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Last Days
Water. When was the last time he drank? It was all too goddamn fuzzy to tell right now. So angry, so driven, so close, and then it all just kinda fell apart in the doorway.

What'd he been looking for?

There were hands on him. A bottle at his lips. Too tired to care about the former, or to question the latter. He just drank it down before clunking back against the frame. Couple seconds passed, and he looked up. Some girl he didn't know feelin' on his neck, and Liz.

A hoarse chuckle came out as he saw her. Couldn't really say way, just felt right to his spinning head. "Thought you were..." But he lost the sentence. "Hadn't...hadn't seen you since..."

Harry crossed his mind. The pain welled up across his face, but the rest of the words wouldn't come. Just jangled around in his head, too quick to catch.

They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought
Safety in numbers, right? That was the idea. Bad things didn't happen in groups. All the bodies she'd seen had been alone, and they left them alone. Friends could protect you from them. Maybe.


As they walked away from Jane's body, though, Irene had to wonder if friends could really do anything for you here. If Tina, or Josh, or Jane, had actually died alone and vulnerable. It was a miserable idea, dying out here with nobody around but your murderer. But was it more or less miserable than the idea that you weren't alone, that maybe you had friends all around, and they couldn't do anything for you. And when you died, they just left you.

Her hand squeezed Johnny Three as she pictured Hannah and Liv out there alone. She hadn't seen them since. She was going to find them now, and when she did...

Hadn't thought that far ahead yet. But she'd do something. She wouldn't be helpless. Not anymore.

((Irene Djezari Continued Elsewhere))

(Skipping Post Order To Exit Thread)

And that was that. The proper order was in place, and they could move on.

She gave Jazz a tight squeeze and a smile once Nancy had left. "C'mon. We should keep moving too, boo." Things were looking way up. Oskar was a wild card that had to be handled delicately, but Jazzy? Jazzy was a known quantity. One that she could definitely work with a lot easier.

A little voice in the back of her head kept reminding her that they couldn't get out of this together. Only one person left. Those were the rules. That was okay, though.

Caedyn was used to only following the rules she liked anyway.

((Caedyn Miller Continued In Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge))

Last Days
The voices were all fuzzy. Hard to pick out exactly what anyone's saying. Hell, hard to pick out exactly who anyone was. Ty just sank against the doorway on his way to the floor, struggling to keep his feet steady and his eyes open. Cards on the table, it wasn't working out so well. He was already hunched in the floor with his lids drooping in the fog.

He tried to mumble out a few words, but even he wasn't real sure what he was trying to say at this point. Never was too good with words anyhow. He only managed to choke one out before he slumped to the floor. Only fair that it was the last fuckin' one he'd say with a clearer head.


They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought

Way to put me on the spot, man. The whole team-up, pair off thing had flown over her head, but now that it'd been pointed out it was hard to ignore. That emphasis on her being the one he knew, when honestly she only had half an idea who he was, was seriously wigging her out. Cass and Trav seemed to have covered all that though. She just kinda nodded along while they spoke, since they were making sense.

"Splitting up is a bad idea."

The words just kinda spilled out of her mouth. She didn't wanna get involved with this, they had it under control. The images kept flashing through her head, though. "Everyone's dying alone," she whispered quietly. "It's safer to be together." Jane was proof of that, right there in front of them.

Last Days
((Ty Yazzie Continued From In A World Of Shit))

That voice.

Couldn't remember if he slept. Probably didn't. Sleep weren't safe. Never safe. Beans could nab him.

No. Beans wasn't here. Nobody was here. He was alone.

Not alone. There was voice. Lotsa voices, but one caught him by the ear. Somethin' important about it. Different for some reason.

Gotta see. Gotta stumble up into the doorway, dirty and haggard and looking like hell, and figure out why it was calling to him.

Eyes wanted to dart right quick to figure it out, but they could only laze across the room until he caught sight of Lizzie.

"Motherfucker..." Low, rumbled, slurred, hardly even English. A familiar face, but not the kind he'd been hoping for. Didn't know what he was hoping for. Hope weren't much use here so far. Just turned to shit.

That's why he was alone. Shoulda stayed that way.

Nancy kept asking questions as if she expected answers. Deserved them. That wasn't how this dynamic was going to work. It didn't work back home, and it sure as hell wasn't going to work here, gun or no gun. It was starting to look like some kind of trend: all these uppity little nobodies and clingers who decided now was the time to grow a spine and act like they meant something. It was pretty pathetic, especially 'cuz she'd almost bought into it. Just yesterday morning death had seemed very, very real.

But death was no more real for her here than failure was at home. The system hadn't changed unless people bought into a new one. She was still a winner, and people like Nancy, Jane, and Oskar were still losers. She was still something, and they were still nothing.

Nancy didn't deserve her fear or her respect. Not right now. Jazzy deserved her answer though. One of her hands traced around to the small of her back as she kept her eyes focused into Nancy's. "Downstairs. I'd avoid him if you wanna leave. Oskar's gone a little crazy."

In A World Of Shit
"Thank you, Ty."

"I'm here for you, Ty."

"I appreciate you saving my fucking life, Ty."

Clarice hadn't said any of this shit to him, or anything like it. It was all tense little nods and barely hidden contempt and nothing that did anything but piss him off more.

Fuck it. She didn't want him around. And he lived by a very simple rule to help him get by when he started getting too hot to control himself.

Walk away.

((Ty Yazzie Continued In Last Days))

They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought
Wade was...a guy. A guy Irene knew. Technically. It felt like the universe was throwing in her face how surface level most of her connections where one more time though, what with him focusing in on her out of everybody here. I mean, he was here, and a live, so maybe she should be happy to see him just for that? Was that enough? Or would that be freaky?
Was she staring? Did this look really stupid?

She gave him a quick little wave. "Heeeeey..."

So. This is what they were doing. A bunch of people who didn't know each other all that well, standing around bumping into each other and trying to pretend the whole thing wasn't painfully awkward.

Fuck. They were right. High school never ends.

Caedyn's eyes narrowed on the gun across the hall as soon as Nancy announced herself. She wasn't going to hurt them. The little nobody was already getting ready to run, and there wasn't any patience for that. She was happy to melt into the role of the lover for a moment, but if Nancy wanted to make her a predator again...

Well she'd be happy to perform.

"Could you not?" Her heart was pounding. Jazzy would be able to feel her tension, her anxiety, but she wouldn't let any of it show to the rodent down the hall. It could be handled easily enough. "We're all killers here. You can, like, spare the fucking theatrics, okay?" Her head cocked backwards towards the stairwell. "I heard you talking. You wouldn't hurt Jazzy, and if you tried to hurt me, there's a boy with a gun downstairs who would get very, very upset." The tight hug she held her girlfriend in helped still the trembling of her body. "Either put that away or get out of here before he sees it. You don't wanna end up like the last girl that threatened us."

People needed to understand their place. Caedyn saw the same sort of uppity look in Nancy's eyes that had been in Oskar's when he told her to leave. Give someone a gun and let them kill a couple people and suddenly they forgot their position in the whole social pecking order. Maybe they thought it was done and now they were at the top.

But obviously she wasn't. If she was, she would have shot them, and she wouldn't be trying to run away. She just wanted to feel like someone important. As if she had authority.

Caedyn would disabuse her of that notion here and now, before it became trouble later. It'd be nice if Oskar would actually turn up to back up her threat though.