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My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
That role PM doesn't feel right to me. It might just be me but it doesn't seem to be written in the same style as mine, it lacks detail as well. I'm just not 100% on it.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Adam greeted Yaz and then asked Maddie about the book she was reading, mentioning that he had skipped science for the year. Yaz found that interesting. She didn't know too many people who had completely dropped science. It made her wonder what he had chosen to study instead, he would have had to pick from the electives Aurora offered but Yaz was still interested in hearing what he had picked. Deciding it would be an easy to get a proper conversation Yaz made up her mind to ask.

"What are you studying instead of science?" Yaz asked, taking care not to stutter at the start of her question. It made her question sound a little wooden but it was an improvement, so she wasn't too worried. Anyway it wasn't like Adam was carefully analysing everything she said and judging her based on it...at least she hoped he wasn't otherwise she wasn't making a good first impression. She fiddled with her headband to take her mind of the thoughts flying around in her head. It occurred to her that it was slightly hypocritical on her part to worry about people analysing what she said, when she analysed everything she said. She found it funny how that happened.

Maddie explained to Adam that she was reading the book on string theory for independent study, which didn't surprise Yaz. It made perfect sense for Maddie to read a book on science during her free period. It was just what Maddie did because she was good at and enjoyed science. It was like Yaz and how she would normally draw things or take photos during her free time. It was something she did to relax and something she enjoyed doing. She didn't know how Maddie had fun reading a book on a science theory, Yaz herself had done something similar with a book about art and had given up after ten minutes due to boredom and because it had given her the urge to draw something. But if Maddie had fun reading a book about science, what right did Yaz have to judge her? Maybe that was why they were such good friends, because they understood and accepted each other for who they were.

Yaz then realised that Adam was still standing up. It would've been rude not to offer a seat now that they had greeted each other and were having a conversation. "Do you want to sit down Adam?" She asked.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Activity everywhere! So yeah Inky's plan with boogie is practically the perfect plan, but I'll wait off on voting for it until he gives a defense for his actions. I'd give more analysis but there's only some many ways you can describe bandwagon jumping.

MurderWeasel's Post Clinic
I've edited my request to Gray's last post in After the Battle.

After the Battle
Still the arguing went on. It was becoming tiresome to Gray, all that had happened to him today was people arguing. To say it got old fast was a major understatement and yet Cassandra and Steven were still going at it. Gray just wished he had been left alone with his punishment and that Cassandra had never come over in the first place because it would've saved him a lot of hassle and prevented everything from happening. But no she had decided to have a go at him and now he was here; standing by two people who had started arguing solely because of him. It was a weird feeling, and not a good one. Gray had long since given up hope that Cassandra would just be rational and leave, but it seemed she was far too proud for that. Then she started talking about her future and Gray couldn't believe she had everything planned out. He knew and understood some people had plans for what they wanted to do in life, but to have their whole life planned out to such an insane degree. It made Gray's sole goal of becoming a professional skate or snowboarder seem amazingly inadequate. Then again it probably was.

Then she did something Gray didn't expect she apologised to him. Gray was a little confused at first until he realised that she was being sincere. Even when he knew she meant the apology he still didn't entirely believe she was apologising. It had just come out of nowhere, but he wasn't going to complain about it. At least she realised that she had been being a bitch and that was always nice.

Steven continued his verbal destruction of Cassandra however, and all of his points made sense regardless of what Cassandra said. He was just able to pick apart her every word. Gray guessed it was something to do with being a writer for the school newspaper, being able to analyse whatever someone said and call them out on it if they needed to be called out. That was what it looked like Steven was doing. Gray felt a little sorry for Cassandra because it was obvious that she wasn't able to hold her own against Steven in an argument. Steven was really laying into her though and Gray wondered how much of what he was saying was affecting Cassandra, because it was getting pretty brutal. Throughout all of it Gray just watched. The argument had long since left him behind and he was caught in the middle of it. It was funny how that had happened. One person had started hassling him and the other had stepped in to defend him, but now it was just the two of them verbally tearing chunks out of each other. It had nothing to do with what they were originally arguing about and Gray had to wonder how much of it was based on ego. Since it was starting to seem like the only reason the argument was still going on was because neither one of them wanted to "lose". Even though it was clear who had won.

Andi then forcefully made her presence known. This time she wasn't going to hold anything back, Gray could tell from the tone of her voice. She was clearly fed up with what was happening and she was about to make it known. It was an incredibly short series of statements but they made their point loud and clear. Andi was done putting up with Cassandra and didn't like listening to her. She had made that much known. Surprisingly she didn't say anything to Steven, or maybe she just knew he was in the right. After giving Cassandra some parting words Andi turned and Gray saw her eyes dart to him. It was as if she had only just remembered that he'd been standing there the whole time. Then she said something to him for the first time in what felt like an age.

“And you need to seriously man up, Gray. People aren’t gonna be around to fight your battles forever, you’re gonna have to learn how to take shit into your own hands and watch your own ass.”

And with that Andi was gone. Walking off towards the parking lot with her ear buds in. If anyone had wanted to say something in retaliation Andi had taken that chance away because she wouldn't have heard them. It wasn't like Gray had anything to say in response to what Andi had said though, because in all honesty...she was right. Earlier Kyran had stepped in to protect him from Adonis. Gray hadn't asked him too but he hadn't stopped him either. The same thing had happened with Steven stepping in to stop Cassandra from having a go at him. He hadn't asked Steven to do it but again he hadn't stopped him from doing it. It was made worse by the fact he'd been the reason both those situations had occurred in the first place. Yet what was his punishment, cleaning up the athletic fields; whereas Kyran had ended up being banned from the prom. That was all Gray's fault and he hadn't stepped up and taken responsibility for it. Instead he'd rubbed it in Adonis's face, while forgetting he'd ended up condemning his friend to the same punishment. There was something very wrong with that.

Gray just watched Andi as she walked away, he felt a lot of respect for her at that moment. He turned back and looked at the bin bag in his hands. He felt slightly sick with himself. He slung the bag over his shoulder and started to head over to where his bag was. He looked at both Cassandra and Steven dimly wondering what his eyes would tell them since he didn't feel like saying anything to either of them, before continuing towards his bag. Gray could safely say he was done with the day. Dropping the bin bag to the floor Gray put his actual bag before picking up his skateboard and the bin bag. He took one last look at Cassandra and Steven before jumping onto his skateboard.

"Peace out."

Yeah...he was done.

((Gray Emerson continued elsewhere.))

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie was reading a book about string theory. Yaz had heard it mentioned a couple of times by people in science classes but beyond that she had no idea what it was. If Yaz knew Maddie though; it had a good chance of being complicated. Unlike Yaz, Maddie was very good at and enjoyed science. It wasn't uncommon for Yaz to see her reading a book about some complicated theory to do with science. The only part of the subject Yaz really enjoyed was when they had to draw a diagram in biology or some of the experiments they sometimes did, beyond that she didn't have much interest in it. She just preferred classes where she was able to be more creative, which seemed to be the opposite of Maddie. Then again maybe that was why they got on as well as they did, because they balanced each other out.

"I'm doing fine. Just have to finish off this analysis for art, since I got distracted last night and only remembered about it this morning." She said as she took out the work. The analysis of another artist was the part of art that Yaz disliked the most because she found it incredibly boring. She didn't like looking at another artists work and saying how the composition, use of colour and shading, the texture etc. were all used to create the picture and the message they were trying to convey. She could see why it was important but she didn't find taking someone else’s work apart enjoyable. She preferred to just take a piece in and enjoy it, or just draw something herself.

"Maybe that's why I got distracted." She muttered as she took a pen out of her pocket. She needed to remember what she had been writing and that was difficult since she hadn't looked at it for a while. It looked like she had been writing something about the shadows in the picture creating depth so that seemed like a good topic to stay on. As she was about to start writing however she was distracted by a greeting. Turning she saw Adam Morgan standing near their table. Yaz hadn't really spoken to Adam much but that applied to a lot of people at Aurora. She did know that he had a reputation for sticking up for younger students which was confusing considering some of the people he hung out with. Although he always seemed to wear the same leather jacket, something Yaz found weird.

Yaz wasn't sure what to say in response to his greeting. Instead she started twirling the pen around her fingers subconsciously while looking at his face. The first thing she noticed were his eyes, which were a very noticeable shade of blue. Luckily Maddie saved Yaz from her inability to greet people properly by asking who Adam was. Yaz sighed under her breath. She seemed to be useless in a conversation if it involved someone she was unfamiliar with.

"Hey Adam." She eventually managed to mumble

A Breath of Fresh Air
((Yasmin Carrol continued from Clouds Up))

Yaz had decided to go to the Library to try and finish off some work for Art. She had to analyse another artist’s image that had served as influence for her own work. She didn't really have a lot left to do but she felt she'd be able to finish it without being as distracted. She didn't normally have to finish work for Art in school since she tended to do it as soon as she got home but she'd become distracted drawing and had forgotten to do it. She'd woken up to find it lying on the floor next to her bag. Sadly for Yaz she hadn't been distracted halfway through a sentence so she'd been having trouble remembering where she had been or what she was trying to say; which was awkward to say the least.

Yaz quietly pushed the door of the library open and glanced around to see if any tables were free. She didn't recognise anyone sitting at any of the tables in front of her; she could see that a couple of tables were free however so she started to make her way towards one of them. As she did so she spotted a familiar blue hoodie out of the corner of her eye. Turning she saw that Madeline Wilcox was sitting at a table. Maddie had transferred to Aurora at the beginning of the junior year so she wasn't close friends with too many people, but despite their different interests Yaz was one of those people.

She made her way over to where Maddie was sitting reading. It was strange because in a way Yaz felt completely comfortable around Maddie, she didn't know why, she just did. Maybe it was that Maddie had been an outsider when she had first arrived and that meant she couldn't tell anyone if Yaz said something weird, or maybe it was because they were both incredibly shy and trusted each other. She gently placed her bag next to the chair opposite Maddie and sat down.

"Hey Maddie, how're you?"

Relationship Thread #413612
I have Yaz if you want to take a look at her. Since she's a very friendly and kind person, she's also kinda shy. She enjoys drawing, photography and music so they could just hang out with each other.

Gray just tends to be cool with most people and hanging out in general. So they could have met in Science class or the like. His interests include skateboarding, snowboarding and surfboarding.

I'll let you think about it and see if you like either of them or come up with anything.

Exposition-->Rising Action
Arthur had said he was outside to get away from things and Yaz knew enough about talking to people to not ask what those things were. He would've said if he wanted anyone to know specifically. He didn't really acknowledge Yaz beyond that anyway which she thought was slightly rude but then he had answered her question. But then again he had walked over interrupted the conversation and then started up a new one while practically ignoring her. Yaz pushed the thoughts from her mind though. They weren't healthy for her.

He had his sketchbook with him though and that piqued Yaz's interest. She found it interesting to look at what others drew because everyone had their own style and techniques. Yaz liked to see different styles and techniques because then she could experiment with that technique or style and see if she enjoyed using it and if it worked with the type of pictures she drew. If they did then she would continue to adapt and refine them until they blended seamlessly with her own personal style. If not she could chalk it up to a learning experience and carry on as if nothing had happened, so essentially it was a win-win for her.

Arthur was talking to Rachael as Yaz came back to reality but it was only about her story and it was all stuff she knew already, so she hadn't missed anything. The he offered to draw something from the story for her. Yaz hadn't thought of offering to do that but then again she doubted that Lady Rhiannon was freakishly tall. So it was probably for the best; unless of course she was freakishly tall, in which case Yaz's style would probably suit the picture better. She shook her head a little to bring herself back to reality and adjusted her headband where it dipped over one of her eyes.

"It can't hurt to ask." She muttered to herself before actually addressing Arthur.

"What else have you drawn?" She asked picking up her own sketchbook again, in case he wanted to see her drawings. But she couldn't help a small smile subconsciously forming due to the fact that she had managed to ask a question without stopping because of nerves.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
(Is amazingly late to the party.)

I'm up for trying this.

Slasher Film Role Play?
I'm ready to go.

Also Inky the only thing to do now is for them get high together.

Slasher Film Role Play?
I got this.

Elizabeth "Diz" Gray - A tough no-nonsense girl who enjoys Metal and Punk and doesn't take shit from anyone. She won't back down if someone if trying to intimidate her or starts an argument with her. Has a large number of tattoos and a shaved head and always seems to wear a pair of tatty boots.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
EBWOP: Dammit


Vote: Skraal

There we go!

After the Battle
Anger had suddenly exploded around Gray as Cassandra began yelling at Steven. She was yelling that the food fight had killed her lunch time and that it was the only free time she got. It was the same old reason she'd given originally and to had no impact anymore besides sounding extremely selfish. It wasn't like Alba had personally destroyed Gray's lunch time and his free time after school. No Gray was just going to be able to go home and chill out; he didn't have to explain to his parents what had happened. Gray didn't care about costing Cassandra her free time anymore because the fact was she was making it much more difficult for him to carry out his punishment than it needed to be. Then she began screaming at him and she kept going.

It looked like all the pent up frustration was erupting and it was a meltdown for the ages. She said something about weapons and Detroit and then the line she ended on was that she only met lazy rich kids. Gray shook his head at that. It showed that Cassandra knew nothing about him apart from his life at school. His family wasn't rich; they had had trouble paying for their house for as long as Gray could remember. It was only his Mom's job keeping them afloat for most of his childhood; and now he was being called a lazy rich kid. He'd only been able to buy half of his equipment with money or gift cards he'd won from small contests; for someone to call him rich rubbed him the wrong way.

"I'm not actually rich." He muttered as Cassandra finished her tirade.

Steven kept his voice level in his reply but Gray could easily notice the sarcasm dripping from every word. He was annoyed as well but unlike Cassandra he was able to control himself and not scream. Gray saw that as a point in his favour. That and Steven was staying calm which was always a bonus. Instead of talking about himself and how bad he had had life, Steven just turned everything Cassandra had said back on her and he was verbally ripping her apart.

Then Andi spoke up, Gray expected the worst but surprisingly Andi managed to keep it fairly tame. Sure it was still amazingly brutal but she kept it short and it got her message across admirably. It seemed everyone was now more angry than they were originally. It looked like they were all set to continue arguing and Gray could continue to be the passenger and catalyst that had caused it all to happen, but he really didn't want anything to do with it anymore. Everything had gotten out of hand amazingly quickly and if Alba had chosen to sit somewhere else at lunch nothing would have happened and Gray would have been able to have a normal drama free day. That wasn't to be and now he was getting to watch three people argue. One in his defence, not that he had asked for it, one because she was pissed at him and a third person who was just annoyed with everyone. He knew what he done to end up in the situation but at the same time he hadn't expected everything to spiral as much as it did. He just wanted out so he reached into his pocket and checked the time on his phone. Unfortunately he'd only been picking up litter and getting yelled at for two hours so he still had one more hour to complete.


My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Yeah I feel we should get moving with this. So I'm gonna move my vote over so that I don't forget to do it.


Vote: Skrall

Slasher Film Role Play?
Damon Wulf - Stoner and horror movie fan. Is very sarcastic but is knowledgeable about the horror movie genre and what not to do. Also enjoys motocross and will have to accept any dare he's given because that's just how he is.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Yeah but the issue is we've left it too long at this point and getting a lynch will give us evidence that we can use next day phase instead of just potentially letting two townies get killed again. I mean we've had a lot of discussion and have some potential leads to follow up on so it'd be best if we had a lynch today.

Slasher Film Role Play?
I'm not 100% sure how I've missed this but I'd like to take part in this.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
EBWOP: ^That's aimed at Un-Persona btw Ricky ninja'd me XD

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Thank you for pressing for activity while saying nothing of value. That's really helping.

Anyway I'd say with only one day remaining we try to get dmboogie to explain himself and honestly Un-persona is really starting to catch my eye by posting an insane amount but only saying anything useful on rare occasions. It's starting to look like scum just posting to seem active and look like a townie, and I know having said this that he's made some analysis but looking at it besides the reasoning he gave for voting for Bikriki the rest of the analysis was stuff that was fairly obvious or had been said before. But honestly if you are town please post when you have something to contribute because right now you aren't helping...like at all.