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The First Rule of Debate Team
Garrett would be all over this in a heartbeat, without even a second thought.

The Song Game
Garrett: Fix Me - 10 Years is a clear choice for him, and one of the songs I've been using while writing his profile and running theories. It fits well, and the chorus really drives home the core of his personality while the duality of the video expresses his quiet fears well. An honorable mention goes to Musical Chairs - Fair to Midland

Alfred: I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin Alfred's naivete is almost defiant. He does not simply blind himself to the horrors of the world, but rather dehumanizes and rationalizes them away, making them part of a separate dimension that, in theory, cannot affect his.

Lee: Illuminated - Hurts Lee is a seeker. If he wants information, he gets it. To him, it's all Illuminated, and that's just how he likes it.

Survivor Mafia: Sign-ups
Signing in/up/what have you.

Homestuck Mafia: Fallout Thread
Am I reading it correctly that the night that all the actions were randomized, every single kill landed on me? Because I'm going to assume the mafia gods-that-be just hate me if that is the case. I think I was officially the victim of a drive-by smiting.