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Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire had quickly sketched out her idea for the opening of the demo tape and was in the process of explaining it to Gray. All in all the idea sounded good and Gray did remember that part of Inglourious Basterds, so for once he knew exactly what Claire was referencing and it sounded much more interesting than their earlier ideas. Plus it seemed fun and Gray always preferred to have fun with his skating rather than being serious all the time. It was one of the reasons he always accepted a challenge to perform a stunt, that and he always wanted to know if he could actually do it.

"That's the best idea. Only thing we'd need to decide is the style of the text." He said when Claire asked what he thought. "As for the appropriate music I was thinking that we could do a section after the intro in slow-mo using Clubbed to Death and then cut into a song by Rise Against."

As Gray thought of anything else he could add to the ideas that he and Claire had already given, someone sat down and greeted them. Gray recognised Jesiree Merridew, not that he talked to her much but it wasn't like he'd never spoken to her before. She hadn't seemed as bad as some people made her out to be but Gray did try to avoid judging people based off what others said. It was one of the reasons he knew some of the people he did. He didn't care what others thought about him or what they thought about his friends. It had worked well for him so far in life.

"Not much." He said in reply to her question. "Just planning a video." Gray wasn't sure exactly how much he wanted to say about the demo tape because he didn't want to make too big a deal out of it. When he thought about it his skateboarding probably seemed like a big deal because he constantly walked around with his board, but that was more because he didn't want to leave it in one of the lockers, it both cost a lot and meant too much to him. Plus it was his transport home as well so he needed it for that as well.

He was again taken out of his thoughts when he heard someone else greet Claire, looking over he saw Amy Bachelor waving in their direction. She then greeted him and Jesiree, Gray knew Amy through Claire since the two were good friends and Gray was friends with Claire. So in a roundabout way he had talked to Amy before but like most times Claire was always present. It was funny in a way.

"Going pretty good." Gray said as he raised a hand in greeting. "We were just pitching ideas for a video." Again Gray didn't say too much, he didn't want to end up boring people with talk about his skateboarding plus he always felt weird when he talked about himself too much. He had a reputation as a guy who would attempt any stunt and he would because he had fun doing it, but everyone seemed to forget that he was actually a competent skateboarder and routinely entered competitions. He'd never really thought much about how he felt about that but the truth was he didn't really mind either way. His friends were aware that he competed...at least he hoped they were and at the end of the day his reputation didn't matter much outside of Aurora anyway. So he didn't have any reason to mind.

"How're you two?" He thought he might as well make polite conversation.

and back much later than planned.

Should be back for good now though since all the freshers events end on Sunday and normal lectures have already begun so I should be able to get a normal routine going.

Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: September 15th, 2012 - September 21st, 2012
Days Away: 6
Reason for Away: Flying out to Uni on the 15th and then will be having induction and freshers week.
Characters: Gray Emerson, Yaz Carroll, MLP Mafia

So yeah since I'm going to travelling Saturday and have a busy week of inductions and freshers I won't be on as much. Hopefully it won't impact my posting too much but I'm not exactly holding my breath on that one.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire thought his idea of including reactions was a good one, so that was something. Then she started to offer up more detailed ideas of her own. Gray listened intently and thought about everything she was saying. He liked some of the ideas but he was wary of others. Some of them seemed more dramatic then they needed to be though, or maybe that was just the first idea Claire gave for the opening about him staring down a rail. That seemed to be overly dramatic for what a demo tape was. Gray thought about having the video fade in to a close up of a rail and then he appears in shot by actually grinding the rail. It played the idea over in his head and it seemed like it would work. Of course he'd have to ask Claire what she thought. Maybe she'd be able to freeze the image and edit his name in over the top. Gray stored the thoughts away for when Claire had finished talking. It wouldn't do any good to just think about ideas; he'd have to tell them to Claire.

The idea for speed that Claire had sounded cool, although Gray didn't know what movie or he guessed director Claire had given as an example so he just nodded his head. He liked the idea for speed though, it would make the video more interesting than just him doing trick after trick; plus it made it look like he cared more which was always good.

Gray was pretty sure he had heard 'Clubbed to Death' before; he had heard someone say it was the song from The Matrix. Gray had a few ideas for music that could be used in the demo tape. Most of it was Punk or Rock which was good since that was what Claire was looking for. So he had that covered. If they truly wanted to capture who he was as a person as well the song would have to be one by Rise Against, since they were his favourite band after all. Plus he had some good songs in mind.

"That was a lot of ideas." Gray rubbed his neck as he absorbed everything Claire had said. She was certainly getting excited about filming the demo tape that was for sure. "Ok, I was thinking for the opening. Instead of having me stare at a rail we could start with a close up of a rail, and then I just go past while grinding the rail. Then it could be frozen, and my name displayed...or something. The slow-mo and speed up ideas sound cool though; and I have a few good ideas for songs we could use." The more he talked about the demo tape the better Gray felt about it. They had a lot of good ideas and he knew Claire would be able to put it all together. Gray had high hopes for the demo tape now which was funny considering his initial thoughts about having a demo tape when he walked in.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Just speculation here but if the doctor is dead I think we need to consider the fact that Jimmy may die this night phase. Since it's pretty likely Slam was protecting him.

A Breath of Fresh Air
As Gavin started to explain what Maddie had been talking about Yaz got the feeling he'd wanted to explain what String Theory was since he had sat down. It was just the way he launched in a massive explanation so quickly and simply. Yaz had to give him credit though, what he was saying almost made sense. Yaz didn't need to know about String Theory to know je was wrong on one account though. It wasn't interesting, at least to her. But Gavin just kept on speaking; he mentioned something about the Theory of Everything and mentioned maths. That was when Yaz zoned out, it wasn't that she disliked maths; she was actually above average at the subject. But she didn't like discussing maths outside of class, it was just a thing she had with maths. She put it down to the fact that it didn't interest her as much as art or English did.

As Gavin continued to talk Yaz noticed someone approaching. Yaz could've sworn that she was in English with them but for the life of her she couldn't seem to remember their name. Was it Hito? No that was a boy’s name...then it hit her. It was Hiro. Like Yaz she was a shy girl and like many other people she was taller than Yaz. It occurred to Yaz that their table seemed to be becoming a hub for people and that if anyone else turned up her chances of actually finishing her work would keep decreasing. The whole reason she had gone into the Library was to work in the first place, meeting up with Maddie was just a pleasant coincidence. Now there were three other people around the table, not including her and Maddie, that wasn't exactly great for working.

Hiro asked if she'd be able to plug her laptop in and Gavin said it was ok...because he hadn't been invited to the table himself or anything. That was something Yaz didn't like, it was mostly to do with the fact she was shy but in her mind it was rude if you invited someone to the table...especially when you'd only been at the table for five minutes max. Then Adam left to give Hiro a seat. Yaz didn't see the conversation on the table improving so she decided to continue with her work. If she could just finish the paragraph she was on, it would be finished. She just hoped the conversation didn't get too distracting or interesting.

"Hey Hiro." She said in greeting, even if she wanted to just work it was no excuse to be impolite.

Adapting The Orchid Thief

Claire listened patiently as Gray explained his ideas for what he wanted to do in the demo tape. He didn't really put much thought into anything he did, especially when it involved Skateboarding. He found the more he thought about what he was going to do the less likely he was to succeed. He just found that the more he thought about it the more he thought about what could go wrong, and then it would stop him fully committing to the trick and that was when he was most likely to bail. But if he just went for the trick he'd be able to land it. Of course there were some exceptions, especially when he was attempting something new. There was the always the potential for bails there, but that's what came with improving and Gray was able to deal with it. He'd already been hit by a car and destroyed one leg; there wasn't much above that in terms of pain.

Claire then began pitching more ideas. She said it sounded like it was easy to do, which was something Gray expected, it wasn't like there were actors that needed to be directed or props that needed to be bought. It was just Claire filming Gray riding a skateboard. There wasn't much work involved in that part of the demo tape that was for sure.

Then Claire mentioned having more than just Gray skating, she mentioned a narration saying who Gray was and why he skated. Gray hadn't thought about doing anything like it for the demo tape and it seemed like an interesting idea. Claire was right in that it would give the sponsors an idea of who he was, but he'd never seen it done before and it seemed risky. The idea reminded him of the Nitro Circus movies in a way. Except they approached showing the personalities of the people involved differently, although they could still be considered demo tapes in a way.

"It sounds interesting. Don't want to overdo it though. We could put some clips of me after doing tricks, like reacting to it or something, similar to Nitro Circus. If you know what that is." The more Gray thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea, he knew Claire could produce something that was good from the footage and he knew he'd be able to land the tricks. The only thing was getting the balance on the explanation of who Gray was as a person right, but apart from that it seemed good on paper.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire questioned what a demo tape was but Gray figured it was probably a rhetorical question. He glanced over at Claire to see what her reaction to his question was, she tapping her pen on her chin and seemed to be thinking about it. Then she gave him her answer.

"I should be able to do that. I won't charge you for it since you are my friend, but I'm sure I can do something. I haven't done anything action-y in a while, and this can allow for some awesome work with editing and video effects."

All in all it went better than expected, she wasn't going to charge him for it, although Gray still thought he would at least buy her something to eat or just give her some money anyway, it didn't seem right having a friend do it all for him for nothing. His job was easiest, just land the tricks consistently so that Claire could get the shots. Claire was the one who'd have to film it, sort out the shots, edit it together, and add effects. Granted it was a hobby of Claire's and she liked doing it, but it still it probably took a lot of time. Then she asked him if he had any ideas, Gray didn't really want to say he'd asked without having any ideas, so he quickly thought up something based on what some other skaters had been talking about.

"Well Jefferson Park re-opened a couple of months ago. We could head down there, I know there's a good spot to get some footage of grinds and I think there's a couple of verts there." Gray then realised he didn't remember how far away Jefferson Park actually was from where they lived...that had the potential to be an issue. Gray didn't dwell on it though. "Then we can just get some footage from around town, I know some good places. I just need some time to get something looking like a plan together."

That was good enough for ideas, a trip to a proper skate park would be essential though, that way Gray would be able to show he was able to perform in both environments. Plus it would stop the demo tape just being grind, after grind, after grind, after grind. After all there was only so much you could do with a set of stairs.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot

So I just finished reading through Melissa and I really liked her. When I first read through her bio and saw that she had strict parents I didn't look forward to it because people who write strict parents tend to create these insanely strict parents that don't seem to let their children do anything. I know strict parents exist and it can get extreme, but there's a point where people will tend to be dragged out of the story because the parents are strict not because it makes sense but because they need to be strict, since that's their entire characterisation. Melissa's parents only have a part in Melissa's storyline once, in a memory thread. Apart from that they are mentioned through Melissa remembering things about her life at home or mentioning them in passing, (or he hearing the voice of her father randomly. I wasn't a fan of that instance.) Its means you can still see their presence and how they made Melissa the person she is, but it isn't overbearing, it's more like a little reminder.

Anyway onto Melissa's time on the island proper. She wakes up in the swamp and quickly meets up with Aislyn McCreey. One of my favourite parts of her whole story was her second post in Random Spawns are a Bitch where she see's someone step out from behind a tree with a weapon in their hand. Her reaction is one of sheer panic and the belief she's going to die. It contrasts well with what Melissa is like as she spends more time on the island. From there she ends up in a group with another set of girls. The writing style for Melissa gets a little weird at this point because she has a conversation with a disembodied voice of her dad...well I say conversation but the voice just yells at her. I didn't really like it when it happened because 1) its already established that she isn't insane and 2) I don't buy that she'd be hallucinating after a day. But at the same time it was foreshadowed in Pregame so I can't say it came completely out of nowhere. Then she gets a voice in her head that says all the things she wants to say...or says what she really thinks, but regardless it seems out of character because Melissa shows no signs of this at all before the voice starts talking to her. I think the idea was that it was her real feelings or was her trying to cope with what was happening but that doesn't really make sense because the voice just seems malicious more than anything. Weirdly it doesn't return in any other threads, which is only for the best.

Sadly Melissa gets bogged down in Can't I Just Die a Disney Death? which had a strange post order and some delays. Luckily the payoff is worth it and it ends up moving Melissa closer to her best threads. Sadly she then moves into Keep on Smiling, which quickly becomes a confusing clusterfuck with people attacking each other and running around chasing others. A Day Late then follows this and is my favourite thread of Melissa's entire story, which is a testament to the writing in it. The entire thread consists of Melissa and Jennifer Perez in the Hall of Mirrors recounting their respective stories to one another. The thread manages to be funny, sad and heart-warming. Tythanin's writing manages to convey all of Melissa's feelings elegantly but at the same time it they have an air of desperation to them, because she knows her chances of surviving are slim.

"And...I don't want to have to ask you this...but I hope you'd do the same." She mumbled. "I want to survive. I want you to survive. I want my friends to survive...I'll do whatever it takes to achieve those goals...without mindlessly killing."

She looked helplessly at Jennifer. "Do...Does that make me a bad person? Am I a hypocrite? Is something like that even possible in this?"

Melissa and Jennifer then move into And A Buck Short which is also a very enjoyable thread with good writing throughout before she ends up in her death thread and is accidentally killed by Nick Reid when he tries to disable her collar.

So I suppose I better sum up my feelings of Melissa instead of just rambling on. I really liked Melissa throughout her story, I liked her as a character and I liked the fact that everything she did made sense for her in character. Aside from a rocky patch in the middle where she got stuck in threads and had a weird voice in her head I felt her writing was really well done. Especially her penultimate threads which were definitely the highlight.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire patiently listened to his idea and then it was up to her to get something she could work with out of it when he was finished. If anyone could get something out of what Gray had said it would have been Claire. She had a good mind for ideas. She seemed to be able to take a couple of words and make a fully-fledged story out of it. Gray didn't know how she managed to do it but he assumed it was something to do with the amount of movies she watched, it probably helped that she must have seen many different ways of doing a similar movie.

Claire started her response by complimenting the ideas Gray had given before then explaining how the ideas were overused within the style of story she was trying to tell. It would've made sense if she didn't want to use any of Gray's ideas but then she said something about a deconstruction and then she was off brainstorming ideas. If Gray hadn't known Claire for so long he probably would've had a hard time keeping up, because the ideas were pouring out of her. It was funny how Claire was able to do that. She'd taken an old idea and put a new spin on it. At least as far a Gray was concerned she'd put a new spin on it. He didn't know enough movies to properly judge if it was an original idea, but he hadn't seen a movie with a similar storyline. It definitely fit the theme she had mentioned and it could easily be a thriller.

Claire then patted him on the shoulder and said how he may have helped her figure out how she was going to write the screenplay. It felt good to have helped a friend, even if it wasn't something major he had helped Claire with. He pulled the Pepsi can out of his bag and opened it before taking a sip. He thought about how easy it had been for Claire to ask his help, granted it wasn't exactly that big a deal but he'd needed a new demo tape for a while and Claire loved to make movies. Gray decided to man up and ask Claire if she could help him.

"Hey Claire, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me make a demo tape." 'Cause my current one is really out of date and I suck at filming things." Well he'd thrown it out. Now he just had to wait and see what her response would be.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
Claire explained to Gray how the screenplay she had mentioned wasn't actually a screenplay, more an idea she had been toying with. She only had a basic idea of what she wanted. Gray didn't know whether that was a bad thing or not but he thought it was alright to not be 100% sure when you were only thinking of ideas. From what Claire had told him, he knew she wanted it to be a thriller and have a theme of failing justice. Gray didn't exactly consider himself the most creative person when it came to things like books or movies; if you gave him a skateboard and told him to link a couple of tricks together over some ramps and a railing he was sure he'd be able to do it and make it look good. He didn't feel the same about movies, but since Claire was his friend he felt like he needed to try and give her some ideas. If she didn't like them that was fine by him, if she ended up using it that was fine too.

Gray didn't think too much about what Claire had told him. If he did he felt he'd start thinking of other movies that had been about a similar theme. Then again Gray had never examined a movie before to see what its theme was or what message it was trying to convey. He knew many movies that had messages in them, but they were never something he went looking for when he watched a movie. He preferred just watching a movie to enjoy himself and turn of his brain but he knew people who liked to analysis the messages and themes of movies. One of them was Claire for example; it was just something Gray himself never really did.

He adjusted his beanie before speaking. "How about something valuable to the family has been stolen and they all start to suspect each other, or one of the family members is murdered...and they all start to suspect each other. Those are pretty similar actually." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Um...The family could be isolated from the outside world by a storm and someone’s been murdered. So they all suspect each other. They try waiting for the storm to break, and become more paranoid and try to find out who committed the murder." When Gray thought about them, his ideas sucked, for a start it was the same idea repeated twice. That wasn't helpful by itself. "Maybe they start out with good intentions but end up tearing the family apart. I dunno I'm not that good at this." At least he'd given one good idea. Now it was just up to Claire to try and make sense of what he'd said.

The fog and humidity were combining to make it a great day to be hiking. The only reason they were out in the woods was because their teacher was going to tell them an urban legend over a camp fire. If they put a flashlight under their face Diz was leaving. She was interested in the legend but there was a line of stupidity that didn't need to be crossed. Still it was better than actually working and she'd needed to take up another subject anyway and a lesson where all they did was watch movies had seemed like the perfect choice. The one thing she was having trouble dealing with was the constant complaining of some of her classmates. It was like none of them had ever gone for a walk in the woods before.

Diz ran a hand over her head. She'd shaved her hair off a week before the trip and would still run her hand over it as if to check that it was still short. If Diz was honest she didn't really know why she had shaved her hair off, she'd just felt like doing it one day and had found that she liked her head shaved. She wasn't sure what she was going to do when it started to grow back properly, maybe she'd keep one half of her hair shaved and let the other half grow out. That'd be interesting.

She was broken from her thoughts by a squeal from ahead of her, looking up she found that the noise had come from Niki. Diz wasn't surprised; Niki was a girl who wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the latest trends. How she'd been convinced to come on the trip Diz didn't know, but that didn't stop her presence from being annoying. "That's not as much fun, unless of course you're scared of the woods." Diz couldn't stop a smirk sneaking across her face. It was always fun to mess with people who thought too much of themselves.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Gavin sat down with and offered a thanks to Maddie but he seemed to ignore Yaz and Adam, which seemed incredibly rude to Yaz since she had already been sitting at the table and she had greeted him. Yaz didn't say anything though because she'd only just met Gavin and she didn't know what his personality was like and how he reacted to things. That and she was slightly intimidated by his size, he was well over a foot taller than her...not that it was hard to be taller than Yaz, but over a foot was quite a big height difference. Especially when Yaz considered her slight frame as well, when it was all added together it made Yaz seem tiny in comparison.

Then Gavin started asking Maddie about her book and Yaz felt more and more removed from the conversation. Gavin clearly knew something about string theory and Maddie certainly knew about it. Yaz knew nothing about it other than the name. So if the two of them started to have a proper conversation about the topic, she wouldn't be able to contribute and since she had originally sat with Maddie because she knew she could talk to her and work at the same time it sucked that she wouldn't be able to do that. Instead of offering anything Yaz just looked at her work and started to write about the use of shadows in the image. She'd already analysed the use of colours and the composition of the picture so it was the next logical step. It wasn't like there was any point listening to what Gavin was saying if she wasn't going to understand any of it or be able to contribute. Maybe it was for the best though; maybe she'd be able to finish the work.

Then she dimly heard Adam speaking, she wasn't 100% focusing on it but she heard him mention string theory and a zombie cat, so she glanced up with a quizzical look on her face. This was followed by Maddie beginning to explain what string theory was, so Yaz assumed Adam had asked what string theory was. That made her grateful of his presence at that moment because at least now she had a chance of at least understanding what they were talking about. But then Maddie started talking about Planck units and models of particles and Yaz realised she still had no idea what string theory was. Well that wasn't entirely true, she knew it was confusing.

"I still don't understand." Yaz said when Maddie had finished speaking. It made her feel bad that she didn't understand a word that Maddie had just said, because she had made it sound so simple and seemed so comfortable explaining it. "I don't get anything you said." Yaz said softly.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
It was good to have friends that you could just start talking to and it would feel like no time had passed since the last conversation you had with them. That was what it felt like whenever Gray talked to one of his old friends, since they had all grown up together they were almost like another family in some respects. They all looked out for one another because they'd been there for each other through everything. That was why Gray found it funny that they'd all ended up at Aurora, nothing seemed to be able to separate them. Then again they did all practically live on the same block so it only made sense to go to Aurora.

Claire returned his greeting and then explained that she was in the Student Center so that she could relax and escape from the big crowds of the cafeteria. It made sense since it was impossible to relax in the cafeteria since there was always a big crowd and that meant it was always incredibly noisy, there was also the potential for some drama to happen at any time. Gray had found that one out first hand. He couldn't imagine trying to do anything creative in the cafeteria, it just didn't seem like the right place to do anything requiring imagination; it was probably better than the math hall though.

Claire mentioned that she was thinking of ideas for her a screenplay, she always seemed to be doing that but then Gray always seemed to be doing something related to skateboarding or snowboarding so he was in no position to comment. She was passionate though and that was something Gray related to easily. Passion for his hobbies was all Gray had, since you'd never get better at them without practice and the learning process involved in skateboarding was a painful one. You only get better by doing tricks you found challenging, but that also meant you risked bailing and that was always where injuries occurred. Everyone had probably seen a video on the internet of someone attempting a big jump only to slam into the concrete; or the more popular videos of people attempting to grind rails only to fall on them. 9 out of 10 times it could be attributed to someone not properly knowing what they were doing or attempting a trick they'd never be able to complete. It happened all the time because anyone who wanted to be a professional skateboarder made demo tapes of them doing cool tricks and landing big jumps. The idea being you sent the tape to a sponsor to impress them with your skill and then they in turn would agree to sponsor you, however people always seemed to forget that sponsor's liked to sponsor winners. It was cool if someone could do an impressive trick like a Christ Air but if they weren't winning competitions the sponsors wouldn't want to spend money on them. That was why Gray's demo tape was out of date, at least that was the excuse he used.

Claire then asked him how it was going. "Not too bad. I did bail earlier though." Gray said, holding up his elbow to show what he meant. He dropped his bag next to the bench and climbed over the back of it to sit down. "I'm avoiding the cafeteria though. I don't think the staff have forgiven me yet. Not that I blame them." Gray didn't think about the food fight too much. It was more what had happened at the end of the day that had bothered him most. He hadn't told anyone though; he preferred to keep it to himself. No one else needed to know what Andi had said and he didn't want to bog anyone down with his problems, it wasn't fair on them. "Anyway, what's the screenplay about?" He asked as he opened his bag and tried to locate the sausage roll and Pepsi he had bought when he was off campus. He knew whatever Claire had been thinking about was bound to be interesting, that was why he liked talking to her; she always had something interesting to say.

Little's Buddies (Thread V2)
Ummmmmm Gray isn't at the prom yet.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Adam thanked Yaz for her offer as he sat down. Then he answered Maddie's question by telling the two girls that he had taken up Psychology. His reasoning being that he could use it every day, which the made sense. The issue was the way he said it. He had indirectly implied that science wasn't useful. It didn't matter to Yaz because she wasn't really into science either; but Maddie was passionate about the subject so the comment would probably annoy her. Luckily Adam seemed to realise his mistake and quickly attempted to cover for it by saying that it was useful if you wanted to be a scientist. That response seemed to satisfy Maddie though so no further words were exchanged.

It was for the best because it wouldn't look very good on any of them if they got kicked out of the Library for arguing; although when Yaz took into account the people Adam hung around with it would make sense. But that didn't happen so it was pointless thinking about it. Plus it wasn't like Maddie would start an argument with someone she barely knew just because they didn't like science; Yaz didn't know anyone who was like and if she was honest she didn't want to know anyone who was like that.

Yaz snapped out of her thoughts when a tall boy walked over and asked if he could sit down. He introduced himself as Gavin and Yaz struggled to think of whether she'd ever seen him before, because if she had she didn't remember, which was awkward. But Gavin didn't have to know that. Gavin himself was also dressed in a leather jacket but his was much longer than Adam's. Looking at it Yaz thought that she could probably use it as a blanket since she was so small. Maddie said he could sit down and introduced Yaz and Adam. Yaz again decided to be polite. "Hi." It wasn't much but Gavin was slightly intimidating since he was so tall and dressed all in black. It just struck Yaz as odd.

Adapting The Orchid Thief
((Gray Emerson continued from After the Battle))

Gray walked into the Student Center while dabbing at his elbow with a piece of toilet paper that was becoming more and more red. He'd been trying to grind down a rail he'd found, but had ended up bailing and gashing his elbow on the edge of one of the stairs. He was fairly sure it was the same set of stairs he had tried to jump down on Halloween, but he couldn't be sure. But if it was the same set of stairs they were really kicking his ass. He'd decided to spend the rest of lunch in the Student Center because he was much less likely to hurt himself in it and because he wanted to hang out with someone and there were always people in the Student Center. Gray hadn't eaten in the Cafeteria at lunch since he had started the food fight and he thought that it was for the best. He wasn't 100% sure the whole incident had blown over but he doubted it had. So until it had he was avoiding the cafeteria.

He couldn't see anyone he knew at first but as he moved closer to one of the benches he spotted Claire Monaghan lying across it. Gray had known Claire since they had been children as she was one of a group of friends that had all grown up together. It was funny how they had all ended up going to Aurora, but at the same time it made sense since they all practically lived on the same block. So it only made sense they all ended up at the same school.

Claire was one of the louder personalities of the group but it wasn't a bad thing, since she was interesting and fun and wasn't obnoxious. Her main interest was film making and she always seemed to be either writing, filming or editing something. It was an interesting hobby but Gray preferred to watch movies and just enjoy them and he had a feeling that once you started to make movies you also started to dissect every other movie you watched. She also offered her film making expertise to other students and friends, as long as they paid for the costs. Gray had always thought about asking her to help him make a demo tape so he could send it off to sponsors, but he always ended up forgetting about it. Plus he was regularly involved in competitions anyway, so it wasn't urgent. Claire hadn't spotted him so he moved up to the back of the bench before greeting her.

"Hey Claire, what you up too?"

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Let's get this done because we've been beating around the bush with this for the better part of two days.

VOTE: dmboogie