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Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Honestly, the only thing I have to criticize about this game is that there was a lot of mod clarification that I think would have been better left unsaid, just for the flavor of the game. Things like how roles work, what roles mean, etc. would have been ample grounds for scum to capitalize on confusion and done a lot to throw a spanner in the mechanical balance in favor of town. It was a fun game, though!

I will say that my perspective is one that's coming from someone who super doesn't care about winning and makes sub-optimal plays all the time just because they're amusing(see for this game: Deciding just to bury Pippin from near the beginning of the game not for any actual suspicion or reasoning, just because I thought it would be funny, and then latching on to the existence of the cult and a bunch of bullshit as "proof"), and also someone that's not a fan of how grumpy mafia can get, at least not anymore. This comes with the caveat that I've been a huge purveyor of grump in the past, but I try to keep things less hostile and more relaxed these days. Vyse, I'll be sad if that tendency towards the negative keeps you out of future games, since you're one of my favorite people to play with, but I can understand it.

My Friends Are Assholes
When Jeremy decided to run away, Caedyn didn't say anything. Instead of chasing after him, she let out a little giggle and snuck her phone out of her vest pocket. As he huddled down on the table, she leaned over and started snapping pictures. "Evidence!"

She didn't bother taking time to explain. There was so much to do! Her phone was going to be put through its paces as she started darting through app after app, her fingers tapping feverishly at her phone the whole time. To those outside the know, she probably looked insane, but she didn't care. This was art, passion, existence, or like...something else important and eclectic or whatever, words, she was busy, okay? Jeremy might not have done whatever, but he was acting like he had, which meant that this just went from a fun distraction to a legit, juuuuuicy rumor, and her people would want answers from their girl on the scene, Ja?

Caedyn Miller @jaecae4real
#StickyFingers! somebody had a lil trubs keepin hands to himself l. nite...deets later! #scandal #nohedidnt #yeshedid
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She attached the guiltiest looking picture in her bunch to the tweet and sent it out. That was salvo one. She still had to take this to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat...

Oooh, she knew she was forgetting something! With a quick tab over she caught sight of Jeremy again and caught a half-assed picture to play with and Snap out. Maybe she'd give him one of those stupid, huge, handlebar mustaches, just to sell her point?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Vote: Deamon.

Dying in the Light
It'd taken Caedyn a little while to realize something was missing from the class, like the whole aura of the room was off. Then, like, a little while longer to realize that something was a someone, and that someone was her best friend. Maybe she should have noticed that sooner, but Blair would probably get it, right?

Especially if she didn't tell her.

Instead, she waited until she felt she had a window to get away with it and snuck her phone out under her desk for a rapid fire text. She had enough practice at this point that she could do it without looking. Like, 99% of the time. Maybe 98% on the bad day. Maybe she'd had a couple messed up tweets and stuff, but for the most part, she was a pro.

Her phone buzzed with the tell-tale sign of a response. She waited for a hole in her teacher's attention before glancing back down. Awww, poor girl. At least she gets out of the test later? Her eyes drifted back up to the front of the class as she rattled out a response.

that sucks!!! feel better boo~ dont worry sure dukoff will keep a test warm for you ;) im okay, jus missin my bestie oc

Prize Fighter
Noah's bright praise made a flush come to her cheeks as she giggled and waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, just what the good Lord gave me and a lot of cribbing from Granny, if there's a gift in there it sure doesn't belong to me. I'm glad you like it, though!"

She turned to offer one to Ben, but it seemed he'd run off. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help but wonder if maybe her presence had run him off. She shouldn't think things like that about people, and she tried not to, but, it was Ben...oh well. It probably wasn't personal, and if it was it was about something she wouldn't change even if she could, so she wasn't going to fuss over it. You just can't please everybody, some folks have always got to be wound up about something.

Her bright smile returned to Noah, only slightly faded from the shaded detour her mind had taken. "Boy, now being Mary Poppins sure would be a trick. It'd make organizing my purse a whole lot easier!" She liked Noah, he was just a happy, easy going sort of person. She really needed to get out to see one of his shows sometimes. Even if they weren't exactly her cup of tea, it was great to support friends, and who knows, she might even end up enjoying herself?

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
((Isaac Brea Continued From Ice Cream Truck Beat))

He was going to die. He was certain of it at this point. He was absolutely going to die before he remembered why he even came to this boring ass museum, let alone finished whatever assignment brought him here. Probably art. Or, uh, history? English maybe? He couldn't remember. He probably had at some point but he'd been here like an hour already and it was torture. By now he was just wandering around aimlessly hoping to either trigger something or run into someone on the same assignment that he could milk for information.

Fuuuuuuuuck why were museums even a thing? Some of the craftsmanship was nice, he wouldn't argue with that, but there wasn't anything interesting about just wandering around a big-ass building reading all day to look at random shit. They had the internet for that. Come to think of this, this had to be one of those things that only still existed because people weren't smart enough for the internet. That was the only answer.

The glaze in his eyes slipped off when he noticed a familiar and not unwelcome sight. Alice and Bryony from school were hanging out, holding hands and stuff. Girl things, probably. Bryony looked like she'd been crying. Y'know, maybe this was what he needed to set his head straight. Swoop in, play the big, strong, understanding guy, maybe pull out of his dry spell and get his head out of these weird places. Worst case scenario maybe they had a clue about why he was here, since actually remembering was pretty much out of the question at this point.

Isaac put on his best manly swagger and wandered over to the ladies, his face just wracked with what he was sure was convincing concern and comfort. With this kind of lead up, he had this thing on lock. Who said he couldn't be empathetic when he needed to?

"Hey. What's up with the water works?"

Smooth as fuck.

Mad Dewey Dash
Fucking lying goddamn twisted piece of shit cocksucking asshole

((Ty Yazzie Stalking In From Goddamn Right, You Should Be Scared Of Me))

The inside of Ty's head was a colorful, hateful whirlpool of anger after sorting his family out this morning before school. Wouldn't you know it, that night after he and Beans had their sit-down, a nice little patch of his garden ended up torn up, just shredded flowers all over the damn place. When he confronted the bastard about it this morning, he acted all innocent in front of Ma and the old man, even had the balls to try to blame the whole thing on Chaplin. Called him a "stray" and thought it was a smart idea to make some sly remarks about local animal shelters. It took Ma calling him back outside to keep him from punching the smug dick full in the face.

He was glad she did. There was nothing good about stooping to his level. If one goddamn petal was out of place when he got home, though...

Ty took a few deep breaths and gripped his book tightly before wandering deeper into the library to find a place to sit. Usually he'd work out to blow off this kind of steam, but getting physical now would just encourage him to be the same way when he got home. It was better to lose himself in thought for awhile, then set the garden to right when he got home. If need be, he'd corner Beans for another talk later. Mary's number was in his phone. Might be time to show that he meant business.

As he turned in to find a table, he noticed Lani surrounded by a whole crew of folks. If she wasn't so frequent around the store, he probably wouldn't have noticed her in the middle of all of them. Seemed only polite to throw a tense smile and a wave her way before he settled down a little ways away and buried himself in The Conquest of Bread.

My Friends Are Assholes
Most of the suck in the room had quarantined itself off very appropriately. Caedyn guessed since Bradley was the only person acknowledging the gaping vacuum that was Jerry Fury trying and failing to function, he'd latched onto him like the world's worst parasite. Sadly, this probably wouldn't prove fatal to either the host or the parasite, but at least it kept them together and away from everyone else. That meant more time to destroy Jeremy's spirit!

At this point, he had to be getting pretty close to breaking down. When he tried to insist that Fiyori was the one who actually stole the 3D glasses or whatever they were fighting about, she giggled and shook her head. "Oh Jerebear, really? That's your excuse? You've already confessed to lying once, so why should we believe you now? Besides that, if you kneeew that Fiyori was the thief, why didn't you just say that instead of running away?"

It was a rookie mistake: if you're going to lie, know what you're lying about and always be lying. Life was way easier that way. Jerebear was just too innocent for that kind of thing, though, no matter what silly front he put up. It was one of the things that initially drew them together. Well, like, it probably wasn't, but she liked to think that it was because that was more poetic and romantic and fun than the boring old "we were in middle school and relationships started to a be thing so like why not?" answer. There was no sense of purpose or destiny there, so who cared if it's the truth? If the truth is boring, spice life up with a few lies so that new truths will be more interesting!

With a short skip forward she leaned up towards Jeremy's face and gave him a wink. "Come ooooon. What's the real story? Darius wants his thingie back and you're being, like, super rude about it."

Yugi's Arty Thread!
The shipping is many. The shipping is one. The shipping will consume all.

Praise the shipping. \o/

Goddamn Right, You Should Be Scared Of Me
((Ty Yazzie Continued From Time To Open Up))

The thick arm tried to wrap around his neck the moment he walked through the door. The big, dumb motherfucker had been waiting for him to come home. Of course he had. That was just the kind of shit he did. It took a big chunk of the self-control he'd been cultivating over the last few years to simply grab and hold his wrist firm instead of leveraging it, twisting it until his brother yelped and using that surprise to pin him down. He could do it. He could do that and a whole lot worse, but Ty didn't do things just because he could anymore.

Ty wasn't his brother.

Obinze looked at him over his shoulder with that wide smirk of his that never seemed to touch his eyes. "Chill, little bro. I just wanted to say hi." They both knew that it was a lie, and that if he could he would have held that arm tight around his neck until Ty had begged enough to satisfy him. Not enough to hurt him, really, that'd be too obvious. Just enough to make him feel helpless. Just like when they were kids.

They weren't kids anymore, though, and Obinze wasn't his goddamn boogeyman. He was just a fat, angry burn-out who liked to pretend he was still on top, and Ty wasn't in any mood for his nonsense. He kept the arm in his grasp and smiled back politely. "Sorry Beans, just instinct and all. Gotta stay sharp for the team." With one more firm squeeze, he let the arm drop and turned around, arms crossed over his chest. "What're you doing around here so early? Last I heard, the old man said you weren't coming until the weekend."

Obinze seemed to flinch a little at that question. Seems he had a little bit of a raw spot about skipping down early. He just shrugged his shoulders. "Can't a guy spend a little extra quality time with his family? I figured I'd just stay here a couple days, help out with Mom and Dad, what with you being so busy with school and the team and all." Ty understood that by "help out with Mom and Dad," Beans probably meant drinking Dad's beer and getting Mom to cook for him. He also couldn't help but notice his wife hadn't come up in any of the texts his family had sent him so far.

"Mary coming down later, then?"

Another flinch, this time with a slight frown. "Mary's not gonna make it this time. She's, uh, visiting family."

Mary ended up "visiting family" a lot. Wouldn't you know it, it always seemed to correspond with Obinze getting an urge to reconnect and spend some quality time with the folks. Over the years, Ty had come to piece together "visiting family" as code for "we're fighting."

The crack in his friendly visage didn't last for too long, though. He gave Ty a pat on the arm. "Women, what can you say? Not that I need to tell you nothin' about that, from what I hear. Heard you've got a real sweet little gal around here lately. Might just have to introduce myself to her, since you don't seem to be jumping at bringing us together."

Ty's face darkened as he leaned in closer and caught Obinze's hand. He'd managed to push the needle right past his breaking point, so fuck it. They were airing everything right here, right now. "Alright, Beans. Let's lay a couple ground rules real quick, since you're hiding out here and all. One, you mind your Ps and Qs with Ma and the old man. They're not your fuckin' servants.

Two, you keep things real polite with Atsa. Your little stunt with him this morning? He told me all about that. That's your one freebie. You don't wanna know what happens if you try to take another.

Three, and I wanna make this crystal goddamn clear, you don't fuck with anybody outside this house. Not my customers, not my friends, and sure as hell not my girlfriend. You don't touch my life, I don't call Mary and tell her your cowardly ass is hangin' 'round here shootin' the shit. You understand me?"

Obinze let the moment hang in the air for a little while. Maybe he was stunned, or trying to control himself so he didn't escalate, since he damn well couldn't afford to. Ty didn't care. He just wanted an answer. Finally, that fake smile drifted back, a little weaker than before, a little tenser. "Hey, hey. No need for all that, y'know? I'm sorry about Atsa, it was an accident. I'll be more careful, I know he's testy. I'm just trying to spend some time with my family. Let's keep it friendly, yeah?"

When he offered his hand back out, Ty couldn't hold back a disbelieving snort. "You must think I've got a real short memory, man." He picked his bag up from the floor where he'd dropped it and turned up the stairs without looking back to see if Beans was still putting on his show.

"You're not my friend. Just my brother."

((Ty Yazzie Continued In Mad Dewey Dash))

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 24 2016, 12:03 PM
Jan 18 2016, 01:40 PM
Vote: Murderweasel.

Hab Da Sleepover
Abby nodded excitedly at Cristo's question. "Uh-huh! I know they're kind of creepy, but if you treat 'em right, snakes and lizards and such can be just as happy and loyal as a puppy in their own way, and I want to learn how. Everyone deserves someone to love them, even the spooky critters, y'know?"

She skipped back towards the house, Babushka slipping in front of her and mewling at the door before she could even hit the front porch. Elvis still seemed pretty taken with Cristo, so she'd have to keep an extra careful eye on him and Hatchpatch when they went in. Everybody was astir with a new face to learn in the house, and while that was kind of troublesome, it also made her happy that all her little friends were just as interested in her new big friend as she was. "Sure! He's upstairs in my room. Can you keep an eye on Elvis for me? We try to keep him outside unless it's ugly out, otherwise he gets into things he knows he shouldn't."

Prize Fighter
Noah seemed to be doing much better, which was great! Especially when he was coming back. Ben wasn't exactly the most open conversationalist, and while she tried to be nice to everyone, she had to admit that Ben's...reputation left her a little uncomfortable. She'd never seen him act hateful, personally, so she hoped that it was just an old comment that got exaggerated and spread out of hand. Few things got under her skin like discrimination, especially homophobia. Some of the stories Papa told her about growing up out, and the things people said and did from that personal perspective...

No need to worry about that now, though! They were all friends and having fun, so nobody needed to get into that kind of trouble right now. She took her kit back with a smile and snapped her fingers. "I might have something for that too!" While she was tucking the kick back into her purse, she opened the inside pocket where she kept her sweets and pulled out a small stack of plastic-wrapped cookies. Their smell drifted out into the open air as she unwrapped them and held them out in her hand. "Just made 'em this morning! They're peanut butter chocolate chip, and there's three of 'em, so ya'll can have one if you like."

Book Reports for Assholes: An Illustrated Guide
Well, that established everything he needed to know. Isaac had come into this ready to find out whether they were doing things the easy way, or the hard way. Lucky for him, they chose the easy way!

Well, easy for him. Probably was gonna suck for them, but Jae was an asshole and Al was a coward so it was hard for him to give much thought to how they felt.

He pretended to nod and listen to Jae's little tirade, throwing in an occasional "mmmhmm" or "yeah" wherever it seemed like it'd be most appropriate or obnoxious. There wasn't much subtlety to the fact that he wasn't actually listening, especially when he started getting up and pushing his chair in as soon as Jae looked away. Before they could ask what he was doing, he gave Jae the finger guns and a big grin. "Great speech, really, it's been fun, but I just had the best idea. See, you two actually give a shit about this whole thing, right? So I don't really need to be here. You just text or e-mail me whatever you need me to say and I'll handle that. Or, y'know, don't, and we can fail! I'm not bothered either way."

With that, Isaac started to saunter away from the table. "Have fun, guys!"

Yeah. That went better than expected. Good talk all around.

((Isaac Brea Remembered Elsewhere))

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 18 2016, 01:40 PM
Vote: Murderweasel.

F is for Friends who do stuff together
That all sounds perfect to me! Frabbreyd is fairly recent IIRC, like a couple months strong at best, so I think there's plenty of room for the timeline you outlined :)

F is for Friends who do stuff together


Ty Yazzie and his family run a pretty successful flower/gardening shop here in Kingman and he spends a huge chunk of his time in his backyard gardening, so these two would probably know each other! It doesn't hurt that Lani wouldn't have moved here until after Ty cleaned up his act some and, if I'm reading the timeline right, wouldn't have been in town when the whole arrest/trial of his brother went down. She'd be one of the people that'd pretty quickly see the softer side of him since he's way more relaxed and tender in the garden or the shop than he is at school. He's also casual acquaintances with Brendan and they seem to like each other, so it's possible they hang out on occasion when Bee pulls him out of his garden?

Caedyn Miller and Lani could have a very interesting relationship. Caedyn is a social media freak and has a pretty wide online presence, and I imagine she might glomp to Lani initially because of their shared interest there. However...Caedyn's kind of the worst? So I don't know if Lani would be able to handle her and maintain any positive relationship there, or if they won't click and Caedyn will do her best to undermine her at every turn forever because she is an agent of chaos.

Abby Floyd would be casually friendly with Lani! I don't think they have anything to super-click on, but she loves everyone and Lani's nice so they would probably at least be nice to each other.

Isaac Brea and Lani probably wouldn't get along, but probably also wouldn't be overtly aggressive with each other? A snide remark every once in awhile, but Lani's reserved and zen so Isaac's probably not going to be set off by her even if they don't exactly see eye to eye. Then again, he does tend to bite at some people on her friends list, particularly Danny, so who knows?


Abby would think Juniper is bae. I was going to keep her straight if only so that I could have one character in my entire SotF roster that is not touched by my rampant and uncontrollable gay and yet now I have this image of them having kitty playdates and suggestively singing Disney duets at each other so I'm proposing this as a thing that happened before she was with Rick :3

Caedyn is a theater girl and would find Juniper adorable. I have no idea if Juniper could stand her, but if she could they could probably be wonderful drama queens together. She'd also very much encourage the "fuck relationships!" vibe since most of hers go horribly and her involvement with Jazzy is pretty much the only exception so far because their relationship is so non-standard.

Ty and Juniper probably don't overlap much? Just different circles, I don't think he'd have anything outright negative to say about her or reason to be around her.

Isaac would find her irritating as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck and be pretty vocal about it.

Time To Open Up
((I'm similarly going to have to break order to Rock and Rolla. Sorry!))

Whatever Bee had planned seemed to be pretty well torpedoed by Brendan boogieing on out. A thought to catch the guy played through his head for a second, but his phone started buzzing before he could make up his mind. Ty fumbled with some paper towels to try and get his hands dry enough to answer the damn thing while avoiding getting paint all over it. No wonder folks over the age of five tended not to fuck around with finger-painting, it was a hell of an inconvenience.

His mood wasn't great when he finally picked up the phone, and trying to piece together his old man's garbled texts sure didn't help. It took him a tick or two to get a basic idea where he was going, and even then he wasn't real sure he was grabbing the fine details. What he could pick up on was that Atsa was having some kind of issue and neither of his parents could figure it out, which was enough to motivate him. Arts and crafts were gonna have to take a rain check if his brother needed him.

Ty took a moment to give Bee a quick peck on the cheek before he left. "I gotta motor, it's Atsa. I'll text ya to catch up later, sounds urgent." He knew she'd understand his quick exit, she'd always been real good about giving him family space. Now there was just the trick of getting home and figuring out what all the fuss was about.

He didn't even make it to the truck before a text from Atsa cleared things up nice and neat.

"Obinze's home."


So much for a few days.

((Ty Yazzie Continued Elsewhere))

Book Reports for Assholes: An Illustrated Guide
Jae probably thought he was being cute, and he...was better off not finishing that thought. He could focus on the dickhead for now. If Jae wanted to play ball instead of doing this stupid report, he wasn't bothered. "Mm, yeah," he grumbled in response to Jae's attempted quip, more or less ignoring Alvaro's attempt to get them back on track as he stretched out with disinterest. "I'm pretty familiar with it. I mean, I wasn't gonna say anything, but you seem to have a pretty good handle on yourself and your limitations. It's cool though, you don't have to be so hard on yourself, you might be an emo failure or whatever but we won't hold it against you, eh Al?"

Choke on that you mopey, mouthy piece of shit.

Prize Fighter
Elvis, rowdy little pup that he was, immediately tried to follow along after his new friend when Noah started walking away to clean his hand, and gave a grumpy whine when Abby held his leash fast. She sighed and knelt down, stroking that one spot between his ears that he seemed to like so much as she put her face in front of his. "I spoil you, you big baby. He'll be back in just a minute, let him alone to get cleaned up, you hear?"

With a little bit of effort, she made it back up off her knees and glanced towards Noah to make sure he was alright. Her eyes drifted from the empty field across the way to Ben, and a light went on in her head. "Say, isn't today a baseball day? I could've sworn I had to keep the rascal away from the field 'round this time, usually. Where's everybody at?"