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Fenris does sprite stuff!
...exploded Baxter is my favorite thing. Just solid A++ work XD

Un sketches V6. And V5. And Mini. And Stuff.
Pssst. Persy. Hey Persy. Persy. It'd make me super happy if you drew Abby, Persy.

Abby's Description

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Man, you nail it every time. And now I'm imagining SotF kids as a tiny little Final Fantasy team.

I'll sneak one last one in for the full V6 set: Jacob Brooks is basically Danny Brooks, since they're twins, but with his hair is buzzed flat and he keeps a scruffy 5 o'clock shadow beard.

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
Jan 28 2015, 11:58 PM
Welcome to the club, Fenris!

All you need to know is that I'm entirely trustworthy, and don't believe those silly liars telling you otherwise.

Also, Doc is always scum, and should be lynched Day #1.

Ladies and Gentlemen, outside of Mafia our dear Vyse is an upstanding, wonderful fellow who enriches our little corner of the internet.

Inside of Mafia, however, he is a lying liar who sits on a throne of lies, and it will be our civic duty to arrange an "accident" for him as swiftly as possible O_O

I, on the other hand, can always be trusted, and would never engage in hilarious, bullshit shenanigans to suit my own whims and agenda. That was definitely some other Doc. Or perhaps some swamp gas. Who can say, for sure?

Star Wars Mafia Sign-Ups
I'll throw in!

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
The OP has been updated with some game design notes and the Mafia, Neighborhood, and Death Chats.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
That is perfect! I'll sneak Alex in because I absolutely adore these, if you don't mind.

Alex's Appearance

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
General Goose
Jan 28 2015, 01:17 PM
jfc wes could you at least check how to spell the names before sending out role PMs
But it gets you so salty, and this amuses me.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
Role PMs have been added to the OP. Next up, game design.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Fallout Thread
I'm going to go ahead and open up the Fallout Thread to discussion while I gather my notes. There will be an update post once they're added here in the OP. Thanks for playing, folks!


The Town:








HALEY(General Goose)

LORD SHOJO(RemoteControl)

ROY(Grim Wolf)

BELKAR(Seth Crimson)

The Scum:






The Azure City Arc is a siege. I wanted to convey that clearly from the start with the array of power roles available to both Town and Mafia. The Town has no innate killing potential outside of its lynch. The Mafia has no innate ability to negate the Town's defenses. It's a stand off where the key play was going to be who could outmaneuver who and get their assets in the right place to strike at any given time.

A lot of the power roles were firmly on the Townside, which was problematic from a design standpoint at first. My balancing factor for this was to create a lot of roles that could help and hinder the town in pretty much equal measure, as well as one or two that were pure hindrances while being town aligned.

In the former category, we have The Roleblocker, the Thief, and The Neighborizer. While the Roleblocker and the Thief did little to hinder the town overall other than drawing some spurious conclusions and functionally negating each other during the endgame, it was the Neighborizer that really allowed the Mafia to shine in this game. The choice to recruit VysePresident on Night 2, giving the Mafia access to the Neighborhood Town Block, was exactly the sort of worst case scenario when I created the role.

In the latter category, we have the Beloved Leader and the (Secretly Insane) Tracker. Surprisingly, the Beloved Leader's handicap never came into play, other than potentially shaping NotAFlyingToy's play style. The Tracker ended up hindering the town in the least expected way possible. There was no better way for the town to realize Belkar was Insane than for Goose to steal Decoy's TRACK action, and then immediately steal Seth's "...track?" action afterwards. The only person who openly noted that the latter action was likely useless, however, was Vyse.

The "...track?" action is something that I find particularly amusing. I admit that it is an entirely bastard role, placed to sow misinformation. Each night it was used, the tracker would receive information that the target "visited" a randomly selected player. The misinformation from this play only really came into affect in the last two days with General Goose, so it ended up impacting the game less than I expected.

One thing I believe I would remove editing the build in hindsight would be the Cop. It was functionally removed already, and the game ran smoothly without it. A cop might have unfairly balanced things towards the Town and over-ridden my desire for results dictated by player input and maneuvering, not role dominance.

All in all, the game played out about like I hoped it would. The outcome was weighed mostly on player success and error, with VysePresident and DMBoogie strategically targeting town members and pushing lynches that were just plausible enough to keep them afloat, while playing on past experience to spread misinformation and distrust through the town. I'm pleased with the result, and I will never, ever trust Vyse again.

Mafia Chat

Neighborhood Chat

Death Chat

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
Redcloak sat upon the Azure Throne and drew his gaze across the room. The bodies of the former Sapphire Guard lay strewn about with haphazard effort. Without any sort of organization and leadership, the guard had crumbled under wall after wall of raw goblin might.

It was inevitable that the paladins would turn on that pain in the ass party eventually. Between the psychopaths, the idiots, and the thief, there was no way one of them wouldn't cause an incident at some point. And once they did, weren't they all suspect?

That was the binary, bubble world of the Azure City. Sooner or later, it would crack down on all of them.


It was a shame the elf was the last one they got to before the walls broke, though. He had money riding on that elf.

Still, there wasn't much to complain about. There'd been a token resistance, but nothing he couldn't handle. It was amazing how much faster things flowed without Xykon's insanity. Most of the power players had already been stomped out, but there was one loose end to tie up.


What's that? The cat? Why was everyone hung up on the cat? The cat is staying. It was his now. That's final.


Yep. Things turned out pretty well. No more Xykon, no more party, no more Sapphire Guard. This was more than a victory. They'd done more than conquer a city today.

This was the birth of an empire.


Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
That is a lynch. Halt discussion. More information to come soon.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
NotAFlyingToy is correct. Double-voting must be corrected before the final vote can be called. Players should note that if they believe a lynch has been called, all discussion should cease until I am able to check the thread and confirm it.

Vote Count:

Murderweasel: VysePresident, NotAFlyingToy. (2, 1 to lynch.)

General Goose: DMBoogie, MurderWeasel. (2, 1 to lynch.)

Fenris does sprite stuff!
You are a Grade-A boss, I love this. I'll sneak Ulysses in as well, if it's not too much trouble!

Ulysses's description

I went way too detailed with his clothes so feel free to ignore just about any of it, just copying from his profile XD

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Dude, these are amazing! I love sprite art. It'd be awesome if you could do one for Abby!

Abby's Appearance

School Band?
Abby plays banjo and would probably play if the band/orchestra has use for a banjo player? I was only involved in violin orchestras growing up so I'm not sure if that'd be a thing.

Let's mash some characters together and see what happens!
Abby would find Dante absolutely adorable. The idea of him going around flirting with everyone not to be a creep but just because he thinks it's fun and romantic and sweet would tickle her to no end. She'd probably have been on a date or two with him if he asked, with the understanding that it's just a casual thing, and she'd have no problems with hanging out with him and talking theology and obsessing over animals. They're pretty much match-made buds, personality wise, I love it.

Ivy and Alex could play well as manipulative allies, especially since Alex would be openly friendly but privately despise the hell out of her. There could be a lot of good stuff to play with there.

Friends and stuff
I think there could be something with Trav and Ulysses. They're both goofy as shit slackers and Ulysses would be casually interested in his MMA and parkour background.

Cameron and Abby could get along as well. Abby would be fascinated by her body paint and they have shared interests in animals and music. No-filter chattiness fits right in with Abby's bubbly enthusiasm!

Let's mash some characters together and see what happens!
Looks good! I think Noah and Ulysses/Alba and Abby would be especially close. Noah and Ulysses share comedy and separated parents, which I think would give them two pretty strong points of connection. It'd be interesting to see how their different comedic styles play off of each other.

Alba and Abby could bond a ton over her animals and Alba's work as a rescue worker, and they seem to have a very similar approach to relationships. Their personalities connect pretty well, so I think there could be some good stuff there!

Relationships for Someone not as terrible
Ulysses and Seth could probably get right down together. Ulysses would be into his drumming and gaming 'n shit and would skew towards being more understanding of his social and anger issues given his background.