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Prepare to Burn
She had taken out the glass shard as soon as the door had announced her presence. It was a defence in case her loud arrival had caused someone to attack her. Instead what she got were two voices she half-recognised. Abby and Cristóbal weren't bad people. If Kimiko was ranking people based on their potential for good or evil they'd both lean to the good side. That was in their world back at school however, now there was a lot more she needed to consider.

Being asked to identify herself by voice was a cruel irony. There was no way she could carry out the request. Instead she had to find some way to communicate that she didn't mean harm without using any words and in the dark. That was a big ask.

What made things worse was she had no idea what she wanted to say. Her plan had been to go in, get supplies and leave. That wasn't going to happen. Not when she was sharing the warehouse with two people who potentially considered her a threat and when you took the whole conceit of the game into account things added up to be problematic if she didn't give a satisfactory answer. Which led her back to the original problem; that she couldn't fulfill the request to speak.

Kimiko stowed the glass shard in her pocket. She didn't think having a visible weapon was a good idea. Onto the problem of announcing her presence; she had a flashlight. That was the only thing she could thing of that would be helpful. She took her bag off her shoulder while at the same time lightly tapping on a shelf with the knuckles of her free hand. She thought maybe sound that was coming from a consistent position would at least let them know she wasn't trying to creep up on them.

Eventually she fished the flashlight out of her bag and turned it on, making it sure it wasn't pointing at Abby and Cristóbal, she then slowly turned it over to her own face making sure it was held out to the side. There was no way not to light herself eerily but she could try. The she slowly placed the flashlight on the shelf next to her, making sure it pointed towards Abby and Cristóbal.

During all of this her free hand had gone back to the glass shard, holding it within her pocket.

She waited for their reaction.

Five Finger Death Punch
It had been fun while it lasted.

Now Trav and Cass had no choice but to engage with the game of death they found themselves in. Trav wasn't a fan of the idea. He didn't know Vanessa or Jae well if at all. They didn't hang around with similar people to him. Not that Trav was close friends with that many people at Cochise on the same point, he tended to only hang out with a few and was proper friends with less by his estimate. It wasn't that he was a loner or quiet, he was sure people didn't mind him being around. He just didn't see many people as his friend. Maybe it was a side-effect of the amount of training he did on a weekly basis; did his lack of friends mean he had wasted his high school years? Not the most positive thinking.

Vanessa seemed fine when you considered all the potential scenarios and ways things could go wrong. Jae on the other hand, was a mess. He'd been in a fight and from the look of it he had lost it to boot. The fact that both of them had come up to the roof together was a good sign. There wasn't much chance of them trying to start something when they had one and a half working bodies. Trav felt safe enough in the situation and his own abilities to feel comfortable.

"Not much, we've been sitting up here enjoying the sunrise. Looks like you guys have had a lot more happen this morning."

The part of Trav that actually thought about things was at work and it wanted to know who the threat was.

Call Me Maybe
Cameron Herrig continued from Nature's Predators

So she was done a foot. Not the greatest start to the rest of her life, however long that was going to be. On the plus side she had...shit...what did she have? It seemed unlikely that she was going to get her hands on a bike, she didn't have her guitar and she had no body paint. In summary she needed new party tricks, being the one-legged woman at the ass-kicking contest wasn't going to cut it. As things were Mel was helping, she wasn't able to put any weight on her foot or ankle so having someone to lean on allowed her to still keep up a good pace.

It was also a comfort thing, someone she knew however little. Someone to travel with and co-operate with. It was better than travelling alone. Cameron didn't know how she would have coped with being alone.

They had managed to craft a splint at least and were heading to get ice. Proper first-aid was looking to be a priority considering the life and death, she wouldn't be able to run though. That had the potential to turn into a problem.

"Good idea." Cameron grinned as they hopped after the figure with Mel's help. "Don't need them shooting us by accident."

All the same Cameron would have loved to have her pickaxe. If only for comfort.

A Salad of Anger
The conversation was about food, specifically the presence of olives and how to deal with them. Trav dug his fork into his meal and lifted some chicken into his mouth as he listened in. He raised his head in Tessa's direction and gave a wave as she approached. She was right about the whole body knowing thing, the body knew a lot of things. Sometimes it would instinctively do stupid shit and you had to train that stuff out but most of the time it had a good natural idea of what was good for it.

Coleen turned and asked him about a chem paper. Trav's eyes went wide mid-mouthful and he stared at the floor racking his brain for the answer. Had he done the chem paper? He actually didn't know. He knew he'd started it but he couldn't remember if he had actually finished the work. He also didn't know when it was due, more than a little unhelpful considering the question he'd just been asked.

"Ummmmmmm," He swallowed and looked up at Coleen. "It's due in a week?" He sounded unsure and raised his arms in what resembled a shrug. "I think it's a week...I mean, I hope it's a week."

He must have sounded super convincing.

If there was one thing Kimiko hadn't been expecting it was the appearance of Irene. It was more than a little out of nowhere. Although it wasn't unwelcome, Kimiko had known Irene since middle school. Irene had forced her way into being Kimiko's friend. It hadn't been an elegant process in any sense but Kimiko could appreciate the effort. She was like Caleb in that she had learned sign language to be able to communicate easier with Kimiko. So like with Caleb that had earned Kimiko's affection. She was however standing way too close and Kimiko subtly moved back a pace to get some breathing room.

Like a lot of the others Irene's sign language was passable but could be stilted. She missed out the specific actions used to differentiate words a lot but Kimiko was able to work around it. She did however feel her cheeks go slightly red when Irene referred to Caleb as her boyfriend. That was an awkward mishap.

"This is Caleb. He's my friend." Kimiko quickly signed a response while choosing at the same time to make a deliberate effort to ignore what had just happened. She had never thought about Caleb, or anyone for that matter, like that. It was a weird feeling to consider. What it wasn't was something she needed to dwell on in public...in front of said person. She was sure the redness of her face was totally noticeable now and it wasn't due to the heat outside.

"I'm fine, pretending to try and be healthy. But thanks!" It was a rushed sentence she wanted to move on. As luck would have it Caleb was already moving to the counter to purchase their ice cream. Kimiko quickly trotted over and pointed out the two flavors she wanted when the cashier pointed at her expectantly. Strawberry and Melon. Kimiko was sure he rolled his eyes at the fact she didn't actually say anything but she ignored it and turned to Caleb.

"Thanks, next time I'll pay."

Prepare to Burn
((Kimiko Kao continued from Exhausted))

Casing a building was a weird feeling. It was also fruitless in this case as Kimiko found out since the warehouse had no windows. She didn't like the idea of going into the building without knowing what was inside, but if there were any useful supplies inside she would kick herself if she didn't at least check. As she was about the head back to the entrance of the warehouse she heard the door swing open. Kimiko froze where she was stood and waited. Luckily for her whoever it was didn't go around her side of the warehouse, sighing with relief Kimiko slipped the glass shard back into her pocket.

Approaching the door Kimiko waited and listened for any sound inside. She couldn't make out if anyone was talking inside. The door itself was doing a good job of blocking any sound. Sighing again Kimiko slowly and as quietly as she could tried to push the door open. Instead of a helpful silent opening, the door made a shrill metallic screech. Kimiko instinctively froze, heart beating fast.

That was not the quiet or subtle entrance she had wanted.

Five Finger Death Punch
Trav laughed at Cass' embarrassment at taking over the conversation. It was just the idea of someone being so self-conscious about conversational cues despite the situation they found themselves in. In the end it probably wouldn't matter but sticking to social rules that used to exist was probably a good idea. If only to keep them from going crazy.

"Don't worry about it. I reckon someday people will stop and look. Someone will care enough or like it enough that they try to find more or find out who you were." Trav paused as he thought about how he wanted to phrase the next part. He knew what to say, it was just how to say it. "It will help someone at some stage."

Good enough he guessed.

Coughing slightly due to a dry throat Trav sat up and started looking through his bag, eventually finding a bottle of water. He took a few quick sips, and looked out over the horizon. There wasn't much he could see that was interesting. He was sitting on the most interesting thing. The asylum, a good metaphor to show what the terrorists wanted them to do. They wanted them to go crazy and kill each other. That was a better metaphor he reckoned.

"I mean I hope maybe one day someone will look at a video of my fights and be like 'This guy's technique and the way he kicks' but y'know not a big sample size." He shrugged, not sure how to continue his train of thought.

So Sandra left. Kimiko had expected it. She was also glad it had happened. Consoling the other girl wasn't something she wanted to do when she was having a stressful enough time figuring out what she wanted to do. As selfish as it sounded she didn't want to add someone else's problems onto that.

Instead Kimiko occupied herself with searching what the map told her was the vehicle depot. To say she didn't find anything useful would have been an understatement. The place had been scrubbed clean of anything that could have been considered remotely useful. There were no tools and nothing inside the vehicles themselves that would be useful. Instead all Kimiko found was dust and weeds, signs of a place long since abandoned. The only activity the place had seen in at least ten years was going to either be the terrorists or her classmates, at least that was her assumption.

Eventually Kimiko found herself back in the office rooting through the filing cabinet. There was nothing, which she had expected; searching the filing cabinet had been a long shot anyway. Then she looked up and saw what had been in front of her face all along.

The office window.

She could use the glass.

Picking up the chair that was at the desk Kimiko raised it and slammed it into the window...which didn't budge. Gritting her teeth Kimiko tried again, and again. Her commitment was rewarded with the sound of glass shattering. In the context she found herself in, it was like music to her ears. Dropping the chair to one side with a dull thud, Kimiko starting rooting around in her bag for her first aid kit, upon finding it she placed it on the desk and cracked it open. She knew exactly what she was looking for, this was why she had been so meticulous in looking through everything she had been given. She took a roll of bandages out and began looking through the shards she had made.

Her requirements for the shards she wanted were simple, they had to have a sharp edge for stabbing or slashing and preferably a wider base to give her something to hold onto. She was lucky enough to find exactly what she wanted. Carefully picking it up she bound the part she was using as her base in layers of the bandages she had been supplied with. Once she was done she had a weapon that was perfect for stabbing. She wasn't proud of the fact she had made it, but she needed something that wasn't the megaphone. There was another smaller piece that she also took and prepared. That one was stuffed in her bag.

As for what was left Kimiko systematically stomped on them until they had broken apart into smaller less usable pieces. She didn't want anyone else using the glass, she couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't use it to attack someone or for their own gain.

Once everything was done Kimiko allowed herself to sit on the chair, which she had needed to set up again, and take a drink of her water. She turned her makeshift dagger over in her hand contemplating what it meant for her.

After a while she left. She was no closer to figuring it out.

((G015 - Kimiko Kao continued in Prepare to Burn))

Five Finger Death Punch
Trav contemplated what Cass had said. Even though he hardly knew her, Cass' acceptance of his dream and reassurance that there was nothing wrong with it was comforting. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because they were a stranger and they accepted it. Normally you got that sort of unquestioning faith out of friends and family, when Trav thought about it, the idea that people could just support you without knowing you was a big deal.

He could appreciate Cass' dream as well. They both shared a similar idea, except Trav's art was based around the violence he inflicted upon other people. To that end he probably considered Cass' dream a more noble effort. She wanted to make something other people could get appreciation out of. Anyone who wanted to create something for the purpose of other peoples enjoyment was alright by Trav. Maybe some people would think that the idea of making something that people remembered was a little egotistical but Trav assumed that deep down all artists were kind of in it for that part too.

"That sounds pretty cool. Art tends to be remembered for hundreds of years after all. So people would be getting enjoyment out of it even after we're gone."

Smooth Trav. Smooth.

New Official V5 Away Thread
And I'm back

Nature's Predators
"No I'm-" Cameron cut herself off. Instead of pretending she was fine she just pushed herself around to make it easier for Mel to help. Reaching out Cameron took Mel's arm and managed to work herself back up to her feet, most of her weight resting on Mel's shoulder. She was angry with herself for being so stupid as to fall down a set of stairs, of all the things she could have done it was something as simple as walking down the stairs that messed her up. Cameron didn't know if she had just sprained her ankle or if it was broken, either way it was a major injury considering the situation.

"God fuck." Cameron buried her face in the pit of her arm. The pain was still constant, a throb that emanated from her ankle and worked it's way up her leg. She had it raised off the floor to avoid putting any more weight on it than she needed to.

"I'm sorry about this."

Five Finger Death Punch
"Ironically, I want to fight people for a living."

Trav lightly scratched behind one of his ears.

"Being an MMA fighter is the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my life. So I suppose I want to keep doing it, get to the UFC and win a world title, as generic as that sounds; on the other hand it's my dream so if people think it's dumb fuck 'em." Trav chuckled. His parents had always been supportive of him, they accepted what he wanted to do with his life and were glad he had a passion. He could tell at some points they had been unsure, but as soon as he had started amateur fights they saw his potential. He loved them for that. They came to every fight, told him they would support him as much as they could. He wasn't going to get a chance to repay that.

Pushing the dark thoughts from his mind, Trav refocused his gaze on the clouds.

"What about you Cass? What are your dreams?"

Nature's Predators
Cameron shrugged at Mel's question. She didn't even know what the other girl...her partner, meant by getting everyone together. If she meant everyone of their classmates than Cameron didn't think it could be done. There were too many people, and therefore too many moving parts. They could get a smallish group together sure, anything above say five or six? That would be pushing things a little too much. She kept that part to herself however, it didn't make sense to start raining on Mel's parade as it was still preparing to start.

"Yeah sure, sounds like a plan."

The other thing she had to think about was finding Vanessa and Coleen. She knew she wanted to do that. No matter what, she needed to do that; before it was too late.

She had to smile at Mel wanting to see the ocean, it was wistful. She hadn't even thought about seeing the ocean. She had never seen it before.

"That's a good point. We have to see the ocean."

Cameron started heading down the stairs, looking around the cabin as she did so. She didn't even realise her left foot was going to miss the step until she felt her balance go, she tried to regain it but all she felt was her foot get jammed between the stairs themselves. Then she was hitting the wood. She registered the pain and heard Elmo hit the ground, eventually she stopped at the bottom, she could already feel the bruises forming on her arms and legs.

Shakily Cameron tried to push herself up onto her feet, as soon as she tried to put any weight on her left ankle however an intense burning sensation greeted her and she collapsed back onto the floor.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Five Finger Death Punch
"Well, I can't think of a good reason to leave." Trav said with a grin.

He was watching the clouds move overhead, drifting over the two of them. The irony of everything around them being so peaceful considering what was to come wasn't lost on him. For now though he was content to let everything happen around him. The roof was their shared private haven.

Obviously it wasn't going to last, Trav knew that. He also knew that he was one of the students best prepared for a fight to the death. Sure, he didn't have any idea how to use a gun besides pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger. Hand to hand fighting though? That was a different story, it was his wheelhouse, he was tall, in shape, athletic and knew how to put those physical gifts to good use. Being able to put that in action against someone he knew and had gone to school with? That was another question altogether, but if someone pushed him Trav would push back. Only if he was pushed though.

"This can be our private spot. No one else allowed." He smiled again. Humour. The best defense against hopelessness.

Kimiko shrugged and shook her head at Sandra's question. She was in the same boat, not sure what to do or what path to take. She knew there were more paths available to her than she was aware of right now but she could only clearly make out two. Neither of them offered a complete explanation of what to do but they seemed to be the smartest choices. The saying rolled around in Kimiko's head again, she frowned as she considered a possible interpretation of it.

Finding friends seemed like a good idea but for some reason Kimiko didn't want to commit herself to that path of action. Not for a little while longer at least. She wanted time to assess her situation and her options. To figure out what she wanted to do. What she wanted was a plan.

She didn't have the makings of one yet.

Kimiko nodded at Sandra and wobbled her hand then made a wide circle with her index fingers, hoping that Sandra got the idea that she was going to stay and have a look around.

Nature's Predators
The pickaxe clattered to the floor as Cameron caught Elmo.

"Oh huh." Mel had not had the best of luck with her 'weapon', even calling it a weapon was being generous. "That's unlucky." Cameron started laughing a little along with Mel. It felt good to have something lighthearted happen. Doom was overrated. For a few moments they were back home, laughing at a stupid joke, escapism at it's purest. Sadly though they had come back to reality. Tucking Elmo under her arm Cameron bent down and retrieved her pickaxe from where it lay on the floor.

Shuffling over next to Mel, Cameron had a look at the map. It took her a moment to figure out where they were in relation to everything else on the map. "I'm down for sticking together." She said as much to herself as to Mel. She put her index and middle fingers on the map one over each housing block.

"These two are closest, so I'd say we check them out first. What you reckon?"

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: 17th-20th August
Days Away: 4
Reason for Away: Going to England for my girlfriends birthday. Not going to have much time to check the site and won't have data on my phone.
Characters: Kimiko Kao, Cameron Herrig, Travis Lynch and staff stuff

Nature's Predators
Cameron nodded, as much to herself as to Mel's question. "Yeah out of the room." There was no point leaving the cabin, as far as they knew it was completely safe. If anyone else was with them inside they had kept quiet or hadn't heard them. Cameron wasn't sure of the likelihood of either of those scenarios but they were something she would have to keep in mind. Everything was different now, she had to chance her primary concerns. Reassess how she thought about things.

Following Mel out of the room, Cameron scanned the extent of the cabin. It was big that was for sure, in any other context she would have loved to stay. The open plan of it allowed easy views of everything, although the tiger skin rug was a tacky touch. Mel wanted to look through her bag. Cameron was almost surprised that she hadn't already done so, but it wasn't her business what the other girl had been doing while she had been heaving up her guts.

She lent forwards onto the wooden railing of the second floor, resting her forearms on it.

"Go for it."

The cabin itself seemed to be in good condition. So far the worst thing she had experienced had been the bed, her own vomit and the idea of being alone.

"So, what do you reckon...we stick together and then..." It dawned on Cameron that she hadn't given any thought to what she was going to do. Instead her question drifted out of her mouth and off into the ether, leaving an uneasy silence in it's wake.

Nature's Predators
Cameron tilted her head from side-to-side, considering what Mel had said. The cabin wasn't the worst place in the world to wake up, she had even had the pleasure of waking up on a bed. Granted it was old and smelled of moss and mold, but it was still a bed. She waved off Mel's offer.

"No I'll get myself up." She said as she swung her legs over the side, taking particular care to ensure she didn't put her sneakers in the pile of sick she had made. "Thanks for the offer." Cameron took another sip from her water once she was on her feet before closing the bottle and tossing it back into her pack. G048 was stenciled onto the side. Cameron pulled a face at the idea of being made a number. It was another way the terrorists tried to convince to take part in their game. Give them numbers.

Slinging the bag over her shoulder, Cameron took the pickaxe in her right hand. As she did so she noticed her tattoo, it was still new, so the colours appeared vibrant, almost alive. There was pang of remorse as she realised that she would never get to be on stage again, never get a chance to perform or paint herself. It also reminded her of the one good part of the situation. B.B. and Brady were still alive, they hadn't been going the same day the rest of them had been. They were safe. She smiled.

The pickaxe was heavier than expected but it wasn't unwieldy, it was almost reassuring for Cameron to know that she had the potential to use her weapon. She wasn't completely helpless.

"Alright." She said with a small sigh, her smile sliding off her face as she turned her attention back to Mel and their current situation. "Let's get out of here."

Nature's Predators
Cameron's head shot around to see Melanie Beckett standing in the doorway. She gave a forced grin, it probably didn't reach her eyes.

"Been better times." Cameron took another drink and swallowed it, returning the wave. Cameron knew a little about Melanie from school, she was into art, was pretty chill as a person. All in all there were worse people to meet after just waking up. She didn't want to meet Coleen or Vanessa yet, not before she had her wits about her. Not before she had her brain under control. Right now she wasn't much use to them, she probably would have been more a hindrance.

As Cameron looked at Melanie she spotted the pickaxe that was set down next to her on the bed. It must have been her weapon. Cameron stared at it for a moment before snapping her attention back to Melanie. She knew what the terrorists wanted her to do. They would have loved for her to pick up the pickaxe and drive it through Melanie's skull. She wasn't going to give them that though, not unless Melanie attacked her. Then...well...that would be dealt with if it happened.

"Assuming you've had a better morning?"