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Tragedy + Time
((Gray Emerson continued from Gethsemane))

Every step was pain. It had been slow going for Gray especially since he could barely put weight on his knee. If he did he just got an extreme shooting pain to remind him that his left leg didn't have a knee anymore. It would just make everything that much harder and be another thing he had to worry about, on top of everything else he had to deal with. Funnily enough Gray's first thought as he realised how bad his injury actually was, was that he may never be able to skate again. That was something that hit him hard. It was his future; had been his future. It was something he knew would be there and be the same if he got back home.

That wasn't true anymore. Hansel had seen to it. For what may have been the first time in his life Gray actually felt anger towards another human being. It was a strange feeling. He wasn't sure how to deal with it. He settled for swearing under his breath. It helped a little bit.

They'd wandered onto the grounds of what Gray guessed was a school if the buses and athletic field were anything to go by. Gray could vividly remember the last time he had been on an athletic field. It was weird thinking about it since half of the people who had been involved in that argument were dead. Steven and Cassandra had both been murdered by Katarina and he hadn't seen Andi since they'd gotten separated. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't worried about her. She hadn't shown up in any of the announcements so that was a good sign at least. It meant she wasn't dead.

Gray hopped across the field and set himself down on one of the many benches that littered the area. He set himself and his bag down so that he could get a rest, placing the FAMAS down on the table top. His pistol was tucked down his jeans again and Sean's gun was in his bag. He'd refused to give it back. Not after how Sean had acted in the house, it made it clear that it was still too risky.

As Gray scanned the area looking for any other members of their class that could have been hiding he spotted a sign that said there was an Easter egg hunt. Gray had a morbid though of kids running around the island trying to find the most bodies. It was so silly it made him smile.

"We can rest up here Sean. Think we're a safe from anyone dangerous."

Sean was ok. That...that was good. It meant they'd actually gotten away from a fight with Hansel Williams with both of them alive. It was more than a lot of other people on the island could manage. Hansel had a body count that was scary but they'd avoided becoming just another statistic.

The adrenaline was wearing off and it meant Gray could seriously assess the situation with his knee. In short, it was fucked. Whatever had gone wrong with it after coming into contact with a car had been made one hundred percent worse by Hansel stomping on it. He couldn't put any weight on it. So it was broken, the real question was how badly was it broken?

"I'll be fine. Just need to wrap my knee up. Give it some support." Gray managed to say in between hops. He managed to get around the sofa to his bag. He rummaged around for his first-aid kit as he continued. "Get your stuff. We aren't safe here." Popping the lid open he pulled out the bandages and put them to one side.

Rolling his jeans up Gray sent more pain rushing up his leg. His knee was a mess, instead of being a solid piece of bone it felt like it had turned to mush and looked to be off to one side. Gray wasn't a doctor though and didn't want to mess with it too much. After pushing what he thought was his kneecap roughly back to where it should have been he wrapped it in bandages. Making sure it was cushioned adequately and tightly bound, Gray put bandages back in the first aid kit and put it away in his bag.

Standing up made Gray realise that the bandages really didn't make much difference. If it made a difference at all he couldn't tell. It still hurt almost as bad as when the car hit him and walking was still basically impossible. It didn't matter though, they had to go; they had been found twice over the course of a day. A third time could lead to a fatality.

"Let's go Sean." Gray said as he half hopped, half limped out of the living room and out of the house. It had been an insane evening and morning though. So at least things were staying exciting.

((Gray Emerson continued in Tragedy + Time))

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Oh right yeah forgot to link this last night. XD

Three days early

I Was Once Alive
The cold barrel of the gun pressed against his forehead and the cold wall of the alcove pressed against the back of his head. Chris was about to die but at the same time he felt comfortable dying the way he was. He was dying to his own mistake. There was no random chance or act of god. If he had shot Hansel when he had the chance he would have survived the trip to the mall.

He stared into Hansel's eyes, they were almost the same as his.

The colour was nice actually.

B080: Christopher Harlin - Deceased
28 students remain

I Was Once Alive
Chris exhaled and tossed his gun to one side. He wasn't going to need it. It looked like his death had arrived a lot sooner than he had been predicting.

Hansel wanted him to turn around so he could shoot him in the back, Chris didn't know much about getting shot or dying, but he knew getting shot in the back meant you were a coward.

"No." Chris said, managing to somehow keep his voice level. He'd had a chance to kill Hansel and he hadn't taken it. That was clearly a mistake. There was no point dwelling on it though. It was in the past and he was about to die in the present. As for the future? Fuck it. He just hoped Maddie managed to get away. "You can look me in the eyes and shoot me."

I Was Once Alive
The wall was cold; the muzzle of the gun was cold against his throat too. If Chris had been scared the first time he'd met Hansel he now knew what real fear was.

He was probably dead. Correction: he was dead. Hansel would be able to shoot him before he could try anything. He asked where his friends were, that almost made Chris smile. His friends were dead. If he meant Michael and Maddie he had their relationship wrong. They were just a group brought together by Hansel ironically enough. The same person who was about to break it apart.

"They're gone." Chris managed to force out. "No one here but me."

It was the only thing he could think of to save Maddie

I Was Once Alive
((Skipping to get Chris' death done))

As Chris lay there it occurred to him that Michael had been gone for a long time. Back home, it wouldn't have been an issue. But they weren't back home and that meant he could have been in trouble. He hadn't exactly done a thorough search of the mall when he'd looked around, so it was possible Michael had been attacked by someone who was hiding. That was enough of a risk to make Chris get up and get his gun out.

"I'm going to look for Michael. He's been gone a while, it's probably nothing but I want to make sure." He told Maddie as he flicked the safety of his gun off. "I'll make it quick."

He'd find Michael and bring him back, then they could find some where less open to hole up it wouldn't be an issue. He made his way along the upper floor of the mall, looking in every store as he did. There wasn't any sign of Michael. The only place he couldn't just look into was the toilets since they had a little corridor leading to him.

As Chris rounded the corner to check the toilets he bumped into someone he didn't think he'd see again so soon.

Hansel had been hiding, and he'd walked right up to him.

I Was Once Alive
Three or four more days.

That sounded like an eternity and like it was hardly any time at all at the same time. It was a weird feeling, knowing his potential death was so close but also so far away.

Three or four more days until everyone but one person was left alive. It was a scary notion, almost everyone he knew would be dead and gone in less than a week and those that were never got on the plane or their parents would have to live the rest of their lives after having experienced the deaths of their children, after getting to watch it happen.

Three or four days until he was alive or dead.

"Yeah, it's a grim thought." Chris said with a sigh. "I'm sorry for asking." He thought about what Maddie had said about everyone and while it was a bleak outlook it was honest and was the scenario they were approaching. The question was whether you chose to accept what you did or embraced it. The real struggle would be not getting crushed under the weight of it all. It was harder than it sounded. Chris was already starting to feel that pressure.

From where he was lying he sighed. "Your right, pretty soon everyone's going to have blood on their hands whether they like it or not. I guess the terrorists win when that happens don't they?"

How could you do anything good in the situation they were in?

The gunshot hadn't stopped them. They continued fighting, Sean holding onto Hansel's back for dear life and Hansel struggling to get the smaller boy off. Gray couldn't fire another shot at the pair because he ran the risk of hitting Sean. Although as soon as he thought about the problem Hansel yelled out in pain and threw Sean off his back. Gray had to push himself off to one side to avoid his friends flying body. The movement cause his leg to explode in pain again but he grit his teeth and pushed himself back up into a seated position.

He could see Hansel moving to run so he made a snap decision, one he hoped was right. He aimed the FAMAS at Hansel and pulled the trigger. The gun roared into life again. The barrel kicking up from the recoil. In the time it took Gray to get it back under control he couldn't see Hansel anymore. So he had probably missed him.

Lowering the FAMAS Gray breathed out a sigh of relief. They had ended up going toe to toe with the most dangerous person on the island and had both survived. That was something to be thankful for. His luck had seen him through again, mostly intact. Using the stock of the gun he pushed himself up onto his feet and gingerly put weight on his left leg. It was broken, he knew that much. It wasn't the first time he'd broken it or any bone for that matter. But it was bad, he didn't know how badly and he didn't really want to know. All he knew was that his knee had gone from a potential problem to an actual one.

"Sean, you ok man?" Gray asked in between hops as moved across the room. He hadn't seen where Sean had gone after Hansel had thrown him. Gray just hoped he wasn't badly hurt. They needed to leave as soon as possible; the house they were in was nowhere near as safe as he had thought it would be.

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First time doom bots, am I missing something here or?

Gray should have seen it coming. The sudden calm in the room after the tension in the beginning. They'd both assessed the situation and come to a conclusion. Hansel said two words and Gray's brain didn't click, then he moved and Gray caught up with what was happening too late. Hansel leg kicked out and connected hard with his knee. There was a sickening crunch as the boot connected with it and Gray went down.

He had always had that niggling thought in the back of his mind that told him his knee would be the thing that got him killed, and here was the proof. He was about to get shot because his knee had been wrecked. As luck would have it though and Gray was genuinely thankful for luck. Sean chose that moment to burst out of the bedroom screaming. Gray didn't stay and watch instead he rolled away and pulled the FAMAS with him.

Propping himself up against a wall Gray lifted the FAMAS up high, wincing as he caught his knee. It sent pain shooting up his leg from just the stock of the gun bumping into it. That wasn't a good sign. Making sure the FAMAS was propped up steady Gray breathed out and pulled the trigger, hoping the sound of the gunshot would stop Sean and Hansel in their tracks.

V5 Eighth Announcement
Ok I have a killer for Chris but they're pre-booked, so could I have a week extension to make sure this gets done?

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Heroing Christopher Harlin for Madeline Wilcox

Death ideas would be sweet since Chris needs a good death and stuff.

Hansel was a killer. That was the short version. The long version was that Hansel the biggest killer on the island and yet here he was, having dropped one of his guns at Gray's feet and asking for it back. Like on the boat when Sean had pointed the pistol at him Gray knew he should have been scared, but he didn't feel scared. Instead he just felt comfortable with what was happening; he was calm.

Hansel picked himself up off the floor and asked for his gun back. Gray glanced down at the machine gun he was standing on. How many people had Hansel killed with it? How many of his classmates had died at the hands of one of their own using the machine gun he was standing on? How many of them had been innocent and posed no threat to Hansel?

Gray didn't want to know the answers to any of those questions. It wasn't that he didn't care; he just had an idea of what the answers and didn't want to hear it confirmed. He looked at Hansel, he had another gun.

Adrenaline was starting to flow around his body getting him ready for staying or running. Here he was in a standoff with a killer but unlike Sean, this one wasn't his friend to begin with. He felt the danger much more, but he still wasn't scared of Hansel. He was just aware of the stakes.

"It's fine where it is." He said locking eyes with Hansel.

I Was Once Alive
Relax wasn't the word Chris would have used. There was being able to ease off the throttle or putting your foot down. Right now they were easing off the throttle, saving themselves for the moment they'd need to go full speed again. Michael walked off somewhere, probably to settle down himself. Find somewhere he could unwind. Chris didn't pay much attention. The place seemed empty besides the corpses. He wouldn't end up getting into trouble.

Chris put his bags down, glad to have the opportunity to get their weight off his shoulders. He lay down by Maddie, finding something comfort in having back pressed against a hard surface. It helped fight the dull ache across his body. A couple of the fingers on his hand hurt. He may have done something to them when he beat Stephanie to death. He hadn't slept since then and he dreaded it. He knew he'd relieve the moment in his dreams.

"Hey Maddie, how much longer do you think this will go on for?"

((Skipping because approaching inactivity.))

They both left. Finn had to launch another verbal jab to soothe his own ego but Gray just ignored him. He was a child, he wasn't going to last very long if he got separated from Matt. It was almost insulting to Gray that so many of his friends had died while Finn had survived. It was almost enough to make him angry. Almost. Gray breathed a sigh of relief when he sure they were gone though.

Only then did he turn and fall back onto the sofa. Things seemed to be on a downward spiral, almost everyone left had killed at least once and a good amount of those people had killed multiple times. Luck was for losers huh? Gray had proven that motto wrong multiple times over, his life right now seemed to be based around luck and being in the right place at the right time.

"They're gone Sean." Gray didn't add anything more; Sean could do whatever made him feel safest. A Sean that felt safe was a Sean who wasn't dangerous. Panic him like Matt and Finn had been doing and well there would have most likely been bodies. Gray re-positioned his hat on his head and then went back to lying down on the sofa. They probably weren't safe in the house anymore if people could easily just walk in and out like Matt and Finn had. They'd need to move.

Before he could put any of his thoughts and concern into action though Gray had found himself drifting off to sleep once again.

He woke with a start. He was still alive, that was lucky. He took a drink from his water to soothe his dry throat. He didn't know if Sean was awake or not. He thought about checking but stopped himself, there was no point. Instead he made his way over to the front door, he felt like getting some fresh air. He had gotten to the doorway when the front door itself was smashed in.

The person who had crashed through it managed to get a decent way into the room before ending up flying into the air and landing flat on their back. The hat was a giveaway. Hansel Williams had literally just fallen into the house Gray was hiding out in.

Luck is for losers. It looked a lot more like a winner needed some luck from where Gray was standing. The machine gun that Hansel had been carrying had flown out of his hand and slid along the floor until it reached Gray's feet. Luck is for losers huh? Gray put one of his feet on top of the gun and watched Hansel roll over.

He didn't draw his pistol. He wouldn't need it.

Luck was a funny concept sometimes. Karma on the other hand seemed to be fairly set in stone. You could only get so far away.


Gray'd had lucks number ever since he'd survived being hit by the car.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Double post.

Now the Fancy Fae has a loner table.

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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
The good news is, now I'm not the only one with wounds.

I Was Once Alive
((Christopher Harlin continued from The Faster the Treadmill))

Chris was getting sick of walking. Carrying two bags with him had seemed like a good idea at the time but the combined weight of them was starting to make his shoulders ache. He doubted that would have been the case normally but he was tired and worn-down after all the time he had spent on the island.

He'd allowed himself to be led by Michael; it wasn't like he had any preference where they went after all. Basically everything on the island contained memories of an event Chris would have most likely preferred to forget about. He didn't know when he last had a smile on his face. Things like that felt like they were a different life.

Michael had led them to a mall, Chris didn't know why but he was sure there was a reason for it. He was doubtful people still did things on a whim. Not when the chance of a way off the island alive was so close. Every decision was most likely being carefully weighed to make sure someone didn't get murdered as they looked for shelter.

Michael stopped to lean on a wall and Chris moved past him. There were plenty of stores on the first floor, meaning plenty of hiding spots. Chris stuck his head into the closest one to them to check for anyone and instead was greeted by a corpse. He didn't dwell on it, the sight of a corpse was becoming all too common a thing for him to see, a terrifying thought by itself.

He returned to where Michael was and dropped his bags down, relieved to be rid of the weight.

"Doesn't seem to be anyone close to us." He said before realising he was talking directly to a deaf man, he was starting to lose his mind a little. He just hoped Maddie was close enough to have heard him.