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Hab Da Sleepover
With the door open, Abby kept her hands focused on cradling and petting Babushka as the three of them wandered into the yard. Hatchpatch slinked out of his hiding place in the living room and started to wander forward before Abby shot him The Look(TM) and he let out a grumpy mewl. As soon as Cristo was outside with her, she shut the door with her foot to keep him in.

She shook her head at Cristo's question and started walking towards Elvis's dog house. "Noooot really, he nibbles mostly for now if he gets antsy, he's real tiny. He's friendly for the most part as long as you're gentle, though!" The sounds of people coming into the hard seemed to wake Elvis up, causing him to groggily stand up and trot out of his doghouse towards the new boy beside his owner, sniffing curiously around his feet.

Time To Open Up
Dorothy seemed like a nice enough gal, Ty decided. She and Brendan were good folk to hang around. Even though this wasn't normally his scene, and he probably looked like a damn goofy mess to them, they weren't saying anything or getting on his case, so he was pretty at ease. He was glad Bee had decided to bring him along after all. Helped take the edge off of things at home, and keep his mind off of...

Nah. He wasn't gonna think about a certain car carrying a certain smart-ass pulling up to a certain house in a few certain days. He was here to get away from all that mess.

Now, there was some temptation in the itching, mischievous corner of Ty's brain that he never quite managed to grow out of to repeat his new mantra towards Bernie's latest request. He had a role to keep up, after all, and Bartleby never cracked once he set his course in. This was pretty heavily balanced by the more rational side of his brain that both new better than to fool around with the details of one of her plans, and looked forward to whatever fireworks she was fixing to cook up. In response, he gave her a grin and sneakily dotted her nose with a blue-stained finger. "I'm in."

Prize Fighter
The sounds of the scramble along the hill drew Abby's attention away from her contented hound. She turned around and caught sight of Ben walking over to check on Noah sprawled out across the ground. At first she was concerned, but from the look of things he seemed to be okay, so she gave Elvis's leash a gentle tug and started to wander over. "C'mon, boy!"

Elvis lazily turned his head and perked up at the sight of more people. His stubby legs carried Abby along as he scrambled over, barking and panting with what looked very much like a big, goofy grin on his face from Abby's perspective. She waved two the two boys as they came over and called out. "Hey there! Ya'll right, Noah?" Everything seemed to be okay from a distance, but it never hurt to check.

Elvis seemed keen on getting a more personal look at Noah's well-being, bounding over to the edges of his leash and sticking his slobbering face just over the prone boy's squared fingers.

Hab Da Sleepover
A glance out the window told Abby that Elvis was still sleeping in his doghouse, like he usually was at this time of day. "We can take Babushka outside, Elvis usually likes her. We'll need to make sure Hatchpatch doesn't sneak out after us though, they're always fighting." Babushka chimed in an agreeable mewl from Abby's arms, lifting her head at the mention of her name.

Granny didn't seem to object to them going outside, since they would be just outside the window, and Cristo's mom seemed okay with it, so she grinned and nodded towards the side door. "This way! It's a nice little house, I think Dad was out there for a good Saturday afternoon. He wanted to give Elvis a comfy place to hang out without Hatchie bothering him." She hesitated a little bit as she stepped towards the door, and hoped Cristo would open it for her so she didn't have to navigate the screen with Babushka. Little Horn was the pet people tended to get stuck on, and she didn't want to run Cristo off or scare his mom. Still, her parents always told her that it's best to be honest about everything. "Hognoses are funny nosed snakes," she started, " with this kinda upturned lip, makes 'em look like they got a snout like a pig? We have to be real careful if we go see him, 'cuz he's just a baby and he gets scared. He sits right in my hand, though!"

Ice Cream Truck Beat

Ice cream was the kind of thing you didn't really make a case against. Unless it would, y'know, kill you or something. Then maybe you could get away with it. Otherwise though, it was pretty much the shit. That'd be why despite knowing for a fact that one half of the Brooks brothers was working the counter today, he was rolling into Diamondback's with a smile.


Things would probably stay pretty frosty while he was inside. Danny got all weird when he was around. Well, weirder than usual, which was saying something. Oskar probably wouldn't be an ass, but he reeeeaaally didn't want anything to do with that noise. The dude was kinda a spastic overachiever and way thirsty for attention, and Isaac's well of fucks was bone-dry today. This was a simple in and out job, no need for complications.

He tried to keep that in mind as his eyes drifted around the parlor and his feet carried him up to the counter, searching for what kind of trouble he could get into in here if he tried. Purely for speculation's sake to keep his mind occupied while he waited for Danny to get it together, of course. He'd never mess with a guy during his work hours, Scout's Honor.

Course, he never did do much with the Scouts, so maybe his "honor" was a little patchier than it should have been. He didn't figure on that being an issue, though.

Time To Open Up
((Ty Yazzie Continued From For the people all said "Sit down, you're rocking the boat."))

Sometimes, Ty had to take a step back and wonder exactly how he'd got where he was in life. Now, he was at school, so that was simple enough: he'd pulled in on the family truck this morning, like he did most days. He was also in the the art room, which wasn't too hard to figure out either, on account of him wandering in on his own two feet with some slight encouragement from his busy Bee. Where things went pear-shaped, in his mind, was the fact that he was sat in front of a canvas, lazily spreading blues and whites and greens and browns with his fingertips in some vague attempt to paint an ocean and a towering white whale coming together to crush his motley mind's eye crew. That wasn't altogether like him, truth be told. He figured, though, that if he was gonna do this whole painting thing again as a couples' activity with Bernie to hang out with her and her friends, he might as well pick up where he left off with the whole thing back in preschool damn near fourteen years ago.

To their credit, everybody else seemed to be both better at this and taking it more seriously than he was. Dorothy was across the room working at some bracelets, and offering one up to Brendan with just a touch of awkwardness. He didn't know much about Dorothy, and barely more about Brendan, but they seemed like good folk. Bee seemed to shine to Brendan, and anybody that got her to vouch for them sat at least around neutral with him these days, unless they got it stuck in their craw to sink lower. For her part, his bemused muse was offering him another paintbrush for what had to be the dozenth time in as many minutes, and for the dozenth time in as many minutes he shook his head and gave her a wry smile with a cryptic "I prefer not to."

Maybe he was being a little childish about getting pulled out of Bartleby to come paint with her at the drop of the hat, but in his mind if he couldn't finish that damn story, and if it was gonna rattle around in his head until he did, he might as well let the most frustrating parts of it out to marinate in everybody else's skull too. Seemed only fair, really.

Prize Fighter
((Abby Floyd+A Dog continued from Extraordinary Machine))

Walking Elvis was a pretty good time for Abby, in general. He went at a nice pace when he wanted to, he always had something he wanted to explore, and he was pretty good about doing his business in the grass so people would walk through any leavings she missed with the scooper. For the most part, he was a pretty considerate dog.

For the most part.

The darn trick with him is that every once in awhile, he'd just decide he was done for a bit without warning, and collapse on whatever surface he'd been ambling along on. In this case, he'd encouraged her over into the empty baseball diamond, and when she'd seen there was nobody playing she was pretty content to let him head wherever he wanted. It was only when he made it to home plate and unceremoniously flopped all over it that things got a bit complicated. Normally it was fine to just leave him and wait in the grass, but there might be somebody needing to use the field. It was supposed to be a baseball day, at least she felt like somebody at school had mentioned that in the halls. Maybe she just pulled it plum out of the ether, though. There didn't seem to be anybody around.

Hab Da Sleepover
Abby smiled as the walked along behind Granny towards the kitchen to the steady thunk of her cane. "Two cats," she started,"Babushka and Hatchpatch. He's hiding around here somewhere. Elvis is my dog, he's out back in the little house Dad made for him, but we could go see him if you wanna, he'd like you!" She smiled and glanced up the stairs as they passed. "Then up there's my canary and my hognose are upstairs in my room, if you wanna see them, and my guinea pig's in the den."

Granny started chuckling as she buzzed on, and threw a glance over her shoulder to the group. "Tadpole's got a regular menagerie around here. If she and Mike had their way, whole house'd be a zoo. He was the same way when he was a boy, y'know." They rounded the corner into the kitchen, and Granny shifted behind the counter to make drinks. "Ya'll take anything special in your tea? Sugar's out, and I could prolly hunt up some lemon 'n honey if you're fixin' for it."

In Regards to Jane Madison and Isaac Brea
I'll put in for Isaac, since Abby's headed towards Meanwhile only and I lurv him :)

Hab Da Sleepover
It was hard to pull her attention away from the adorable spectacle that was Cris meeting Babushka for the first time, but she did her best and made a quick mental check. "Uuuuh," she started as her eyes drifted up towards her forehead, "Dad had to go into town to talk to somebody, but he should be back in a jiffy. Granny's in the kitchen, and I think Papa's in the clinic doing inventory?"

That's where she'd left him, at least. She knew he wanted to wrap things up before company got here and make a good first impression. He'd be along any minute. Creaking floorboards and the sound of a rubber stopper hitting wood signaled that Granny was coming down the hall just before her voice crackled through the hallway. "Two out of three ain't bad, tadpole," she chuckled as she ambled her way to the door, flashing a toothy smile to their guests. "Evening ya'll. I'm Margaret, Abby's grandmother." She held out a hand to Ms. Morales through the door. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am. Ya'll like to come in for a spell? I made a mess a ice tea for the little ones to go with their fixins, but I reckon they won't be too disappointed if we skim a glass or two."

Hecate on Roman Halloween
((Caedyn Miller Continued From Hot Problems))

Trivia night was kind of an inherently terrible idea. It was like a test you volunteered for. Who even does that? Like, what kind of nerd did that? There were probably prizes, or something, but that kind of chintzy thing was just, like, the Man stringing you along with shiny trinkets down to Babylon. No need to get caught up in all that nonsense when you were as enlightened as she was.

Besides, she could find a higher quality version of what they were giving away online for a fraction of her allowance.

Caedyn wasn't here to take part in whatever little show Cheryl's was putting on. She was here for two things: that bomb-ass clam chowder they cooked up in the back, and to watch what was basically a petting zoo of nerdlings topple over each other to show the mirror mirror on the wall that they were, without a doubt, the nerdiest of them all.

Take Nerd One and Nerd Two over there. She sorta recognized the first guy as Henry, a gothy, gangly kid that she saw around school all the time. Jah, did she ever think that look really worked? Maybe it had for her, because what didn't, but it definitely wasn't for him. He looked like a sad raccoon. Yeah, that was exactly it. Just, like, a really depressed raccoon, and that didn't even make sense, because what do raccoons have to be sad about? Didn't he see Over The Hedge? Avoid bears, and the raccoon life is pretty, y'know, kush.

He was also way too bubbly to be a goth. He was just so jazzed to be here, and that made the whole thing weirder. It's like, pick an aesthetic and live it. You don't get to be all dark and brooding with your look and then happy and outgoing when you step out the door. How did that make any sense?

She smirked over her bowl as he enthusiastically started to drag the more apathetic Asher into this whole thing. She didn't know much about Asher, but she wasn't exactly who she pictured hanging out at one of these things. From the sounds of it, he hadn't either.

There was some juicy potential awkwardness there. She had a pretty good feeling that this wasn't going to disappoint.

Hab Da Sleepover
Abby practically flew down the hall as she heard the doorbell ringing. All of the snacks were ready in the kitchen, Granny had helped her set up all kinds of movies and games to pick from, there were pillows and blankets for every kind of fort they could imagine, and almost all of her fluffier friends were accounted for somewhere. All that was missing was her bestest friend in the entire world, and if that bell meant anything, he was finally here!

A flash of grey along the hardwood floor sent her sock-feet skidding and tumbling so as not to crash into the timid cat that had finally popped out of hiding. She flopped to the floor with a thud. "I'm fine," she called out quickly to no one in particular, scampering back to her feet and reaching out for the ball of shiny grey fur watching her from a few feet away. Babushka crawled up into her arms and purred happily with a glance up at her face, making her giggle. "You wanted to meet him, didn't you girl?"

Together, they made their way to the front door. Abby carefully balanced the armful of cat as she opened it up and beamed up at Cris and his mom. "Hi Cris, hi Mrs. Morales!" Babushka's curious eyes lifted up towards Cris's face as she held her out to him. "Babushka wanted to say hi too!"

Cochise High Clubs and Teams
Abigail Floyd: Cooking Club, Volunteering Club, Bible Study(who knows if we even have one but if we do she's all upons), Tutoring(Gives).

Ty Yazzie: Book Club, Wrestling Team.

Ulysses Fury: Anime Club, Debate Team.

Caedyn Miller: Art Club, Drama/Theater, Yearbook Committee.

Hot Problems
Jah, nobody was any fun today. All this self-improvement and friendship tralalala was nice and touching and she could probably squeeze some decent shipping artwork out of it if she was watching it on a screen, but in real life it was supes boring. Haze was off in her own little world talking about acting or reading or something like that, and Cass was being all, y'know, Cass-y, and neither one of them seemed like they'd be stirring up any trouble at all. Snore.

Caedyn pulled out her phone and pretended to engage in an urgent spree of texting, like there was something new and exciting drawing her attention away from the room. She walked out without even looking up, letting them sort themselves out as she headed out the door. There wasn't anything pressing, persay, for her to run off to, but she wanted them to at least think that there was, and anything had to be more interesting than this.

((Caedyn Miller Continued In Hecate On Roman Halloween))

Extraordinary Machine
Things seemed to be moving along steadily, with Joshie getting back to his work and Noah moving right along to his next destination. Abby didn't want to be rude and make them linger on with her, plus she should probably check to the time to make sure she wasn't going to be late to class because of brownies for the second time today. She gave Josh a quick wave and a smile as she turned to head down the hall. "Bye Joshie! Good luck and let me know if you need any help drumming up more bakers, hun!"

With that, she bounced along the hall to class, visions of baked goods and recipes dancing around the back of her mind.

((Abby Floyd Continued Elsewhere))

For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat."
Welp. That accomplished about as much as he could have hoped, which turned out to be pretty much nothing. Had a civil conversation, sorta, with Jeremy though. Could check that one off the ol' bucket list.

Ty gathered has bag and pushed up off the tree, headed for home.

((Ty Yazzie Continued In Time To Open Up))

[FIN] For Those Alone in the Blackest Night
Love, Ty reflected, was a damn tricky word. Who the hell knew what it really meant? For instance, he loved his mom. He loved Atsa. He loved Elan, Marcus, and Franklin. He loved his father. Deep down, he probably even loved Obinze and Yetunde. Most of them loved him too, in their own way. They were a family, and with all the shit they went through they needed to be together. They tried to support and accept each other, in their own way, and keep the peace. That was love for them. What he felt for Bee wasn't quite that straight-forward.

He'd been attracted to women before. There was certainly a hell of a lot of that at play here, but Bee was far from his first girlfriend, and farther from the first girl to ever catch his eye. He wanted her, and he wanted to be wanted by her, and that was powerful enough on it's own that he figured you could probably call that love too, though maybe a shakier one. There was more to it than that, though.

There was also the sense of respect and admiration certain people drew out of him. Close family members, coaches, teammates, heroes, all that jazz. That was probably some kind of love too. He'd come to respect Bee that same way, and to want to be a better person for her. Her approval and understanding was valuable in ways he still couldn't quite grasp. But even that wasn't the core of what he felt like they were talking about here.

Truth be told, Ty couldn't have said for sure if what they had qualified objectively as "love," or if love was even a thing that had a meaningful definition that two or more people could agree on. But he admired her. He respected her. He desired her. He'd move a goddamn mountain piece by piece if it made her struggle just a little smoother.

Ty brushed Bee's hair as she pressed her face against him, and craned his head down to give her a soft smile. "Nah. Not one bit. Matter a fact, I'm pretty sure I love you too, Bee. Ain't that a coincidence?"