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Roots of Jade
Eventually the boys left them alone and they went back to bowling. Although Kimiko's mood had been soured and her mediocre bowling suffered as a result. It was a relief to her when she finally got to leave.

((Kimiko Kao...))

G052 - Reed, Jasmine[/DECEASED]

Name: Jasmine Reed
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Japan, drawing, manga, anime, video games, art

Appearance: Jasmine is a Hispanic girl of average height and a generous build, standing at 5'3 and weighing at 172 pounds. Her black hair is boyish, often tied into a side pony over her left shoulder and a side-fringe with a clip that accentuates her amber eyes and sandy skin. Her face is youthful, with an oval face, bright hazel eyes, a small nose and thin lips. Her build is more in the shoulders and middle body, with a stocky midsection that makes her look slightly overweight.

Jasmine has a very eccentric sense of fashion, inspired by Otona Kawaii, or Adult Cute, a Japanse style of dress for young women. She has an affinity towards cardigans, blouses and skirts, usually consisting of light, muted colors that compliment her hair and skintone. Often she will spend too much thought on designing an outfit, and the Tuesday field trip is no exception. On the day of the abduction, Jasmine was wearing a light green jacket overtop a white blouse, a burgondy skirt and white sneakers.

Biography: Jasmine was born on the 18th of January, 1998. She is the only child to Anne Reed, Forest Fire Management Officer, and Hector Reed, a novelist. Anne was only nineteen when she had Jasmine, but the Reed family has been a staple of Kingman since the town's inception, and both Anne (and her daughter) were born and raised in the town. Hector (whose birth name is Hector) was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Arizona after a falling out with his family. He met his future wife at a diner, where Anne was working part-time as a waitress. They hit it off immediately, and they married soon after.

The Reed family is small, being made up of only Jasmine's parents and grandparents. Anne has lived in Arizona all her life, as have her parents, and she grew up a single child. Her love for the wildlife in Mohave County and the surrounding national parks lead her to becoming a Forest Fire Management Officer. Hector disowned his family once he was of age due to an absuive childhood that was spent in a run-down neighborhood that was rife with crime. The only escape he had from his destructive home life was reading the books he took out through the Albuquerque public library and, after entering high school, writing stories of his own.

Jasmine's early childhood was happy, though she rarely spent time with children her age. Her father's occupation allowed his daughter to live comfortably, but most of her time up until entering school was spent in the house, rarely venturing outside of her backyard. There was no need for daycare, with Hector acting as a stay-at-home father, and all of Jasmine's relatives lived only streets away. All of the children nearby were much older than her, so her only friends growing up were her cousins, who only visited occasionally. Jasmine was shy growing up as a result, but she had a grand imaginination and was happy to share it. She spent the days leading up to grade school playing with imaginary friends of all shapes and sizes, her best friend being Caitlyn, a girl her age.

Her isolation presented many problems once she entered grade school however. It quickly became apparent that Jasmine was having difficulty connecting. She wasn't the subject of bullying, but she often spent reccess and lunchtime by herself, and she rarely socialized with her classmates outside of group projects. This worried her parents, who wanted to be certain that their daughter had a happy and healthy childhood. Anne thought it was her lack of socializing outside of school, so both she and Hector shuffled Jasmine from playdate to playdate in the hopes of encouraging her to make friends. This rarely worked, and Jasmine spent her early school years with few friends.

It wasn't until she entered middle school that she began to open up, if only slightly. This was thanks to her teachers, who were more encouraging and attentive with Jasmine, but it was also the addition of Art. Art quickly became her favorite subject; she loved to draw as a kid, and the fact that there was a class where she could draw was perfect. Many of the friends she made in middle school were made in art class. Her shyness was still a problem, however, and the occasional bullying by other girls in her classes drove Jasmine to start avoiding socializing outside of her family and art class. It became so bad for her Jasmine started eating her packed lunch in the library, or, if the library was unavailable, a stall in the girl's bathroom. Her family never knew, never even considered that there was a problem. The bullying was never severe enough to require anything past a slap on the wrist, and Jasmine never mentioned it to them. They were just happy she was getting decent grades, Hector especially. She had the chance at a future outside of Mohave County, something that not even Anne ever managed to achieve.

It was around this time that Jasmine's anxiety began to affect her most. It would be impossible to determine whether she has a mental disorder or not without a diagnosis, but she is prone to panic attacks during high levels of stress. Her first was sometime in the seventh grade, and while they are only occasional, they are signifigant enough to drive Jasmine to the nurse's office. The nurse, her family practitioner, even her parents seemed dismissive as most of her symptoms were internal. Even at an early age, Jasmine felt intense shame and anxiety and subconsciously hid her symptoms from everyone out of fear of what they might think.

High school life is often stressful for most students, and Jasmine is no exception. However, high school was also a way for Jasmine to broaden her social horizons. There was an anime club at high school, and she was able to social net of friends who shared the same interests as her. Over time she began to intentionally change her image. She learned that to be able to fit in at high school, she had to be able to put herself out there as her own individual. She had to be somebody, not just herself. It is a personal philosophy she still carries. She showed off her art to her friends whenever the opportunity arose, drawn in her sketchbooks she used to keep hidden away in her schoolbag. She reached out to people, especially those who seemed shy or disconnected from the rest of the class. Lastly, and most importantly, she allowed her interest in anime and by extension Japanese culture define who she is. It is all an act, yes, a staged act made in order to overcome her anxiety. She's been doing it for so long that it is who she is. She no longer questions herself, despite the nagging voice in her head that still tells her she was not good enough.

Jasmine has a healthy relationship with her parents, though she is much closer to her father than her mother. Even at an early age Hector acted as the stay-at-home father, and with Anne's schedule being hectic, she naturally spent more time with Hector. His work as an author was never enough to fuel a luxorious lifestyle, but it is enough to provide for his family. Hector is a quiet man, very reserved and patient, and those traits naturally rubbed off on a young, impressionable Jasmine. However, as she adjusted to high school and her interest in drawing manga grew, the time spent with both of her parents lessened. With her mother's schedule and her father's disposition, there would be days where Jasmine would just come home from school, say a quick hello and head straight to her room. Eating at the dinner table became a rare occurence, and some days Jasmine would just cook dinner for herself. Neither parent suspected a thing.

Jasmine's condition does not have any visible symptoms save for a tremble in her hands, it is all mental and emotional for her. Despite her change in attitude as camoflauge, Jasmine still falls victim to panic attacks. Nausea, disorientation and irrational fears are what characterize her panic attacks. Even without her panic attacks, there are times where Jasmine will obsess and worry over things that may seem trivial to others. She finds that she cannot control her worries on some days. Focusing on the task at hand is difficult. It affects her performance save for her art, which she has so much reinforcement from her friends that she is confident despite her worries.

Jasmine has never been a model student even before high school. However, her grade point average has dampened since entering high school, always lingering between low-to-high C's. She often finishes her homework just before she hands it in and she is terrible at taking tests because they trigger her anxiety. Her parents have shown concern, and she often finds herself hiding bad test grades from them and feigning innocence. She often does better in subjects that she has an active interest in, with her best marks coming from art classes and social studies. This also applies into her extracuricular activities. She is very active in her school's Anime and Art clubs as they give her a chance to show off her art, and she is also a part of the Yearbook Committee because of her friend Caedyn Miller. The rest of Jasmine's free time is usually spent drawing, surfing the internet and watching anime. During the weekend, if she has nothing else to do, Jasmine is fine staying in her room binging on junk food and watching anime.

Japanese culture is something that Jasmine goes to many lengths to learn about or engage with. Most of her exposure comes from the media she consumes, though she does keep many books about the Edo period and Feudal Japan in her room. She watches anime and reads manga all the time, and if there is downtime during the school day, her classmates will find her flipping through a comic or watching her phone with one headphone in her ear. She plays video games too, though she mostly plays JRPGs and other games of that nature. Her interest in Japan has acted as fuel for her art and comics, and her big dream is to move to Japan at some point in her life. Visiting the country will not be enough.

Jasmine is skilled in her art, a fact that she has no shame in boasting about it. She considers herself a jack of all trades and has a certain amount of skill in sketching, inking and coloring, both on paper and digital. To Jasmine, her art and comics are her life. While her interest cannot be defined as an obsession, her work and people's reactions to it inform her love for it more than she's willing to admit. It even extends past simply her interest in it. Her outfits, her attitude and her way of speaking is often informed by Otona Kawaii, a style of dress that correlates with her shoujo manga. It is, after all, how she managed to blossum and make friends when she entered high school.

An overly outgoing personality like Jasmine's can often rub people the wrong way. It certainly does not help that she considers herself an extrovert, and ever since she's entered high school she has made a huge attempt to put herself out there. Since many of her classmates have gone to the same middle school as Jasmine, it can be very jarring to see her go from the quiet wallflower that never really talked to anyone to a loud, gregarious girl who acts like she is everyone's friend. The friends Jasmine does have are few and far between, but the bonds they share are very strong. She finds herself attracted to those who are as affable as her, and those who share many of the same interests as she does. Jasmine can often be clingy to those she is closest with. Those same close friends often see a different side of the lurid Jasmine; that of a socially awkward, insecure girl who has always wanted to fit in.

Jasmine has no concrete plans for the future, preferring to push it out of her mind until the next semester. While she talks about moving to Tokyo and becoming a manga-ka to anyone who will listen, the truth of the matter is simply a pipedream. She knows that her parents, having always approved of Jasmine's hobby, would never allow Jasmine to leave the country right after graduation. Art school is a possibility, but not are Jasmine is too enthused about. She sees it as a waste of time and her parents money. Besides, a degree isn't going to help her accomplish her dreams, and to Jasmine dreams trump all else.

Advantages: At her best, Jasmine is sharp, a stickler for details and canny, leading her to finding details that many seem to neglect. While many of her fellow students may not like her strong personality, they will think little of her.
Disadvantages: At her worst, Jasmine is insecure and her anxiety problems could lead to unwise decisions and even panic attacks. She is also lacking in physical strength, and her size will make it very easy for someone to overpower her. She also has a nasty habit of making snap decisions.There is no changing the fact that she shoots first and asks questions later, as it is not in her nature to second-guess herself.

Designated Number: Female student No. 052


Designated Weapon: Ball-peen hammer
Conclusion: OMG!! You're so kawaii desu!!! I love tiny things, they look so pretty when spread out over a large area. I wonder if you bleed sparkles and rainbows? How about you recreate Higuarashi and start going all yandere. (Thanks for the help Lourvey)- Josie Knight


B037 - McKinley, William "Will"[/DECEASED]

Name: William "Will" McKinley
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Hunting, hiking, running, sports, woodworking/carpentry,

Appearance: Standing at 6'1", and weighing 215 lbs, Will is an imposing figure. He has tousled, straight brown hair that comes to his collar, grey-blue eyes and fair skin, with a 'chiselled' rectangular face. His right eye is ever so slightly bigger than his left eye, and his nose seems to perfectly fit his face. Although according to BMI he is overweight, the extra weight he sports is muscle, not fat, which contributes to an impressive physique.

On the day of the kidnapping, Will was wearing a worn, brown-leather hunting jacket, black waterproof hiking boots and army-camouflage cargo trousers, with a thick black long sleeved t-shirt underneath his jacket. He was also wearing a heavy-duty analogue watch, certified to a depth of 30 meters. Underneath his jacket was a 3" knife with a wooden handle, but this was confiscated. The leather sheath, however, was sewn into his jacket, and so he still has it.

Biography: Born February 3rd, 1998 to Jonathan and Melissa McKinley, Will had a silver spoon in his mouth from the day he was born. His father was minor Scottish nobility, and a prominent politician in an up-and-coming new party, and his mother the re-married widow of a wealthy tycoon resulting in William never really wanting for anything as a child. He grew up in his father's ancestral home in Scotland, just a few miles south-west of Carrbridge. Will experienced the 'great outdoors' at a very early age. Will was only around 5 years old when he first started taking walks; although always kept under the watchful gaze of either his mother or the groundskeeper, Jacob, it wasn't long before he started venturing further into the woods that surrounded the estate. Said woods were full of a staggering variety of wildlife, mostly birds, but also deer, hare and the occasional boar, although he never saw the latter until he was much older.

This love for nature and constant trekking, stemming from an inquisitive mind regarding the world around him, and a physique to allow him to explore it for himself, has given him a rather practical wardrobe, most of his clothes being well-worn yet tough, and almost all of them are muted browns and greens. He also has a fair amount of army surplus clothing, including a duster and a number of cargo trousers. Being nobility, the scattering of social events he's attended has granted him with a few formal, and incredibly expensive suits.

When Will started school, his aptitude for long-distance running, team sports and in his later years DT, (otherwise known as Design and Technology, or Shop in the US) were unparalleled. Whilst not as fast as some, he had incredible stamina, and won numerous local awards for the cross-county, especially in his county. Unfortunately, however, Will never ended up competing at a national or international level. Will's love for running is much more practical than that for hiking or trekking; he views running as one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy apart from his regular visits to the gym, and his prowess and the rewards gained from it come as second. As well as cross country, Will plays Rugby as a prop, and Soccer as a goalie, and enjoys them tremendously.

Meanwhile, in DT, he was a fairly well-rounded student, with a particular aptitude for woodworking, often creating small puzzle boxes and whittling sculptures in his spare time. The ability to create something beautiful out of a hunk of wood and a blade is an ability that Will was astounded by as a child, and almost all of his woodworking efforts follow this initial amazement. These two subjects were, by far, his highest-scoring ones in terms of grades, and the ones that he enjoys the most.

Like a lot of his childhood friends, Will was introduced to hunting through his father, an avid marksman and ex-soldier, who had been the 'traditional' third son, and indeed his first ever hunt was with his father, for pheasants. This was his first time using a firearm, specifically, a Browning DG4 207 over-and-under shotgun. Later on in his life, he would also deer stalk and used a Mannerlicher M72 bolt-action rifle. These two guns became 'his' two guns, only used by him, as his father became increasingly occupied in a burgeoning political career and unable to hunt with him. To make up for this, he would be always be accompanied by Jacob, who was the one to take him on most of his hunts later in life. In fact, it was under Jacob's tutelage that he landed his first deer at the age of twelve, although he freely admits that Jacob did everything but take the shot.

As well as hunting, he also was a member of the Cubs group, and learnt many practical skills from them, although many have been forgotten over the years due to disuse. When in Cubs, he greatly enjoyed the numerous activities, especially the ones that required him to venture outwards. Shortly before his thirteenth birthday he joined Scouts, and it wasn't long after that he was gifted his knife. The knife was one of many in an army surplus store, and Will personalised it shortly after his move to America by engraving the words "Who dares, wins," the motto of the SAS, or Special Air Service, into the wooden handle. Although he normally never takes the knife out of the house, on trips that leave school property, such as his hunts, he tends to take it. He has sown the leather sheath inside his jacket, just below the armpit, and it's the only place he ever carries his blade.

When he had turned 13, William applied to the CCF (Combined Cadet's Force,) intending on pursuing a career in the military after school. Unfortunately, fate was against him as it was around this time that his father was engrossed in a scandal involving an alleged affair with his secretary. After he was found guilty of adultery, a very messy divorce ensued, and his parents unanimously agreed for him to move, sending him to his maternal Uncle and Aunt, who lived in America. The reasoning behind this was to remove him from the unstable family environment in Scotland, which had embroiled most of his close blood relatives, and allow him to 'stretch his wings' and experience a different country. Not wanting him to miss high-school, he was enrolled in Cochise against his wishes, and shipped off to America. Luckily for him however, exact wording in the divorce proceedings left him remarkably wealthy. Estimates suggest that he is worth over £150,000, although a large proportion of this money is frozen in numerous bank accounts until he becomes 21.

In America, Will has continued to excel as a sportsman, continuing to play the 'English' sports such as rugby and soccer, as a prop and goalie respectively. Sports is not the only one of his favorite subjects. He also greatly enjoys shop class, and both are easily his highest-marked subjects. Academically, Will isn't particularly good or bad, with a string of C's and B's running back to some of his first ever grades. He speaks English fluently and French semi-fluently, having had French lessons from a very young age. His least favorite subject is Maths; although he knows how useful it is, he doesn't quite understand why advanced maths is mandatory, and how it'll help him personally in his lifetime.

When he left for America, Will's Mauser and Browning were kept at home, to compensate he took up his uncle's Mossberg MVP series varmint rifle, and although his uncle does not approve of it, Will's knowledge of gun safety and experience with firearms persuaded him to allow his nephew to go out by himself. Most commonly he ends up shooting coyotes and rattlesnakes, but it isn't uncommon for him to bag prairie dogs as well. Regarding gun culture in America, he has a firm hatred for American 'gun nuts,' and is, in fact, surprisingly liberal with his views on firearm legislation, wanting stricter control, especially on semiautomatics and handguns.

At 'home,' (he doesn't consider his uncles' house a home,) he despises his uncle and aunts, considering them patronizing and overly protective and restrictive of him, much to his ire. He takes any chance to leave the house he can, which is one of the contributing reasons to his fairly social outward appearance, despite his rather gruff attitude. He's had multiple girlfriends throughout his time in America, and lost his virginity a few months before his 18th birthday, although he's no longer with the girl.

Will's also a practicing Protestant Christian, although it's extraordinarily rare to see him at church, as he tends to pray at home, or out hunting. In fact, his faith is a relatively small part of his life, and it might be more accurate to call him an agnostic with Christian leanings, although he'd never refer to himself as such.

Advantages: William is an excellent marksman with most bolt or semi-automatic rifles, as well as double-barreled and over-and-under shotguns. He's also extremely fit, and has a huge amount of natural strength and stamina to boot, as well as a decent knowledge of the outdoors. All of these are useful assets for the more natural elements of the island.
Disadvantages: Although fit, Will isn't as fast as some, since he plays in quite stationary positions in sports, his speed never needed to be used. He's also gruff, which is often misconstrued as him being rude, and his accent has been known to descend into the incomprehensible when he's stressed, angry or afraid. This communication breakdown could quite easily lead to a live example of how poor communication kills.

Designated Number: Male student No. 037


Designated Weapon: One ten-pack of cable tie handcuffs
Conclusion: Aw, cute. The little boy thinks it's a hunter. There's a big difference between bagging a bird with help and a live person. Better learn quick or someone else will make you the prey and I'm sure some posh kids head will look good on the trophy wall.- Josie Knight


B036 - Fields, Benjamin “Ben”[/DECEASED]

Name: Benjamin “Ben” Fields
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Baseball, Military, History, Anti-Bullying, Drama

Appearance: Ben is considerably short for his age, standing at 5’5” and weighing 128 pounds with a straight, upright posture. He has light skin, but his arms are notably a few shades darker from natural tanning. He has black hair, stylised in sectioned spikes, stuck to his head, that go down to his ears and in some areas point outwards, with black eyes. His he has an oval shaped face, with bushy eyebrows, a petite nose, and small lips. He takes great effort into taking care of his appearance, making sure that he looks presentable when he is at school and that he looks clean and professional when at an important gathering. Ben stands with a straight posture most of the time, with his back generally straight and his hands generally to his side or pulling down his shirt. When he’s with friends, however, he relaxes, and leans forward slightly when talking to people.

Ben, unless he’s at an important gathering, doesn’t generally take care in how he dresses. Plain coloured t-shirts and jeans dominate his wardrobe, his main colours being blue and green. He makes sure to dress to impress when the time’s important, though, having several pairs of formal attire, such as suits. One the day of the abduction, Ben was in his non-formal attire, wearing a blank green t-shirt, plain blue jeans, and black sports shoes.

Biography: Benjamin Fields was born on the 27th of January, 1997 to John and Stephanie Fields. Both of them went to Cochise when they were in their late teenage years, and they gained a natural attraction for each other, starting to date and then marrying later on. Ben was not an only child, with his sister, Lana, being born in September 1999. While his family is not explicitly rich, they do have money to spend, with Ben and Lana being able to buy things they need without much trouble. Ben, as someone in his late teenage years, deeply cares about his family, and tries to make sure that nothing of harm happens to them. John worked as a plumber in a local area, while Stephanie currently works as a teacher in the local middle school.

Ben was average in elementary school, somewhat easily distracted and hard to motivate if he didn't inherently enjoy the subject. He was also an attention seeker, always trying to make it so that he could be the center of attention both in and out of the playground. He'd show off with facts he found in books, though as he learned that his peers didn't like show offs this particular habit was tempered. He was always socially involved, having plenty of friends and play-dates back then. When his sister enrolled into the school system, he made sure that she was doing okay with it, and stuck up for her when she was in trouble.

He also discovered his interest in baseball during this time, and it developed into an on-and-off hobby, despite taking a break from it in the first year of middle school before joining the team. He likes the sport, finding the exercise that it brings exhilarating for him, with the feeling of success that happens when he successfully hits home base or catches a ball on the full. He is currently one of the third basemen for the Cochise Coyotes, and is a considerably good power hitter, meaning that he can be a slugger when he needs to.

Elementary school was also the time he gained an interest in history. This is mostly due to his love of mythology, and of the stories his dad used to tell him to get him to fall to sleep every night, and Lana developed a similar interest that the two of them now share. He finds the subject easy for him, with him having the ability to easily memorize dates, years, and time-frames. In particular, Ben is interested in military history of all kinds, particularly the American Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars. This stemmed into an interest in the military in general, finding the idea of joining up and representing his country exciting and patriotic, and he has considered applying to be in the military when he comes of age. It was something his father expressed pride in back when he was alive, the idea of his son serving his country. He generally spends time reading about history, with books such as Dead Famous, Horrible Histories and other non-fiction books dominating his library.

During elementary school, he also became known for not being very tolerant of some of the bullies at his school. He would often stand up for people getting bullied, and was willing to get physical with the bully, if they didn’t stop. While he never got into any actual fights, he still was fairly known as someone who would be willing to do so, sometimes getting upfront with bullies and threatening them if they didn’t change their ways. He still considers himself to be anti-bullying, and is always unhesitating to act when he sees a situation that could be construed as problematic. He has a natural tendency to judge others as a result, always keeping a critical eye on his peers and evaluating their behaviors even when it's probably none of his business. He usually keeps quiet about his thoughts on others, to save himself the trouble it might bring otherwise, but he's definitely more judgemental than his lax demeanor suggests.

When Ben was eight his father John suddenly started taking more days off work, sometimes spending entire days lying on the couch, watching TV. He would have lapses in memory, often forgetting what he was doing in the middle of doing it. Later on, his speech became slurred, and sometimes he wouldn’t be at home at all. Unbeknownst to Ben, John had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in the local hospital, treatment was already impossible at the time of diagnosis and through they tried he likely only had six months to live. His parents had both decided that it was for the best that Ben not know about his father’s possibly impending death, so that he wouldn't have to worry about it in the short term believing that he would be able to manage it in the long term; and when he took chemotherapy, and lost his hair, his mother told him that he had a very important work haircut. When he was admitted into the hospital, his mother told Ben that it was simply due to overworking, and she allowed him to visit him every couple of days.

On the 23rd of April 2005, John Fields died. Ben didn’t find out until the next day, when he was supposed to visit him. Ben, being unaware of John's terminal illness, and not having had death affect him in the past, was shocked. He withdrew socially, unable to otherwise cope. He vowed to become strong, making sure that nothing bad would happen to Lana. He soon became distrustful of his mother as well, for lying to him about his father's illness. While he trusts her again, he's come to permanently view himself as the man of the house, doing the chores that his father normally would have done such as washing the dishes or doing the heavywork. He felt like he aged very quickly in the wake of his father's death, and believes himself to be more mature than he really is. Though he considers himself moved on from it now he still mourns, taking school off on Father's Days and thinking of his dad often, sometimes against his own will.

Middle School came for Ben around this time, and he was able to adjust appropriately. While he started it off as a social recluse, he started to reach out again, returning to baseball and continuing to help people he saw bullied, though his motive and methodology was somewhat more precociously jaded this time around. He started taking his studies seriously at this point, long hours with his books to keep his grades high in order to get a high paying job later in life. His natural love for history led him to prefer subjects where fact retention was the way to proceed, he developed an inroads into law at this time. He naturally worked well with the dense jargon of the books from the library, and knew lawyers made a lot of money if they were skilled, which made it an appealing option in consideration of his family's future.

From a young age, his mother used strongly homophobic slurs and openly pronounced her religiously motivated dislike of the concept. During middle school Ben decided to adopt it to fit in at home. While he already believed that being anything other than heterosexual was a bad thing, continued exposure from his mother increased the strength of his conviction as he had little else to believe in with only one parental figure left in his life. He doesn’t persecute people for doing so but he acts visibly uncomfortable if he is near someone he believes is homosexual, as his beliefs are so ingrained his response to homosexuality as a concept is vehement. He freely uses the language at home, something that he feels unites him with his mother. He realizes that his homophobia contradicts his status on the anti-bullying committee, and he tries to keep those two aspects of himself separate. He’ll help anyone who’s being bullied, gay or otherwise, but he’ll still feel very uncomfortable and try to avoid the other person after the fact.

He joined debate in high school for his first two years, only dropping it when his baseball schedule became too rigorous to cope with the extra workload when he joined the Varsity team. Debate, to him, was a logical extension of the skills he needed to practice law. His mature demeanor made him fairly good at it, but he noted that he wasn't exactly interested in the more visceral aspects of law like argument. Sometimes he was passionate about the case and it was easy, other times he struggled and even dropped out of debates due to a lack of motivation. He sees law as academically interesting, but would likely only pursue it as a full job for the sake of money.

Another hobby that Ben picked up in high school was drama, introduced to it by a peer on the baseball team. He enjoys acting, and while he isn’t interested in choosing acting as a career due to the perceived lack of practicality, he is in the drama Club at Cochise and considers himself a decent enough actor to not mess up a part. He has a love for stoic 'badass' roles, though he often doesn't realize he's actually quite the actor and can carry other roles well. He’s not used to seeing himself in a non-serious light these day. He feels that he has a passion for it, enjoying when he is up on the stage performing in a role.

High school didn’t give much of a change to Ben, except for a change in friends and an increased motivation to study. His grades are in the high B’s/high A’s area, which he works hard to maintain. In particular, he excels at PE and History, due to finding both subjects easy for him and both being something he is good at. As mentioned earlier, he is a member of the anti-bullying committee, the baseball team, and the drama club. Ben is somewhat aloof, with a number of kids he actively avoids due to LGBT associations, but he maintains a solid core group of friends.

Even considering the fact that he is close to graduating, Ben doesn’t really know what he wants to do for a living, which leads on to what Ben thinks is his main problem in life. Ben isn’t entirely sure what he wants to do, even in his last year in high school. He has a massive amount of passion, his father’s death making him want to become rich to support his family, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do with that passion. He has considered using his hobbies to gain income, but he’s not sure which one to take, and which one he’s good at. He wants to either be a lawyer or a member of the army. He considers the latter a more practical option, as he's already spoken to a recruiter who was impressed with Ben's credentials, and taken practice ASVAB exams that he considers easy. In addition his father's patriotic pride quietly skews him towards the idea, and he'd get the opportunity to travel. It will save his mother the work of trying to put him through years of law school, though he's also diligently pursued scholarship options. Ben overall favors the idea of the military, especially since he believes he might not have the full motivation or financial security to thoroughly tackle college even if he gets in. He envisions himself as an army or marines infantryman specifically; though he's dared to be ambitious enough to consider being an officer, he doesn't think it's likely due to conceptions about the position and his own lack of motivated higher calling. Lana's vocally voiced her disapproval of him joining the army, though he considers her complaints on the matter irrelevant.

His relationship with Lana has become somewhat tenuous as of late. Lana's developed a significantly more liberal social view than he has, and though he hates to admit it some of her friends make him uncomfortable. He refuses to see her as anything besides his younger sister who needs protection, and she sometimes resents him for it, as she functionally is the smarter of the two proven by amount of effort invested into their grades.

Ben, at school, tries to act responsible. In the class, he generally tries to get work done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, although he loosens up outside the classroom when he's around friends. He has a sense of humor, though it's somewhat stoic. He tries to be what he considers a good example for others but he still sometimes struggles with issues of motivation and uncertainty about others.

Advantages: Due to being the third baseman on the baseball team, Ben is in good physical shape. He's naturally calm in demeanor and will likely be able to evaluate and manage emergency situations on the island with an advantage due to his collected nature.
Disadvantages: He easily judges and is silently condescending towards others and is quietly stubborn and arrogant about his beliefs, which may give him difficulty with some of his peers, both initially and as the situation on the island develops. He also has something of a hero complex which he does not personally acknowledge, which will likely lead him into unwittingly tunnel visioning onto decisions detrimental to his long term survival.

Designated Number: Male student No. 036


Designated Weapon: Bag of dried chipotle chillies
Conclusion: Lesson #1 kid, there are no heroes on the island. Lesson #2, doesn't matter what shape you're in, those chillies won't save you from the barrel of a gun.- Josie Knight


B033 - Diamond, Caleb[/DECEASED]

Name: Caleb Diamond
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Classic video games, skateboarding, chemistry, internet culture

Appearance: Caleb is 6’0 standing up straight, but he rarely does that, usually walking around hunched over which gives him the appearance of being around 5’8’'. He is an average weight of 150 pounds and though he is not fat he doesn’t look very muscular either.

Caleb has dirty blond hair that is usually covered by a gray beanie, but on the rare occasion he is seen without it his hair is messy and reaches the middle of his ears. He has expressive blue eyes, a straight, medium sized nose and straight teeth all on an oval shaped face. His skin is slightly tanned on the exposed parts of his arms, face, neck and past his knees. On the rare occasion he removes his shirt for swimming or changing, his naturally light peachy complexion is revealed. Like his hair, his eyebrows are dirty blond. Overall his face would look cute in a boyish way if he didn't insist on frowning and wearing his ratty beanie.

He dresses very casually in t-shirts with slogans on them, jeans, or long shorts, and sneakers. His clothes will usually be clean at the insistence of his mother, but often look a bit worn or dingy. His general appearance is that of someone who doesn't put a lot of stock into how he looks. He doesn't see a point to it when there's already a cleaned-up exact duplicate of himself at school. He tries to differentiate from his twin's appearance as much as possible so as not to draw comparisons between the two. Besides his clothes and expression, one of the ways he tries to further discourage comparison is with his lazy slouch.

Biography: Caleb was born 4 minutes after his identical twin brother Andrew on October 30th to William and Leena in Kingman, Arizona. Their little brother James was born four years later.

Caleb, Andy and James live in a middle class area of Kingman and although their family must operate on a budget, they never wanted for anything. William works as the manager at a Bank of America and Leena is an electrician.

Leena has more flexible hours, working whenever there is a repair for her to do and spent more time with the boys than their father. Though he is busy, he loves his sons dearly and both parents are encouraging and try to treat their children like adults, making sure not to talk down to them.

Starting in elementary school the twins were very close, staying near each other most of the time. Eventually Andy began to be more adventurous and developed into an extrovert while Caleb was always more introverted. He tended to cling more to his brother and the strange sense of humor they developed between the two of them didn’t translate as well to his classmates.

The boys didn’t really have much interest in television since their parents didn’t want to purchase cable. If they ever had a question about something, rather than tell them the answer their parents encouraged them to look the answers up on their own. Caleb and Andy became self-taught in many things, mostly having to do with history and current events. This continues today and was Caleb’s first foray into the internet. They were both very naturally intelligent and had voracious appetites for knowledge. Seeing their aptitude for math and science in elementary school, William and Leena bought the boys all sorts of educational toys. Andy was inseparable from a toy set that tasked children with building a small clock while Caleb was fascinated by the children’s chemistry set. The volcano from the set is still in his room today.

Moving into middle school, their father realized that the lack of time he was spending with the boys was putting a wedge between them. He started to share his collection of old video games. Though all three siblings like gaming, Caleb was the one who became the best at video games. Moving into his teen years he developed very bad insomnia. It began gradually, with Caleb finding himself staying awake later and later at night. After two months he was only able to get 3 hours of sleep a night at most. The quality of his school work in the latter half of freshman year dipped. He became extremely irritable and after screaming at his younger brother for a minor annoyance and making him cry, his parents decided to take him to a doctor. Caleb was grateful for any thing that might provide reprieve from his insomnia. He did research on different medication and chose to be prescribed sleeping aids. His problems are resolved now and he sleeps the appropriate amount of hours. While dealing with the insomnia, playing Metroid, Zelda and early Final Fantasy games helped alleviate the boredom of being awake all night. Even though he no longer spend hours awake, he still goes back to video games when he’s bored because he likes having something to concentrate on and secretly likes the cute, pixilated aspects of the games, adoring Ricky the kangaroo from Zelda the most.

All of the siblings skateboard, since it is something both of their parents share. Sometimes the entire family will go out on the weekend to the skate park and do tricks. This started when the twins were about nine. Caleb is decent at it and enjoys it as the one somewhat physical activity he does better than the average person at. He doesn’t care particularly about showing off tricks, but he likes wheeling around as a fast mode of transport and if he’s on a family outing, he enjoys trying new tricks to have another move for his skill set. These days he can often be seen skateboarding to and around school, or pushing himself leisurely while walking with someone.

During the summer between middle school and first year of high school two events simultaneously occurred. His uncle Jerry, the brother of his father, came to stay with the family for a few weeks following a trip to rehab for heroin addiction. His parents discussed the matter for several days and finally they decided to house him during his recovery since he did not have a history of acting violently and William was hopefully that the influence of the family could aide in the recovery. The boys had met him a few times before and were alright with the decision. A few days later Caleb fell off his skateboard and broke his leg. He was reduced to spending most of the time inside while his brothers went outside and his parents worked. During that time he bonded with his uncle and the two played videogames. One morning the family woke up to find Jerry gone and some expensive electronics missing. It was the first time as far as they knew that he had done something like this. It was nothing that couldn’t be easily replaced, but Caleb’s was hurt deeply and his expectations of people in generally significantly lowered.

Going into high school he was separated from his brother Andy more than ever by having completely different class schedules. Caleb dedicates himself wholly to chemistry and is known for doing people’s chemistry homework in exchange for a free lunch. He's good enough at chemistry that it's little strain to him. In addition to that he is terrible at putting together his own lunches while also being a big eater. Left to his own devices, Caleb will make himself two pieces of bread with butter to take for lunch, so he's highly susceptible to food bribes for homework. If he strongly dislikes someone, he will refuse to do the homework even when offered a food payment.

He has a very prickly exterior and will greet most people with an insult. Some people find him to be mean, but those that know him better know that he’s joking and find him to be amusing. However, even those people who know him well say it seems like he’s always kidding around. Caleb uses this as a way to protect himself and rarely tells people if he’s feeling down. He has poor self-esteem because he feels that he’s not as popular as his more outgoing twin and isn’t willing to open up much to other people for fear of being let down.

Now that he and his brother are older they still spend a lot of time on the internet, but their learning is now coupled with going to different blogs and internet communities. Caleb spends a lot of time on Fark, 4chan and reddit, mostly looking for things he thinks are funny or interesting regarding current events and trying to post funny things himself, usually politics memes.

Now that they are done with junior year Andy has proven himself very adept at mechanical engineering while Caleb leans more and more to chemistry. Caleb finds it fascinating as ever and feels that people should know about the things around them and how to manipulate them. He hopes to go to the University of Las Vegas and aspires to do pharmaceutical research. He first became interested in pharmaceuticals during his initial research looking into medications for his insomnia and found the the field to be fascinating.

Caleb has a decent amount of friends, but nowhere near the broad group his brother has. He often looks slovenly to contrast his brother’s preppy style and is always slouching. He appears to be selfish at first, rarely offering to help with anything and being the first to declare things are not his problem, but if pushed, he will help a friend in need. He has had a few crushes on girls here and there, but finds it too frightening to open up enough to form a relationship. He has a generally good relationship with his parents and is somewhat protective over his younger brother James, though is closest to his twin.

Advantages: He is intelligent, agile and not swayed by sentiment. He is not likely to do something risky to protect someone else. His knowledge of medications might be useful. He doesn’t trust others easily and is skeptical.
Disadvantages: He suffers from insomnia and without his medication after three days he becomes irritable and isn’t likely to make as good decisions. He may not be well liked among peers who find him to be rude. He isn’t very strong. There aren’t many people he feels he can rely on.

Designated Number: Male student No. 033


Designated Weapon: Nixon Mask
Conclusion: With the insomnia and medication it won't be too long before this kid hits his breaking point. Bonus points if he yells "I am not a crook." after stealing someones stuff.- Josie Knight


Said and Done
"Okay, so..." Cameron stopped momentarily as she tried to think of a way to explain what exactly the concept album was. It wasn't that she didn't know per se, she just wasn't sure how to put the idea into words that made sense.

"It's called Merging and its about someone who's going home for the first time since...I'm not entirely sure, but they're going home because one of their parents has died and it's been so long they're a totally different person than they were when they left." Once she got going it wasn't as hard as she thought. Maybe she knew what she wanted from the album to begin with.

"So it follows their journey home and the idea is as they get closer the songs get heavier and its closer to the middle so everything converges at the point where they arrive home which is the heaviest song on the whole thing, then we spiral out from there and it steadily gets more dreamlike as they comes to terms with everything and the final songs are them letting all their baggage go and moving on."

The last part of the explanation came out as a steady steam of information. Cameron was surprised by how lucid and sensical the whole thing was. Sure it was tied up in the whole American myth and the journey home purposely mirrored that but she had been hoping for something that came across as more personal. Saying it all out loud to Vans was a good way of acknowledging that the idea had some legs, she'd written most the first parts of it after that night her and Vans sat in the desert. It had been steadily added to and refined since then.

Most of the songs were written and she had her first real attempts at lyrics written down.

She had just been delaying showing it to anyone out of fear they wouldn't like it.

"So...what do you think?"

V6 Launch Date
Attention, handlers:

We are happy to announce a tentative V6 launch date of Saturday the 13th of August, 2016.

New applications will be accepted until the end of August 12th, 2016. At that point, they will be cut off, and only applications in progress may be continued.

Characters who remain in the critiquing process will still be critiqued until three days before the time of first rolls (around when the staff will actually conduct the rolls), at which point any unapproved characters will be forfeited. This is to prevent the unfair advantage that comes from having characters who do not run the risk of being hit by the first rolls.

In recognition of the fact that this deadline is pretty soon, staff will be striving to keep the critique pace very quick; you should always receive a critique within four days of submitting or editing a character (or of this post, for characters waiting for a critique at present). If you do not, feel free to PM the staffer handling your critique (or any staffer if your critique is not yet in progress).

If you have already had a character approved but have yet to confirm their participation in the V6 roll call, please make sure to do so ASAP. Any unconfirmed characters at the critique cutoff (roughly three days before first rolls) will be considered forfeit.

Any questions may be addressed here, and we'll try to answer them as promptly as possible.

G050 - Stone, Vanessa[/DECEASED]

Name: Vanessa Stone
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Guitar, softball, driving, video games.

Appearance: Vanessa stands at 5’8” and weighs 148 lbs. She has a somewhat toned build and sports a noticeably large chest. Her warm olive skin is further tanned from her constant time spent outdoors.

She has long, wavy black hair with dyed red tips that she generally wears loose, coming down to her shoulders in the front and back, though she ties it back into a ponytail for softball. Her face is square in shape, with rounded grey eyes that often sport mascara, a button nose and a voluptuous mouth which possesses a stud piercing just below the right side. Her ears are slightly long for her head, but she generally hides them under her hair.

Vanessa wears a lot of arm decorations, such as charm bracelets and spikey wristbands. She also often wears a red choker styled like a collar. She has recently gained a tribal style coyote head tattoo on her left bicep.

Vanessa’s choice of clothing tends to show a lot of skin. She favours vests, tank tops and belly-tees, usually sporting rock band logos or animal motifs, as well as cargo shorts or hot pants. For shoes, she usually sticks to a pair of long boots that come up to just below her knees. Generally she chooses her wardrobe to abide by the school dress code by as fine a line as possible, but she has been disciplined for violating it in the past.

In the winter, she usually opts for a jacket over a shirt, as well as swapping to a pair of jeans.

On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a grey tank top with the Rolling Stones logo, a pair of blue jean shorts that came up half an inch above the school dress code, along with a pink belt, and a pair of black combat boots. On her left wrist she had three wristbands: a tan leather one, a green rubber one and a red spiked wristband, as well as three metal bracelets of varying thickness. She was also wearing her red collar-styled choker and her spider-bite piercing.

Biography: Vanessa was born to Caitlin Stone née Suarez and Steven Stone in Phoenix, Arizona. Caitlin was a Venezuelan who’d studied in the states and became a lawyer working in Phoenix. She met Steven, an Arizona native who was qualifying as an actuary, through a dating service. The two married two years after meeting, after which Vanessa’s older sister Liza was born two years afterwards, and Vanessa herself came two years after that.

As Caitlin had taken a lot of time off work after Liza was born, she decided to become a stay at home mother full time after Vanessa came along to look after her two daughters. Steven’s income at this point was more than sufficient to support the decision, but Caitlin insisted on moving out of Phoenix: she was never fond of the big city and had been discussing moving to a smaller town with Steven for years. The two finally moved to Kingman when Vanessa was three years old, finding a comfortable three bedroom house for themselves.

Steven continued working in Phoenix and tended towards becoming engrossed in his work, which meant he was away from home most of the time. Whilst Liza and Vanessa only got to see their dad on the occasional weekend for the most part, the visits were full of treats and outings to make up for his absence. Caitlin was more firm about treating the girls, being responsible for the disciplining side of the parenting and making sure they behaved.

Vanessa was very excited to start kindergarten, having heard fun stories from her older sister. Whilst a part of her had intended to stick near Liza at first, she found herself quickly branching out and befriending the other kids. She had a very forward approach with people that made it easy for her to meet new people, but she did have difficulty dealing with people who rebuffed her for whatever reason; she learned that she could get their attention by irritating or poking fun at them, though she found herself feeling guilty when they became upset. She would quickly forget these feelings however and resume provoking people who didn’t acknowledge her.

Liza and Vanessa had a very close relationship as kids: Vanessa looked to Liza for leadership and guidance, and Liza enjoyed playing the big sister role. When Liza started playing softball towards the end of elementary school, Vanessa decided to join in and found herself loving the game. She enjoyed getting to practice with her sister and the team, but she enjoyed challenging herself to improve and beating other people even more. As a result of her passion, she continued taking part in softball throughout her school career.

It was also towards the end of elementary school that she picked up her passion for the guitar. After playing Guitar Heroes III at a friend’s house, she wanted her own version to play. Her father, always eager to please, got the game for the family’s Wii console, and Vanessa spent countless hours perfecting it. She decided afterwards that she wanted to try the real thing, and got an electric guitar for her eleventh birthday.

Whilst she was slow to learn the theory side of music, partly exacerbated by a poor teacher, she picked up the technical side of the instrument fairly quickly, memorising many chords and becoming adept at fingering. She would generally learn music through rote memorisation, rather than relying on knowing the underlying notes or musical foundations. At the time she generally played whatever sounded good to her, having no strictly defined musical interest.

On the first day of middle school, she met her future best friend, Cameron Herrig. The two quickly bonded over their shared passion for the guitar, whilst Cameron’s tactless way of speaking meshed with Vanessa’s forward approach to other people. During a fit of excitement she suggested the two should team up with their guitar skills, which resulted in the eventual formation of the band Peyote Coyote.

As Vanessa developed physically, she started to get involved in the idea of dating. When she found herself at the attention of a few boys, she was flattered but unsure how to react. Though she tried going on a few dates, she became very uncomfortable with the idea of kissing, and was quick to break off relationships once they started to head in that direction. Eventually she started to get a negative reputation for her frequent dating amongst the girls, whilst the boys began to treat her like a tease.

The reputation started to upset her, but the support from her friends allowed her to cope. She decided that she wasn’t interested in a relationship when she started high school, and was quick to turn down people who tried anything more than a casual flirt in her direction.

Whilst Vanessa had long since grown used to her father’s limited presence in her life, his increasing workload was beginning to make him feel guilty about not spending more time with his family. As a result, he began to spoil them excessively when Vanessa entered high school, giving them generous allowances and frequently doting on them with lavish gifts. Caitlin grew frustrated with Steve’s approach to her daughters, but appreciated that he wanted to feel more connected to them. However, she still tried her best to keep her daughters grounded and not become spoilt.

Although Liza and Vanessa still enjoyed a healthy relationship with their mother, Vanessa came to see her as something of a strict disciplinarian compared to her father. The two often butted heads, especially when Vanessa began to rebel.

Taking after the rock bands that she’d been exposed to through Peyote Coyote, Vanessa began to alter her fashion to show off her body more, enjoying how it looked on her. Whilst she was cautious about the reputation she’d experienced in middle school, she preferred to feel comfortable in her clothing than to let other people dictate her dress. She got her lip piercing when she was fifteen, pleading with her dad to let her get it with him as her accompanying guardian, much to her mother’s dismay.

During Vanessa’s sophomore year, Liza came out as a lesbian to the family. Vanessa was unsure how to respond to the situation; she didn’t consider herself to be intolerant, but it changed her view of her sister all the same. Though she tried to accept it, not wanting it to cause a rift between them, she struggled when she realised how uncomfortable she was with the idea.

A few months after Liza came out, Cameron came out as bisexual to Vanessa. She found out that the idea that her best friend could possibly be physically interested in her was even more discomforting. Though she worked hard to not let it ruin their friendship, and eventually she was able to come to terms with the news, she still finds herself feeling awkward when Cameron teases her with playful banter. Whilst she’s asked Cameron not to do this, it has yet to take with her.

After passing her driving test in her junior year, her father gifted her with her prized jeep. She took great pride in having her own vehicle and began using it to go everywhere. She also began taking long drives with no particular direction in mind, be they around town or through the desert, and likes to consider herself Peyote Coyote’s driver. She finds long drives with the radio blaring to be very relaxing, and often uses it to unwind.

Academically, Vanessa underachieves. She generally maintains a B or C average in most subjects, a result of her natural intelligence being hindered by her inherent laziness towards things she’s not interested in. She has been known to achieve A grades when she works, something her teachers and parents constantly try to encourage her, but she has shown herself to be disinterested in most schoolwork and only puts effort in when offered a suitable bribe. She shows the best proficiency in mathematics and humanities subjects, with other subjects hovering around a level of low achievement. Whilst she does well in Spanish, thanks to her mother speaking it at home, she isn’t quite bilingual.

Socially, Vanessa gets on well with a lot of people. In addition to her band, she has friends on the softball team as well as amongst her peers. She retains her forward personality with people, but is also careful to mind what she says and considers herself able to adapt socially to most people. Though she still retains her self-centred attitude and habit of provoking people who dismiss her, she means well for her friends and tries to keep their best interests at heart.

Vanessa continues to avoid dating her peers. Whilst she is fine with some friendly flirting with the guys, she gets put off very quickly if people try to get intimate with her. Though she doesn’t consider herself asexual, she still has yet to feel comfortable with the idea of getting physical with people, and often finds herself disliking being touched in general.

After playing on her family’s Wii console when she was younger, Vanessa developed a taste for video gaming that she still has to this day. She sticks to console games, specifically her PlayStation 3, and her favourite genre is first person shooters for their competitive element; she also enjoys RPGs if she finds them to be challenging enough. She generally only uses video gaming as a time filler when she doesn’t have softball practice or plans with her friends, but she enjoys it all the same.

Whilst attending a party with Liza in her junior year, who was visiting home after heading to Arizona State a few months earlier, Vanessa wound up getting exposed to peyote through one of her sister’s friends. She was already used to drinking at these parties to lower her inhibitions, so she assumed that the peyote would allow her to enjoy them even more. The ensuing trip left her feeling inspired musically, and the next day she created one of the few compositions she’s written in her life. She since got into the habit of doing peyote with the band, though Peyote Coyote was named before-hand. Whilst she doesn’t consider herself to have a problem, she has begun taking the substance more and more frequently lately and often drives out into the desert with the group to get inspired. She generally keeps her family in the dark about this habit, though her mother is starting to get concerned.

Vanessa continues to play on the softball team at Cochise high. She has played in a number of positions over the years, and whilst she currently plays as basewoman for the team, she has her eye on the pitcher position. She aimed to be the team’s captain, again as a means to be in the spotlight, but unfortunately lost out on the position to Sandra Dyer, which she has moved on from for the most part.

Musically, Vanessa continues to play guitar in a technical manner. Though Peyote Coyote favours stoner rock, Vanessa doesn’t really feel any particular draw to the genre, or any genre: she just likes to listen to whatever sounds good to her. She does have a soft spot for 80’s pop music such as Cyndi Lauper and Bonnie Tyler, but she doesn’t think the rest of the band would go for covering the style.

Within Peyote Coyote, Vanessa serves as one of the two guitarists along with Cameron, as well as previously acting as the band’s front woman and singer. Though she is good at projecting her personality on the stage, her singing leaves something to be desired as she is often flat. It was for this reason that she found her position as singer being replaced by Coleen Reagan, a change that caused her a lot of frustration and anger.

She doesn’t consider the band to be a professional vocation, but more something she does for fun with her friends and for the glamour that she feels being in a band brings. They typically play house parties or whatever gig presents itself.

Although Vanessa had no plans to attend college previously, her parents’ insistence combined with Cameron’s own plans to attend Arizona State made her reconsider. She has decided to study business at her father’s suggestion, a decision that was partly incentivised through promising to fund an apartment for her and Cameron if she did so. To make sure she could attend the college, she has since begun putting more effort into the relevant subjects, bringing her average up to a steady A grade in those topics.

Advantages: Vanessa is in good shape from her years of softball, with excellent motor skills, and she is a capable socialite with people she’s not in conflict with. She has a lot of confidence in herself and her way of doing things, so she’s unlikely to start doubting herself on the island. In spite of her lazy demeanour, she does possess a sharp intellect.
Disadvantages: Vanessa is used to getting her own way, and has difficulty dealing with situations that go against this. She tends to provoke people who don’t acknowledge her, which will both hinder her forming new relationships and may result in grudges from school carrying over.

Designated Number: Female student No. 050


Designated Weapon: Bag of weed and blunt wraps
Conclusion: Sadly for G050, daddy isn't on the island to dote over her highness and that bad attitude is gonna get her in trouble. Luckily she got the perfect thing to chill her ass out.- Josie Knight


G047 - Luz, Florentina 'Tina'[/DECEASED]

Name: Florentina 'Tina' Luz
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Sketching, painting, knitting, rap music, baseball, gardening and horticulture, health and fitness.

Appearance: Florentina is 5'6" and weighs in at around 135 pounds. She has strong shoulder definition and her body can be described as an inverted triangle.

Her skin has a tanned, olive shade due to her mix of Hispanic, Native, and Caucasian heritage. Her skin is naturally oily and she often suffers small breakouts of acne over her forehead, however her fitness also keeps her skin healthy and fresh in places where there is no acne damage. Her face is round and chubby with fat deposits in her cheeks. She has a small and upturned nose, and warm brown eyes that are distinctively sharp and defined. She has thick dark lips. Her hair's roots are black fade to a dark brown as they grow out to her shoulder blades. It's naturally wavy, though it has the tendency to become curlier the longer it grows out. She rarely wears makeup, and has a multitude of visible acne scars.

She has little sense for fashion for the most part. She mostly wears baggy hoodies when she can get away with it, otherwise she goes for slightly oversize tees to accommodate her body type. She's almost always in jeans, and they're usually ragged and faded from overuse. On the day of the kidnapping she wore slightly paint-stained work jeans that are ripped and tattered at the knees, battered blue sneakers with dirty white soles, a white and loose camisole, and a thin hoodie sweater in Cochise colors that has the logo of the school Baseball team and honors the '13-'14 team. She also wore a gray knit scarf made by her cousin, Lillian Cadwell, loosely bunched around her neck.

Biography: The second eldest child of the Luz family, Chandler Luz, formed a long term relationship with Maggie Dawson in high school and the two would marry shortly after their graduation. The Luz family lives in an extensive compound on the outskirts of Kingman, built by Florentina's paternal grandparents, Gregory and Avee Luz. Many members of the extended family inherited Gregory's vision of self-sufficiency and identify as preppers, those who prepare for emergencies by stocking equipment that might be difficult to access in times of crisis. As part of this tradition both Chandler and Maggie designed and maintain a series of self-sufficient gardens in the family compound in their free time. Both chose to immediately work to provide younger children of the family the opportunity to go to college. Chandler became a cop and Maggie worked as a secretary for local businesses.

Busy family lives meant the two had no intention to sire children, Florentina and her year younger sister Celine were back to back accidents. They were both born at a period of time where a lot of the other Luz children were also forming families, meaning many of the second generation children of the Luz family are of very similar ages.

Tina was quiet for her first few years of life. She was usually inclined to spend her days playing alone in the Luz compound, shy around even her own many cousins. Her artistic tendencies showed themselves from a young age, as early as she could hold a pencil she would fill notebooks and whatever scraps of paper she could find around the house with abstracts and sketches that were impressive for her age. She enjoyed being talented at something, which is why she has always been interested in developing her art skill. It comes naturally to her, she can't imagine a better use of her time. She was content to plod away at her own creations for hours until called on by one of the family.

Because Tina was so introverted and rarely found reason to stray far from the compound she grew strongly close to her paternal grandmother Avee. Her father was a mother's boy, and the two adults both had the most profound effects on Tina's morality. They instilled in her with many a story and wise saying the importance of loyalty to family The more extroverted of her cousins, including Emma Luz, also reached out to her in turn. An awed Tina slowly overcame her shyness towards her cousins and slowly developed profound attachments to many of them over the course of her formative years.

Over time she'd also grow comfortable with other members of her extended family outside of the compound, as her father would regularly bring her around to those who remained in Kingman. Lillian Caldwell's paternal grandmother taught her knitting. Tina found herself clumsier with the skill compared to her sketching but worked hard to make her grandmother proud. She was also introduced to the Dawsons, who lived in a trailer in Kingman and treated her well, especially a boy a few years her senior, Daniel Dawson, son of Maggie's deadbeat brother. He was friendly and shared her spark of artistic talent, and Tina has always been inclined to call Daniel her closest friend due to their mutual interests, spending hours over at his home when she could.

When she was five her father and mother started including her in their tending to the family gardens, Tina was immensely fascinated and her next few birthdays would be dominated by requests for books, nonfictional about botany and fiction series she was introduced to by some of her female cousins. Tina never particularly enjoyed reading as it was slow and dull for her compared to visual arts, she chose to read to be able to share that experience with her cousins.

When she entered primary school Tina was notably awkward in classes if they didn't have one of her cousins in them, was alone at recess if she couldn't find a cousin to play with. Her father didn't see it as a big deal but her mother was concerned, tried to gently encourage her child to be less socially frigid. She would become stern about it as Tina failed to adapt, but Chandler's more permissive approach was the one Tina preferred to pay attention to. It wasn't until Tina was in third grade that she began to branch out and make the occasional friends outside of the family. She'd happily pass time alone with her art, and thus she never found many close friends outside of home and was never much integrated into extra-familial social circles.

Tina's hobbies continued to develop over the rest of her primary education in dogged parallel of her cousins', she read what they read, modeled them with their consent in her sketches. She continued to knit and still does primarily because it keeps her closer to the family members who introduced her to it, even though she's never been so good at it. She cultivated for herself a reputation as helpful, when any of her cousins needed help or a shoulder to cry on Tina was there. Her presence was sometimes annoying or unwelcome, but usually her intentions and competence were sufficient and she overall tended to be a positive impact in the lives of the other Luz children growing. She'd care for Lillian when she was ill, comfort Emma when she had night terrors and later be available when she started having sleep disorders in middle school.

Tina's graduation into middle school and puberty didn't affect her as much as the transitions would some of her other cousins and peers. Bullying and peer pressure simply had negligible impact on her due to how little she cared for stranger opinions, only a familial concern could really rouse her. Her acne was violent in her middle school and early high school years and she'd be bullied verbally, primarily by other girls, for her looks. She'd be annoyed but nothing further, and often wouldn't even bother to alert an authority or her own family. She developed an early reputation for being stoic and difficult to provoke reactions out of. As a result she fell off the radar of many, socially forgotten and a non factor in middle school. This status followed her into high school as she made no effort to better it. An exasperated Maggie reluctantly accepted her daughter's lifestyle and made no further effort to nag Tina into being a more outgoing girl.

Tina also developed an interest in health and fitness as she observed her body changing through her puberty years and the continued struggle of her cousins Emma and Lily with their respective health problems. Both her parents were health conscious, especially her father as a cop, and they were delighted to have their elder daughter so directly involved. As a family they made a conscious effort to grow more of their own food to cook with in the gardens, moving the fruits of their own labor directly into the kitchens. Celine was less inclined than the rest of the family to eat healthy, more inclined to snack and hold more weight. Tina's taken it upon herself to nag her younger sister about that concern some, though in a manner largely ineffectual. Chandler helped Tina developed a workout plan that kept her fit if not especially athletic or muscular. Tina also developed an interest in baseball as several of her male cousins including Crisanto Luz did or already had. It was a way to stay fit and active, and socialize with others. She was never so good at it, but she'd play pickup games with them sometimes as her workout for a day, and her interest in the sport thus grew.

Tina's relationship with Daniel took an interesting turn as she entered Cochise and he did Mojave Community College. He attended the local community college to study art and became friends with stoners on campus, eventually leading him to directly introduce her to marijuana and the dealers he used. She still considered him her closest friend and allowed herself to be swayed, but she nursed the beginnings of a guilt that would grow as she drifted further down this particular path in life. She liked the influence of the drug, and found she felt more relaxed around others when using it. It made it easier for her to talk. She used the drug only occasionally at first, but her exposure to it gave her an idea.

She used her gardening knowledge to convert parts of Daniel's home bedroom, which is the basement, for growing, and he kept the operation hidden from his parents in exchange for a cut of profit and product. His parents were fairly hands off with him, especially as he was college age, and he even smoked with his friends in his room prior to his venture with Tina. She doesn't grow much, only a few plants, mostly kept hidden under jury-rigged lamp collections using the basement windows for ventilation. Her dealing was a mild success and she enjoyed both the modest funds and the opportunity to hang out more with her cousin and his interesting college age friends. However she avoided dealing within Cochise itself, sticking to the community college crowd and occasionally some of the other high schools in Kingman. She was afraid of running into one of her cousins and all the more guilty for how she was beginning to sneak around them. She began to quietly drift away from some of them, for example Emma, feeling intimidated and alienated by their popularity and social finesse. Others she got closer to, Lily and especially Crisanto. She emotionally supported him with his depression and even began to sneak weed his way as his preferred coping mechanism, he in turn was her confidante as she continued to do things she was positive she couldn't confess to the purer members of her family as a whole. Daniel was her alibi, her increasingly long absences from the home were merely visiting her favorite cousin.

Her time in Cochise was mostly quiet, dealing aside. She did mediocre work in most of her classes, rarely interested in anything more than passing. Academics bores her and she doesn't have the intellectual quality to excel, and she's taken to loading her class schedules with low-impact classes like art and study hall. She's been involved in artistically inclined work around the school and a few of the works on display in the East Wing are hers, besides that she has little school spirit or inclination to be involved. She's told her parents she has no intent to go onto college and they both understand and reluctantly support her, assuming she'll take on a blue-collar job as they both chose to. She has a bare minimum of friends within the school, as she really only feels compelled to talk to those she can be sure share interests in art or baseball. With these friends she's somewhat awkward and distant, her guilt over her less legal activities outside of school often means she's afraid to move relationships with most outside of the superficial nowadays.

She continues to knit and craft with Lillian, though Lillian maintains the superiority in that regard and Tina sometimes elects to sketch or paint instead. Her sister introduced her to rap music, which Tina enjoyed for providing music to do her art to. Celine's tastes along with a lack of intellectual appreciation for lyricism skewed Tina towards enjoying beats above all else, and she often elects to download instrumentals as opposed to full rap songs for her music player. Tina started going to Coyotes games when she was in her sophomore year. She's developed some understanding of the strategy and stats talk, and even runs mock fantasy leagues, one with her friends and another with the crowd she associates with in Mojave. It's an important part of her relationship with Cris, and like art it's something she managed to develop an affinity for, meaning it's a safe hobby to indulge in.

Tina's dealing meant that she often had plenty of contact with the more subversive elements of Cochise culture. She also has at least one cousin with a non-typical identity on the gender spectrum. Tina thus is sympathetic towards progressive values in terms of gender and sexuality politics, though she rarely feels the need to actively lend a hand to the cause. She's also not inclined to talk politics in general, influenced by her father's own lackadaisical nature in that regard.

She also began to develop a smoking habit, having been introduced by the kids in Mojave. Alongside marijuana she enjoyed how it helped her relax in social settings, and carelessly indulged in it until she developed a legitimate addiction, one she has to spend increasing amounts of her limited funds to nurse. When she's smoking she feels more at ease with others and a few more kids in school are her trusted confidantes now, though she's still largely secretive even when her lips are looser. She can go through half a pack in one day at her worst, and she also regularly uses joints and bongs, at times mooched from Daniel and his friends rather than on her own dime. She smokes in private or with Daniel's friends, as she's needed to do it more often she'll often run out of the home and find a secluded place to take a cigarette, so as to keep her ugly habit hidden. She has yet to slip up, though she's had some close calls. Maggie is recently especially suspicious, though Chandler's jovial influence holds her back.

She's also recently learned that she's required to take remedial classes in the summer to graduate. She became increasingly prone to skipping classes in senior year, especially to have extended lunch period to go off campus and smoke, and thus she's missing some key credits. That finally did upset her parents in unison, and a frightened Tina being called out on her actions for a change promised to shape up. She's been thus working hard in school for a change, though she continues to find it difficult and boring. Tina has no intent to move on to college and only vaguely plans to continue dealing and grab a part time job.

She continues to keep a transient social presence and stick mostly to herself, listening to her rap and shutting out crowds when not around one of her school friends, doing artistic activities on her lonesome or with one of her cousins if they're available. She now helps her cousin Lillian with her newly started Etsy business, and continues to go to baseball games, now an almost rabid fan. Her smoking has begun to affect her healthiness and she finds she can't take long hikes or the treadmill quite like she used to, but she pointedly ignores the issue.

Advantages: Tina is naturally well observant of her environment due to a sharp, artistically-trained eye. She's not especially present in the Cochise social scene and has few attachments among her peers, she may thus have the element of surprise and be more willing to take the necessary steps against her peers to survive.
Disadvantages: Her well ingrained loner tendencies may be detrimental to a plan of survival in the long term. She is nursing a full-blown nicotine addiction and withdrawal symptoms will negatively affect her mentally and physically.

Designated Number: Female student No. 047


Designated Weapon: Man-catcher
Conclusion: That thing looks vicious as fuck. G047 should take advantage of it and use it to catch herself a friend. She'll need one if she wants to survive more than a day.- Josie Knight


G046 - Ramirez, Isabel[/DECEASED]

Name: Isabel Ramirez
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, Socializing, Reading, Studying

Appearance: Isabel is short (5'2") and is above average in weight for her height (130 pounds). She is muscular and toned due to her ballet dancing, and has slightly wider hips than average. Her skin has an olive tone, showing her latin american heritage. Her hair is black, and long, going past her shoulder blades, and wavy. Her hair is normally kept relatively unkempt, only brushed in the morning, but she ties it up into a bun while ballet dancing. Her nose and eyes are somewhat small, and her face has a diamond shape to it. Her left ear is pierced, and usually has small, red bead earring in it. She keeps proper posture most of the time out of habit due to her parents. Her eyes are hazel. The only makeup she typically wears is dark red lipstick.

Isabel is typically found wearing a pink sweater and black jeans with blue converse shoes. In warmer weather she typically wears brightly colored (typically pink) tank tops and dark colored shorts in favor of her sweaters and jeans. On the day of the abduction she was wearing her typical pink sweater and black jeans along with her converse shoes.

Biography: Isabel is the only child of her parents, born to Sebastián Ramirez and María Ramirez in Kingman, Arizona. Due to a miscarriage prior to Isabel's birth, Sebastián and María wanted to make sure that nothing ever happened to Isabel, and thus became very protective and highly controlling of Isabel over the course of her life.

As the only child of her family, Isabel's free time was mostly eaten up by what her parents wanted her to do. Isabel's parents had big dreams for her, wanting her to become a known name and bring notoriety to her family. To realize this dream, they began focusing on making Isabel great enough that she could potentially participate in the Olympics. They first started her off from a very young age in gymnastics programs, but soon it became apparent that while Isabel was meek enough to do what her parents wanted, she lacked the discipline to be capable at gymnastics, so instead her parents opted to put her in a ballet program, hoping that maybe she would become an accomplished ballet dancer when she grew up.

Ballet remained a big part of Isabel's life as she grew up, attending ballet classes and programs on a daily basis until the present day. Due to her extensive lifelong experience in the art of ballet she was locally known for being a treat to watch at ballet recitals. Despite participating in ballet all her life, Isabel lacks strong feelings about the art. If left to her own devices she would likely give it up out of apathy, but due to Isabel's meekness when it comes to interacting with her parents she continues to participate in order to keep them happy. Isabel at least appreciates the art for keeping her in a very physically fit state, and somewhat appreciates the attention and admiration that her talent gets her.

During elementary school, Isabel's meekness when it came to interacting with her parents extended to her fellow classmates. While she generally got along with nearly anyone she actually talked to, she gained a reputation among her classmates for being silent and rarely talking to anyone that wasn't a teacher. Isabel performed extremely well in school, getting A grades without a single blemish on her report card, not so much due to intelligence but rather her parents expecting her to keep her grades up and punishing her for any failures.

Come middle school, Isabel slowly began to come out of her shell and interact with her fellow classmates. Soon after she discovered a thriving social community that she had never experienced before, and began to integrate herself into the student body. As Isabel opened up, she gained plenty of friends due to a natural charm and general friendliness, eventually becoming one of the most popular girls in her school and a linchpin to several different otherwise disparate groups. Despite becoming a popular girl at her school and becoming less meek in general, Isabel still had trouble interacting with her parents and disagreeing with them and what they wanted her to do with her life.

Soon after gaining popularity, it wouldn't be long before it began to go to Isabel's head. Caught up in the rush of popularity and the other more popular kids setting an example, Isabel began to bully the unpopular kids in her school. While originally just doing it for the sake of going along with her peers, eventually Isabel began to bully for the sake of feeling powerful. Being able to exercise power over the emotions of others let her feel a bit of relief over her own feelings of powerless due to her situation at home. Isabel's bullying of individual targets thankfully stayed rather light in spite of this, and while she gained a reputation for being mean spirited with her words, punishments over her behavior never went past in class reprimands.

Near the end of her time in middle school, Isabel's grades began to slip due to the material becoming harder for her to handle with her normal amounts of studying. After coming home with several Bs on her report card, her parents punished her severely and let her know that they only expected the best out of her. In an effort to avoid future punishment, Isabel began to spend a significant amount of her free time outside of ballet studying for her classes to keep her grades up, a behavior that persisted all throughout high school. This constant studying put a ton of stress on Isabel, especially during exam season, and because of the stress Isabel grew to hate having to do study to make up for her own ineptitude. Despite this, she kept doing it simply to keep her parents happy and to avoid their wrath if she went against their wishes.

In high school, Isabel's habits from middle school persisted. She continued to be a popular girl due to her natural charisma and, by then, her looks, she continued to lightly bully the unpopular kids in the school, and she continued to study constantly to keep her grades up. Isabel didn't hold positive feelings towards most of her classes, given that she had to study for nearly all of them and that lead to resentment, but she had a soft spot for Gym and Creative Writing. Gym she found to be very easy due to her physical fitness and she enjoyed the release of energy that Gym provided. Creative Writing, meanwhile, Isabel found to be an enjoyable class due to the lack of studying required, her love of the written word, and her ability to vent her frustrations at her life in her short stories; usually by featuring a protagonist that had to deal with some sort of force trying to impose control upon them, only for that protagonist eventually to rise up against said force.

Throughout her life, what little free time Isabel had left in between her ballet classes and eventually her constant studying was often spent reading books. Her parents both enjoyed reading on a regular basis, and had an entire room of the house dedicated to multiple bookshelves containing books from a wide variety of authors and time periods. From a young age Isabel was encouraged to read them, and reading was one of the few activities her parents pushed on her that she legitimately enjoyed. The escapism provided by reading gave her a chance to experience the world through someone else's eyes for a while, and books allowed for much more detailed imagery and realism than what could be provided by TV or movies.

Isabel is generally a rather moody girl. She is often fairly cynical and pessimistic, those traits lending themselves to bitter and biting insults when she's in the mood for being mean. In spite of her cynicism and pessimism, she's got a natural charisma that allows her to charm others and knows her way around social interactions quite well. Isabel is an extremely emotional person, despite attempting to remain calm and collected on the outside most of the time. She's quick to impulsive, emotionally charged decisions and when it comes to making choices about her life, her in the moment emotions nearly always win out. Despite all of her growth as a person over the course of her life, Isabel is still very meek when it comes to interacting with her parents, being conditioned from her few attempts at rebellion with them always ending very negatively for her.

In the future, Isabel plans on becoming a full time professional ballet dancer, because she recognized her talent in ballet as a potential easy avenue to success. After some consideration, she also began to like the idea of travelling the country and seeing the world, which would be a side effect of needing to travel to participate in recitals or theatrical productions as a dancer. To help her on the path to becoming a professional ballet dancer, she plans to obtain a BA in dance at the University of South Carolina and then joining a dance troupe using her credentials and ability.

Advantages: Isabel is very physically fit due to her ballet, with above average strength and extremely good endurance. Isabel has also learned to be a capable, deep thinker over the course of her life and would be able to come up with decent survival strategies if the need arises.
Disadvantages: Due to constantly being shepherded around by her parents throughout her life, Isabel has little ability to lead others and usually goes along with the ideas that others present, given the option to do so. This leaves her open to potentially being manipulated or could lead to her to following someone that isn't trustworthy. Additionally, Isabel has a tendency to be very emotionally focused, which could lead to her making impulsive or bad decisions that could lead to injury or death.

Designated Number: Female student No. G046


Designated Weapon: Padlock & Key
Conclusion: Y'know G046 might actually stand a chance all things considered. As long as she gets a decent weapon and keeps those emotions under lock and key.- Josie Knight


Sting Like A Stingray
Aw shit.

Trav watched as Jerry fell to the floor in a heap.

So he may have just knocked the guy out...not a great thing to do in sparring.

Some people had looked over at the sound of the kick connecting and there had been some cries of 'Ooohhh' that always happened when a big shot was landed.

Trav sheepishly scratched the back of his head as he looked around. As cool as that whole combination was, and he was so going to use it in a fight, it landing that cleanly was an accident. On the other hand though, Jerry probably deserved it a little. Just as a wake up call.

Crouching down next to Jerry, Trav rested his hands over his thighs and waited to see if Jerry was alive. He seemed to be conscious so that was a good sign.

"You OK dude?"

G045 - Thomas, Bernadette[/DECEASED]

Name: Bernadette Thomas
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, drawing, painting, romance novels, sewing, walking

Appearance: Bernadette is slightly above average in height at five foot seven, and her weight of one hundred and thirty-four pounds is distributed into a toned but curved shape – particularly around the bust and hips. Her skin is only lightly tanned considering the climate, as she burns incredibly easily and takes care to use suntan cream regularly. Her blonde, curly hair is kept deliberately short so that it can be pulled back into a ponytail; a habit from dance classes and long sessions of painting.

Her features are framed within an oval face with a pointed chin, her green almond shaped eyes spaced evenly apart from a long, thin nose. Bernadette’s ears are small and fairly rounded at the top, and her mouth, whilst small, looks full being formed of a thinner upper lip with a plumper curved lower lip.

Her style tends to be fairly relaxed to the point that she will wear dungarees and a t-shirt when she knows she will spending most of her day doing crafts, and generally lends towards casual. She does dress up whenever she feels the desire to, but it is the exception rather than the rule; it is usually stockings with a high-necked, sleeveless dress over anything too short or revealing. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing loose dungarees, a plain purple t-shirt and navy sneakers.

Bernadette has no tattoos or body piercings to speak of, and does not wear much jewellery except for two things. The first is a pearl bracelet, which is a family heirloom that she wears almost constantly on her left wrist. The second is a replica Star Sapphire Power Ring, given to her by Tyler that hangs on a silver chain around her neck.

Biography: On 4th March 1997, Megan and Jonathan Thomas – newly married childhood sweethearts – welcomed Bernadette into the world as their only child. They have been unsuccessful in conceiving since because her mother suffers from endometriosis, which is known for causing fertility problems. Both of her parents had come from single-child families, by design, and so she was doted on by her parents and grandparents from both sides alike. This meant that Megan, who was the breadwinner in the family at the time as the manager at one of the main gaming stores in the town, could return to work quickly. Her father, who only worked part-time at a local hardware store, became Bernadette’s primary carer, with her grandparents eagerly stepping in when required.

Aware of the physical difficulties that their daughter might face as she got older, her parents began to do research into what might be something that could be continued if endometriosis developed. They struggled, especially in finding an activity that a child could embrace. When she was three they decided to go to a few places with their daughter and see if anything caught her attention. In the end, it was the visit to one of the local gymnastics and dance academy; a class involving the latter caught Bernadette’s attention to the point where she was crying when she was told she had to leave. They signed her up for a few basic classes that day, and she quickly became a regular at the academy, favouring jazz and tap. Her parents have always let her compete in competitions, though they were mindful that she might have to withdraw should endometriosis develop in their daughter.

Bernadette attended service regularly at the local Catholic church with her parents and grandparents from a young age, who were and still are devout Catholics. Their daughter is not as devoted, but she still takes the core of her values and world view from an upbringing centred on the church and its strong sense of community. It was from this community that she started to gain an interest in handicrafts from her father’s attendance at the craft groups and the things he brought home. Though her mother introduced Bernadette to her hobbies from a young age, she never quite took to comic books and superheroes like she did her father’s interests. The intricacies of the needlework, different painting styles and creating something with your own hands resonated with her like learning to dance did.

Up until the age of twelve Bernadette and her parents had shared a home with her maternal grandparents, who did not live far from Jonathan’s family. Living in such an environment meant that she was equally influenced by her whole family’s approach to life which predominately revolved around being friendly, and not speaking if you only had something unkind to say. Her familiar environments have always been filled with laughter, and supported by a commitment to optimism even when hard at work.

It was around the end of Bernadette’s time at middle school that her parents had acquired enough savings to put a deposit down on a home of their own. This led to them moving into a modest three bedroomed house with a garden, which was a few streets away from her maternal grandparents in the summer before she started high school.

Over these years Bernadette spent her free time between dancing, volunteering at the church, mainly with decorating and tidying, practising her crafts with her father, and going over to friends’ houses. She also, from the age of thirteen, occasionally went to her mother’s shop to spend the day and helped out with permission from the owner, which she still does to this very day. It was also around this time that she accidentally came across her mother's stash of trashy romance novels. She quickly fell in love with their linear plots and happy endings, and began to read every one she could get her hands on.

Throughout elementary and middle school Bernadette proved herself a good student, particularly in the creative subjects, because of her extracurricular interest, averaging out in a B grade across the board. She was not much of a reader unless it was to do with her hobbies, but she did all her homework diligently and without too much complaint. She was amiable and kind, making friends easily, and a few lifelong friendships were established during these years. This was also the time she first experienced observing bullying amongst her peers, and began to make a habit of interrupting with the rhetoric that she had been raised with about not speaking unless you had something nice to say. Often words and someone else intruding was enough to dispel situations and emboldened, Bernadette made a habit to interrupt bullies that has stayed with her through her life.

Academically and socially, things continued very much at the same agreeable level and pace when Bernadette started high school. She joined the art club, textiles, the backstage team of the theatre club, and the dance team and loved the atmosphere that allowed her to interact with so many new and different people. However, it became obvious that there were subjects that Bernadette did not apply herself in. She preferred hands-on lessons, while more lecture-based subjects proved difficult. In particular, she struggled with history and the sciences.

The one thing she really did not like about high school was her perception of the scale of bullying, which spurred her to join the anti-bullying committee early in her sophomore year. This participation emboldened her to speak out on a regular basis, though her efforts generally went no further beyond getting the bully to back off or, if that did not work, removing the victim from the situation and making sure they were okay.

It was when puberty hit that Bernadette experienced her first true challenge in life. Preceding her first period, there was incredible pain and she had her first notable absence from school; three days in a row. Her parents were immediately concerned, and once she had recovered they took her to see the doctor who, considering the family history, recommended that their daughter start taking the contraceptive pill to combat the worse effects that might arise, despite the fact that they could not confirm her parents’ concerns without surgery.

Endometriosis, her mother explained to her when they returned home, was an illness where the cells of the lining of the womb can be found outside of it. This meant that when hormones fluctuated, or when she bled during her period, that difficulty and severe pain could be caused as bleeding occurred in places where there was nowhere for the blood to go. It could affect levels of energy, a bad diet could worsen it, and there may be other symptoms such as extreme mood swings on top of the pain and discomfort.

The pill did its job, although Bernadette’s periods still caused her to have one or two days off from school each month at first. It did not take long for her to expect and plan for the pain, taking over the counter painkillers as needed. Socially, it was not a problem as Bernadette often dragged herself out to events that she had promised to go to and kept the circle of those who knew about her condition small and mostly family, though it included Clarice Halwood - who had been her best friend since middle school.

Bernadette continued as normal for a few years, including the intensive dance classes. It was during this time that she had frequent fights with her parents, arguing that she knew what she could manage, but slowly it took its toll. Halfway through the summer between grades ten and eleven she was forced to dial down her commitment to dance, and she was also forced to stop her more physical acts of volunteering for the church. Whilst this improved the bouts of pain and exhaustion that had come from her stubbornness, it had an incredibly negative effect on her mentality. Bernadette had gone from a very physically active young woman to someone who had to constantly monitor her physicality, and take tablets on a daily basis.

This frustration did not result in more conflict at home, as Bernadette refused to have further fights with her parents revolving around her condition. Instead, she looked for another outlet, and found one via her characteristic intervention in bullying incidents. Now she actively attacked, verbally, the bully in question for their behaviour though her barbs never became physical. There were numerous targets for these attacks, one of the most notable and frequent being Tyler Yazzie, though Bernadette made numerous enemies during those eight months.

It was a cathartic act but it did not fix the problems that were at its base and it came to a head during a verbally explosive argument between her and Tyler. In the end he had just walked away, rather than escalating. This left Bernadette feeling bereft of the release of the frustration that she needed. She was also the one who got approached by the teacher who had overheard the tail end of their fight, though in stubbornness she did not disclose who she had been fighting with. This meant that she was the only one who got the two days’ worth of detention as a result.

Her parents, once informed, acted to find things that Bernadette enjoyed and that relaxed her to fill the time hole. She began to visit her grandparents on a weekly basis, helping around their home, and practised her handicrafts by herself, finding calm in techniques that she knew by heart. Her father also introduced her to a beginner’s painting class outside of school for another pastime to occupy her mind, and she began to carry around a small sketchbook to doodle whenever the frustration began to get too much at school. Her mother also began to spend time with her at a home laughing about the trashy novels that they enjoyed.

Her style, in regards to art in general, tended towards the traditional. Her sewing pieces were animals and flowers, whereas her painting and drawing were more expressive; a more direct way of getting out her emotions, though she did quite enjoy still life from her classes. Taking walks also became a regular thing during school hours rather than confront bullies aggressively on a daily basis. It was during one such walk that she overexerted herself by powerwalking two laps of the school’s field, and ended up leaning against a wall near the gym for support when Tyler Yazzie came across her.

To her surprise he asked if he could help and by the end of the conversation Bernadette actually felt better physically because of his assistance with giving her medication, but more notably emotionally. He, contrary to her belief, had put aside any ire that he might have felt for her to help her like a decent person, rather than mocking her difficulty. They talked about why they had fought so heatedly, and when she suggested that they try being friends instead he agreed.

It was just like before, but instead of yelling at him, they spent a lot of time together learning about each other’s interests and each other in general, particularly over the summer between grades eleven and twelve. She marvelled at the change in him, how much calmer he seemed these days, and at how less frustrated she herself had become about her condition as a result of their friendship. Tyler never made her feel weak despite his awareness that she was ill, but instead made her feel strong for battling through adversity. She thinks of him as a symbol of inspiration, especially after coming to terms with the truth of his home life, and the way he had been raised to believe that the weak should stay down. The ignorance to the meaning with which he originally gave her the Star Sapphire Power Ring only cemented her belief that he was, at heart, a good person who really wanted to try and be better than he had been before. This was something she tried to show that she saw in him with her gift to him of a Blue Power Ring, from the group who relied on hope for their strength.

It became a friendship that, less than a month into the new term, is turning into a blossoming romantic relationship, and she has begun to take a casual interest in wrestling, attending his practices and some matches when she can. Her role in the backstage crew with the theatre club is much more involved than it used to be, and she is a quieter but still visible member of the anti-bullying committee. She also still exercises regularly, though to nowhere near the same extent she did whilst she was actively involved in dancing.

Bernadette has not applied to any colleges, and plans to get a job directly out of high school and try and make a living from making and selling her handicrafts.

Advantages: Bernadette has many good friends in Cochise, creating a wealth of allies to draw from in adverse situations. She is also willing to stand her ground, which may work to her advantage against weak-willed people seeking to take advantage of others, especially as she does not immediately come across as a threat at first glance.
Disadvantages: Although in reasonably good shape Bernadette’s illness can flare up. The pain, caused by bursts of intense exertion and emotional upheaval, would cause immediate problems that need to be medicated. Without the methods she uses to deal with her frustration, Bernadette’s difficulty processing this could put strain on tense situations and sabotage potential alliances. Finally, her period of deliberately antagonising bullies has gained her a few enemies that might take advantage of a situation in which they can get back at her with little to no repercussions.

Designated Number: Female student No. 045


Designated Weapon: AK-47
Conclusion: Aw that's cute G045, you should show your bae that true power doesn't lie in that cheap plastic ring but in the gun you've got and the lead it spits. Don't worry though, I'll give the ring to Lourbey once this is over. He'll like it.- Josie Knight


B032 - Tarquin, Alexander "Alex"[/DECEASED]

Name: Alexander "Alex" Tarquin
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Acting, Stage Tech, Fight Scene Choreography, debate, music (singing and sound-editing), carpentry, metal-working, swing dancing

Appearance: Alex stands at 6 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 193 lbs. He has broad, powerful shoulders tapering down to a thin waist. His bright green eyes persistently sweep around any room he occupies as though assessing a potential audience. A mane of tousled tawny hair falls just over his ears to the very top of his neck. His body is lanky, with his arms and legs just a little too long for his torso, and he tends to wear loose shorts and pants so that they billow around him whenever he gestures theatrically. He has high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw. He is athletic and pays a great deal of attention to his appearance, making sure to wash and condition his hair at least every other day and using acne creams to make sure his complexion remains smooth. He tans easily and so tends to be golden-brown even after spending several days indoors, as long as he spends at least a token amount of time in the sun.

On the day of the abduction, Alex was wearing a red satin button-up shirt and black designer jeans tucked into the well-worn paint-spattered boots he used for working backstage.

Biography: The Tarquins came to Kingman rich, and have been all the richer for staying. Their history in America stretches back to the early days of the original thirteen colonies, where they were typically accountants and middlemen for several merchants and businesses operating along the East Coast. They have stayed comfortably upper-middle class through most of the history of the United States, and ended up profiting off of World War II when they first negotiated the rights to provide training equipment to the Kingman Air Force base and then negotiated the rights to purchase and sell obsolete military equipment from the same base and other bases throughout the southwest. The Tarquins are perpetual middlemen, but their business is lucrative.

Alexander Tarquin was born to this family—specifically, to Edward and Lyra Tarquin (respectively an accountant and a lawyer) who lead their own small Arizona all-service firm with a sterling reputation. Lyra Tarquin (nee Lyra Gould) was a west coast lawyer principally focused on business and contract law who married Edward Tarquin and brought her clientele with her (having passed both the Arizona and California bar exams). Although many clients were lost in the transition (particularly those with strong ties to LA), several with concerns across the West Coast and Southwest followed after, eager to keep their businesses in stable hands. Edward Tarquin, who inherited his father's position helping run the books for numerous businesses throughout Arizona, met her at a business conference and they forged a partnership in business and in romance.

Alex's was a complicated birth—his parents both had fertility issues—so when Lyra inadvertently became pregnant while they were considering surrogates they considered it a minor miracle. Alex is their only son and their pride and joy, and they use their considerable wealth and influence to dote on him.

As a result, Alex was a chubby and badly-behaved child from the time he could toddle. He tended to throw tantrums when he didn't get his way, which made him a nuisance in class. His parents' frequent praise and constant attention also gave him an inflated sense of his own abilities and importance. He tended to be fidgety and bossy, overriding his classmates' wishes whenever he could.

This noxious combination was exacerbated by his childhood fascination with Disney movies, which led to a wider fascination with musicals in general. Alex loved the elegance and creativity of classic musicals such as Singing in the Rain; the grand feel of a world filled with music, orbiting around these talented stars. Alex decided that he would be such a star, and took every opportunity to demonstrate this belief, bursting into song in stores and in class and in the middle of other students' performances and presentations. His teachers saw his behavior as evidence of ADHD and suggested he see a counselor, but his parents saw his habits as signs of special intelligence and creativity and refused to believe their son might need correcting. They paid for singing and dancing classes so he could be closer to the old stars he idolized.

These habits quieted as he aged, but were still prevalent enough to be troublesome. He developed enough social awareness through grade school to ultimately respect his teachers' authority, but could be dismissive and condescending towards those same authority figures, often obeying the letter of the law but not the spirit. As a child who believed himself extremely special, he was easily daunted by hard work, and so at subjects which he did not immediately excel he would give up easily.

His parent's denial of his problems did him a disservice as he got older. A chubby young man with a love of musicals and a flamboyant taste in fashion was easy pickings for any bullies. Beaten, harassed, and mocked at every turn, Alex's runaway self-esteem crashed. Around 7th grade, he sank into a deep and lethargic depression, over-eating to compensate for his sudden self-doubt and so feeding into a nasty cycle of self-recrimination as he hated himself more and more for being overweight and ate more and more to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy. He stopped participating in acting and music as he sank deeper and deeper into depression.

His parents might have seen the problems at this point, but both Lyra and Edward are firm believers in the nature of life as a meritocracy, believing that all their wealth and influence have come from hard work and talent. This same mentality had encouraged Alex as a child--if he was truly special and intelligent, he was entitled to more--but it also discouraged needing outside help. If Alex had a problem, it was his job to solve it.

This cycle was broken the first time Alex saw The Princess Bride. Alex loved the movie, but found himself particularly fascinated by the sword fight between Inigo and Wesley. This fascination led him on a wider search through action movies, studying similar fight scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean and then binging through wuxia films and old Bruce Lee movies. He developed a deep fascination with fight scene choreography, buying books and reading and watching online tutorials on how to arrange a good fight for the stage and on camera.

Alex's interest in fight scene choreography was born from a number of factors. His sudden interest resulted principally from envy of these graceful, confident figures who so embodied the theatrical elegance he'd envied in musicals and combined it with the physical prowess he so lacked. The choreography spoke both to his long-held theatrical interests and his fantasies of power. Alex might have become deeply depressed, but his conviction that he was capable of greatness had never really been destroyed; it had only been frustrated and minimized by his bullying and his constant failure to measure up to his self-image. Fight scenes provided a peculiar reinvigoration to his old ideals. They let him believe that his power fantasies had merit; that the right person, with the right combination of talent and drive, could really be a powerful force in the world. His belief and his historic disregard for the word of established authorities means he typically eschews any word from anyone with actual fight scene or martial arts experience, assuming his opinions trump practical experience.

His fascination with fight scene choreography led him to order DvDs and books through his parents so he could better understand the intricacies of the art. He began attending local martial arts classes, trying to measure up to the physical demands of challenging fight scenes. He failed consistently for months, and so he augmented his training with regular workouts, both at home and at local gyms. After more than a year of set-backs and frustration he had lost a lot of his weight and gained a measure of physical confidence. His self-assured disdain for the advice of higher authorities often makes him a frustrating student, and he has been booted from a few classes before.

Alex did some research into those well-known for their work as fight scene choreographers—Woo-Ping Yuen of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Jeff Imada of the Bourne series, as well as stars who'd come to fame largely through such choreography, such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. But in all his research he found a consistent underpinning—that these choreographers had essentially created these positions for themselves by envisioning a scene or applying a particular art or style in the most entertaining way. Alex puts a higher value on understanding the basics and interesting applications of a particular style and seeing what kind of scenes that could create than on trying to follow one particular dogma of stage combat or choreography. To that end, he spends more time working out to keep himself flexible and strong, then studies the essentials of a fighting style—learning its basic underpinnings so he can apply it's flashiest moves in a cinematic fashion.

Although he loves the works of Bruce Lee and spent eight months trying to learn jeet kune do, its essential philosophy of minimal effort for maximum impact does not generally lend itself to theatrics outside of the hands of a master. Alex knows no style of fighting particularly well, but he has a grasp on the absolute basics and the flashiest-looking moves from a number of styles, including some of the strikes and throws from silat after watching the Raid films and the best disarms, lunges, and parries from foil, epee, and saber fencing after watching Pirates of the Carribean. He also takes a twice-a-week morning tai chi class, inspired by a binge on Avatar: the Last Airbender, which also motivates his current studying habits as he tries to learn the flashiest moves and essential movements of Baguazhang, Hung Ga, and pinyin.

His physical confidence was restored by the end of his 9th grade year, and with it came a relative end to bullying (in part because of his new physical fitness, in part because of the restoration of his self-confidence, and in part because he'd hit his growth spurt) and renewed interest in theater. Alex threw himself into myriad forms of performances, including local Kingman theater, high school plays, vines and online videos. Alex still prefers to take a central role and likes to act as the star of the show whenever possible; however, his obsession with fight scene choreography has given him a better appreciation for how much every performance is truly an ensemble effort. Though a movie star may largely carry a film, he cannot do so without the support of a staff of technicians, directors, specialists, and other actors. No actor ever truly operates by themselves, even if they put on a one-man show.

Alex's greater appreciation for the demands of great film also gave him the drive to learn the intricacies that go into performances of all kinds. He started doing tech work backstage on plays where he failed to win roles at audition, helping to do prop-management and set design. He learned how to edit and mix sound for stage, screen, and web. He learned about how to compress or save files in different formats for different purposes. In essence, he aimed to become as adroit as possible at the myriad demands of acting in all its forms. Alex believes that, if there truly are no small parts and only small actors, then it is the duty of anyone involved in a performance to be at their best, and to be capable of stepping in for anyone who is falling short of their duties.

In his quest to be a better contributor to great works, Alex augmented his knowledge with carpentry and shop classes at Cochise, and became relatively comfortable working with both wood and metal. His particular aptitude is for stage mechanics; building rudimentary devices somewhat ad-hoc to serve the needs of the productions he is a part of. He's gained a reputation in the theater department for being able to quickly repair problematic equipment, including fixing trapdoors and getting prop guns to fire. Alex has a knack for quick repairs, but typically lacks the patience for longer projects, getting frustrated when something goes wrong or takes more time than it was supposed to.

Alex's single-minded focus on acting does have a deleterious effect on his schoolwork, which is not at all helped by Alex's intrinsic brand of laziness. Although Alex is extremely diligent when it comes to projects he's passionate about—choreography, acting, and maintaining his self-image—he finds any action that demands his labor without engaging him to be distasteful. His grades in all subjects are extremely inconsistent, split between his high test scores and his often-incomplete homework assignments, which usually fail to engage his interest. This has resulted in erratic report cards throughout his school career; in the last four semesters, his semester GPA sank as low as 2.1 and rose as high as 3.8. Although erratic, Alex has successfully avoided academic probation since his grades always recover in the semester after they drop. Since he usually manages to recover on his own, his parents usually give him a fair degree of leeway--in part because of their tendency to spoil, and in part because Lyra's academic performance was similarly sporadic until she reached law school.

Alex's focus in school is always on extracurriculars. Aside from his various acting commitments, he is a tenor member of the school's choir and a prominent member of the Debate team. The former augments his capabilities as a performer, while the latter offers him a wide variety of forms with which to practice his skills—the various individual events to sharpen his acting talents and the various debate formats to hone his rhetorical abilities. He favors Public Forum debates and extemporaneous events such as Humorous Interpretation. He is also the founder and president of Cochise High School's Swing Dancing Club. He became interested in swing dancing because of its physical demands and its intense showmanship, echoing the love of musicals from his past. Since it was never easy to find a place to swing dance in Kingman, he decided he would make one.

As a result of his inconsistent academic performance and his commitment to such a wide array of extracurriculars, Alex's relationships with the faculty and staff of Cochise high school can be somewhat strained. He has an extremely positive relationship with the members of the theater department and the debate coach, but his other teachers' attitudes towards him range from amused exasperation to genuine dislike, since Alex has retained his dismissive attitude towards authorities with whom he disagrees. Alex is generally socially aware enough not to be openly insubordinate, with a few notable exceptions: one of the only classes he ever came close to failing was a P.E. class where he refused to do several of the exercises.

Alex's many activities—as actor, choreographer, technician, sound editor, singer, and debater, among others—have put him in contact with a wide variety of people. Alex's relationship with others tends to be very hit-or-miss. Some find his confidence and joie-de-vivre infectious and charming, while others find him arrogant and narcissistic, since he tends to preen and strut even while he does ostensibly selfless acts. This all-or-nothing quality extends to his romantic relationships, as well; some find his constant self-interest too draining, while others find his exuberance and self-confidence intriguing and refreshing.

Alex remains extremely close with both of his parents. His father, who has struggled with depression all his life, was a supportive influence during his darker years, assuring Alex that his sadness in no way made him broken or defective. Alex's relationship with his mother was more complicated; Lyra had struggled with obesity in college, and found her son's lack of self-discipline to be a disgusting personal failing. Her disdain led to a series of fights throughout his depressed years that tended to augment his depression, and even after recovering things remain a little rocky between the two of them, since Alex blames her in part for his depression during those years. This conflict is not helped by the fact that Lyra views Alex's recovery as confirmation of her view: he was able to solve his problems in the end, which confirms to her that it was his weakness that let them persist in the first place.

It might have been wise for his parents to have Alex seek counseling, either as an attention-seeking child or a depressed adolescent, but though both Edward and Lyra are indulgent towards Alex they also firmly believe that people in America make it by virtue of hard work and self-reliance and so do their best to encourage these qualities in him. Their essential viewpoint is that a person either pulls themselves up by their own talents and the help of friends and family, or they lack the essential strength to be successful. The Tarquins view government aid—and, by extension, support groups and counseling—as crutches for those unable to make it on their own. The truly successful make their own support structures.

Alex generally agrees with his parents' attitude, but his experience with depression and isolation has made him more empathetic towards others. He is more aware of and empathetic to the struggles of those around him, both internal and external. Partially in reaction against his mother, he always tries to encourage anyone he knows struggling with depression or their mental health, to tell them they have the power to overcome. Alex still believes that strong people build their own support structures, but he also believes that he can be part of that structure.

Like most things Alex does, however, his involvement in others is motivated in part by his self-serving narrative, which means he does seek approval and gratitude. He can be petty and vindictive to those who he feels don't respond appropriately to his offers of friendship, treating them with open disdain. Alex wants to be liked, and when he cannot get that he responds cruelly. This reaction tends to be pretty uniform, regardless of the other person's personality: if he feels that he is treated with respect, Alex is kind and gracious, and if he feels otherwise he is angry and openly hostile.

Alex's self-centered worldview remains essentially unchanged from when he was a child demanding the attention of his parents, teachers, and peers. All that has changed is his perspective; he sees himself as a small but undeniably essential part of the world, capable of contributing to it in a way no one else can. Alex sees his victory over depression and his steady transformation into a physically fit Renaissance man as validation of his essential self-worth. He is equal to the challenges life has presented him thus far, and will always find a way to win through, no matter the obstacles before him.

Advantages: Alexander is intelligent and possesses an unusual amount of experience for his age in mechanics and carpentry, with some experience in metalworking for good measure. This knowledge may allow him to make effective use of limited resources towards creative ends. He is physically fit and knows many different ways to fight, though most of this knowledge is hampered by the fact that what he knows was learned for the purpose of choreography and performance rather than actual combat.
Disadvantages: Alex is spoiled and sheltered, which will not serve him well given the harsh demands of SotF. His persistent disinterest in tasks that do not arouse his passion will likely prove disabling given the grueling demands of survival. Almost everything he does is built into a self-serving narrative, and the breakdown of this narrative has habitually led him to depression and emotional instability. What he knows of fighting was learned in pursuit of a power fantasy that could prove dangerous when exposed to actual violence, and what knowledge he has may make him overconfident, especially given that almost everything he knows was designed only to look good on the stage or on film.

Designated Number: Male student No. 032


Designated Weapon: Machete
Conclusion: B032 is going to figure out quickly this isn't a fake play fight. I can't wait for him to hit that first mark, realize it didn't work and get his ass kicked.- Josie Knight


G044 - Cucinotta, Maria[/DECEASED]

Name: Maria Cucinotta
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, food, diving, animals.

Appearance: Maria is around 5 foot 7, and weighs about 52 kilos. This puts her just slightly underweight, something which she has been diligently maintaining ever since she's stopped growing, around half a year ago.

Because of her Italian heritage, she has olive-coloured skin and black hair, which has been cut to the top of her neck. Her face is oval-shaped and her eyes are perfectly symmetrical on either side of her face. Like her hair, her eyes are also black, although she claims they are simply dark brown

On the day of the kidnapping, she was wearing a grey polyester top, underneath a wool sweater, along with a pair of long, black, cargo jeans made from cotton. She also had a green gore-tex jacket in her bag, along with a grey beanie with a red hoop.

Biography: Born July the 3rd, 1998 in a small town near Rome, Italy, the doctors had to perform an emergency Caesarian section. Both she and her mother survived the surgery, but her mother passed away a week after, due to complications.

Her father, an engineer, moved to London, England, when she was roughly three years old as he was offered a job in a lucrative firm. It was in England she was introduced to celebrity cooking, such as Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. She was also introduced to David Attenborough, leading to her life-long love of both animals and cooking. These people inspired her from a very early age, and she realised that that she wanted to be a celebrity personality, and it was not long after that she started cooking.

She first started cooking when she was around eight, and quickly found that she had a passion for it. She found it relaxing, and the sensation of bringing together wildly different tastes and ingredients into a completely different dish appealed to her, often using one of her father's favourite quotes to sum it up; "the whole, is more than the sum of its parts." It was just a few days after her tenth birthday when she had to be admitted to hospital, following the loss of the tip of her left index finger, due to an accident involving a deboner knife. Her father very nearly banned her from cooking with knives, only relenting when Maria promised to be more careful with them. Unlike most people, the loss of the tip of the finger only made her more convinced to master the art, so that she would never injure herself again.

Her father's firm soon offered him an increased salary and job securities if he was willing to make the move to America. Having no reason to prefer the busy city, he and Maria made yet another move only two years later, and they have stayed there ever since.

It was also around this time that she began to start diving. She and her father consistently traveled across Italy, normally taking a plane to Rome to pay respects to her late mother, before taking another plane to a small town in the north of Sardinia. It was here that she practised first snorkelling, and soon after diving, which she enjoys almost as much as cooking. The fact that everything is so at peace, unaffected by what's going on above appeals to her calmer side, and she quickly gained the required qualifications for a PADI Open Water Under-16 certificate.

Another appeal to her diving is the fact that it allows her to interact with the animals that she cooks in their natural environment, something which she greatly enjoys. As well as fish, she usually takes a few hours each week to bird watch, and has become friends with some of the hunters that she sees, often preparing the animals they kill, be it rabbits, deer or other game. These friendships have given her a rudimentary knowledge of the reports of different guns, as well as numerous bird calls.

Throughout all of this, she still wanted to be a celebrity chef, and she started her first cookery channel on YouTube when she was thirteen. Her channel is much like those of her icons, where she shows people how to make new and intetesting recipes, which she tests and refines off-camera. This type of channel has appealed to many, especially due to her creative suggestions, and her channel currently has around two-and-a-half-thousand followers. As well as this, she often streams her experimental recipes on Twitch, where she has a similar number of followers.

Since she's joined Cochise, she's gained a number of both firm friends, fellow cooking and animal lovers, and enemies, who mostly consist of the 'richer' of the school hierarchy, and fringe elements who don't take their studies seriously. Coming from a relatively middle-class background, (her mother being a jeweller before she died,) she has never slotted in with the richer ones, and bad relationships with similar types whilst in London soured her attitude towards them, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where her attitude caused them to dislike her. Concerning the other group, she views them as wasteful, throwing the "best learning opportunity they'll ever have," out of the window. This attitude largely to do with her father, whose livelihood is built around the education he received, and vestiges of this live on with her.

A stubborn and diligent learner, although not having been gifted with high amounts of innate talent, works to overcome this, and she has been known to pull all-nighters of her own accord simply to understand something, regardless of if it would actually be needed. She speaks both Italian and English fluently, and can scrape a sentence together in French, which was a mandatory subject at her previous English school.

Despite the above however, when a semester is not on, and there's no for her to be revising, she often goes out, enjoying letting her hair down with people of her own age, granting her a reputation for being somewhat of a party girl, a reputation that has been earned through many hangovers.

Maria is a closeted bisexual, and despite dating on-and-off throughout her life, has never come out, all her partners being male. Although over the age of consent, and having 'fooled around' with her previous boyfriend, she's still a virgin, something which she has repeatedly said she wishes to change.

She has a slightly above-average academic record, with mostly B+'s and A's, with the occasional A*'s and B-'s. She and her father have a great relationship, although her lack of a maternal figure when growing up makes it harder for her to identify with other girls, especially those older than her.

Rather expectedly, her favourite subject is her cooking, with the same attitude that has gained her success on the internet bringing her success in her grades, and it is far and beyond her best subject. Interestingly, her least favourite subject is sports. Despite her being an excellent lomg-distance drunner and swimmer, she simply has none of the 'drive,' that has been a staple of her passion in cooking. Her interest in sports is rather limited, if she isn't diving, she's grinding out the miles on a treadmill or track purely for her health.

Advantages: Maria is an excellent cook, being able to rustle up a decent meal out of very little, a sure help in an environment where nutrition may be scarce. Having been using knives for almost ten years, she's learned how to maintain a blade properly, preventing it from dulling, chipping, or otherwise being damaged, allowing her to maintain blades weaponry for greater lengths of time. She also knows a few basic knife tricks, mostly for show. Furthermore, she's an excellent swimmer, with great form and plenty of lung capacity to help her stay underwater. This is mostly due to her having dived for years.
Disadvantages: She's not particularly fast, being mostly built for stamina, and her attitude to those who don't take studying seriously is abysmal, mostly since she considers them to be "wasting the greatest opportunity to learn that they'll ever get". She also finds it hard to properly identify with girls that are her own age and older, but that's not to say she finds them completely alien.

Designated Number: Female student No. 044


Designated Weapon: Shamshir
Conclusion: Good with a knife and can cook huh? G044 shouldn't go hungry. Not with all the meat that'll be lying around.- Josie Knight


G043 - Halwood, Clarice[/DECEASED]

Name: Clarice Halwood
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Wrestling, film-making, romance-related media, theater, activism

Appearance: Clarice is a large Native American girl who stands at 5'11” and 182 pounds. She has a heavy build, with broad shoulders, long limbs and large hands, and possesses a good amount of muscle from her wrestling activities and daily exercise. She has olive skin, a wide face with a square jaw, and a straight, prominent nose. She has dimples that show most obviously when she smiles. She has dark brown, nearly black, almond-shaped eyes and shoulder-length straight black hair.

Clarice primarily wears t-shirts, which are either plain or have movie-related imagery on them, jeans or shorts, and battered converse shoes, to fit with her more physical activities. She usually uses ribbons and cute hair accessories to keep her hair out of her face. On the day of the abduction she was wearing a plain pink t-shirt, faded grey jeans and black converse shoes. She had tied her hair back with a pink ribbon.

Biography: Clarice is the only child of Gary and Alice Halwood. Both are Navajo and grew up in Kayenta, Arizona. Gary, an aspiring wrestler who wanted to distance himself from his family and the Navajo Nation in general, convinced Alice, his girlfriend, to leave with him and move elsewhere. A few years after they'd left Kayenta, Alice became pregnant with Clarice. Alice wanted to return to Kayenta so that Clarice could grow up with the rest of the family, but Gary was opposed to this, wanting to keep distance from his own family. Their eventual compromise was settling in Kingman, Arizona, within driving distance of occasional visits with Alice's family but far enough so that Gary could continue avoiding his. They got married at around that time, but the marriage was largely due to Clarice's approaching birth rather than any desire to commit. Gary took a job as a firefighter while Alice stayed at home to raise Clarice.

Alice made sure to keep Clarice as in touch with her family and Navajo culture as she could. When Clarice was little, there were often drives to Kayenta for weekend-long stays with the rest of the family. To keep Clarice, an energetic child who was not accustomed to sitting still for so long, amused during the long car rides, she would often spend the time telling Clarice about the history of the Navajo people (though simplified so a little kid could absorb it better), about the significance of various landmarks, children's stories and whatever came to mind. She pressed the importance of remembering these things and knowing the history on Clarice from an early age, and it stuck. Because Gary only used English when talking to Clarice and Alice primarily used Navajo, Clarice ended up fluent in both.

Clarice was a difficult child to raise, due to a mix of hotheadedness and energy. She often used to resort to her fists when arguing with other children, and had a tendency to run off while her parents weren't looking, usually for trivial reasons like seeing a dog and wanting to chase it.

When Clarice was seven, she developed an interest in wrestling due to her father. Her father was briefly a wrestler on a small-time cable show. He only lasted a season before he was replaced and decided not to pursue the career any further, but he kept the old footage of his time on the show. Clarice found the videos in a cupboard and started watching them. She became enraptured by the fighting, as well as the theatrics of the show. After watching all the footage her father owned, Clarice pestered her parents for wrestling lessons. Her father approved greatly and thought it might help curb her energy and serve as a good outlet for her anger problems.

Clarice was enrolled in an after-school wrestling program, and while she quickly discovered that it was a very different sport and lacked the cheesy drama she'd seen in the clips, she ended up enjoying it anyway and continued to do so. Although her energy remained at high levels, wrestling required a level of discipline and self-control to be good at, and focusing on this helped curb her violent tendencies.

Gary and Alice got more argumentative towards each other as the years went on, but persisted in staying together because they thought it would do more good for Clarice to have her parents together. By the time Clarice was ten they were screaming at each other every other night. Clarice started leaving the house at night when they were in the middle of an argument to escape the shouting. Once her parents realised this fact, they decided a divorce would be less traumatic in the long run and split up.

Her mother returned to Kayenta. Although Clarice liked her mother's side of the family well enough, she didn't want to be uprooted and so stayed with her father. Alice agreed with this, as although family was important to her she acknowledged the difficulties such a change would present, such as switching schools and needing to find a new after-school wrestling group. The divorce put some distance between Clarice and her mother for a few years, as the distance and her father's unwillingness to drive her there as often as her mother had made visits harder. While she was upset to be distanced from her mother, overall the divorce was a relief to her.

As well as being bilingual since she was little, Clarice learned sign language during her middle school years so that she could more easily communicate with a deaf friend, Kimiko Kao. Clarice puts a lot of effort into her Spanish class as well, as the more people she can communicate with on their own wavelength the better, but she isn't fluent in that.

Clarice maintained an interest in the theatrics of pro-wrestling for a while, watching whatever pro-wrestling shows she could get her hands on. Her interest in this eventually dulled, but it expanded into film in general. Clarice likes the idea of telling stories through film. While she appreciates the use of film for preserving old experiences, she also loves how film can be used to interpret and showcase events, both real and made-up, in the filmmaker's own way. The use of symbolism, colour and other visuals and sound to enhance the existing emotional drama interests her.

She saved up for and bought a decent camera and some editing software with money from her part-time job at fourteen, and since then has tried making short films and documentaries. She often records local events and will use any excuse to bring her camera along. She has accounts on many video-sharing sites, always under the username QPQ.Clarice, and runs a v-log that she records either when she's out doing things or in the evenings when it's too late to do much else. Her internet videos include film projects, documented events, film reviews, videos on sign language and speaking Navajo, and whatever else she can think of to cover. Her viewership is small, and the viewers she gains largely reach her through the language videos and film reviews rather than the projects she works hardest on.

Since she acquired a driver's licence at sixteen, she has reconnected with her mother and her mother's half of the family. She regularly makes the trip during long weekends or holidays and stays for a couple of days. She often uses the trips to practice filming the landscape, sometimes diverting from her intended path to visit and film the sights.

Clarice is heavily into several types of activism. She is particularly concerned with any activism concerning Native Americans for personal reasons, as well as human rights and anything concerning animal abuse. As a show of commitment to this cause, a year and a half ago she adopted a scarred pitbull named Grommit from a shelter.

Clarice is a bubbly, enthusiastic girl whose energetic nature often overwhelms people. What also overwhelms people is how assertive and forward she is with her opinions. She will immediately confront anyone she disagrees with. Her arguments can get verbally aggressive, although she hasn't punched anyone during an argument since she was little. She likes to be right and it will often take her a while to get her to admit she's wrong, if ever. She rarely holds grudges over such arguments once they're resolved, and returns to her cheerful self once they are over, but it requires someone winning the argument one way or another. Despite her own argumentative tendencies, she finds other people arguing uncomfortable and tends to intervene in their arguments in an attempt to shut them down before they get heated. Sometimes this just gets her involved in the argument instead, but she finds that less uncomfortable than just listening in.

Clarice doesn't believe in putting anything less than 100% into anything she does. This goes for her hobbies and interests, where she will go to ridiculous lengths to see or be involved in something that interests her, such as a ten-hour round roadtrip to watch the premiere of Star Wars IV dubbed in Navajo in 2013. It also extends to helping people, especially her friends, where she'll do near anything to help and also won't shy away from confronting a friend about anything concerning her while others might avoid due to fear of offending or awkward subject matter. If she's worried about a friend, they'll know.

Clarice likes to help, and doesn't like to see people in trouble or upset. She particularly dislikes bullying. Anyone bullying someone in her vicinity will be immediately approached and told to back off, and given her size it scares most bullies off. Clarice is at times aggressively helpful, often trying to help when the other person doesn't actually want it, and not realising it's unwanted until they get visibly angry. Sometimes it chases away friends rather than helps if she gets too confrontational or insistent.

Clarice liked stories when she was little, and it was impossible to get her into bed without her parents reading at least one. Often, it took several. She was particularly fond of any stories with romance, such as many princess-related stories, and this love of romance stories stayed with her as she got older, expanding into other forms of media.

Although she loves romance stories and the idea of romance, Clarice has always been somewhat insecure about the idea of a relationship. She's noticed that most girls in romance stories are not muscular giants, nor do they usually have her bossy, confrontational mannerisms and intimidating appearance. She has never believed that many guys would want what she can offer, although she's always pretended it doesn't bother her.

Clarice puts a lot of effort into her schoolwork. Her grades are usually in the A and B range. She does particularly well in English, due to the emphasis on stories and the symbolism/themes of them, and Spanish, which she puts a lot of work into so that she can try and subtitle her videos and reach a bigger audience. Her high grades in those subjects help her make up for barely passing Math grades.

Clarice is co-captain of the wrestling team, sharing the role with her friend Tyler Yazzie. She also does theater, doing exclusively backstage work as practice for her films. She works a part-time job at a food distribution warehouse, primarily to save up for more camera equipment. She also does a lot of activities to keep herself strong, primarily jogging and weights. She jogs in the early mornings with Grommit and does weights whenever she can fit it around her schedule.

She intends to study film at college, but has no preference for which college she wants to go to. She's applied to a number of them, as well as for many scholarships to help the financial burden. She wants to direct movies for a living, although making documentaries also has some appeal.

She has a great many friends at school, due to her friendly, outgoing nature. However, her stubbornness, tendency towards arguing and her habit of getting in between bullies and the kids they're picking on has also made her a great deal of enemies, and some consider her too pushy and overwhelming to like.

She has, over the last year, gotten into a relationship with one of her classmates, Conrad Harrod, that she's been friends with since she was a child. She is mostly comfortable with the relationship, and very fond of Conrad, but sometimes worries that Conrad will eventually realise he could do better.

Clarice is very close with her dad, due to their shared interest in wrestling and similar levels of enthusiasm. However, she often gets frustrated at his insistence on staying distant from his Navajo relatives and roots. Although she is fond of her mother and greatly appreciates the effort her mother put into teaching her about her own culture, they know each other less well nowadays due to some distant years after the divorce. They also share an unwillingness to lose an argument which puts some strain on their relationship at times. Since Clarice acquired a driver's licence this distance has started to close.

Her father has recently gotten engaged to a woman named Debbie Pfeiffer, who has a daughter named Scout that's a junior at Cochise High. Clarice is not particularly close to Debbie, and secretly feels a little odd about having non-Navajo members of the family, but puts effort into being friendly in order to make her father happy. Although she and Scout were only recently introduced due to the engagement, they have managed to find a common ground due to an interest in professional wrestling and are quickly developing a better bond with each other than with their respective step-parents.

Advantages: Her wrestling abilities and size could give her a significant advantage in a fight. It would also make her an appealing ally and potentially scare off some attackers.
Disadvantages: Her pushy personality could prove grating to others and cause stress within a team environment. She has made a lot of enemies in the past due to her tendency to confront bullies and get into arguments. Clarice tends to act before thinking and is easily provoked into a temper, which could cause her to charge into situations she cannot win.

Designated Number: Female student No. 043


Designated Weapon: Can of Air Freshener
Conclusion: So much potential in risk of being thrown away. G043 should beat someone to death with that can and then freshen up their chances with a better weapon.- Josie Knight


G042 - Luz, Sabrina[/DECEASED]

Name: Sabrina Luz
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, cooking, studying

Appearance: Sabrina Luz has thick black hair that goes down to her chest, and is kept straight most of the time, but becomes wavy when wet. She normally wears it down, however, when she is dancing, she ties it back when her costume requires it.

Sabrina is on both sides of her family a mixture of Spanish and Native American, and it shows in her tan skin. She has hooded brown eyes, defined eyebrows that she keeps plucked, a small upturned nose, and full lips, all of which sit on an oval face. When she is not exercising, she wears makeup that matches her skin tone.

Sabrina is 5 feet, two inches tall, and weighs 115 pounds, both due to exercise and being naturally slim, with the exception of her naturally large bust. When she exercises, she wears T-shirts and shorts, but when she doesn't, she normally wears collared shirts, skirts, and heeled sandals. On the day she was kidnapped, she wore a black button-up short-sleeved T-shirt under a black long sleeved shirt, a pink skirt that ends about two inches above her knees, and tan heeled sandals.

Biography: Sabrina Luz comes from the Luz family, which had been in Kingman for generations. During World War II, Sabrina's grandfather, Gregory Luz, earned a significant amount of money working as a contractor for the Ford Motor Company, which he used to purchase several acres of land just outside the town with the goal of being self-sufficient to ensure comfort in the event of an event like the Great Depression. He, along with his wife Avee, had eight children, with Sabrina's father Tomás being the third eldest. Hence, Sabrina grew up with her extended family as her neighbors. She also has a sister, Emma, who is about a year older.

Like some of the other Luz family members, Sabrina's parents identify as preppers. Gregory had made it a goal to be able to sustain himself and his family as much as possible after the Depression. Both Tomás and his wife, Lucia Aguilar, understand how much Gregory had dedicated to keeping the family afloat, and felt similarly. As such, they made it a point to prepare for potential crises as much as possible. For example, they tend to keep non-perishables stored inside the house, invested in a portable back-up generator, own a chicken coop and have their own vegetable garden. Tomás works as a self employed electrician, while Lucia, meanwhile works in the Human Resources department of the county office.

Sabrina's parents often organized camping trips growing up. They liked camping as a hobby, and wanted to take their children out with them on trips. While Emma enjoyed spending the night in the wilderness, Sabrina was simply there because the rest of the family was, and didn't participate with the same enthusiasm as her parents or Emma. During these camping trips they would often provide Sabrina with information on what to do if she was lost. Most of the things they taught her were pretty simple, such as knowing how to contact a park ranger, or start a fire. While Sabrina didn't pay much attention, she has still retained some skills merely by rote memorization.

As preppers, Sabrina's parents have taught her that independence is something to strive towards. They do so not only by teaching and extolling preparedness, but also through being able to perform basic tasks, such as cooking. Sabrina has known how to cook for most of her life, and she took to it very quickly, loving the different styles of cooking, as well as frequently experimenting with different flavor combinations. She always helps her family cook, and quite a few times makes her own dishes. In addition, she has bought a few cookbooks, and her favorite shows are cooking shows, especially Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, which she especially watches due to Gordon Ramsay, whom she hopes to meet and train under.

During her youth, Sabrina was friendly and sociable, being on good terms with many of the students. Academically, she did well due to a combination of intelligence and studying, the latter of which was heavily encouraged by her parents, so that Sabrina could be successful later in life.

When Sabrina was young, she was fascinated by the grace and poise of ballet, and begged her parents to sign her up for lessons. She was very good at it, due to a natural ability as well as genuine interest allowing her to practice while not at her lessons, which allowed her to retain the abilities more quickly than other students. She currently practices at the local dance theater twice a week, and on her own for at least an hour a day during the week, focusing on choreography and steps. When there is a show, she always tries out for it, and for the past few years has taken part in a show at least once a year. She doesn't do much training with her upper body, mainly because there are very few instances where she would have to lift another dancer, and because she feels it would lower her agility. While she is quite agile, her bust size, combined with the lack of upper body exercise has given her mild, chronic lower back pain.

When Sabrina was thirteen, she started high school. It was at this time when she started physically maturing, going from simply cute to very attractive. She also started feeling sexual attraction towards women instead of men. Over the course of about a year, she did some internal reflection with help from her cousin Hayley, she came to the conclusion that she was a lesbian. Sabrina has yet to reveal this to her family and the public, as the reactions from the community and the family to Hayley being agender have not been ideal. On the side of the community, she is afraid that she would be shunned if she came out as a lesbian, partially due to the generally conservative slant of Kingman. On the side of her family, the fact that the reaction from Hayley's parents was lukewarm was compounded by the fact that her parents are casually homophobic. While they aren't malicious about it, they show ignorance towards gender and sexuality issues. They have used slurs before, but the reason why is less out of hatred and more out of lack of knowledge of LGBT issues. Even so, this has caused Sabrina to keep her sexual orientation a secret.

Academically, Sabrina has been a gifted student since freshman year, getting almost straight A's in the advanced classes, due to the fact that she spends her free periods, weeknights and Sunday nights studying when she is not at a ballet lesson, only planning to relax on Fridays and Saturdays, which she takes full advantage of with her friends. She always spends three hours studying and doing her homework, and during the week, she is in bed by eleven PM and gets up at seven AM to get eight hours of sleep. She especially likes home economics as well as chemistry, and sometimes tries to link the two subjects together, but is not a very big fan of history. Because ballet takes up quite a bit of her time, she has no other extracurricular activities. Currently, she has a 3.85 grade point average, and is set to go to UCLA. Socially, she is friends with the popular group, due to her good nature, but she is friendly with anyone who is cordial to her, and genuinely tries to get to know the people she talks to. While she doesn't hang out with her friends a lot during the week, she does go out with them during the weekend.

Sabrina loves her parents, but doesn't feel all that close to them, mostly due to the differences in their views. Whereas Tomás and Lucia are both preppers, Sabrina herself is much more relaxed on that front, with cooking the only thing that is common ground. Sabrina's ballet is something that her parents allow her to do and show pride that she is good at it, as they have no interest in it outside of Sabrina being fulfilled, however they have noted that if her grades slip below a 3.33 average, she will be forced to cut back on ballet to focus on school. The family commonly goes out on camping trips, but Sabrina, while cooperative, simply feels carried along, and is quite bored during the trips. Emma and Sabrina were enrolled in self-defense class between freshman and sophomore years, but Sabrina, due to her other commitments, stopped going when sophomore year started.

Sabrina is closer to her sister Emma. Part of this is due to the fact that they are sisters of similar ages, and as a result they not only have some intersection in classes, but also in their social groups. While Emma has compared herself to Sabrina on occasion, Sabrina does not do the same with Emma. Since Emma was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy late freshman year, Sabrina has been concerned for Emma. While this mostly revolves around keeping an eye on Emma in the event of another cataplectic episode, this also means that Sabrina insists on driving when the two of them are going someplace. This, combined with the fact that she is a closeted lesbian, has been a source of considerable stress, and she is looking forward to the summer so that she can relax and sort out these issues.

Advantages: Physically, Sabrina is, due to her ballet, very agile and quick. Mentally, Sabrina is intelligent, and she has some basic survival and self-defense skills. She has an ally in her sister Emma, and is friendly enough to be able to ally with a wide variety of people.
Disadvantages: Sabrina's upper body is not as strong as that of most people. Combined with her back pain it would be easier for her to overstrain herself if she had to carry a heavy load or otherwise exert herself in respect to her upper body. She is also used to a regimented sleep cycle, and deviating from it could work against her. She has also has some unresolved stress due to her lesbianism, and combined with the her concern over Emma, she could end up breaking down at an inopportune time.

Designated Number: Female student No. 042


Designated Weapon: 10” screwdriver
Conclusion: Man...there are a lot of these Luz kids. As for this one? Not seeing it. The only exceptional thing about her is her weapon and I'm not sure 10" is enough if you catch my drift.- Josie Knight


G041 - Kurosawa, Junko[/DECEASED]

Name: Junko Kurosawa
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: parkour, track team, rollerblading, animation, weed, comic books, video games, Japanese culture and history

Appearance: Junko has dark hair, which has been trimmed into a pixie cut with bangs. She usually trims it herself, so on occasion it can be somewhat uneven. It's not styled in any particular way, aside from her bangs being combed across her forehead. The texture is somewhat on the thicker side, though she does take some amount of care of it.

Her biological mother had emigrated from Japan as a child, while her father was a mixture of Japanese and English. As such, she appears mostly Asian. Her skin tone is tanned, due to her being outdoors often. Junko has somewhat narrowed eyes, an upturned nose, and thinner lips on an oval shaped face. Because of her angled eyebrows she looks angry when her face is at rest. She has only worn any kind of makeup on a small number of occasions as a result of her active lifestyle. Junko has multiple piercings on her body. The first ones she received were her ears in elementary, followed by her left nostril in freshman year. Earlier in the school year she has had her lower lip pierced. Junko prefers small studs for the ears and nose, and a labret for the lip.

Junko is on the smaller side, at 4'11 and 110 pounds. It's something that tends to embarass her, and she often postures herself in ways to make herself seem bigger, such as standing with legs spread or with arms akimbo. She has a runner's build, with lean muscle and minimal curves. Junko has callused knees and elbows with the occasional scrape, as a result of her physical activities.

Her clothing preferences tend to be more suited for her active lifestyle. Junko prefers track pants, though she often wears jeans and cargo pants as well. To go with it she wears tank tops and short-sleeved t-shirts, often plain colored. Junko has a favorite black zip-up hoodie that she wears on a regular basis; when the weather is too hot she ties it around her waist. Because of her petite frame, she sometimes has trouble finding clothes that fit properly. Sometimes pant legs can be long on her, causing her to slice a slit at the bottom and to roll them up as tightly as possible so that they better fit her leg length. Most of the time Junko wears sneakers, and the pair she has currently are black with red accents. She often alternates between fingerless gloves and armbands. Junko also often wears a pair of wire-framed brown aviators that she usually keeps on her.

On the day of the abduction this didn't change much; she wore a charcoal grey tank top, a pair of brown cargo pants, and black fingerless gloves. As usual she wore her sneakers, this time with black socks. Inside one of her pants' pockets she kept her aviators. Junko kept her hoodie tied around her waist, just in case.

Biography: Junko's birth mother, Erika Sato, was a high school senior at the time of her conception. The father, who was another student and her boyfriend at the time, was supportive at first. However, he became unreliable and eventually decided not to support Erika and her child. She panicked, feeling that she wouldn’t be able to support her child on her own, even if she got help from family and friends. She decided to place the child up for adoption, because she felt that there were people in better positions to raise a child than her.

Erika came into contact with Sarah McAllister and Koharu Kurosawa. The two of them were a same-sex couple in a domestic partnership living in San Diego, California. Sarah, at the time, was working as a high-ranking manager at a cafe, and had the dream of starting a restaurant of her own. Koharu, like Erika, was a Japanese immigrant, and worked full-time as a park ranger at Cabrillo National Monument. They both were easy-going and relaxed, and were good with children.

While the agency felt that Erika would prefer a heterosexual married couple, she felt Koharu and Sarah were ideal. The paperwork process was lengthy, but the three of them filled it out in its entirety. After finding out the child was a girl, the three of them decided on a name together. She was given Koharu’s family name, and her first name was inspired by Erika’s father, Jun, who had passed away the previous year. Because of California adoption laws at the time, Junko was listed as a single parent adoption by Koharu, rather than a joint adoption by both of them. It is also why Junko shares Koharu's last name rather than Sarah's.

Because of it being an open adoption, Junko has met Erika. They have met up with or contacted each other throughout her life; the first in-person meeting that Junko remembers was when she was four. She has always known that she was her birth mother, but her feelings about her are more like an aunt or an older sister. They have kept in touch via email and phone calls. As for her father, Junko has little interest in finding out his identity or contacting him. She has wondered, but she feels content in not knowing his identity or having him as part of her life. She does know some details, such as his name, from legal and medical documents, but Erika has not been in contact with him often since high school, nor has Junko made an effort to contact him, mostly out of lack of interest. As far as Junko is concerned, Koharu and Sarah are her parents. While she refers to them by their first names, it’s for clarity rather than anything to do with how close she is to them.

Just before Junko entered first grade, her family decided to move to Kingman. The reason why was related to Sarah's business. She finally was in a position to start a restaurant of her own. However, she felt it would be more convenient to relocate to Kingman. Buying housing and a spot for the restaurant would have been cheaper than in San Diego, and Sarah had family in the area, due to it being her hometown, who would help her as she started up her business. In particular, Sarah's family had been in Kingman for generations, her parents having founded a historical museum that was fondly remembered by locals when it was in business. In addition, Sarah thought she could sell better to customers in Kingman than those in San Diego, since she had grown up there and knew how to appeal to them. After a long period of discussion, she and Koharu agreed on it, and made plans to move. Junko doesn't remember much about California due to her being relatively young when she lived there, but at the time she did feel a bit of sadness and frustration towards her family moving, and being separated from the friends she made. Koharu had found a job working as a full-time park ranger at Hualapai Mountain Park. Sarah's restaurant, a bakery cafe christened "Bread & Circuses", took a few months before it fully got off the ground. However, it has since become successful, in some part because of its Historic Downtown location and help from family members.

From a young age Junko proved to be a handful. She was an energetic, adventurous child, and found ways to get into trouble often. While she obeyed her mothers when asked not to do things, her adventurous tendencies still found ways to land her in trouble. For example, she had a tendency to climb on things she wasn't allowed to, like tables. On one occasion in first grade, the teachers called home because her and a friend were play-fighting on campus, which, while no one was hurt, wasn't allowed. On another, during the same year, she and a classmate were having a mock sword-fight with sticks, which was quickly broken up by a teacher. It wasn’t helped when, at a friend’s house, the two of them ended up watching the show Jackass through re-runs and VHS in third grade; the friend's parents were more lax and weren't paying too much attention when she was over. As a result, they, along with a few other friends, attempted their own stunts like the show. Most of it was tame, like daring each other to eat unpleasant things or to jump off objects. One of the worst Koharu had walked in on and put a stop to: they had tried to snort sriracha up their noses. This was inspired by a similar stunt in one of the movies involving wasabi. After this incident, she and Sarah discovered that she had seen the show. They took Junko aside, explaining that nothing in the show was to be attempted. From that point onward, they were more careful with what Junko watched. If they found she was watching a new cartoon or show, they would remind her that she wasn't allowed to imitate anything in it, and would remind her friends' parents on what she was and was not allowed to watch. In addition, because the sriracha was high enough for her to reach it, they started to put it and other food items that could be used in a similar manner up higher so that there would not be a repeat incident, and were more careful about what she could reach.

When they disciplined Junko, Sarah and Koharu were both understanding and firm. They usually punished her by taking away privileges for a set amount of time. At the same time, they tried not to raise their voices when she misbehaved, even if she tested their patience, and when they discussed her behavior with her they generally kept calm and didn't let themselves get too angry. They also set clear rules; for example, Junko wasn't allowed to go outside to play until she finished her chores, which were generally things they agreed on and were age-appropriate, such as helping set the table or sweeping the floor. They made it a point to encourage good behavior, such as complimenting her on learning quickly at school and letting her pick out reasonably healthy meals she wanted to eat if she behaved while at the store. There was some concern about whether or not Junko's behavior was a result of their family having moved. However, while some of her behavior did come from frustration from the move, it was largely because Junko was naturally an energetic, impressionable child.

Sarah and Koharu felt that getting Junko interested in a physical activity would channel her energy a bit. Sarah grew up rollerblading around the area, and still did on her own time. She decided to get Junko involved, and took her out to skate parks and other areas with her own pair of inline skates, just before summer break in third grade. Junko quickly took to it, and practiced on a regular basis. While at first she could only roll around, she learned how to do grinds, jump over objects, and get air on quarter pipes. By sixth grade, she was able to master soul and alley-oop grinds, as well as perform a wall-ride. She generally learned stunts from Sarah, or from friends who also practiced rollerblading. Junko has experimented with a fair amount of styles, but the one she generally uses is more on the aggressive side, and she practices at the Desert Plains Skate Park on a weekly basis. In addition, she keeps her rollerblades and protection on her in a tote bag so that she can skate to and from places, such as a friend's house. Sarah and Junko still practice together when the two of them have free time. Junko enjoys rollerblading because she enjoys both the rush, as well as being able to get to places quickly when she uses them for transportation. She also enjoys being able to pull off stunts and impressing people with what she is capable of. She was particularly proud of herself when she learned how to do a 360 soul grind a few months ago, and nowadays often shows off that she can do it.

One thing that Sarah and Koharu found encouraged positive behavior in Junko was video games. If she got good grades and didn’t get into trouble recently, she was allowed to receive new games or to go to an arcade. Growing up, she was fond of Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, though she also had a fondness for Street Fighter and Tekken as she entered sixth grade. Like her television habits, they kept an eye on what she was playing, and reminded her that she wasn't to imitate the acts shown outside of the games. She still owns a Gameboy Advance with a few games, one of which is Pokemon Ruby, that she still uses out of nostalgia. Junko shares this interest to this day, and tries to get caught up on more recent games. Her favorites tend to be fighting or action games, but she also has a fondness for horror as well. One of her current favorites is the recent indie horror game series Five Nights at Freddy’s. Junko owns both console and PC games, but she more recently has been getting games off the Steam and Game Jolt websites more often than finding console games.

In junior high, Junko joined the track team. She felt that it appealed to her because of her preference for high-energy athletic activities. She never was good at field events like shotput or discus, but track events were where she both excelled and enjoyed. Junko loved competing in events, and loved winning. For a period of time starting from her sophomore year, she even had the record for Cochise High School's fastest 400 meter run. It was broken last winter, and she has since never regained her status. Nonetheless she’s dedicated to the team and attends practice regularly. Junko prefers sprinting events rather than cross-country, though she has participated in middle-distance events. She rarely partakes in cross-country due to her liking the feeling of sprinting better than running a marathon or endurance runs. Junko is this year's track team captain, and is dedicated to the role.

Starting from freshman year, Junko began showing more of an interest in Japanese culture. While Koharu and to a lesser extent Sarah were both fluent in the language and spoke it at home, Junko began studying it closer. Because her family spoke a mixture of Japanese and English, Junko already understood the language enough to have a conversation in it. Junko mostly understands hiragana due to it being taught to children and beginners in general; while she can read a few kanji from her parents occasionally writing in the language, it's still fairly rudimentary. One of the ways she practiced Japanese was reading and watching media in it, and setting websites to the language whenever possible. She also started asking Koharu, Sarah, and Erika about Japan, and how things were when they were there. Because she has had trouble learning kanji in particular due to the vast number of symbols, Sarah and Koharu gave her a set of kanji flashcards for her 16th birthday. They have also helped in in other ways, such as writing notes to her using both kanji and English words. While her understanding of kanji has improved, in that she can read and to some extent write some symbols, but she still has some trouble learning. In addition to studying the language, she showed an interest in the culture and traditions, and liked researching information on it in her own time through library books and websites on the topic. Junko has also researched a bit into Japanese history; one of the things that currently fascinates her is the wokou, which refers to pirates of mixed ethnicities that roamed the coastlines of East Asia starting from the 13th century. She had found out about them while checking out a book on Asian history in the library. While she has never admitted it, this started because she felt a connection to the culture due to being Asian-American. She has said that she wants to visit Japan some day, maybe once she's done with her education, since she's never been personally.

This has extended into her having a fondness for Japanese media, including anime. She tends to enjoy more action based series. Some examples include Dragonball, Attack on Titan, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Junko also considers Kill la Kill to be a guilty pleasure due to the fanservice. Her least favorite genre happens to be anime centered on "moe". The reason why is because she finds it creepy, as well as feeling that most of it is either uninteresting or has bad writing. Junko also reads manga, many of which have anime adaptations of them that she watches. She prefers watching anime and reading manga in the original language, but doesn't mind translations beyond finding them occasionally awkward.

Aside from anime, Junko also likes Western animation. Two of her favorites would be the Avatar series and Adventure Time. The reason why is because she enjoys the extensive character arcs and plot lines both have, which she tends to prefer in any medium. However, she has a fondness for nostalgic series such as the classic "Cartoon Cartoons", Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy and Courage the Cowardly Dog being examples. She prefers Cartoon Network and Adult Swim over Nickelodeon, Disney, or Fox as a whole, even if she feels that it has focused less on actual animation over time. Junko follows the "Toonami Aftermath" online stream regularly, as well as watches Adult Swim on a weekly basis. The reason why she prefers animation is because she feels it can do things in storytelling and comedy that live-action cannot, such as a character doing impossible acts for the sake of humor.

Another interest Junko has is comic books. Some of her friends were interested in it in late freshman year. Junko already started reading manga, but she was curious about what was appealing about Western comics. She started following some series, and developed a fondness for superhero comics in particular. If asked, she would say that she prefers Marvel over DC, due to feeling that it has more of a sense of humor about its verse, as well as finding the characters and plotlines more interesting. She has a love of the Avengers, partly because of the recent movies, and while it's a hard pick for her, Black Widow would be her favorite of them. She does not have any particular favorite writers or artists, though she has a dislike of Rob Liefield and Greg Land, the former because she doesn't like his storytelling, characterizations, or artwork, and the latter because she finds his habit of tracing distasteful. Junko also happens to have a habit of reading scans of Silver Age comics, largely because she finds their unusual storylines charming in their own right. Junko usually obtains copies to read either through buying them personally, reading scans online, or from borrowing them off friends.

Starting from the summer before sophomore year, Junko began an interest in parkour. It started when she saw Youtube videos on the subject, and it intrigued her due to her thrill-seeking tendencies. She found a few websites and instructional videos on the subject, but she had a hard time getting it right. While she was never seriously hurt, she did fall down a lot, which resulted in bruises. The reason why she persisted in learning was to show she could do it if she just kept practicing; she was legitimately interested in learning how to pull off the same things she saw on Youtube. When she did, she tried to keep close to the ground, so if she fell it would be less of a fall. Sarah and Koharu found out that Junko developed an interest in it when they saw her looking at an instructional video on her computer. After Junko explained what it was, and her interest in it, the two of them expressed a few concerns, such as whether or not she was trespassing on other's property or whether she was practicing safely. However, Sarah did happen to have a friend who practiced parkour, who also provided group lessons. After a discussion with said friend, she felt that the best thing to do would be to recommend Junko to her classes, so she would know how to practice parkour both safely and legally. The classes were affordable, and Junko improved significantly after having someone instruct her personally. One of the reason why she was having trouble to begin with was because she didn't understand the philosophy well, and didn't realize that parkour was less stuntwork and more about moving in the most practical and efficient manner. After having the parkour coach explain it to her a bit better, though, she understood what the overall goal was, which improved her skills. She still makes it a point to practice every Saturday, and when she practices alone she tries to pick areas where trespassing or danger wouldn't be as huge a factor, such as Sumac Park.

As a student, Junko is a procrastinator. She has a bad habit of putting projects off until the last minute, only to rush when she realizes that she still needs to finish it. This is less because of laziness, and more because she tends to be absentminded, and forget details such as when assignments are due. Koharu and Sarah are both aware of this, and often remind her to finish her work and to write details like due dates and what she needs for projects down in a place where she can find it easily. They also like to help her with huge projects wherever possible, as well as help her with homework she is having trouble with. Junko prefers classes that allow her to do things with her hands or body rather than listening to a lecture or studying. The classes she is best at are P.E. and science. However, she has trouble with math courses. Junko, despite her procrastination, is a B student, with the occasional A.

Junko’s thrill-seeking tendencies have stayed with her throughout her life. Aside from her physical activity, she tends to take up challenges. For example, she has beaten the Pike’s Peak Sundae Challenge at Diamondback Ice Cream Parlor. Junko also has a tendency to experiment with spicy or unusual food. While she doesn’t do it often, she has completed several of the Internet challenges, such as the cinnamon, ice bucket, and saltine ones. During visits to amusement parks, she gravitates towards thrill rides and attractions. Junko prefers activities with a competitive or adrenaline-boosting edge, and seeks them out. This has led to her dragging her friends to activities they would not be interested in. She also tends to give people dares, or play pranks on them. For example, she has a habit of showing them unusual videos, such as the anime short "Me!Me!Me!" and the web series "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared", purely to see what their reaction would be. Another example would be when she borrowed a friend's laptop for a project for a few minutes, and once she was done she changed their homepage to a Youtube video of Nicholas Cage in The Wicker Man. During a sleepover around Halloween, she placed a plastic skeleton near a friend's sleeping bag while they were asleep. On one occasion, she and another friend made a bet: whoever lost would have to upload a Youtube video of themselves wearing cat ears and behaving like a stereotypical anime fan. Junko lost this bet, and kept her word. Junko makes friends easily because of her extroversion, and she's generally good-natured about the kind of pranks and dares she pulls. When people do similar things to her she tends to laugh about it; there's been very few times where anything pulled on her seriously offended her. In addition, she makes it a point not to do anything that would seriously offend them on purpose. The kind of friends she makes tend to be of various social groups, though a fair portion are involved in athletics or geek culture in some way. Occasionally her active lifestyle can be a bit much for others, and as a result she can be exhausting to those around her due to her wanting to do a lot of activities within a short period of time.

Her temperament is more on the confident side, perhaps to the point of arrogance. Junko is proud of what accomplishments she has, and tends to play up what she’s capable of through boasting. Her self-image is mostly positive. One of the few things she feels self-conscious about is the fact that she’s one of the shorter students. She has a temper, and certain topics tend to inspire significant amounts of anger. When she does get angry, it usually results in her arguing with the person who brought up the subject.

One of the major ones is homophobia. Aside from growing up with same-sex parents, Junko has, from a young age, felt that gender wasn't a factor in who she was interested in. It wasn’t any particular incident that made her realize this. Rather, she noticed over time that she was attracted less to genders and more to personalities. At first she identified as bisexual, but later identified as pansexual after learning the word. Koharu and Sarah are both proud of her for coming out about her preferences at a young age. She gets upset if it's implied that it's in any way abnormal to show interest in anyone but a cisgender male. Junko’s political stance is more on the liberal side in general, and she has gotten into arguments about politics in the past.

Junko is close to both of her mothers. While Koharu and Sarah are both sometimes busy with their respective jobs, they are attentive parents. The two of them are invested in Junko’s life, and try to help her as much as possible whenever she’s having trouble. After gay marriage was legalized in Arizona the previous October, Koharu proposed to Sarah a month later. Junko was happy when she heard the news. Both of her mothers had told her growing up that they would love to get married, with all the legal and social benefits. It would have also helped with having Sarah legally recognized as a legal guardian of Junko's; she was listed as a step-parent in 2010, but occasionally there has still been paperwork issues related to their guardianship. The wedding took place roughly a month before the trip. While planning has stressed both of them out they are happy to finally make things official.

Junko usually is truthful and lets Koharu and Sarah in on her personal life, feeling there’s little for her to hide. There are a few exceptions to this, though. One of the major things that she tries to hide is that she uses marijuana. It started when she smoked some with a few friends in late freshman year, though she later progressed to smoking in her own time. Junko doesn’t smoke regularly, and more when she feels she needs to unwind or on special occasions, about once in one or two months. She is also careful when she does, and tries not to smoke in places where she can get caught, such as school, as well as lessening her use significantly during track seasons. Junko prefers rolling hers up into joints, rather than using bongs or similar. The way she buys marijuana is that she knows someone around her age who happens to deal in it. She generally smokes at friends' houses. One tactic she likes to use is to wash her clothes in vinegar once she gets home, and use eyedrops and, if possible, her favorite sunglasses to hide her eyes. Despite Junko’s attempts to not let them know, Koharu and Sarah are aware of it. One of them had found a bag placed on the desk in her room in a moment of carelessness. Neither of them have confronted her about it, and don’t disapprove as much as Junko thinks. While they have been concerned about her habits, both of them feel that discouraging it would only make it more tempting. Also, they feel that as long as she stays safe, doesn’t get into legal trouble, or try anything harder it wasn't as huge an issue.

Currently, Junko is employed at Larson’s Comics and Games. While the idea of working at Bread & Circuses did occur to her, she felt like she wanted to keep her personal life and job separate. To her, having her mother be her boss would be potentially awkward, so she has never asked. Junko applied to Larson's due to her interest in manga and superhero comics, as well as having fond memories of it growing up due to her parents taking her to the arcade corner when she was a child. She is dedicated to her job, and as part of it she tries to keep track of the latest trends in products sold in the store. Junko had prior experience with video games, comic books, and manga, while with the tabletop games she didn't have the patience to fully understand the rules of. However, she likes to read the latest comics and manga specifically so she understands what customers would ask about.

Junko is unsure about what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She has already made plans to go to college, since Koharu and Sarah have said that they want her to further her education. She knows she would like something that would appeal to her thrill-seeking personality, and that she would love to travel. Junko is currently arranging an appointment with a guidance counselor to see what careers would suit her.

Advantages: She is one of the faster students at school, and is athletic. Junko is confident, and wouldn't back down easily. Because of her history of thrill-seeking behavior, she would be less likely to freeze up if something unexpected occurs. Her smaller size could make it easier for her to find a hiding place.
Disadvantages: Her thrill-seeking personality might cause her to rush into situations. Junko can be prideful, which can alienate potential allies. She also has a temper, and can get defensive when certain topics come up. Her absentmindedness may cause her to forget important items or not pay attention to her surroundings. Junko's smaller size might make it easier for larger students to overpower her.

Designated Number: Female student No. 041


Designated Weapon: Wooden Baseball Bat
Conclusion: I don't care how fast G041 is, she should realize now that there's no outrunning a bullet. Regardless it'll be interesting to see how they react to the life and death thrills we have on offer here. Watch this space, the kid could go far.- Josie Knight


B031 - Howard, Samuel[/DECEASED]

Name: Samuel Xavier Howard
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cooking and baking, debate, true crime shows, horror, writing and worldbuilding

Appearance: Samuel is very large and imposing, standing at a height of 6’0”. He is broad-shouldered and heavyset at 200 lbs., most of it fat around his belly, arms and thighs. Samuel is of African-American descent, which shows in his dark skin. He is square-jawed and has thick lips, with a hawkish nose below pale green eyes. His hair is put up in dreadlocks and is kept tied back most of the time. While normally clean shaven, he has a good amount of stubble in an attempt to grow a beard.

Samuel’s wardrobe is very casual and minimal: he mostly wears t-shirts, though he’ll put on a sweatshirt in cooler weather and is fond of wearing sweaters in the winter. In the summer he’ll wear basketball shorts and in the winter will alternate between sweatpants and jeans. On the day of the trip Samuel was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt over a purple t-shirt, paired with grey sweatpants and plain red and black sneakers.

Biography: Samuel Xavier Howard was born on May 8th, 1997, to George Howard and Jocelyn Ramsay. George and Jocelyn were a young couple, and at first their relationship was a fun, non-committal one. When they found out Jocelyn was pregnant, they talked it through with each other and decided to make the best of their situation. They got married and settled down in Kingman, where Samuel was born. His infancy was turbulent: the couple soon discovered that neither was well-equipped to raise a child, and the two often bickered over trivial matters out of stress. A few months shy of Samuel’s birthday, the two decided to break it off in a quiet divorce: Samuel was to live with George, who moved in with his mother due to financial instability.

Samuel was raised by his father and grandmother, Violet Howard. Violet was a widow, her husband, Ernest, having died a couple years before Samuel’s birth. As such she was happy to have her only child back in the house, along with a new grandson. She took care of Samuel during the day while George was off at work, and George made sure to spend time with him in the evenings. Samuel was doted on in his childhood, having the attention of either his father or grandmother for most of his early life. He liked both equally growing up, though he spent more of his time with his grandmother.

Violet ended up passing down a love of baking to Samuel: she often passed the time baking or cooking, and out of boredom Samuel was often by her side during these times. Violet would often have him help due to her age, and Samuel would fetch ingredients or help out with minor steps in the recipes. While Samuel was initially indifferent and saw it as a chore, he began to appreciate his work and find it fun. It felt satisfying to contribute to the process, and he loved the baked goods he got out of it. At age six he decided that he wanted to try and make them on his own. Violet was very supportive, and decided to take it slow, letting him complete more of the process over time. It took a while, but Samuel managed to bake a batch of cookies by himself by age ten (under his grandmother’s supervision). He was ecstatic, and began to bake frequently as he grew up.

Samuel wasn’t a very active child, preferring to keep his nose in a book during recess. He loved reading, enjoying the stories as an escape from his mundane life. Samuel found himself drawn to longer series as he grew attached to the characters and enjoyed reading multiple books detailing their adventures. His tastes varied wildly, and he read every book he could get his hands on. In his free time he spent his time daydreaming, thinking of how the stories he read could’ve gone and making up some of his own.

Grades-wise, he was unspectacular: he kept them up at a respectable level, though he tended to rush through his work and never put much effort into his schoolwork. Part of him also didn't seem to care: he was unperturbed by school deadlines, and never made a huge fuss about them. He was, in short, very CALM about it. He made an effort to keep his grades acceptable, but he didn't have the drive or motivation to achieve anything higher. His family was lax when it came to grades, so Samuel saw no need to fuss over it.

Samuel was always aware of his attraction to both boys and girls, though he never thought much of it until seventh grade. During this time Samuel learned more in-depth about the concept of sexual orientation, and he made the connection between his feelings and came to the conclusion that he was bisexual. While he didn’t dispute or deny it, he was worried about the repercussions - Kingman was a fairly conservative area, and though his family was secular and didn’t bring up the topic he was skeptical of their views. He chose to reveal it to them slowly, bringing up LGBT-related issues and seeing their reactions. Both his father and grandmother had lukewarm responses, but they weren’t hostile enough to deter him.

He came out to them a few days shy of his fourteenth birthday, to a relatively positive reaction. Both of them were shocked at first, though George was quick to accept and support his son’s sexuality. Violet took longer to come around to the concept, but decided that it was best for Samuel to receive support and to love him no matter what. With a supportive family, Samuel gradually came out to his peers, telling his close friends and letting it spread from there. He lost a few friends as a result, though he figured that it was for the best. While he wasn’t well-known to his classmates enough for it to have a serious effect on his social life otherwise, it did draw some ire from his more closed-minded classmates. Samuel was heartbroken, but with his family’s encouragement he took it in stride until the bullying died out some time after they entered high school. He surrounded himself with a more supportive friend group, and over time became confident in his sexuality.

When he wasn’t reading, Samuel was often sat in front of the TV. He enjoyed watching cartoons as much as every other kid, but one day he happened to stumble upon the channel Investigation Discovery, and his morbid curiosity drew him in. He liked the thrilling and suspenseful parts of programs such as Dateline or Homicide Hunter, and fell in love with the true crime genre. This branched out into an overall appreciation of horror, liking it for the same reasons as he liked true crime shows. Several favorites include the Halloween series, the Blair Witch Project and Sinister. His father and grandmother thought he was too young to be watching these sorts of things and forbade him from watching them. A rebellious Samuel then turned to the internet to indulge his hobbies, despite getting caught multiple times. However, he got fairly good at keeping his activities a secret.

His time on the internet exposed him to a number of thing the most prominent of which was online roleplaying. He was already prone to daydreaming about stories and the concept of writing was appealing to him. Samuel quickly wrapped himself up on roleplaying on forums, creating characters and interacting with others. At first he wrote self-inserts in fan-derivative forums, but as he spent more time writing he diversified his subject matter, branching out into original and unique settings and exploring different character archetypes. There was a noticeable jump in the quality of writing as time went on, and he considered himself to be a decent writer. He began to post non-roleplay related writings on Tumblr, a site he has a presence on since being drawn in by fandom blogging.

As Samuel grew older, he began to spend more time fleshing out the world his stories took place in. It started with him building off of other story settings like Harry Potter, thinking up headcanons and minor world details to make the world more fleshed out and detailed. It felt more realistic to him to figure out how these fictional worlds worked, and what it was like beyond the story's cast and events. As he grew to love expanding on fictionalized worlds, he started to think up original ones. In middle school he decided to start up a fantasy story project, which became a hodgepodge of story elements bouncing around his head that Samuel found appealing. It didn’t take him long to stumble upon the concept of worldbuilding and found it enjoyable. He thought it was neat to have a whole, fleshed-out universe of your own to play around with, and looked up to authors like J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis who pulled it off well. He is continuously working on the project, and often posts about it on a Tumblr sideblog.

While Samuel had no leanings on optimism or pessimism in his younger years, he began to lean towards pessimism as a teenager. He became involved in social justice on the internet, and became more aware and sensitive to race and LGBT-related issues that seem commonplace in modern society. He also learned more about the civil rights movement and other activist movements through school and his own research. Samuel noticed a pattern of oppression and justice throughout history, and came to the conclusion that equality was a perpetual struggle that wasn’t going to be overcome anytime soon. He became jaded to the questionable morality of American society, and the human race as a whole. Despite this, he holds a hope that true equality will be achieved someday, though he believes that it won't be in his lifetime. However, it didn’t mean that current contributions to the cause aren’t fruitless. He doesn't expresses his views during his day to day life, though he does so through the school's debate team. Despite his strong opinions, he is good at keeping his emotions in check and never gets too worked up while debating. He is also very stubborn and persuasive.

Samuel keeps a relatively low profile in Cochise’s social landscape, interacting little outside of a small circle of friends from the debate team or people who share his liberal views or interest in horror. It takes Samuel a while to warm up to new people, so most of his group is old friends he’s known throughout high school. He retains his calm disposition, and is an easygoing person to hang out with. He is reserved around acquaintances and strangers, though he can maintain causal conversation with almost anyone. He can be fairly inflexible when it comes to making plans, being too lazy to go out and flaking out often if he doesn’t feel like it when the time comes. He is more accessible through texts or online chatting, though he is more punctual with a few people he holds close. One of these people is Penelope Fitzgerald, his girlfriend. Samuel is very warmhearted towards her and fawns over her constantly, routinely giving her baked goods and showering her with affection.

Samuel’s high school performance as of late is characterized by senioritis: while he routinely achieves As in his English classes and cooking electives, he has Bs and Cs in his other classes, mostly out of disinterest and a general lack of motivation. He isn’t sure what to do after high school. Samuel has considered making a career out of writing, and while he is all for it he doesn’t see it as a stable career. He has also thought about working as a chef, though he’s torn between attending culinary school or working right out of high school. The latter seems likely due to insufficient funds and general apathy towards education. Without many other choices, working right out of high school and trying to write on the side is his best option.

Advantages: Samuel is a large and imposing individual, and if he isn’t intimidating from a glance he has a lot of weight to throw around in combat. He is also level-headed and and can keep his emotions in check.
Disadvantages: Thanks to Samuel’s lazy nature and regular consumption of baked goods, he is overweight and in poor overall health. He has little faith in the morality of others, so he isn’t likely to trust others completely.

Designated Number: Male student No. 031


Designated Weapon: Crossbow (20 bolts)
Conclusion: Alright kid that's a nice crossbow you have there, you also have the weight and sad sack social life. Time to become one of those killers from the horror movies you love so much.- Josie Knight


B026 - Floyd, Bradley[/DECEASED]

Name: Bradley Floyd
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Gaming, particularly fighting games and first-person shooters, music, comedy, business, video editing

Appearance: Bradley has a broad build and is larger than average, with a wide torso and somewhat meaty limbs, but is neither noticeably lanky nor stout, standing at 6 feet and weighing 202 pounds. He has more muscle than fat, being an occasional gym visitor, but he is only barely above average in terms of musculature.

He has rather flat facial features, from his forehead to his nose down to his chin, with nothing sticking out much and little curve to his facial structure. His square head shape is bordered by a chinstrap beard at the bottom and spiky brown hair at the top. Due to his poor sleeping patterns, he almost always looks slightly unkempt, and has dark bags under his grey eyes on an almost daily basis.

Bradley has no real fashion sense, and makes no effort to coordinate or match the clothes he wears. He does like loud and garish clothing items, from casual bowties to varsity jackets to pastel-coloured shirts and mustard-coloured trousers, and frequently wears designer clothing brands. If there is any method to his attire, it is to be as obnoxious as possible.

Biography: Bradley was born Bradley Grant on June 23rd 1997, his surname becoming Floyd after his parents’ divorce. His mother is Katarina Floyd, his father Jared Grant. Katarina is the youngest of three siblings, and the only daughter out of three sons. In contrast to the Floyds having Estonian blood and a generally more cosmopolitan character, Jared’s family has lived in Mohave County for over a hundred years, only a handful of family members not pursuing life-time careers in mining and ranching. The Grants largely live a rural lifestyle, and are self-confessed stereotypical rednecks.

His parents never had a particularly happy marriage. The marriage was hastily arranged within months of Bradley's conception. Bradley was conceived a few months into their dating. They were both in their late twenties when Bradley was born, their wedding held a few weeks before that date to try and provide the baby a stable home and avoid any social embarrassment from a child out of wedlock, as well as to answer some pressure for marriage from Jared’s parents. Neither had any other potential romantic partners in sight, and were initially in the mindset that they should at least try and make it work and try and build a successful marriage on what had originally been unlikely to result in a long-term relationship.

Bradley had a decent upbringing. Despite the less-than-desirable state of their marriage, Jared and Katarina proved to be loving and generally good parents. The family was able to afford all the necessities and treats and small luxuries were not uncommon, but the threat of more severe financial difficulties was never far away, mostly only prevented with the help of extended family.

Bradley was an only child, and grew up with his cousin Brady as his closest family member. Another maternal cousin, Abby, also grew up in the area, and while not as close to her as he is to Brady, they are still quite close. Both cousins are often frustrated with Bradley’s attitude and rather abrasive nature, and while Bradley tends to understand that his cousins are less provocative than him and is aware they are far from peas in a pod, he also often seems ignorant to when they are annoyed with him, as they both tend to express it in more subtle ways than he is receptive to. Abby often tries subtly steering him into more socially acceptable behaviours, efforts that generally either go over his head or provoke solid rebukes, and Brady is often unable to articulate his feelings even when Bradley does cross a line. Bradley views his relationship with his cousins as friendly and supportive, which it is, but he remains blind to the more complex and frustrating aspects of their relationships.

Bradley’s parents divorced when he was twelve. There was no particular catalyst, no massive argument, no affair, no particular turning point in the relationship. After another year of a relatively loveless marriage and deciding that staying together was doing more harm than good, they rather amicably agreed to divorce. They remained friends, and Bradley largely talks to his parents more like friends than as parents: there are well-natured insults and jovial ribbing, but he also trusts them both as confidants, as they do him.

Bradley tried to remain as stoic as possible about the situation, even in private with his parents. He was far from depressed or distraught about the divorce, handling it rather well, but he was still hurt by it. He had liked to imagine his parents as having a flawed but still fundamentally loving relationship, refusing to view it as out of the ordinary in any meaningful way. Despite this, even he had over the past couple of years gained enough mental maturity and awareness to realise that a breakdown in their marriage was not the biggest shock in the world, and while he was incredibly saddened, he was not exactly surprised. The strain in their relationship had been there from the beginning, its foundations had never been especially strong, and the relationship ending by a relatively civil mutual agreement was probably preferable to a more dramatic ending that would have happened eventually, such as an affair or massive argument.

Bradley had always aspired to be the class clown, always taken a liking to all manners of humour regardless of how crude or inappropriate they were. He had always been rather emotionally resilient and not exactly sensitive to how others took his barbs and insults. There was no real discernible cause for this, his parents not having such senses of humour themselves and always trying firmly to set him into a more suitable course. While they preferred to stay away from nature vs nurture debates, a few moments of the young Bradley making an offensive remark or an out-of-place comment meant they tried all manner of techniques and tactics to steer him towards a more socially acceptable method of humour. He always resisted, and while they never gave up and take some comfort and consolation in the few lines that he won’t cross and the agreeable aspects of his personality, they now shrug it off as an inherent part of his disposition, and do little to change it.

This same laissez-faire attitude to Bradley's behaviour has largely continued with the more troublesome parts of his life. When it comes to issues such as his poor sleeping patterns, the antisocial aspects of his behaviour, or his hard partying, they tend to ignore it or shrug it off as Bradley being Bradley, only intervening when asked to. In terms of personality, Bradley takes after his father the most. The two share similar interests and similar senses of humour. Jared knows when to draw the line with crude humour, a skill his son lacks, but often assumes his son will grow out of his more disagreeable personality traits with no effort on his part.

Katarina has often described her ex-husband as enabling Bradley's worse excesses, such as providing hard liquor for his parties and laughing at his more vulgar jokes. Jared, who used to fancy himself as something of a budding entrepreneur, also inadvertently inspired his son's entrepreneurial ambitions. Jared's attempted business schemes mostly consisted of ill-conceived attempts to fill purported gaps in the market with unconsidered business proposals nobody wanted. Several times he also "masterminded" several con schemes, only stopping because he was informed of their illegality at the last minute. Despite the uniform lack of success, this encouraged Bradley. After Bradley got in trouble in elementary school for buying school supplies and sweets in bulk and selling them to his classmates, undercutting the official school shop and making a small profit, Jared encouraged this. Bradley, with Jared's backing, often exploited arbitrage opportunities, such as buying goods in bulk or cheap from other locales, and selling them to friends and classmates for profit. He has not done this for a couple of years, though, out of laziness, and the increased difficulty in obtaining enough cheap cigarettes and alcohol, far more in-demand than the sweets and fads he sold when younger.

Bradley tried not to show his hurt at his parents’ breaking up by using humour. This was the first real moment where Bradley was able to find solace in humour and use it as a defence mechanism of sorts. It’s wrong to say that his parents’ divorce or any other issue in his upbringing created his vulgar and off-colour sense of humour, but it definitely showed its advantages in the aftermath of the divorce. Bradley to this day continues to make jokes about his family life, his upbringing, and his parents, much to their chagrin, especially as he has no qualms with exaggerating or outright lying for comic effect.

As Bradley got older, he grew to accept that ending the marriage when they did was probably the best outcome for all involved. He still gets on well with both of his parents, living mainly with his father. Despite this, he has chosen to adopt his mother’s family name, for no reason other than to be an annoyance, and is now legally known as Bradley Floyd, and has been since he was about thirteen. The similarity to the name Brady Floyd is deliberate, and Bradley celebrates the confusion and irritation it causes.

One problem Bradley has struggled with since his early teens is sleeping difficulties. He has never slept that well, problems exacerbated in recent years by a less than healthy lifestyle. He has not got an official diagnosis for insomnia, and so hesitates to use the term, but he can often spend several hours lying in bed, too exhausted to move but unable to get to sleep. When he does get to sleep, he often does not sleep for as long as desired, leaving him groggy and lethargic for the next day. The amount of time he sleeps per night varies erratically, from far too little to a little bit too long, but on average he only manages three or four hours of sleep a night. Periodically a particularly bad spell of sleep deprivation leaves Bradley uncharacteristically irritable, clumsy, anxious, and even somewhat paranoid, contrasting with his usual carefree persona.

Making his sleeping cycle even worse, a couple of instances of sleepwalking in his childhood have given him a phobia of the act. He often has a camera recording in his room at night, careful to monitor any instances of potentially hazardous sleep activity, and even any embarrassing sleep-talking statements. This phobia, which he refuses to discuss with anyone and is probably his most closely guarded secret, has worsened in recent years. The paranoia occasionally caused by his lack of sleep only exacerbates this. The concept of homicidal sleepwalking, or more generally committing assaults and even homicides while sleepwalking, terrifies him.

Bradley is a massive gaming enthusiast. Ever since he first got an old Nintendo 64 when he was about six, Bradley has loved games, although he was almost always one generation behind in terms of consoles until very recently, when he saved up for a PS4 on launch day. He is a particular fan of fighting games and first-person shooters. He has ambitions of moving to a city with a semi-decent competitive gaming scene soon, and can often spend hours practicing even the most technical and niche of moves and strategies.

Bradley is also an aspiring musician. He started learning the guitar when he was thirteen, and since then has become a rather skilled guitarist and a frequent participant in musical events throughout the school. His favourite genres are folk, soul, and jazz. Bradley is, in contrast to most of his personality, very enthusiastic and almost gleefully nerdy when it comes to both of those hobbies, showing an attention to detail and a fondness for conversation to both of those subjects, displaying an unadulterated and almost uncharacteristic gregariousness whenever conversation shifts to those topics. Building on both of these hobbies, Bradley has started video editing over the past year, creating fan made music videos to pay tribute to his favourite artists and montages of his own gaming sessions. While he has never made an effort in promoting these videos or building up a base of subscribers on YouTube, he has some technical ability with video editing software.

Comedy is Bradley’s other great passion. He is very enthusiastic about stand-up comedy and adult-oriented sitcoms in particular, preferring more recent offerings and shows that are crude and gag-based as opposed to plot-driven. In fitting with the rest of his personality, he prefers darker, edgier, and politically incorrect humour, and often cannot fully enjoy humour that he sees as outdated or tame. There is a special fondness in his heart for black comedy, which he views as a noble and necessary thing, and he is also very appreciative of more socially aware comedians such as Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor. When it comes to his interests and his fear of sleep-walking, Bradley is almost a perfectionist, keen to rehearse and scrutinise his own actions, learning from his mistakes, a sharp contrast to the virtual apathy he displays towards many of his social relationships at school.

Bradley is well-known around the school for what could charitably be described as a provocative sense of humour, one that he has had in some form since childhood. He rarely means any actual vitriol, but if Bradley can say something that he’d find amusing, he’d take the opportunity, no questions asked, with very little regard for either social conventions or even his health and safety. This goes beyond merely jokes - in any serious discussion or debate of any kind, he enthusiastically takes up the role of devil’s advocate, and likes to phrase his own opinions to make them sound as extremist as possible, and when arguing with someone particularly pedantic or logical, he will deliberately deploy logical fallacies or spout wildly incorrect facts and stubbornly cling to them. He is also an avid nicknamer, and in keeping with the rest of his personality, his nicknames are often crude at best.

This is done not just out of disregard for how others feel or his own desire for cheap laughs. Partially it is done out of a desire to rebel against what he sees as political correctness gone mad, hampering good comedy and good conversation. But mainly, he actively enjoys getting reactions of offence, disgust, and anger and has developed a reputation for going out of his way to rile people up, sometimes putting a rather excessive amount of research into working out the best ways to let out a casual incendiary remark aimed at someone he views as particularly thin-skinned. Bradley enjoys being the centre of attention and he enjoys being noticed, and has found that offending people and being crude is an incredibly efficient way of doing that. A final reason is that Bradley is even more relentless in making jokes at the expense of those he sees as arrogant, or selfish, or otherwise deserving.

It’s very difficult to get an apology out of him. He has his lines that he won’t cross, but they’re just much harder to find than the average person’s. Bradley has empathy, and the few times he has pushed people to tears with his words, he has been sincerely apologetic and surprisingly gentle, but without such obvious signs of distress, Bradley is completely deaf to any hurt his comments may cause. The best way to handle him, as those who know him best have found, is to ignore him most of the time and only reel him back when he steps too far over the line, or to go toe-to-toe with him and insult him back. He respects those that he sees as thick-skinned, as not whining about something as petty and subjective as offence, and as able to give out as good as they can get. Bradley is not a hypocrite, for all his faults, and will laugh at any funny and accurate joke at his expense. He is very fond of saying that he has never been offended in his life. Even when irritable from lack of sleep, he remains thick-skinned.

As a result of this confrontational and provocative nature, Bradley has a very mixed reputation at the school. Even his friends tend to acknowledge he can be difficult, or that it can be perfectly reasonable for someone to dislike him, an assessment Bradley himself would proudly concur with. Sometimes his crass and loutish nature has landed him into fights, and he has been punched in the face a few times due to an ill-placed remark. His response to such attacks is to dig himself deeper: he will laugh it off and throw in more and more offensive remarks, and he has been lucky to avoid more dire repercussions. Bradley is a regular recipient of punishments from teachers, both for his insensitive comments and his lazy approach to work, but so far he has managed to always stop just short of the line.

Bradley is also known as something of a party animal. He enjoys going out and getting drunk to a large enough degree that it sometimes affects his grades, has affected his prospects of getting a part-time job, and has almost gotten him in trouble with the law for public intoxication. Bradley also has no qualms about using most drugs in a recreational context. While he draws the line at heroin and crystal meth and drugs with similar reputations, and is neither a habitual user nor an addict, he is often seen at parties, already drunk, smoking weed or taking ecstasy and similar drugs. Bradley does not believe that drugs are without their health effects or social consequences, but believes that he is a sensible enough user to have had no noticeable consequences from his modest use. His sleeping issues and lack of stamina and focus, while having been around for most of his life, have almost certainly been exacerbated by his relatively hard partying, as much as he is loath to admit it. Bradley's parents largely give him free rein when it comes to partying, having come to view most of their son's flaws as irreparable. Bradley's father, if anything, almost approves of his son's party life, viewing it as harmlessly enjoying youth.

Despite all of these faults and vices, Bradley has a fair number of friends. He can be funny and hasn’t got a judgemental bone in his body - the only dealbreakers when it comes to friendship with Bradley is that he won’t be friends with a boring person and an easily-offended individual won’t be friends with him. Bradley’s a very loyal friend, does not bear grudges, very tolerant of any quirks or differences or flaws in his friends, willing to be a trusted confidant and keep secrets, and not one to get caught up in any arguments or drama. He is rather slow to pick up on social subtleties and the intricacies of complex situations and occasionally lapses into bouts of irritability caused by poor sleeping habits, but this also ensures he is unlikely to be dishonest or two-faced, giving him an honesty that his friends do appreciate.

Bradley rarely thinks about any great religious or political or philosophical questions, mostly being apathetic or ignorant to such debates, but he tends to have a cynical, anti-authoritarian, small-c conservative streak. He is entirely tolerant of different worldviews, provided that their defenders can take a joke, and has never instigated or willfully participated in any argument related to those topics. When such disagreements do arise between his friends and they escalate into actual arguments, Bradley is the peacemaker, a situation even he finds weird.

After school, Bradley would love to pursue a career in gaming or music, but he privately thinks that a career in the creative fields is unlikely for him. Instead, he is pursuing what he, inexplicably, sees as the more realistic goal of becoming a successful rags-to-riches entrepreneur. The viability of this dream is not clear, though. He enjoys concocting hare-brained business schemes, has expressed an interest in finding loopholes and gaps in the market that he can exploit, and has an ambition to one day own and run a casino. However, he lacks a decent work ethic, any real understanding of mathematics or business, and any decent ideas to capitalise on. His only real relevant talent, and these have been left dormant for several years, is a knack at spotting arbitrage opportunities. He likes to say he has had many “original and promising” business ideas, but that none of the original ones have been promising and none of his promising ones have been original. Many exasperated teachers believe that he has some wasted potential in these fields, but he needs to apply himself to discover them.

Advantages: Bradley has some friends, who know him as loyal and understanding, and those friendships and his reputation with those individuals may help him on the island. It is difficult to agitate, sadden, or frustrate Bradley. There are a few hints Bradley has an untapped creative and entrepreneurial potential.
Disadvantages: Bradley is despised, or at least disliked, by many people at the school, for his irritating and provocative nature and tone deaf sense of humour. He is often blind to subtle social cues and hints. He has a poor work ethic, and often is short on stamina and focus. He has a horrible sleeping pattern, worsened by both sleeping difficulties and a fear of sleep-walking.

Designated Number: Male student No. 026


Designated Weapon: M16 Rifle
Conclusion: Knock, knock. Who's there? Everyone. Everyone who? Everyone who fucking hates you. Good thing you have a gun B026, you're gonna need it.- Josie Knight


B025 - Bricks, Sanford "Sandy"[/DECEASED]

Name: Sanford “Sandy” Bricks
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, painting, photography, reading, music.

Appearance: Sandy has a lean, toned build, standing at 5’7”, and weighing in at 137 lbs. He is Caucasian.

His sandy blonde hair hangs at medium length, reaching the nape of his neck and hanging past his ears. His bangs are messily cut to keep them out of his eyes, reaching just above his eyebrows. He has soft round blue eyes under thick blonde eyebrows, a straight nose, and a narrow mouth. His face is oval in shape, which he keeps consistently shaved.

Sandy wears a pair of rectangular black rimmed glasses to compensate for his moderate long-sightedness. He also frequently sports his dark grey flat cap, only taking it off in situations where a hat would be inappropriate.

As for his wardrobe, Sandy tends to dress warm until the peak of summer temperatures, blaming his low body-fat for his tendency to feel cold. He generally wears white t-shirts under jackets, zip hoodies, or long-sleeved shirts, but he swaps out the t-shirts for plain coloured polo shirts when it’s finally warm enough. His trousers consist of chinos and jeans, choosing something that matches his top half. He usually matches chinos with brown leather brogues, and jeans with a pair of grey trainers.

On the day of the abduction, Sandy was wearing a black pea coat over a plain white t-shirt, a pair of cream chinos with a brown leather belt, brown leather brogues, and his trademark hat.

Biography: Sanford “Sandy” Bricks was born in December to Patricia Bricks née Swanson, a homemaker, and Joseph Bricks, a mechanic, in Park City, Utah as their first and only child.

As a young boy, Sandy was quiet. When he started school, he was generally reserved and standoffish from the rest of the class, preferring instead to read and draw. Whilst he did have friends and was able to interact with other children well enough for the most part, he was generally considered one of the more aloof pupils in his class. Whilst there was some mild concern about his withdrawn nature, his parents and teachers accepted that he just wasn’t a very outspoken person.

Sandy generally enjoyed reading children’s story books, particularly the works of Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. He would become very immersed in the stories, eager to see where the plot would turn next, and often went through fiction at a rapid pace for his age. As for his drawing, he typically took inspiration from scenes or characters from his books, but he also drew things that he’d seen in his everyday life too.

Whilst he was able to enjoy his first decade of life, tragedy struck when Sandy was ten years old. The family were involved in a car incident that cost the lives of both Patricia and Joseph, both front airbags failing to deploy. Whilst Sandy suffered only minor injuries, the emotional damage was severe.

Following the period of upheaval, Sandy went to live with his closest relative: his uncle Tom, a bartender in Kingman, Arizona. As a result of the accident, Tom launched a lawsuit against the airbag and car manufacturers, leading to a generous settlement outside of court. Sandy was given three million dollars in compensation, which Tom put in a trust fund that was not to be accessed until Sandy turned eighteen.

It took Sandy months to start interacting with people on a regular basis again after the accident, spending the time withdrawn in to himself and only barely paying attention in school, even with special support. His uncle did his best to help him through the period, and he underwent a long period of therapy, but it was a difficult time that required a significant amount of healing.

Sandy’s therapy often took an artistic angle, as he found it easier to communicate his feelings and grief through illustrations than through words. It was during these sessions that he began to extend his interests from drawing to watercolour painting, preferring the way the colours of the paints blended together compared to his pencil colourings. As he began filling up most of his spare time with his art, his technique improved quite readily.

One of the ways that Tom helped to bring Sandy out of his despair was to take him on tours of the desert surrounding Kingman. It was during these trips that Sandy developed his interest in photography, an interest that his uncle also shared. He became enamoured with the way that photos could capture visually stunning moments, whilst also enjoying the ability to experiment with the nature and elements of the shot to capture the image in a different context. The photographs of the surrounding wildlife and other interesting sights began to fill up albums at home, and it became a strong bonding activity for the two.

Sandy continued to enjoy reading as he grew older. He found himself mostly drawn to fantastic narratives or books with a light-hearted or satirical bent, finding them easy to read and enjoying the wit and humour, along with experiencing the twists and turns of the narrative. Meanwhile, he found it very hard to stomach books that revolved around death or horror, due to his personal experiences, and continues to avoid these genres to this day.

When working on art, reading, or just relaxing in general, Sandy tends to surround himself with music. He enjoys relaxed music, like the work of Enya, and finds that ambient sound helps him to concentrate. He often listens to music whilst travelling, and when feeling particularly low he is known to shut himself in his room with the music turned loud, attempting to drown out his thoughts with distractions.

By the time Sandy reached high school, he was back to the point of interacting with other people, though he continued to be reserved and focused on his own interests. He did try to make friends around the school, and in spite of his difficulty expressing himself through middle school, he was socially competent enough that he could still hold conversations when he wanted to. However, lingering feelings of depression continued to affect him, making it difficult for him to consistently socialise.

Academically, Sandy tends to do average to poor in a lot of his subjects. Whilst he isn’t lacking for intelligence, his low moods combined with his general disinterest in academics results in him generally only achieving a low C average in most subjects. The exception is naturally art, in which his enthusiasm and experience with allows him to maintain a solid A average. He also tends to perform better in English, maintaining a B grade, due to his reading habit.

Whilst Sandy doesn’t have much interest in sports, he maintains a reasonably fit physique through a convenient if not overly demanding workout routine, appreciating the importance of regular exercise and keeping physically healthy.

Though Sandy continues to see a therapist on and off again, he has yet to make significant progress in alleviating his depression. He has resisted suggestions to start taking medication, as he is concerned about the side-effects. At times he chooses to stop going to sessions under the belief that they are no longer helping, only to later be pressed into returning by his uncle. He is currently not seeing a therapist regularly.

Sandy is a member of a few groups at school, mostly in an attempt to reach out to people again, but his attendance is sporadic at best. He is a member of the art club, and occasionally contributes photographs to the newspaper and yearbook groups.

Sandy’s art generally takes a semi-realistic style, applying different colour stylings and abstract structure to images taken from real life, or recreating photographs he found particularly memorable. He does dabble in photorealism and abstract art as well, but he generally prefers his work to focus more on the colour than the shape. He also still draws, usually as a base to paint from. His photography, meanwhile, is typically based on striking landscapes and natural beauty, though he has attempted to capture more emotion in his photographs for his work with the newspaper and yearbook. He has also entered his art in some competitions, looking for venues to display his expression, but has yet to win anything notably serious.

He came to the realisation that he was gay during his sophomore year of high school, through self-exploration and the interactions that he’d had with other pupils. He came out to his uncle during his junior year, who was supportive for Sandy’s sake, and he is generally comfortable with his orientation. He doesn’t feel the need to draw attention to it around school, however, and generally keeps it to himself.

Now that Sandy has turned eighteen, he has access to the wealth in his trust fund. However, he has yet to make any significant use of it and is hesitant to start doing so. He has no real plans for after high school, only wanting to continue living with his uncle at home and spending his time pursuing his interests. His uncle is generally against this lack of long-term goals, but is having trouble finding the best way to coax him into loftier pursuits.

Advantages: Naturally introverted, Sandy is unlikely to find solitude on the island particularly mentally taxing, which could allow him to be more selective in which alliances he forms, if any. His interest in art and photography give him an eye for detail, which will give him the edge in noticing clues that may help the situation.
Disadvantages: Sandy’s emotional state is fragile, and the intense circumstances of the island are liable to bring back traumatic memories, which will severely handicap his ability to cope. His reclusive nature will also lower his pool of potential allies on the island, due to his limited number of friends to fall back on.

Designated Number: Male student No. 025


Designated Weapon: 1x Molotov Cocktail
Conclusion: Sadly B025 you're not in Harry Potter, your parents deaths doesn't make you the chosen one. It just makes you a kid who's about to join them.- Josie Knight