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Under This Killing Moon
He hadn't killed someone. That was surprising. Gray hadn't expected to meet someone who still hadn't killed. It was a weird thing to consider. Maybe because he had been around Sean so long. He had been exposed to a killer for so long he had forgotten what it was like to be around someone who hadn't. That was a depressing thought. Even Kathryn, who hadn't even registered to him as a threat had killed. He realized that he had left her behind. He had just walked away, trying to get away from his murder of Sean. It had been like a dream almost. Gray had just zoned out and started walking paying no attention to whether Kathryn was following him or not.

The other boy who Gray recognised as Joey raised his weapons. They were some weird looking swords that Gray had seen in a few martial arts movies. Not that he could name them. It didn't matter anyway, Joey had no intention of using them and Gray would have been able to gun him down if he tried.

"Yeah..." Now Gray had to confront what he'd done. It was harder than he expected. "I..." He sighed. "Fuck." Gray rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand and tried to calm himself down. He needed to keep it together. "I killed Sean not too long ago." He didn't want to go into any more detail. Sean had been on the announcements once. It wouldn't be too hard for Joey to piece together what had happened. Even if he got it wrong it still told a similar story and Gray didn't feel like telling his side of it yet.

Now he was just another statistic in the history of Survival of the Fittest. Another death added to the tally and Gray had been the one to put him there. He had no idea how Hansel had managed to kill some many. Gray had killed once and it was eating away at him. He could feel the guilt in the back of his mind, clawing and tearing at him. Trying to break him. He had gotten to this point though and he intended to keep going. That was the one thing Sean's death had solidified in him. The strength to go on.

That was when he heard the sob. It was a loud sharp sound. It sounded anguished. Gray turned towards it. He saw the girl walking towards them and it took him a second to put a name to the face. It was Mara. Gray had never actually spoken to her before, he wasn't the sort of guy she paid any attention too. But he still knew who she was; her name had been on the announcements a few times. Despite that, she didn't seem like a threat.

The question of whether she was alright was the stupidest thing Gray could think of asking so he didn't bother. Instead he stood watching her approach before speaking.

"Hey Mara."

Not much to discuss Tristana being disgusting is more of a fact than opinion.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Until we just get a lich it will never be any day.

(The Barghest though)

Under This Killing Moon
((Gray Emerson continued from Love and Marriage))

How lost did you have to be to revisit the last place you saw someone alive?

That was the big question in Gray's mind as he hobbled along the overpass. He'd just ended up walking (as best he could) to the overpass. It was almost like he was on autopilot. He kept replaying shooting Sean in his mind. The bullets ripping into his friends back. Sean falling to the floor in a heap. He'd failed Sean. He had tried to save him and he failed. Sean had paid the price for his failure. That was what made it worse.

So now he was lost and alone. He hadn't ever truly been alone since he'd woken up. There had always been someone with him. Andi, Cassandra, Corey, Sean. They'd all been with him at some point or other. Now he was by himself. It was a weird feeling. He felt adrift and close to drowning. If Sean represented his hope then he had destroyed it with his own hands. Maybe that was melodramatic, but it was how he felt about the situation.

So he continued to make his way across the overpass, not knowing where he was going or why. He slowed down when he saw someone else. Chances were they'd killed someone. The number of people who hadn't killed was dwindling. Gray used to be a member of that group. Used to.

He stopped a safe difference away and raised his hand.

"Hey. You dangerous?"

The irony of the question was not lost on him. Asking if someone was dangerous when he was the one who had just killed one of his best friends. Being stuck on the island was having more of an effect on him then he thought. It was making everyone's priorities backwards. Value being placed more on personal safety rather than the safety of others. Ignoring how dangerous you were to others as long as you were safe. Gray now knew the true nature of the game he was taking part in.

Love and Marriage
Sean was still walking away. He thought he'd gotten away with it. Gray watched him, thinking through his options. Sean was making jokes and walking away from the murder he had committed. Gray used to consider Sean his friend. He was rethinking were he stood on their friendship rapidly. Kathryn looked at him and asked if Sean was just going to walk away. Gray made his decision and acted.

"No. We don't follow."

The bullets ripped across Sean's back as Gray squeezed the trigger on the FAMAS. The empty casings flying out into the grass. The roar of the gun rang in Gray's ears and his shoulder ached from the recoil. Lowering the FAMAS Gray looked at Sean's crumpled form in the grass in front of him. He rubbed the back of his neck, adjusted his beanie and sighed.

Then without another word he picked his pack up, turned and walked away.

((Gray Emerson continued in Under This Killing Moon))

Love and Marriage
Sorry, that was the best Sean could do. An apology. That wasn't going to wipe away what had happened. The slate wasn't going to be magically wiped clean as long as Sean apologized. If Sean thought that he was delusional. Gray had always been scared that Sean was going to kill again. Ever since they had left the ship behind Gray had always thought that it was likely to happen. Now it was his responsibility to make sure it didn't happen again. It couldn't be allowed to happen again.

Sean said something about going to have a look around. Gray didn't know whether he honestly meant that he was going to have a look around and then come back or just run. Either way Gray couldn't let him just walk away from what he had done. It was his fault Sean had a gun in the first place. If he had never given him the gun back Sean would never have been able to shoot Ami and her death could have been avoided.

"Sean you can't just run away from this."

Gray still had the FAMAS held in one hand. He hadn't raised it and didn't plan on raising it unless he had too. Although he knew he would have to use it sooner rather than later.

V6 Concepts Thread
Sep 8 2014, 06:03 PM
Anyone want semi-harsh feedback? I can probably muster up some.
I mean, I have been waiting for feedback from you for about four months now. Just sayin'.

Love and Marriage
There were some things you could never prepare for. Ami's sudden appearance was one of those things. The gunshot split the air with a crack. It served its purpose and grabbed Gray's attention. It also put his body straight into fight or flight mode. The adrenaline beginning to be released and make its way through his system. It provided that rush. Fight or flight that was the question his body was preparing to answer. In response Gray gripped the FAMAS a little tighter.

Sean drew his gun and Gray knew then where things were going and how they were ending. In a more honest assessment of the situation the argument could have been made that he'd always know. That he had always been prepared for the scenario that he was facing. It was a more honest assessment because it was the truth. He had always known that things would spiral out of control until they hit this breaking point. He was in a rip tide and trying to swim back to shore. Instead all he had succeeded in doing was end up further from shore. Stranded in an empty sea, his one ally was like the weather, unpredictable and potentially dangerous. He had been playing close to that fire since they'd left the freighter together. Now it seemed was the moment he got burned.

The confession poured out of Ami's lips. They continued to talk. Gray could have done something; he could have snapped them out of the path they were stuck on. Blind to everything save each other. He could easily have acted, brought them back to reality. Shot off the FAMAS, shatter the illusion they were building between each other of the cinematic stand-off. Things didn't have to go the way they were going. Instead though Gray tried to stand up. Maybe he was lost in the moment himself. Maybe he needed the pain to bring himself back. The reason wasn't clear. It wasn't the path to take to bring the situation to a save conclusion. But he had always been swimming against the tide.

The pain shot up his knee and he had to stop on one knee. It was hesitation enough to give Sean the time he needed to shoot Ami. Sean had been carried away and Gray had remained where he was possessing the power to save him, but failing due to inaction. Deliberate or not he didn't want to say. Things had changed though. His friend was gone. In his place was a person consumed by the scenario they found themselves in. Maybe Sean was still there. But the Sean Gray knew wouldn't have killed once, let alone twice. If any of Sean was left it was a twisted reflection of the Sean he'd known.

Gray forced himself up onto both feet. There was only one path for him now. He had to see it through.

"Sean..." He'd never been big on words.

Love and Marriage
Sean was awake and he was interrupting the conversation but whatever. He was comforting Kathryn or making his best attempt to. At least he was trying, that was something. He was telling Kathryn his story Gray guessed the idea was to show her he knew what she was going through. It made sense as an idea; Gray wasn't sure if Sean actually knew that was what he was doing or if he was just rambling. It was always hard to tell.

"Not like I can do much anyway." Gray said raising his hand and pointing at his knee. "Only got one leg." He didn't make any effort to stand up. It would hurt too much and would achieve nothing. It wasn't like he could only speak standing up. He thought about the story Kathryn had told about her kill.

It sounded legit; there was no reason to doubt her either. If she had been planning to kill him and Sean there had already been plenty of chances. The fact they were still alive was a testament to the fact she was on the level. Gray looked at Kathryn and met her gaze.

"I believe you."

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This why Edgar Davids is amazing.