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Love and Marriage
Sean set himself down against the gazebo and closed his eyes. Gray didn't follow suit, he wasn't tired. Alternatively he was so tired he had just looped around. Not that it mattered, he just didn't feel tired. He stretched his leg out and appreciated the relief it gave him from the pain.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been sitting there lost in his own thoughts when the speakers blared into life. It was time for the worst part of the day. The part where they found out if any of their friends had died. On that morning it was Claire. Katarina had killed again and this time it was Claire who had been the victim. It meant that Gray's plan had failed. No more of their friends were left alive. That made Gray feel empty. He no longer had a goal anymore. He didn't know what the second stage of his plan actually was after he'd found his friends. But it didn't matter anymore the first stage had failed so there was need for stage two.

Andi was dead too. That hit Gray harder than he thought. He had always been expecting it at some stage Andi didn't have a personality that went well with diplomacy. But still it hurt to hear. The real question was how Sean was going to react to the news that all the people they used to be friends with were now dead.

Gray looked over to Kathryn; she'd killed as well, the announcement made it sound like an accident. Only one way to find out the real answer.

"So what happened?"

Love and Marriage
Ok so Sean didn't know the exact time and he was making some assumptions. Regardless having an idea of the time was better than having no idea at all. It felt weird giving Sean his gun back. On the one hand he had gotten rid of one burden in theory but on the other he had given Sean a gun. If he did break again would there be a repeat of the first time? When Gray and Corey had found Sean originally. It was something that needed to be considered. It would always be hanging over them like a specter.

The idea of sleep hadn't really come to Gray; he guessed he had gotten some rest back in the house. Since he was assuming he had passed out or something and that may have counted. He couldn't account for what Sean had been doing though; there had been a door between them. "Guess you could." Gray moved closer to the gazebo so he could get a closer look at Ian. It was nasty. Lots of blood and a big wound across his stomach. He thought about Sean's suggestion for a moment.

"I could move him. Would need some help but it wouldn't be hard." He pointed out a patch of grass with the FAMAS. "Put him there then we can use the gazebo." Simple plan but it was the little things that were starting to become hard. Gray was worried about the moments when he'd start forgetting the basics to surviving. That would be when the trouble began.

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Love and Marriage
So he was back at the park. He hadn't expected that.

((Gray Emerson continued from Tragedy + Time))

Grass, check. Gazebo, check. Dead classmate, check. It was basically the same, apart from the body. Didn't look like there would be any escape from bodies anymore. There were more bodies than living people Gray would've have guessed, especially since the announcements had still been giving a fairly consistent number of deaths. Gray came to a stop by Sean and carefully placed his leg onto the ground. Sean could tell the time by the sun apparently. Gray hadn't actually known that. It seemed like a useful skill to have though. Ian was also dead in the gazebo. So there went the cover they could have stayed under. Because you couldn't get something good without something being taken away.

"Funny." Gray said as he put his bag down and started looking through it for something in particular. Sean seemed to have gotten some of his old spirit back. It didn't look like he was thinking of running or killing himself anymore. It was a good sign and one Gray had been waiting for. He'd had Sean's gun since they'd left the ship that felt like a long time ago now. It was about time he gave it back. "Hey Sean, come here."

Gray flipped the gun over so he was holding the barrel. The grip was facing Sean. "You can have this back." Gray didn't know if Kathryn would approve of Sean getting his gun back. He did know that he didn't care. Sean had proven himself through things he'd done and things he hadn't. He deserved a second chance and Gray was willing to give it to him. He was his friend after all.

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Tragedy + Time
Sean had only found the front doors. He must have spent most of his time getting changed. Gray wasn't going to question it. Sean disappeared back around the corner. Gray sighed and pushed himself up, making sure not to put any extra weight on his leg. He picked up his bag and the FAMAS before turning to Kathryn. "Guess we're going inside." He said with a shrug and then started hopping towards where Sean disappeared.

He didn't get very far before Sean re-emerged. From the sound of it the place wasn't exactly empty. If it made Sean feel better than Gray was more than happy to move somewhere else. He just didn't want Sean to expect them to make progress at any real speed. He told Kathryn she was more than welcome to join them. It was safer for the saner people to stick together.

As Gray followed Sean he thought about potentially giving him his gun back. He toyed with the idea before deciding that if the trip went by without any incidents Sean would get his gun back. Until then, he'd just have to make sure he was careful.

((Gray Emerson continued in Love and Marriage))

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Tragedy + Time
Gray didn't actually know where Sean had gone, he'd just wandered off not something Gray was inclined to do anymore, there was an incentive not to, in that he wouldn't have to feel like his leg was breaking if he didn't move any more than he had too. As long as Sean didn't do something stupid on one of his forays everything would be fine.

He was thinking of a response to Kathryn's question about when Sean himself turned up, stepping out from around a corner. He'd changed his clothes; it made sense since the ones he had been wearing were covered in blood. It was a lot less disturbing if Sean walked around in a fresh pair as far as Gray was concerned. He didn't need a constant reminder that his friend was a killer.

That had been Gray's first train of thought, but as Sean spoke a second one pulled into the station. How much of what he'd said to Kathryn had Sean heard, and had he told Kathryn too much? They weren't really questions Gray felt he could answer. He didn't want to think about them either. Instead he played along with where the conversation seemed to be going.

"Find anything?"

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Tragedy + Time
Virgil was going to kill people who didn't agree to go along with his plan? Gray knew he would have to kill a lot of people then. A mass suicide or the chance to get home alive. Gray had a feeling he knew what most people would pick. Gray doubted the plan would work. But he made a mental note to try to steer clear of Virgil anyway. If he was committed enough to follow through with his plan it made him dangerous. It wasn't like any of them had anything to lose anymore.

Gray raised an eyebrow at Kathryn and grinned as she backpedalled. He rubbed his neck as he thought of the best way to phrase his response.

"A few days ago. Sean was in a bad place. I'm hoping I can bring him back from it."

How had he been doing with that anyway? If he honestly asked himself? And if he ended up falling off the path who would try to bring him back?

"I think I'm managing."

Tragedy + Time
Gray turned his at the sound of the voice to see Kathryn Nguyen standing behind him. She was asking if she could rest with him. Gray thought it was a safe assumption to say she was friendly, since she had been behind him and hadn't taken the opportunity to kill him. Regardless Gray placed a hand on the FAMAS and slowly withdrew it from the table, placing it gently on the floor by his feet. Even though he didn't think Kathryn was going to be violent he still thought it was best if the big machine gun wasn't sitting on the table between the two of them.

"Sure." He said in answer to her question. He wasn't going to turn her away. He didn't actually know that much about Kathryn apart from the fact she was on the softball team. Besides that she was a mystery to him. He didn't even know if he'd even spoken to her at any point before. Gray could think of better ways to meet someone.

"Sean is with me. But he walked off somewhere." That was a bigger issue than Gray was letting on. Sean was one of his only friends left and an unpredictable one at that. Gray was glad he'd kept his gun; there was no telling what he could have done if he'd seen Kathryn walking up. Gray hoped that since he was talking to Kathryn and there was no sign of imminent violence Sean wouldn't be too worried. That was what Gray hoped.

"How long have you been on your own for?"