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The Black River
"Thursday night, seven to ten." Cameron nodded as she made a mental note to make an actual note on her phone. She grinned as Coleen rambled on, explaining why she had picked Thursday. Not that it made any difference at all to Cameron but it was kind funny and charming. Once Coleen had finished she spoke. "Alright sounds like a date."

Cameron looked down at her notepad, her design sitting half-finished. It was bothering her, she preferred any ideas she scribbled down to be complete. Otherwise she felt as if she only had half a thought down and it wouldn't make sense if she looked back. So to rectify the issue she started quickly scribbling in the rest before it left her mind. She positioned herself with one foot up on the seat and her back up against the wall. From where she was nestled in the corner she could keep eyes on both Enza and Coleen while still being able to work on the sketch.

She shook her head with a smile at Coleen's explanation of the hard work that went into theatre. It almost sounded like when the band performed on stage...in fact it sounded exactly like that. That was another tick in the box of traits Cameron was looking for. Being hard-working was an important skill especially since some nights things just didn't click and you'd have to go back to practice to keep working at it until you got it perfect.

"I'll be there. Got fuck all else to do." She pointed at Enza with her pencil. "Human there may be busy with being internet famous though."

The Black River
So Coleen did her acting at school and community theatre, it was good information to have. Cameron now had a solid idea of how committed Coleen was to performance art. The answer was pretty damn committed, she would have to be if she was doing it both in and out of school. Cameron could dig that, perseverance and commitment was needed to make it after all. The band had needed to call up venues over and over again to see if there were any gigs available, eventually people had started caving and having them do small sets. Once that happened word of mouth and their fans did the rest. They had been invited back nearly every time.

The offer of attending a show was when an idea that had been slowly growing in Cameron's brain blossomed. She could use the excuse of going to watch Coleen perform as an excuse to scout her singing ability. None of the others had to know. After all if Coleen sucked there would be no harm done and everyone could just move on with their lives blissfully unaware that she had been planning anything at all. If Coleen was good however...well that was when things would get interesting and exciting for her. Plus any excuse to get out of the house.

"Next week huh? I mean I had a meeting with my agent about playing Download Festival but I guess I can push that back. What day and time are we talking?"

New Official V5 Away Thread
I'm back.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: Deamon
Dates Away: 18th - 21st August 2015
Days Away: 4
Reason for Away: In Epsom for my girlfriends birthday, I'll have wifi but like fuck will I be posting.
Characters: Kimiko Kao, Cameron Herrig

The Black River
If Cameron hadn't realised what she had said at first, the reaction of Enza and Coleen tipped her off. Cursing inwardly at yet another instance of her amazing ability to speak without thinking, Cameron started work on making things right. "Shit, no, no. I didn't mean like that." She shot a guilty look at Enza. "I just...fuck." She dropped her head onto the table and put her notebook over the top of it. "I hope the ground opens and the apocalypse begins. That way you'll both forget this." Cameron was ninety-percent sure her face was as red as her hair. The only words going around in her head were 'Blown it' on a perpetual loop. It had been going so well too.

"Look," She began rising back up from the table. "I didn't mean to like y'know. Say that." Someone get a shovel. "But that's cool. I dig all types of performance. So do you do it at school or?"

Normally Cameron wouldn't mind if she insulted someone. Caring about stuff like that wasn't her way, if they didn't like the fact she said some serious shit they probably weren't going to cut it as her friend. But despite only knowing Coleen for about eight minutes Cameron found that there was something about her she enjoyed. Whether it was the shyness or the amazing newbie vibe she gave off when talking about music, Cameron found her endearing. So she hoped that she hadn't completely fucked everything up thanks to her mouth having a mind of its own.

Toby 'Noodle' Andreasson

Travis 'Trav' Lynch
Name: Travis "Trav" Lynch
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Mixed Martial Arts, Parkour, American Football, video games (particularly fighting and sports games)

Appearance: Trav stands at 6'2" and weighs 170lbs. This gives him an extremely toned body where most of it is muscle. Trav's skin tone is a dark black betraying his Jamaican-American heritage. His face is round with sharp brown eyes and a square nose. His cheeks and jaw are strong and pronounced with a small mouth always seems to be grinning. Travís long brown hair is done in dreadlocks that he typically keeps tied back in a ponytail. Trav normally wears t-shirts or tank tops with shorts, resorting to tracksuit bottoms and hoodies when the weather turns ugly.

On the day of his abduction Trav was wearing a Dethrone 'Smooth Eye' t-shirt, a pair of long black and red Nike shorts and a pair of grey Jordan Flight Flex trainers.

Biography: Travis was born in Kingman, Arizona on the 12th of August 1997 to Angelina and Jacob Lynch. From an early age Travis was an active child but also proved to be a handful for his parents, full of energy and always pushing the boundaries of what behaviour his parents accepted. Enrolling him in classes for soccer helped alleviate some of these issues but it was obvious Travis wasnít interested in soccer as a sport and didnít put much effort in. Seeing that Trav wasnít interested in soccer his parents eventually stopped the lessons.

Travís first became interested in video games when his dad purchased a Playstation and a box of games at a yard sale. While he had never had a real interest in video games before Trav did find the challenge of trying to beat a game fun and once his dad had shown him how to play Madden they frequently spent lazy afternoons trying to beat each other.

Travís interest in martial arts began when his dad showed him Tekken 4 on PS2. Trav instantly fell in love with all the characters, their fighting skills and personalities. Trav put a lot of his free time and effort into mastering the game. This put his parents in an awkward situation as they were at once happy that they had finally found something that could keep Trav interested but at the same time were worried he would become a stereotypical unfit obese child due to spending too much time playing video games.

As far as Travís parents were concerned Trav managed to inadvertently solve the issue when he approached them and asked if he could be enrolled in martial arts lessons. While looking for places to learn Trav found out about the Kingman Combat Club which offered mixed martial arts, not knowing exactly what it was Trav asked his parents if he could do it, thinking it was a class that taught many different martial arts. Even though he was only allowed to do kickboxing with the other children at first Trav was still hooked and could frequently be found in the garage of his house practicing. This was also where he received the ĎTekkení nickname off one of his coaches when after attending classes for a year he was asked why he had decided to take up martial arts. This nickname has stuck with Trav throughout his time training at the KCC and is even his proper fighting nickname.

Once he was old enough Trav jumped into the adult classes and started training more often. His parents were extremely supportive of the fact he had found something he was truly passionate about and would always be present at interclubs whether they were home or away. Trav also attended Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing classes at the Kingman Combat Club to help broaden his skillset. Once it became clear to his coaches that he was fully committed to training and that he was starting to put his natural talent together with skilful fighting technique he was invited into the pro classes. Trav found the initial leap to pro classes tough as they were all better than him by a long way but it just drove him to try harder and practice more. It wasnít long before he took part in his first amateur kickboxing match which he won by unanimous decision, after this he moved to MMA and has won his first three fights all by stoppage.

Aside from MMA Travís other main passion is Parkour, something he first saw on the internet and took up because it looked cool. After researching the many different facets of Parkour Trav immediately went out to find others in the Kingman area who also practiced. While Trav was naturally athletic and had discipline thanks to his MMA training he had never had to use his body in the same way as he did for Parkour and he immediately fell in love with the freedom of movement as well as the rush when he pulled off a trick. While his MMA coaches didnít enjoy the idea of one of their projects jumping off buildings they accepted Travís argument that it was good fitness training. Trav is fond of showing off his Parkour skills to his friends, particularly Toby Andreasson, who he frequently demonstrates to before training.

Despite all his athletic pursuits Trav still retained his love for video games and he would frequently buy new ones, focussing on fighting and sports games in particular. His two favourite series being Tekken and Madden, however he does frequently play Street Fighter and King of Fighters as well as the UFC games and NBA. His skill at fighting games is well known and he is highly ranked on both Tekken and Street Fighter online, using the games as a form of relaxation when heís not training.

The afternoons spent playing Madden with his dad has also led to Travís interest in American Football. His interest is purely as a spectator as heís never felt the pull to actively participate in the sport but enjoys watching it. His favourite team is the Arizona Cardinals and he and his family were present when the Cardinals won the 2009 NFC Championship at the University of Phoenix as they had gotten tickets to the game for his dadís birthday.

Travís relationship with his parents is a good one as they are very supportive of him pursuing his passion for MMA. They are comfortable for Trav to get a job out of school to be able to pay to train more often as he tries to become a pro fighter. While they do worry about their sons future they can see that he has become set on achieving his dream and that nothing will change his mind.

In terms of personality Trav is a very laidback person preferring to hang out and have a good time with friends than worry about life. He is rarely serious and always tries to lighten the mood with a joke. Travís biggest dislike are people who get into fights at school or on the street, he views it as stupid and dangerous and has no issues telling people this. At school Trav is fairly popular thanks to his athleticism and laid-back attitude meaning he's easy for people to get along with.

At school Travís favourite subject is PE as he enjoys being able to do physical activity while at school. Trav also finds that he enjoys science in particular biology because he finds it interesting how the living world works as well as how a human body works. His least favourite subject is maths since he finds all the calculations difficult and finds the subject very boring.

Advantages: Trav is in exceptional physical condition thanks to all of his athletic endeavours meaning he wonít get as tired our physically worn out as quickly on the island. This combined with his training in many different disciplines in combat sports along with his height mean that he would be able to defend himself well in a hand-to-hand situation.
Disadvantages: Travís tendency to make a joke in any given situation could serve to annoy anyone he is working with and his laidback attitude could also rub people the wrong way as they could view it as him not taking the situation seriously. Travís abilities in combat may also lead to him underestimating his opponent and getting injured as a result.

Toby 'Noodle' Andreasson
Hey Elena, Toby is looking good but is Denied pending a couple of changes.

She's in absolutely fantastic shape, toned in arms, legs, stomach, athleticism obvious just at a glance.
This is a bit too informal.

We also lack information on what subjects she likes and dislikes at school. I assume she dislikes sciences because of the aforementioned stress caused by her parents but we're never told what she likes to study.

If you just make those two changes I'll take another look.

The Black River
"Yeah we're playing at Phoenix Stadium this weekend. Mastodon are opening for us." Cameron muttered to herself, she could dream. One day she planned on playing in a sold out stadium that had all come to see her. One day. As for right now, she needed to make sure her playing was awesome and her songs were well-structured and enjoyable. She had a long way to go before stadium shows. Cameron couldn't help but smile and laugh at Coleen's enthusiasm. You would almost think she had never seen a band before. "We look awesome because we are awesome, bar like one major flaw."

Despite Coleen having sat down at the table with it, Cameron hadn't noticed the screenplay of 'Fiddler on The Roof' until she was watching Coleen drink her shake. She tapped the screenplay with her pencil to get Coleen's attention. "So do you do theater stuff then, all that acting and Shakespeare shit?" She span the pencil around in her hand as she leaned back and genuine smile on her face. "I mean, you don't seem very outgoing what with the hiding your burny face."

The Black River
Cameron had to smile when Enza mentioned people being able to wear what they wanted without worry. In a way it was what she did everyday. It was much more noticeable when she was performing though. That was when Cameron felt the most at home and natural. On stage she would be painted up and essentially wearing costumes to accentuate her look, one thing was consistent was her wolf headdress. She had found it in an antique shop and managed to barter the price of it down to a cool seventy-five dollars. It had been birthday money well spent. It did however get hot as shit when she was wearing it on stage, so it only lasted a song or two before she had to take it off. It made for an amazing image though.

Enza mentioned turning 'Tiny Monkey Brains' into a song. Cameron nodded and jotted it down on her notepad. "Yeah something about evolution maybe." She mumbled to herself as she did so. The ideas were starting to swirl around in her head and a tune was starting to take form when Cameron realised what Enza had said. She couldn't help but laugh. "Can you imagine? Man I don't think swingers would be ready for us."

Then Coleen decided to broach one of Cameron's favorite topics, that of the band. She always loved explaining it to new people. Cameron turned to her with a grin. There was just something fun about broading musical horizons and opening peoples minds to new and exciting things they never knew about. Plus she would have been lying if she said she didn't enjoy the attention a little. It was more about the music and performance aspect for her but everyone who was in a band wanted attention one way or the other. Otherwise why would they get up on stage and perform? "You've probably seen a picture of us at some stage without realising buuuuttt I'm in a band called Peyote Coyote." She pulled her phone out and with a few taps was on their Facebook page. "Here, take a look."

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: If I wake up and I'm not lynched I'm gonna be pissed. (No I'm not voting for myself.)

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Holy fuck that was a lot to write on a phone.

I'm going to sleep now, I'll see you guys at the flip.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Apart from the fact it's what you've been doing? Plus I was pointing out the hypocrisy in your argument as to why I should be lynched. Like your entire reason for this lunch hasn't evolved at any point based on my actions and hasn't seemed to take into account anything else that has transpired other than to quickly get rid of it and push the focus back on my lack of a valid defence.

I mean I do wish I could offer my thoughts on the rest of the game but the fact is that by and large the wagon on me is pretty mic the game at this point in time. Every other important occurrence has come as a result of what's currently happening.

It's not me trying to divert attention or push suspicion onto others as you keep claiming. I've been pretty consistent in pointing out why I don't like the current play and why I think the like 3 people I've said are suspicious are suspicious.

Despite this though I notice that again you're disregarding what I believe to be a fairly valid point about how you've been aligning with Vyse in the way you have been. In that you've immediately latched onto the bit that fits with your narrative but ignores the other point I made. The way you're doing this is to immediately discredit any point I attempt to make so that you can confidently get me lynched.

Now at this stage I agree that lynching me is in fact a very useful thing to do, but only if the problems with the play so far are addressed by town moving forward. Now the issue with that comes in at the point where I think you aren't town and are instead throwing in with Vyse in an attempt to give yourself town cred. Obviously you could actually be town and I could be wrong but I'm much more comfortable saying you're scum right now based off your play. With your latest post very much reinforcing that belief. I mean you ignored a whole paragraph of it and I very much doubt you're that inattentive a player to do something like that.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Nah mate, that was more to make the point that you've been doing the same thing I've apparently been doing. I'm fine with being lynched at this point but the play that got us here was pretty fucking shit and I'm not going to dance around that.

Another point is that you've basically spent the whole phase hiding behind Vyse and popping out to go "Yeah!" and back up what he says every so often. Like I'm fairly sure Frogue has pointed this out too but it's getting noticeable and I really don't like it.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
And the reason its got to this point is because this stupid tunnel fight was allowed to happen in the first place based off me "parroting"/"echoing" other peoples points, something you yourself have been doing quite nicely over the course of this day phase. But again I'm just the guy getting lynched...for reasons.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Missing/ignoring my point completely in that she's a main character whereas Snoop Dogg Attending is not. But hey your reasoning for lynching me has been complete ass so far.

Posted Image

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Snoop Dogg Attending? Really?

Dude Denise is a recurring character who became a main character in the series.

Snoop Dogg Attending is up there with Colonel Doctor as a recurring joke character. If anything it would be more suspicious if claimed him.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Go right ahead, I want to see this shit go down.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Aug 5 2015, 12:22 PM
I'm starting to agree, but frankly, I don't have anywhere else to go. My read's more like 30-40% right now, and that's still better than nothing, or the worse alternatives.

I think I'd vote Flare at this point, but I don't really have a full list of thoughts on him. It's very much a weak gutread, and I don't think it's possible to bring a quorum together on him even I tried like crazy.

Obviously, I'm not going to support lynching myself. Psych isn't really someone I want on the table yet, even if I'm looking for more from him.

I'd rather take the chance I'm being paranoid, unless something better pops up. :-/
Posted Image

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Aug 5 2015, 03:52 AM
I appreciate the compliment, of sorts, but I'm frustrated because this is the kind of push I always make, and I'm suddenly getting flak for it.
Maybe it's cause it's not a good push and people don't agree with you taking over the game with it when there are other things that could have been done that wouldn't have allowed scum to skate by under the radar using this tunnel fight as cover.

I'm glad Frogue has the same misgivings about Doc as I do though.