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New Official V5 Away Thread
And I'm back

V6 Island Tracker
And stickied.

SOTF Halloween Movie Night
Sep 24 2016, 10:22 PM
My only regret is that I can't change the Discord topic to be the countdown cat like last year.
I can totally set that up.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: 26th September - 1st October
Days Away: 5
Reason for Away: Going on a roadtrip of France with three of my friends so won't have wifi or data etc. so no ability to post.
Characters: Kimiko Kao, Cameron Herrig, Travis Lynch and staff stuff

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Sarah Bourne my good man, and I can't wait to see you down at the zeppelin races tomorrow. *1920s voice*

Room of Relaxation
Everything was fucked.

She had just wanted the spear and instead Cristóbal ended up getting stabbed.

((Kimiko Kao continued from Prepare to Burn))

Kimiko was sat, back against a wall panting. There was blood on her hand and she was staring at it, trying to come to terms with what had happened. She didn't even know if Cristo was dead. The moment when she'd stabbed him replayed in her head.

Was the wound life-threatening? She didn't know. Kimiko just knew she couldn't leave his blood on her hand.

She opened her bag and searched for a bottle of water. Upon finding one she tore the cap off and poured the contents out on her hand, washing away most of the excess. There was still blood lurking on her hand though, down in the lines of her skin. It gave her skin a strange tint and she hated it.

Kimiko raised the water to her lips as she looked around the room. She knew where she was roughly, either the A or B block of the staff housing. The room, and the whole building really, looked like a whirlwind had torn through it. There was random junk everywhere. Beer bottles, playing cards, books, clothes. She didn't know what had happened exactly but if she was to guess she would have said a party. She rubbed her face with the palms of her hands and went back to thinking about Cristo. She didn't want too but with nothing else to focus on her thoughts were drifting.

The spear was nearly as tall as she was Kimiko realised now that she properly analysed it. It had been difficult to gauge its size in the gloom of the storeroom but in the strange half-light present in the abandoned building she got a better idea. It would be useful. It was a shame Cristo had to get hurt though.

Kimiko rubbed her face again. She didn't want to be a killer, but she wanted to be free. Her left hand worked it's way down to the collar that was around her neck. A symbol of her imprisonment in the life and death game. It was smooth and cold. One unbroken ring.

Taoism taught action without action. It also spoke of freeing yourself of selfishness and desire. But how was she supposed to follow those teachings in the situation she was in?

Wu-Wei was a concept Kimiko had always believed in and followed but she was in a different situation now. Kimiko doubted that Taishang Laojun had considered the situation she was in, but that wasn't a reason to disregard his teachings. She rubbed either side of her philtrum as she thought before eventually giving up.

She picked up the spear, the glass shard was safely in her pocket, and her bag. She had to move.

It didn't take her long to heard a voice. She couldn't quite place the voice but they sounded agitated. The voice came from a doorway to her left, Kimiko slowed her walking but as she moved the spear it caught one of the countless beer bottles and sent it skidding across the floor, clinking the whole way.

Prepare to Burn

He had caught her.

She felt his grip on her arm, the one with the spear. Her other hand fumbled for the glass shard. Kimiko didn't know what Cristóbal was going to do to her. In that moment her mind raced through all the things he could have done.

The panic overwhelmed her and she turned with the glass shard held tightly as if she was going to punch it with it. It plunged it into his flesh and Kimiko felt it puncture and pierce his skin, just below his ribs.

She saw his blood. It spilled out onto her hand and she yanked it back as if shocked by an electrical current. The glass shard still held tightly, her knuckles a bright white in contrast to the red.

His grip loosened, she pulled her arm free and without sparing a look back she ran for the door and out of the warehouse.

((Kimiko Kao continued Room of Relaxation))

Call Me Maybe
This was true insanity. Cameron knew she was weird, different, a little off, and all those other phrases. But in those moments of raving about the government and false flags she got a glimpse of someone who had truly lost it and she knew that no matter how weird she was, she would never be on the same level as Tessa.

It was just nutso on so many different levels, none of it really made sense. At least not to Cameron, but she would admit she wasn't the smartest person ever.


She was being accused of murder.

Cameron froze like a deer in the headlights for a moment. Then Vinny gave punctuated their rant with the bluntest response imaginable and Cameron almost burst out laughing...not the best response ever. She put the back of her left hand up against her mouth. Only allowing a couple of snorts to fight their way out.

It was just the way Enza had told Tessa to shut up. It had hit the right note at the exact right time for Cameron. Sheepishly looking between the other three Cameron cracked a smile. Truly she was a social etiquette goddess.

"Sorry," She rubbed her face with her hands to get some semblance of seriousness back and considered her words carefully before responding.

"That theory's pretty fucking dumb."

Nailed it.

Five Finger Death Punch
Trav heard Vanessa's outburst. He didn't really care for any of it though.

He looked at Vanessa mid-rant before turning to Cass, she was shaking. Trav scratched at his nose and the top of his forehead before turning back to Vanessa. The idea that someone would barge into their haven and then set to work ruining the mood so throughly because they dared to have a different reaction to the situation to them annoyed him. He also didn't enjoy being yelled at for no reason. He wasn't in training and he wasn't fucking up. So she needed to lay off.

First he answered her question.

"I dunno, watching a sunset seems nice, plus they have the sea here, I might go and look at that from the cliffs." He used his free hand to shake his hair out. "But seriously, you should calm down. We know where we are and what it means, you don't need to convince us." He put his water away in his bag. "If I die here, I don't want to waste the moments of peace I can find panicking."

That entire idea was fucking naive at best and Trav knew it. Eventually a time would come where he would be forced to start living in a constant state of alert. He knew that. He'd realised as he'd been watching the sunrise.

What he didn't need was someone screaming that fact in his face.

Prepare to Burn
Kimiko absentmindedly nodded at whatever Cristo had said while taking another look at the spear.

She thought about what her decision would mean for her life. What would happen because of it? There were so many variables to consider. Kimiko couldn't even consider them all. But it bettered her chances and she wasn't hurting anyone was she?

She felt disgust at herself for even entertaining the lie. She knew the depths humanity could sink to. Her heritage was steeped in testaments to the overwhelming evil man was capable of.

The phrase from when she woke up cycled its way back to the front of her mind.

Make your life what you want it to be now. The rest will follow.

Cristo was walking back. There wasn't much time.

Kimiko made a decision.

She grabbed the spear and turned to run.

Prepare to Burn
The information Cristóbal offered about who they had seen was good. They didn't seem to be in a high traffic area, which didn't surprise Kimiko. The warehouse while potentially useful probably put people off by only having one way in or out, combined with the lack of light and it wasn't an enticing place.

Kimiko nodded at Cristo's statement of what he planned to do, but didn't comment further upon his offer to join the two. She didn't know if that was what she wanted. Being in a group was good for safety on the face of it, but what if the stress of the situation got to Cristo or Abby and they killed her while she was sleeping? She knew it wasn't paranoia talking because the video they had been shown specifically hammered home that trust only got you so far.

A nervous pit opened in Kimiko's stomach as she shone the flashlight over some of the shelves. Despite wanting a plan ever since she had woken up and encountered Sandra, Kimiko was no closer to forming one. Half-ideas, only being able to be called ideas because they existed floated around in her head but offered no solid grounding in any merit. Just like her meeting with Sandra, Kimiko found herself agreeing with the idea of working together but being unable to commit herself to it.

Out of curiosity more than anything Kimiko shone her flashlight over a bag she assumed was Cristo's. There lying with it was a spear.

The nerves Kimiko was starting to feel were amplified by the discovery. A spear was better than her glass shard and it was far and away better than her megaphone.

Quickly looking over the shelves at Cristo, Kimiko considered her options. The phrase that had been in her head just after she had woken up returned.

She was starting to get an idea of what she wanted.

Taking careful, deliberate steps so as not to alert Cristo or Abby to what she was planning. Kimiko began to position herself so she could take the spear and run.

V6 First Rolls
And that is time on cards.

Deaths have a deadline of:

Posted Image

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Jokes on you, it's rest of the world in February so we're in this together

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Saw that Persona 5 got released yesterday and got excited until I realised that was for Japan only.

On the other hand what's four more months.

Meanwhile idea
Just so everyone is aware.

The candlight vigil held the evening of the disappearance "We're praying for their safety" sort but like it says in the prologue some people thought it was SOTF.

It wasn't a memorial service though, since there was still the hope they were just missing and still alive.

Call Me Maybe
"Good to see you too human," Cameron said, grin still plastered to her face. "that sounds like..." She trailed off following Tessa's comments. That killed the mood dead. They hadn't even been awake for half a day and already one of them was turning into a paranoid nutjob. Things were going great.

Luckily Mel made things didn't get too heavy. Cameron couldn't help snorting at her response. She knew she shouldn't have and she tried not to, but the whole scenario she was describing was so ridiculous. If that was what Tessa thought had gone down or some other plan they had thought up between them she was going to be disappointed.

"Yeah, it's not like we're planning to rob you using Elmo." Although that would have been an equally amazing image, running up to someone slamming Elmo into their face and then running off with their bag. A drive-by Elmo'ing.

Bitches don't fuck with Sesame Street.

Cameron hopped around using Enzo as support until she ended up facing Tessa. Quieter than before she spoke.

"Nothing happened, I just fell."

Prepare to Burn
The grip on her glass shard loosened and eventually fell away. They weren't a threat to her. Taking the flashlight in her other hand she moved around the shelves and into clearer view of Abby and Cristóbal. She nodded in agreement with the idea of finding something to write with. That was an idea that was useful, easier communication given her condition was a must. A pen and paper while not much use over a distance would be good for up close and personal discussion. In Kimiko's mind the idea of finding a form of universal communication was worth any of the time she spent looking.

Kimiko nodded at Cristo's suggestion, as she did so she moved the flashlight to look at the contents of some of the shelves, he was right. It was mostly toiletries or general supplies that must have been needed to keep the staffs’ residences stocked when the asylum had been in operation. As she ran her flashlight over the entire warehouse Kimiko realised her chances of finding anything to write with were slim. Disappointment started to seep into her mind, she knew it had been a long-shot but the hope had still existed within her that she would find something.

One deep breath later and Kimiko had turned back to the other two occupants of the warehouse. The thumb and index finger of her right hand rubbed either side of her philtrum as she thought about the best way to mime her question. Eventually she settled for tapping her wrist like she would a watch and pointing at Cristo and Abby before gesturing around the whole warehouse, hoping they were able to figure out her meaning.

How long have you been here?

If not she would just have to try again or move on. For now, though Kimiko was happy to wait for their response, the atmosphere in the warehouse seemed safe.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Hey guys,

Do you want to conquer a city?

If the answer to this question is yes we have a campaign for you!

Using the Marvel System you'll be playing a supervillain in an original campaign setting - we'll fill you in on more details when the time comes.

Basically we need a fifth and you'll be playing with Namira, Ricky, Slam and Serpico on Friday evenings starting at 7PM GMT (Please convert to your timezone where appropriate).

A couple of important notes:

- You'll need to be able to commit to the time slot as this is the best one for us as a group and we won't be changing it.
- Posting interest in here does not mean you'll automatically be accepted into the group, we'll have a discussion between us and decide, this is in the interest of making sure we have someone who we can ensure gels with the group.

Kimiko k tnx bye

Five Finger Death Punch
Trav shook his head and waved off Jae's request. He hadn't smoked before; he wasn't going to start now. It seemed too much like giving up. If the others wanted too, that was fine with him. He didn't like the idea of smoking to begin with and the fact that its status as the one of the deadliest substances but was still legal struck as the type of thing the terrorists were probably all about. He could also imagine the great irony of a smoker winning the game and then going on to die of lung cancer. A result of the mix of PTSD and cigarettes used to calm the nerves...god that was depressing. There was probably some fancy word to describe something like that but philosophy had never been one of Trav's strong points.

Vanessa's laughing caught his attention. It wasn't a friendly or happy noise. There was a harsh edge to it. He would have had more of a response but Cass had already answered the other girls’ questions. He wasn't sure what Vanessa's point was supposed to be or what she wanted them to do instead. There weren't many options when you got to down to it. There was:

Hole up
Find your friends
Kill your classmates
Kill yourself

Those were all the options that were presented to you and while Trav was sure there was the potential for deviation from that outline he didn't see many other big picture options. That and all of them had a ninety percent chance of ending the same way.

This was the problem with people ruining your personal peace.

He shrugged in Vanessa's direction.

"What Cass said. May as well make the most of everything right?"