to do this. Just hiding isn't enough to do that though."

"I've run the math. According to the announcements, we've lost thirty-seven people in the last few days. Considering we left with, what, a hundred-fifty? That's not good. There's too much killing, and the pace is increasing. We've gone from eight deaths on the first day to twelve deaths on the second day and sixteen deaths yesterday. Some of those have been suicides, but a lot of them have come from people who have killed more than once. People who aren't just surviving. Murderers."

He paused for a moment, hesitating. "It's hard to say this. But for optimal survival we might...we might have to kill them. We have to find the people responsible for most of the deaths, and we have to make them stop, and I think for most of them, that's going to mean killing them first. If we can talk them down, strip them of weapons, keep them somewhere safe that we can watch them or something...that's good, but I don't know if that will work."

His mouth was dry. He couldn't believe he was voicing these ideas out loud. He had to get them out of his head though. "I've seen things, man. I've seen Gabby. I've seen what Theo did to her. I don't know how to make someone who would do that stop rationally."

The Resolution Thread 2014
My resolution is the same as it is every year.

Befriend a bear using only a jar of honey and my own two hands.

2014 is the year of the dream, baby.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
I'll have you know, sir, that Radical Red is not pink, and I am thoroughly offended that you would make such allegations.

(Audience Aside that Naft's not allowed to read: It's totally pink, and it's totally adorable. Don't tell him.)

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Let's get the ball rolling again with CRITIQUE: BRANDON BAXTER


Baxter is an interesting beast. Thematically, a lot of his threads seem to revolve around a singular theme: Restraint and control. Controlling his anger, or losing control of it, comes up in nearly every thread he participates in, with side-billing given to his reputation and inclination as a womanizer. While neither of these traits are particularly desirable, NotAFlyingToy manages to cut them with a sense of humor that relieves some of the external tension, and a narrative style that keeps them compelling despite the inherent urge to look away.

The best example of this, by far, is Right Down The Line It's Been You And Me. This thread is equal parts infamous and famous because of just how uncomfortable a read it is, in the best way possible. This is a pivotal point in Baxter's arc. This is where he loses his restraint. His next three threads, his last three threads, each show pivotal breakdowns in his overall demeanor. He loses control over his collected, posturing persona to Joe Carrasaco. He loses control of his aggression to Miranda Millers. And ultimately he loses control over his will to live, to even try to escape the danger zone, to the terrorists. In that moment, however, he returns to that central thesis by denying them the satisfaction of killing him and taking his own life. It was the only form of control he had left.

Powerful stuff.


All of that aside, I have one very major criticism of Baxter that impacts my ability to enjoy him: he feels, on reflection, very one-dimensional as a character. The two qualities mentioned above, his anger and his womanizing, are basically the only qualities that come up in the vast majority of his threads. The humor is also there, but it seems to take a back-seat to the other two and is used solely as a vehicle rather than being expressed as a strong, independent trait. It becomes a little bit frustrating because there are definitely some notes here or there that there's more to the character. Shock Treatment may be my favorite thread, even beyond the superb Right Down The Line, because we seen an entirely more human, realistic side to Baxter that doesn't really show up as strongly anywhere else.

This is further complicated by his death. I feel that had the character stayed in the game, the above issue would to some degree have worked itself out. His premature death seems to cut all of that off though, and deny him interaction and reflection that would have assisted in drawing him into a more illuminating narrative light. I must stress that none of these issues are do to bad or inconsistent writing. Everything listed above is written in a manner that is very tight and clear and compelling. But it is sad to watch the notes of other emotions and arcs echo through his main story and see much of them go unfulfilled.


I actually don't have much to nitpick about with this particular character. Baxter, I feel, is very polarizing. Right Down The Line illustrated that well. He has a lot of good qualities, and some side-effects that are not so good, and not much at all in the middle. Overall I think he's a solid base that just didn't have enough time to build up to the heights he could supported. I appreciate his presence, despite my frustrations about what might have been.

Turtle Draws Things
Awwwww Garrett <3

I would really like a drawing of Gabriel being all grumpy, but with a ferret sitting on his shoulder if that's not too much extra hassle. If it is, grumpy Gabriel by itself is fine!

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Quite welcome, my good man, I'm happy to be of assistance. :)

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!


I'm going to be upfront with the fact that R.J. is one of my favorite V5 characters, and what I love most about R.J. is how very, very human he is. There are a lot of characters that are good at outlining their thought process. There are a lot of characters that clearly illustrate their emotional state. There are even a decent amount of characters that do both. R.J. goes beyond that, in my opinion. He not only makes both of these things clear, he marries them into a seamless, natural state that is just smooth as can be to read. Beyond that, he grasps a full range of emotion that's subject to change based on circumstances and surroundings. He's made me laugh, rage, and sniffle all in one go, and I don't see any sign of that stopping. When he runs into another character who is similarly inclined, something magical happens. Dyspnoea, a thread where he encounters Joe Carrasco(another personal favorite) is one of the best interactions of V5, in my opinion, because of the crazy scope of emotion both of these characters manage to put out, and I think these kinds of interactions and events are were R.J. really shines. Un-Persona has also managed to use One-Shots really effectively to communicate these changes in emotional states, and interestingly enough, his first One-Shot is where R.J. really turns around for me after a stellar opening thread was followed by a couple sub-par scenes.


That being said, R.J.'s emotional scope is a double-edged sword. His ability to change sometimes feels a little too fast, like we're missing some of the details. His kill-thread just before Dyspnoea, I'll be Their Bogeyman, leads you on an emotional roller coaster that is heavy, but a bit muddy at times just because of how much we're experiencing. Time constraints or OOC issues might have been part of the problem here, but I feel like his kill and Lauren's death might have been better served if they'd both had a post or so each more to expand. The sudden jumps from fear of death to realizing he wants to live to the release of freedom to the horror of death are all very heady and complicated, and I could have done with a little bit more breathing room between them. It's a lot to think about, and I wanted to savor it all, but the pace made me feel like I didn't have time to.


And now it's time for Dumbass Soapboxing with Doc. There is something missing from R.J.'s posts, and it's an absence that's notable right after Lauren's death. It's something I really enjoyed about R.J.'s posts previously, and I'm really sad to see it all but eliminated from his recent work: Dark comedy. The fact is, even in awful situations like being trapped in the coffin, R.J. had a way of framing things that was just tragically comic and helpless, and I ate it up. After Lauren's death though, he seems to have slipped entirely into tragedy and self-loathing, and while I understand that from an IC perspective, I would love to see some of the OOC narrative start to reincorporate that. Those little breaks in the tension are so, so valuable when timed correctly, at least to me. I'd like to see more touches like his screaming in the coffin, or referring to Theo as Gangles. They were brief bright spots in otherwise very dark threads that accented how awful everything was, and that can be a powerful device.

I'm really looking forward to R.J.'s future. His alliance with Maddie and his status as a reluctant, miserable killer make him an intriguing wild card. I want to see where he goes, and how his status influences his future interactions. Keep rocking, my good man.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
I'm glad it was helpful! You keep being awesome, man, I'm really looking forward to seeing where Ami and Carlos go in the future.

R.J.'s critique is going up either tonight or tomorrow, just doing some final touches on the reading~

Picking It Clean
A small, quiet sigh escaped his lips. It sounded like resignation. It sounded like letting go.

It sounded like defeat.

"Matt..." he said slowly, "we're smart guys. We both know that stalling may not be an option."

He traced a finger along his color as we spoke. "We're limited by these. I used to think they'd never blow them, that they'd lose too much if they did that live. But if they're not live...nobody knows they're back yet. Nobody knows to look for us. They can work with what they have so far and just kill us. It won't be as effective, but if the deaths stop, I think they really will kill us."

He looked around nervously. "I have an...adjusted plan. One I've been thinking about pretty much non-stop the last couple of days. Still stalling, but with some caveats. If you're interested, we might be able to make it work with help."

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Right. I don't think there's anything left to really be said.

Gianni, I'd also like to sum up one more important thing that you should vote based on: Ricky's arguments are, by and large, based on his gut feelings. His personal biases. His big favor for Bikriki is based on trusting the fact that he's not lying, or if he is he has to be a member of the vampire mafia, and thus not a threat. Ignoring the statistical improbability of this, such as the fact that we've only had one night kill since the last vampire mafia lynch, it also ignores the fact that he would be playing to lose. If he were a part of the vampire mafia, his best move would be to defend the last remaining member of the Villain mafia, whoever he believes that is. Not lynch them.

If you want to vote for Decoy and Ricky, you have to trust Ricky's claim. You have to trust his personal leanings over all the compounded evidence. You have to believe his tunnel-vision instead of taking in all of the facts. You have to ignore the fact that he cherry-picks his arguments, like pointing out that Rugga went after me while ignoring the fact that Grim had been pushing for my lynch even longer than she had. You have to trust his willingness to wave away his role without a second thought while still scrutinizing Bikriki's in every conceivable way. You have to trust that instead of going after Toben's leads at the top of the day, he went after me, and only brought them up or even acknowledged them when Biki outed Decoy.

You have to ignore his opportunism. You have to ignore his single-mindedness. You have to ignore the complete and sudden transformation of his play-style in the end-game. You have to ignore that instead of evidence, he's leaning on accusation, intimidation, and obfuscation.

Where you want to stand at the end of this is up to you, mate. I hope it's with us. And Ricky, if you're really, truly not mafia, if you're really just town that's gotten caught up in a bad situation with an uniquely bastardy role, I hope you'll think about this and stop supporting Decoy before it's too late. Maybe there is one member from both scum factions left instead of two members from the same faction. Let's not let whoever is left tomorrow lynch you in their stead, and win the game in spite of all our hard work, if you're really on our side.


Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Cliff-notes closing arguments:
1. Decoy was defended by Grim, who we know was scum. Both of them have consistently tried to push me as a lynch. Ricky also started in on this at the beginning of today.

2. Bikriki's role fits literally textbook into this meta. It brings us up to the average number of protective/investigative roles that we usually see. Its restrictions all fit within the established parameters on Mafiascum. His actions make sense. There's basically no reason to doubt this claim.

3. Ricky's role does not fit the established meta of this game. There's no way to confirm it, it's completely unique, and we basically just have to take his word on it that he's not trying to screw us while defending a super-shady inactive and obfuscating the evidence.

4. Ricky's arguments are completely inconsistent. Instead of examining the facts, he looks at what would render Bikriki guilty and works backwards from there to try and make it fit. He condemns Bikriki with the same arguments he says don't apply to Decoy. He makes arguments and then drops them like crazy when they stop working, and the descends into generalities about "evidence" when he has none.

5. Ricky has consistently tried to discredit or strong-arm me into his coalition. Like Grim and Decoy before him, he seems to think I'm a big enough threat to keep pushing lynches on, but polarizing enough that I'm useful to keep around for a lynch push. Here's hoping that doesn't work out like they want it to.

6. Goose, if you vote with us, I'll do that thing you like. Y'know, with the pine-cones? (Alternative proposition: A solid month with no mention of butt-cones. I feel that this could be better than any sexual favor I could give you :P )

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Dec 27 2013, 02:33 PM
> Ignore that Bik showed up on the investigations and that Decoy didn't
> Trust an arguably more suspicious person's claim over reason and solid evidence
> Lol

>Ignore the fact that you have no proof of that and seem to be pulling it out of your ass.
>Ignore evidence from the wiki in favor of your own wacky bullshit.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Oh, and from the wiki:
In some role madness games or in games with multiple scum groups, the condition that Role Cop does not learn its target's alignment is not applied. Role Cops will learn the full role name of their targets. In particularly extreme cases this has been extended to the Role Cop receiving the entire Role PM of its target (with names and chat topic links deleted, of course).

in games with multiple scum groups, the condition that Role Cop does not learn its target's alignment is not applied. Role Cops will learn the full role name of their targets.

in games with multiple scum groups

Oh hey. What do we have again?

So not only is this claim more believable than yours, it has legitimate precedent instead of being 100% unique and out of nowhere and completely bastard. We have multiple scum groups. The role cop is limited by shots. He can only get, at best, two out of our 7 scum. As demonstrated here, he only got one of them, and it was kind of a coin-toss at that even when the game was down to four other people. That sounds pretty balanced to me.

I think we're done here.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Wrong and wrong.

"I'd like to hear more from Turtle and Goose, and Bik and Decoy." Decoy is mentioned in that list not because he was one of the targets, but because he hadn't said nary a damn thing all game (which I found pretty dang suspicious early on, but right now I'm pretty sure he's town).

It's interesting that this point keeps coming up. You're essentially wanting us to assume that Toben, knowing he was probably going to die that night, deliberately hid information from the town by lacing his lists with false positives. At this point, I'm willing to very, very tentatively accept that Goose was such a false positive, just because if he is scum and he is lying, we've already lost, and if he is town hiding a PR, then more power to him. But I'm not willing to take that leap with Decoy as well. Not when it potentially loses us the game. Decoy is still, by far, the most suspicious person left on that list, especially given that the second his name came up, he was defended by known mafia. I cannot stress this enough, and it's the most baffling thing about your defense of him. As soon as I mentioned him on Toben's list of reads, Grim was on top of me and trying to push back for my lynch and away from Toben's list of reads. That's not the least bit suspicious to you?

Bik: "My action revealed Decoy is the Villain Mafia Jailer." Double no. I'm afraid this is the SECOND major slip-up with your role-claim and if the last one I pointed out didn't convince people, then this definitely should: Role Cops don't reveal alignment.

This is generally true. You know what else is generally true? Millers don't show up on Watch actions.

Seriously. You have a ridiculous double-standard here. A two-shot rolecop who is literally the only chance the town has of a certain lynch in an at least 7 scum game is way, way more believable than a miller who not only probably shows up as suspicious to the flavor cop, but now shows up to cloud the results of the Watchers(but only sometimes.)

IF I was a Mafia jail keeper, and I used it for Mafia, it would only be useful on a Goon, and I wouldn't want to take out a Town power player, it would prevent that person from being taken out. On top of my previous role claim, this means either P-A's a real bastard mod or Bik's a liar.

You jail one person and kill another. Just like Mafias tend to role-block one person and kill another. It limits your utility a bit, but it's not in-feasible, it'd be far from the first time I've seen the mafia have a jailkeeper. Also, how is it particularly bastard with your role-claim of being a vanilla townie? I'm not following the logic at all here. This just seems like so much smoke strewn together to give the semblance of a response without giving off any real details.

Finally, I'd point out your record on mafia powers isn't fantastic this game, since if we'd listened to you, we wouldn't have lynched the Vampire Godfather because according to you, Godfathers can't be bulletproof.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
One more thing: No, Doc, it doesn't make sense for you to bus a team mate that you think is caught, because you yourself are already incredibly scummy. After all, you've been read as scum from near the very beginning and there's still a lot of unresolved evidence that supports this (Skraal trying to recruit you and that failing, for instance). You know that if your teammate falls, you're pretty much next and that'll be the end of you.

Oh hey, more narrative manipulation!

This doesn't make any sense. Are you saying that if I had voted for Grim, you still would have considered me the most scummy and led to me being lynched next? Because that was the only evidence for me being scum right now.

Skraal didn't fail to recruit me. She was killed before she got the opportunity. We know, for a fact, that that's how it worked. If Mason Recruiter died on Recruit, she would have died trying to recruit Bro. She didn't. That evidence has been dead for ages. You know it has, but you're trying to discredit me again because you know you don't have any actual evidence to support your case. This is a desperate bid from scum who has been caught way out. I applaud the effort, but it's hollow.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
If I have suddenly become very agressive, you have suddenly become very defensive and even angry in a few of your posts. All somebody has to do to observe this is read anything you wrote. You can't use character of that sort as 'evidence' when it paints you in an even darker light than me.

Defensive? Not really. I've barely had to defend myself at all. I will admit I'm getting a trifle irritated with the constant dodges, though, and the fact that I'm trapped in a situation where literally everyone has an at least passable case, with supporting evidence, to be lying to me.

I do not think Decoy is scum. I don't even remember him turning up in anybody's investigations, and this could very well be my faulty memory. PLEASE bring up where he was investigated, who he investigated, and why because you're being pretty vague so far. I'm outright asking you to jog my memory here

As I've said before, Toben listed him as one of the people who targeted Deamon. Decoy, Turtle, Goose, and Bikriki. Funny story: Only after Riki claimed did you start going back to that. When Decoy and Goose said that they were just townies, you didn't question them at all. You act as if Bikriki is the only possibility for the role-blocker, and you've never explained why. Instead, we get this:

Bik is, far and away, our best chance at scum. Toben had Bik turn up in his investigations, which Doc keeps somehow forgetting. We also know that as Rugga is town's roleblocker and that Deamon was blocked, this pretty much paints Bik as scum roleblocker. I thought this evidence was pretty clear, buuuuut that brings me to my next point.

I'm not forgetting it. I referenced it in the first post of the day. I've referenced it pretty much every day since it's been brought up. I've been increasingly vexed by the fact that Bikriki, Decoy, and Goose can't come up with reasons why they were listed. I explained at the beginning of the phase that I thought Bikriki and Goose were red herrings, and Decoy made the most sense as the actual roleblocker. You're cherry-picking the evidence to support your point.

Doc supported, against all evidence, Grim through pretty much everything. Also take into consideration that he got extremely defensive not just when I laid out my suspicions of him (which is entirely understandable) but of Bik.

Completely false. The minute I noticed that Dom pointed out that Grim claimed a dead role, I said I was comfortable hammering him. I even said earlier in the phase that it was probable he was mafia and that you were serial killer, but as a serial killer you were simply a better option, given Dom's reasoning. Once again, you misrepresent the facts to support your point.

Also take into consideration that he got extremely defensive not just when I laid out my suspicions of him (which is entirely understandable) but of Bik.

Also take into consideration that in his attack of Bik, Ricky said this to me:
Doc, this is two extremely shoddy claims in a row you've believed. I am inclined to believe that if we lynch Bik, we're going to catch scum. I'm staking my life in the game on it (no pun intended). Pretty much your only shot of proving to me that you're town is helping me take out what's basically a confirmed mafia roleblocker.

He personally stated that if I didn't vote for Bikriki, I was scum and I should be lynched next. And yet I'm defensive for responding to that? He's trying to manipulate the narrative. He's trying to restructure events to suit his story, and you should not let it work.

Finally, I want to address your claim. This is already getting long, so I won't quote it, but I want to highlight the fact that you've stated you shouldn't be scum because you're Spike. Well, we don't know that. We have no confirmation that you're Spike. We DO know that at least Turtle and Flare both had safe-claims to draw from. They both claimed flavor other than their own, and didn't end up getting counter-claimed. Spike may not even be in this game. Your defense is, by the mechanics of the game we've been playing, 100% falsifiable. If we do what you want and you're lying, scum still has 2 people in the same faction, and we lose. This is the final way you're trying to manipulate the narrative to suit your purposes. At this point, I'm comfortable saying it's an out and out lie.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
It is pretty much up to you, Goose. I'm more inclined to believe that you're legitimately innocent and a red herring from Toben. So, I guess it comes down to this: Who are you more inclined to believe right now?

I think the evidence lies on Riki and I's side. Ricky has suddenly become a lot more aggressive this phase, and he's been misrepresenting a lot of the evidence from earlier in the game as well as the general mechanics. He keeps shifting attention away from the fact that Dom caught him targeting Rugga, and there's just no precedent for his argument at all. Most importantly, Decoy is still our strongest bet. He's confirmed by two investigative roles, one of which we know was telling the truth. I strongly stand by the idea that we should lynch Ricky after Decoy flips scum, but right now I think Decoy is definitely, definitely our best bet based on all of that.

The main argument from Ricky's block is that the game shouldn't be structured in such a way that allows Biki to be a role cop, and that I defended Grim. But at the risk of going full WIFOM, I think that should be considered a point in favor of me being town, not in favor of me being scum. The fact is, I didn't see him claim a dead person, and I'm guessing from your post yesterday that you didn't either. Ricky would paint that as some kind of painfully obvious scum slip-up, but I think we can both understand it's an honest mistake. And if I were scum, logistically it would make sense at this point in the game to automatically bus any team-mate who managed to get captured, because of how close we are to the end-game and how valuable credibility is right now.

And who did that? Ricky.

That's my case. Decoy was caught by Toben in the mid-game. There were enough other suspects that Grim was able to defend him. Ricky and Grim were both caught by Dom yesterday. One of them had to go down, and they opted for Grim, most likely because his one shot was already spent. Now Ricky's trying to finish the job by protecting Decoy, and discrediting his loudest detractor: Me. When that didn't work, he tried to persuade me over to vote against Biki with ultimatums and uncertainty. But no matter how much he harps that Biki's claim can be easily disproven, he's yet to disprove it. He has no evidence. He and Decoy are the ones that have been caught at the scene of the crime.

Decoy and Ricky are our last remaining mafia. I hope you choose to help us take them down.