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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Jan 30 2017, 08:29 PM
Doc reframes me calling out Flare for scumreading a detractor and a vulnerable target as me being the one scumreading detractors. In other news, I knew a cooperative Doc was too good to be true.

(In the spirit of screw the torpedos, and a bonus helping of irony, your Town is in serious need of renewal. You are buddying past the point of reason, and I'm getting really annoyed at being told who I can and can't scumread when you don't even have a read yourself. -_-)

Your reads have stagnated on Frogue, and I'm not seeing it.
Oh honey, when have I ever been cooperative? It's not in my nature.

Still not taking the obvious bait here, though. Vyse is playing a pretty typical scum game for when he's caught off guard and trying to create distractions wherever he can. He's fighting the battle for Gramps, who hasn't chimed in at all since the Zetsu push, while trying to mention him as little as possible and claim any pushes on him are "weak" or "stagnant" or he "just doesn't get them."

It's pretty blatant scum buddying. Don't let him distract you. Frogue's our guy.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Vyse reads his detractors as scum. In other news, water is wet. ;)

Deamon's actually pushing some activity along pretty well, giving a soft town-read there. Flare and Espi are still nulls, I'm having a hard time getting a good pulse on either of them.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I do wanna reiterate my thing with the Vyse/Flare conflict is less "Flare isn't scummy and we should all ignore him" and more "this is strike 2 of Vyse going hard on a distracting push out of nowhere." I think we've already got good leads, especially with Frogue, and Vyse steering completely clear of him and just kinda blowing off all of that makes me suspect that Vyse and Frogue are scum buddies. I'm a big fan of getting that Frogue lynch today, as I feel he's the one that's most suspicious out of the pair, and if he does flip scum I wanna look at Vyse next.

Goshou Resort
If she was thinking things through, she'd have a lot of questions about this. This wasn't what she figured Heaven would look like, and she didn't expect to just wake up there. There didn't seem to be any angels, or any clouds, or passed family members waiting to be reunited. Instead, it looked a lot like a resort, and if she was thinking more clearly that might be something to plop down and think about.

Instead, she was running as fast as she could towards the boy on the couch who looked a lot like Cristo. It was Cristo, definitely, he didn't just look like him. She didn't care if she was dreaming or dead or hallucinating or whatever, because after all this she just wanted to enjoy what was happening for a little bit. She flew into him and wrapped her arms tighter around him than she ever had before. They crashed into the back of the couch with her tear-stained face buried into his chest. "You're okay, thank God you're okay, you're okay..."

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Jan 29 2017, 02:50 PM
I also don't like how Doc is auto-townreading weaker players. He should know better by now. -_-

Not auto-townreading, I just learn from history. Flare may or may not be scum, but he also has a tendency to look like scum no matter what. As such I feel like there's better targets to chase on day one where the town is most vulnerable to an easy mislynch.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Chasing Flare is making me more suspicious of Vyse. He should know better by now. This happens to Flare every game and it so rarely ever ends in him actually being scum. I'll need to ISO Flare when I have more free time to see if there's actually something out of the ordinary worth chasing, but for now this isn't looking fantastic.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Jan 28 2017, 09:38 PM
Hey Paige, have you got any reads on people other than those three?
Will probably do a full read list tomorrow when I'm not about to go to bed, for now no strong townreads, townleans for Vyse/Zetsu, suspicions on Biki/Grim, scumreads on Gramps/Brackie.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Jan 28 2017, 09:43 PM
Whoops been a long time since I was ninja'd like that, top score.

Anyways, what made me fall off your suspects list, Paige? That in itself actually makes me suspicious.
You're still on it. You're just not pertinent to the Zetsu discussion. You're scum #2 behind Gramps.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
So, quick and dirty breakdown. The absolute best option for scum during a dayphase is a mislynch, and good scum are always looking for a chance to start pressure on somebody and get a good train going. Especially somebody relatively new, because they might just crumple under that pressure. You waste some town time, and if you're lucky you can get that golden mislynch out of it. I think given the immediate response from Gramps and Biki to Vyse's initial push, somebody in that group is scum looking for that mislynch.

Vyse Scum Pros: Vyse starts this kinda random push on Zetsu and opens the door for more pressure. He's super good at this kind of thing and it's a very Vyse tactic, especially because Zetsu is giving him some pushback. Vyse doesn't go hard on this particular push, so it leaves a lot of room for over-eager town or other scum to over commit and get the work done while his hands stay clean.

Vyse Scum Cons: I think Vyse is coming off genuinely real confused. That could be good acting, but there's a difference between Vyse when he's pretending to not know what's going on and when he just straight doesn't. I'm feeling the latter case right here. He also doesn't nurse this as well as he should and backs off of it a little too easily. There are two good reasons he might do this: he's town who is fishing, or he's scum and other scum is on the train and getting too hot. If Vyse flips scum, I really wanna look at Frogue as a suspect as well.

Gramps Scum Pros: There are two big things here. The first is that Gramps follows up on the push that Vyse starts and gives it most of its momentum. He goes real hard on this, and it feels like proactive scum gunning for the lynch way over-eagerly. Before it was just pinging me, but with the committal that went on afterwards this feels really strongly like a scum move to me and Gramps has become my prime suspect for day one. I am not liking what I'm seeing one bit from a town perspective.

Gramps Scum Cons: So, here's the thing. Gramps is kind of an argumentative uppity git in general, and usually for literally no reason? Like, I can't count the number of intense arguments we've had where it turns out neither of us really knows anything or gives that much of a shit about the position we're defending. So I look at this with a grain of salt and have to wonder if he's actually trying to accomplish something with the Zetsu thing(because if he is, it's almost definitely a scum move), or he's just being himself and getting into a fight because there's somebody willing to fight back and he really wants to be right. It's hard to say, but I'm leaning towards scum for safety.

Biki Scum Pros: Biki wears his intent pretty plainly in the one post he gives. It looks a lot like solo scum chiming in trying to get that lynch pressure rolling now that Vyse and Gramps have started to commit. He's not looking to be the driving force here, and he even backs off relatively quickly and tries to distance himself from the wagon, but it's a post with a loooot of maneuverability, and that makes me squint. Had people not stuck up for Zetsu and pushed back with confusion and a need for explanation, it left him in a pretty good spot to keep fueling while maintaining minimal contact. I think if Biki does flip scum, he's probably in it alone and Vyse and Gramps are good. Always a chance not, but that's my gut read.

Biki Scum Cons: He might be telling the truth. His contribution is ambiguous enough that you definitely can't say he pushed as hard as Vyse or Frogue. I don't trust that backing out, but I also don't feel strongly enough to nail him.

So, in order of suspicion:






Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Getting some maximally ungroovy vibes from this random push on Zetsu. Among Riki, Vyse, and Gramps, somebody is scum. 99% sure of that. Hard to tell which one, good reasons for all three, someone please poke me if I forget to expand when I get home tonight.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Unvote: VysePresident

Vote: Brackie.

Scummy non-committal bullshit is scummy. ;)

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Jan 28 2017, 06:38 AM
Don't have anything to say yet but I will point out that asking a bunch of pointless questions and having people respond to it is a very good way of drumming up what looks like activity when in all actuality you're not doing anything. :)
Gonna defend this a bit actually. Asking these sorts of questions cares less about the actual answers and more about how you answer. It's a game within a game. The activity it drums up helps get a feel for what kind of style everyone's bringing to the game this round and where their head's at and lets you draw some meta conclusions from there, and gives you a sort of neutral state to test them against later on when things start getting real heated with giving and taking pressure. It's also a good way to catch scum eager beavers who wanna earn a lot of town points and be a Totally Normal Citizen, Yo way too hard.

Brackie could be scum, or could be rusty, or could just not play the meta game. Right now I'm leaning towards A or C. Shade's fun and all but throwing critiques about activity without alternatives is either a bad town play or a good scum play because it knots up discussion. So far he's at the top of my suspect's list 'cuz I don't really care about inactives at this phase and the rest of the people pinging me are the usual crew below.

I'm a little less suspicious of the cut of Deamon's jib at this point since it seems like it's just Deamon doing Deamon things. Grim's pinging me but it's another one of those cases where Grim ALWAYS pings me and he's almost always town when I'm riding him so I'm willing to just let that one lie as a gut instinct for now. Same for Frogue, Gramps is just a slippery creature that's hard to keep a finger on in any context. All three have potential to flip scum in my opinion, but that comes with a big ol' scoop of salt because, like, I think they're scum every time.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
General Goose
Jan 27 2017, 04:02 PM
Have I ever admitted that I've never actually watched/read Battle Royale before

because here it is
Oh goodie are we finally airing out this sin? I read like half of the manga before finding SotF through its tropes page and becoming waaaay more interested.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Kinda side-eyeing Deamon to be honest. This is pretty typical Lore shenanigans and I'm not reading it as the beginning of anything serious. Deamon's post seems to suggest he thinks it's an indication that joke voting is already over and Lore/Zetsu are seriously going at it. It's a little bit of soft reframing that feels potentially scummy to me.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Role received!

Gonna VOTE: VYSEPRESIDENT because eeeeeeey, we might as well get the inevitable over with, right buddy? :3

The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With
All the sudden they were everywhere. Caedyn had aimed to make this quick and quiet and it'd all gone to shit. Everyone had seen here, and there was no going back. She couldn't talk her way out of this, at least not with these people. If she could concentrate, she could at least diminish things, confuse them, find a way out.

Sandra started to move forward, and suddenly she didn't care. Her entire body was shaking and she wasn't thinking anymore. She'd killed Bridgette, and if any of these fucking vermin tried to so much as touch her, she'd kill them too. The broken bloody bottle came up and started waving in the air as she snarled. "Stay away!"


The Cassowary is not a creature known for retreat. In its own territory, surrounded by its flock, there are few things that can make it give ground. Now, however, it is far from home. It has no flock, and even its mate is nowhere to be found. With careful, defensive steps and threatening swipes at the air, the Cassowary begins to recede. It departs from its kill and the angry herd around it slowly at first. Without warning it breaks into a dead sprint towards the buildings in the distance. There will be no more hunting for now. It must rest and return to its mate to reconcile the morning's events.


Caedyn never looked back. They could be chasing, or screaming, or pointing guns, but she never looked back. It was hard enough to run on her feet as it was. She wasn't going to give them an advantage by trying to do too many things at once and ending up rolling over on her ass. So she stared forward and kept running. The only things on her mind were escape, and how to explain this to Jazzy.

((Caedyn Miller Continued In Hunter's Season))

Unless they're really crazy. Y'know, multiple time murderer crazy. Lined up about right to him. Keith was steering them elsewhere though. Ty thought hard, but he never really paid much attention to the whole situation. Especially not then. He had enough to be worried about in his own backyard without spending the nights staring off about terrorists.

"Can't say it's ringing a bell," he admitted. "Why?" Did Keith figure someone was gonna come pull them out? Hell, maybe he remembered some way those kids high tailed it? It was worth stabbing at, at least.

V6 Seventh Rolls
Irene's dead as.

How Can I Take Off This Mask?
Irene almost had time to regret what she'd done before she heard the crack of the gun going off. It wasn't right. This was going too far. She was angry, yeah, but Alvaro was just lying there broken, and even though he had the gun he hadn't stopped her, he'd just kind of panic fired and missed, she didn't need to hurt him.

Oh. He didn't miss.

It took her a second to catch up to the fact that she was shot. Like her brain just couldn't accept it, and for a little bit it covered up the pain out of sheer adrenaline and disbelief. Because why shoot her now? Why not shoot her, and Mei, and Serena dead on the spot? It didn't make any sense for a murderer, a monster, to hold back.

It didn't make any sense. None of it make any sense. The pain had to be flowing from her chest into the rest of her body, but it was like she wasn't there anymore. She saw her arms spread and her finger squeeze the trigger as she started to stumble, saw lots of dirt and blood fly up from the ground wherever it hit, watched herself fly backwards and collapse on the ground. It all felt like it was somebody else.

The screaming was the worst part. She could feel it in her throat, but that wasn't hers. It didn't sound like her. It didn't sound human, and it kept going on and on and on. She never had pipes like that. 'Pipes?' Did people still say that? Did she say that?

Who was she talking to?

Everything felt weird. Hazy. Somebody was turning the whole world off. That wasn't possible, just like everything else. It all added up, in a weird way; it wasn't possible, so it wasn't happening. It was like a dream or something. That explained everything. You couldn't die in your dreams, right? So she wasn't dying. She was just sleeping. Soon, she'd wake up. Maybe this whole thing was a dream, or she'd wake up where she left off this morning. Cold. Alone.

Irene didn't want to wake up. Her whole body felt so, so tired, and her eyes were slowly drifting shut again. Could you fall asleep in a dream? Could you dream in a dream, Inception-style? Seemed like a good thing to find out. Anything was better than waking up. Even this.

At least in her dream, she tried to do something.


How Can I Take Off This Mask?
(Breaking post order for death expediency.)

He didn't sound anything like the guy she knew back home. Back there, Alvaro was kinda shy, sweet, goofy, kind. Nothing like this. That was the voice of a killer. A monster. Them. She was gonna put a stop to that right now.

Johnny Three shook in her hands as she started forward carefully. "You...you heard me Al." He couldn't shoot like that, could he? Did he lose it somewhere maybe? "I'm not asking again. Show me the gun, or I'll, I'll..." She felt like a wound up ball of anxiety. She couldn't do this. Why did she think she could do this? Maybe he didn't even have the gun, it wasn't here, she couldn't see it, so he had to have lost it, or put it somewhere, or maybe....

Maybe he was hiding it. Just waiting for the right moment. She moved real slow, over to his side. "If you w-won't show me..." The hours playing soccer came rushing back as her foot swung back. It would have been nice if she hesitated, just slowed down a little bit because this was her classmate and her friend and she couldn't hurt him. But he wasn't anymore. Not really. He was one of them, and she was one of us.

"Drop it!"

So she didn't hesitate to kick Alvaro as hard as she could in the arm. Maybe a little harder than she thought, since the momentum started to roll him over.