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Eh, I'm going to sleep and should probably put a vote down because the phase will end while I do that and we don't want a no lynch soooooooo


Cicada's latest post pings me as town because that's totally the tone I use when I think I'm about to eat a lynch plus CBP has be weirdly jumpy in their posts.

Oh shit, uh, yes, role received, probably should have made note of that earlier.

I have no clue what bandwagon to jump onto. All of these are super shitposty and unpersuasive, but I feel the peer pressure,

So, uh

Vote: Deamon for being curiously brief in his post.

Is this the part where I snap my fingers, go "Darn it!" and start openly twirling my mustache like the villain I've so quickly been made out to be?

In short terms I feel like mountains are being made out of molehills here. I meant nothing by it but the insistence that it "must be a trick!" or that I'm baiting means that I don't think I'll undo it, really, not quite yet.

I'm hesitant to switch my vote quite just yet but that analysis of Cicada's posts was quick and snappy enough to get me to UNVOTE Deamon. Probably caused more trouble than it was worth anyways. All I can say is that this has been maybe the worst fallout any joke I've ever attempted to make has ever had, lol.

The switching onto Cic when they were catching flak seemed more like a deflection than an actual vote with meaning as it was followed up by not much.

Obviously I'm not 100% sure about this but it is what it is since there's not much to go off and time is ticking so:

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Kimiko was taken aback by Min-Jae's statement. It was true he looked bad, she could readily believe that he was in fact dying. But she didn't find herself rushing to his aid like she had always assumed she would have done if she been in a similar situation. Now however she didn't move, she just stayed where she was.

It wasn't that she didn't want to help Min-Jae. She just didn't trust the scenario they found themselves in. If she tried to help Min-Jae tend to the wound his fight had caused she left herself to open to Blair attacking them, Min-Jae himself taking advantage of her or someone else just happening to stumble upon them. It was a form of paranoia and Kimiko knew that but it was a healthy degree of it that was helping keep her alive. It had helped prevent her becoming like the girl on the floor.

Despite her suspicions and wariness however Kimiko knew that she needed to lower her gun to deescalate the situation. Rising properly to her feet made her ankle flare up in pain where Isabel had cut it but Kimiko tried to ignore it as best she could. She kept her eyes on Blair and Jae as she moved, making sure they didn't try to do anything while she was at a disadvantage.

Using her left hand again she signed out a response to Min-Jae.

"Do you need help?"

In a strange way it felt good to be able to talk naturally to someone again even if the situation wasn't a pleasant one. She didn't think she would get another chance after Caleb. It was refreshing to be able to engage in a proper conversation for perhaps the last time. Kimiko was aware though that Blair was out of the loop with the conversation and as such could have thought they were saying anything. She picked her gun up and propped it against the side of her body using her arm, freeing her hand up so she could communicate with Blair.

"We're not plotting."

She tried to make the genuineness of the statement show in her eyes but wasn't sure how well it translated in the darkened room. After the near communicative freedom of talking to Min-Jae having to return to the clunky and slow letter by letter method of communication for Blair was a stark reminder of where she was. No matter what happened both of the people standing opposite her would need to die if she wanted to return home; to whatever new struggles that brought with it.

That was a problem for the future though, for now she was in a stand-off that featured three guns. Just because they hadn't turned to violence so far didn't mean it wasn't going to happen at some stage and she needed to be aware of that.

One mistake could make all the difference.

Worm Mafia
Yeah that makes sense and lines up with what I was thinking about CBP myself honestly.

Worm Mafia
Sorry you lost me here.

Why exactly CBP?

Neither of them tried anything. That was good, it meant she didn't have to use the rifle. Not yet anyway.

Blair said that she could leave but Kimiko wasn't sure if she trusted her. In truth she had no reason not to trust Blair but that had the side effect of her not having any reason to trust her either. There was no way of knowing Blair wouldn't try looping around behind her to shooting her through the other broken mirror. Blair had a gun after all and Kimiko knew she had used it. So letting her walk way was a risk she wasn't going to take. Kimiko just remained silent in response to Blair, instead of giving a response she merely kept the gun trained on the pair.

Min-Jae was a known factor or as much of one as there could be on the island. He was someone she had known once and he was now a killer like she was. He didn't have as many kills as she did but that didn't make him any less dangerous. He looked like he had survived more than most people had face on the island. If he was able to keep himself moving and functioning giving the state he was in it meant he was still a threat that needed to be taken seriously.

Even so when he spoke to her in sign language she was caught off-guard. Her eyes widened slightly and she felt a twinge of something in her gut. The last time someone had spoken to her like that had been Caleb. She didn't even know Jae had learned sign language. She took her left hand off the grip of the gun, her right still remained by the trigger leaving the rest of the guns weight resting on the lip of where the mirror used to be. The low wall it created helping to keep most of her body behind cover.

She raised her left hand up and returned his greeting with a shaking hand.

"Good morning."

Kimiko didn't know what to do next so with her hand that was already raised she signed out a reply to Min-Jae.

"What happened?"

Hopefully everything would stay calm.

Worm Mafia
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Worm Mafia
In seriousness this Cic/MW thing looks to just be pissing in the wind right now but I dunno. I'm willing to let it keep going to see what comes out of it.

Worm Mafia
I blame everyone but myself.

Worm Mafia
Lrn 2 red Cic

Worm Mafia

Worm Mafia
Then it's working???

Worm Mafia
I'm not very trusting of CBP's poking at me then going "Just a prank bro."

Worm Mafia
Vote: MW for being the first to vote because that's always suspicious.

Kimiko heard a shriek and gunfire, followed by some glass falling from the edge of what remained of the one way mirror. It was from the interview room, she heard more movement but no more sounds of violence. It left her with a choice.

Neither option was particularly appealing to her on any real level. But she felt like she had to do something but she wasn't sure if what she had decided to do was even the right thing to do. It was nearly an impossible question. Just one of the many she and others had been forced to make as time had gone on. Past a point whether or not something was the right thing to do changed. There was no way to tell how their decisions could cause a domino effect and bring the entire house of cards tumbling down.

That entire idea had been a powerful motivator for Kimiko. She had spent her time working towards one goal and she had been reminded that in the end that it may have been wasted effort. All her struggle a pointless endeavor when all was said and done. She wouldn't know that until that time arrived though. That was a piece of knowledge that terrified her. She swallowed and took a deep breath, wondering just what she must have looked like.

It had been...the days had been long.

She swung the assault rifle up and rested it on the lip of the mirror, taking stock of the room for the first time since the boy and girl had fought. Now it turned out there was another boy and another girl, although of the pair the boy, Jae looked to be in the worst shape.

Kimiko had first met Jae when she had moved to Kingman. He had moved to the town around the same time she had and they'd become friends but eventually they had ended up drifting apart due to a combination of factors, none of it was helped by their disagreements over his treatment of other students. In the end they had just stopped being friends. Blair was someone else Kimiko was aware of but she wasn't friends with the girl or even knew that much about her. Regardless they were both here now and both within her sights.

She pulled back the bolt handle to get their attention, the noise splitting through the air in the room.

Keeping her eyes on both Jae and Blair Kimiko waited for their reactions.

Time had passed but Kimiko wasn't sure how much. No one else had entered her corner of the asylum, not since the girl had been murdered. Kimiko hadn't taken another look at her body since she had taken the assault rifle.

((Kimiko Kao continued from Autoscopy))

It was a big bulky gun, but with that Kimiko knew it possessed the ability to take a life in an instant. All she had to do was hold down the trigger and more bullets would roar forth then anyone could react to. That was of course only if she needed to and if the one-on-one therapy rooms continued to stay as abandoned as they were she would have no need for it. Sitting around surrounded by the ghosts of the asylum made Kimiko uncomfortable but it was the safest option she had available.

It had been a good plan for as long as she had been using aside from the one encounter she had been involved with. Luckily that had ended safely for her only due to her own cowardice and avoidance of confrontation.

She took a drink and looked around the observation room from where she was sat, it would have been a sterile room when the asylum was in use, or at least as sterile as an asylum would have been back then. It felt weird sitting in a room that had once been used to watch people but now all the surroundings rooms contained nothing but corpses.

Kimiko rubbed her eyes and stretched her legs out, trying to work some feeling back into them after sitting on the cold, hard floor for what felt like an age. She stood up and bent down at the waist to touch her toes, feeling the muscles go taut at the back of her legs. A life of gymnastics allowed her to be naturally flexible which she assumed had helped her avoid injury during her time on the island but she didn't want to risk going too long without even trying to stretch.

It wouldn't be too long now she assumed. It had to end soon and she would need to be ready for when that happened. She was a target, everyone knew about her and no matter how prepared she thought she was something could have always gone wrong.

So she needed to stay alert and not loose her focus. Every encounter had the potential to be deadly and she couldn't fail now. Not after so long.

He nodded and backed away, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. She did the same. He was smart that much was obvious, he thought and considered the same things she did.

But then he was fine and she was alone again. She didn't have a problem with that. He was dangerous and the longer he stayed the chance of violence occurring ticked steadily up. It was a risk that wasn't worth taking against someone who possessed greater firepower than her and the brains to put it to use.

Kimiko waited until his footsteps had long vanished into the depths of the asylum before she moved. Sliding back around the edge of the window and into the observation room once more. Moving to the door she gently brought the handle down and opened it, stealing a glance outside.


Creeping out, gun ready and tantō in her pocket she moved until she found the girl's corpse. He had beaten her badly, her face wasn't recognisable to Kimiko in the state it was. She could have prevented the girl's death multiple times but she has done nothing, instead prioritising her own safety.

It was how things were now. Still Kimiko looked around the room the girl lay in. Her reward was near instant. An assault rifle lay against the far wall it must have been knocked aside or discarded during the fight. Pocketing her pistol Kimiko picked it up. It felt heavy in her hands. A quick search of the girl's possessions granted her ammunition to go with it.

So she was a cowardly scavenger now.

Regardless she returned to the observation and sat examining her boon as well as listening for anyone's approach.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))

Kimiko looked at the boy and the gun he had pointed at her. He would be able to kill her in a straight gunfight.

He said he was leaving and asked her if she had any problem with that. The implication behind his question was clear, the threat unspoken but present and Kimiko knew better than to tempt fate. She hadn't gotten as far as she had making stupid decisions and she couldn't risk everything on the fifty-fifty chance of her being faster. It would be better for her to just let him go and remain in the therapy rooms.

So she shook her head and stayed where she was, waiting for him to move.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
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It's so beautiful.

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Jul 11 2017, 02:16 AM
ehehehehe sorry Dea

In other news, Yugi will be given the Scion role. He is deathless, and can use all power roles available on the Mafiascum wiki.
But if he's Scion he can destroy everyone with a thought...dibs on Foil

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Godamnit I didn't want to play but I love the theme.

Damn you Zetsu.