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New League of Legends Thread
Yeah some teams just go kill crazy and that's all they'll look for.

Giant Mecha battle!
You can throw me in as a squad member I guess. I took a look at some of the mechs and took a liking to the Shadow Cat not sure if its called the same thing in the game though.

Edit: Appears Mimi wants to me join her squad/harem and rubies were offered.

Start It With a Positive Jam
For a while Yaz forgot about everything as she played Hungry Hungry Hippos. She focused on playing the game and all the other worries and fears she had about being stuck on the island vanished. Yaz didn't have a care in the world for however long they ended up playing the game for, like everything though it had to end. The evening had crept in and stolen away all the fun with it. The idea of sleeping in an abandoned elementary school creeped Yaz out but the other option was finding somewhere else to sleep on her own.

It was safer to stay in the school. As she stood up Yaz did realise just how tired she was. It had been a stressful day and she was emotionally drained. The beating she had taken earlier was still with her too, her face ached and every so often pain spread out from her nose.

The idea of sleep was quickly becoming very appealing. She moved herself into the corner of the room and made the closest thing she could to a bed out of some of the mats. It wasn't that she didn't trust the other girls, but she didn't like the idea of having someone be able to creep up on her. Despite those fears Yaz fell asleep almost as soon as she closed her eyes.

((Yasmin Carroll continued in Not Like Any Previous Sleepovers))

New League of Legends Thread
Wait...Shen isn't supposed to win lane? Are you high?

New League of Legends Thread
Jul 6 2013, 06:53 PM
I would rage at the nocturne's build, but then I remembered that assassin nocturne is actually hilariously strong if you are ahead.
You would rage if it hadn't had worked perfectly for what I wanted. XD

Start It With a Positive Jam
Katy backed up her lie with a half-truth of her own. Yes Katy had given her some painkillers, but she had also been the one who had broken Yaz's nose in the first place. Then she said something sarcastic about what Rebecca and Janie were doing, Yaz fought the urge to roll her eyes. She couldn't even stop being a bitch in a situation like the one they were in; everything seemed to be an attempt to establish dominance in some form.

To her credit Rebecca just rolled with it and made it into a joke. Yaz smiled a little at that, at least someone was managing to stay positive, which was more than she could say for herself...or Katy for that matter. Between the two of them they were the most negative people, or maybe that was because they both in the presence of someone they disliked on a fundamental level.

Janie also tried to lighten the mood and Yaz had to admit it was working somewhat. The pain in her face notwithstanding she felt much better than she did when she had first ventured into the Elementary School. She put it down to how positive the other two girls were.

Granted they could have just been hiding their nerves and how scared they were but at the same time even fake optimism was better than pessimism.

While Yaz was open to the optimism the invitation to actually play Hungry Hungry Hippos felt weird to her. It seemed so out of place with everything they were expected to do during SOTF. In the end though her urge to take her mind off everything won out and with a small shrug she went and sat down behind one of the hippos.

"I guess you’re right." She said to Janie as she started fiddling with the hippo.

New League of Legends Thread
MrPoPotemkin smurfing on NA so level 15 but level 30 over on EU not sure which one of those you want to go with.

New League of Legends Thread
Yeah Darius can just use his passive armour pen and the fact he's Darius to mess people up.

Building him bulky is a good idea because as a general rule when people see Darius enter a fight their first thought is to focus him so they don't get dunked.

Start It With a Positive Jam
The reaction from the two girls was instantaneous, their conversation immediately stopped and all their attention was focused on her.

Yaz didn't like it.

She looked down at the floor to avoid their staring.

Rebecca gasped and asked what happened to her. Yaz glanced up and looked away again, even more attention being put on her when she didn't want any of it. Did she really look that bad anyway? She hated Katy even more, because now she was in a lose/lose situation. She either told Rebecca and Janie that Katy had jumped her, or she lied and Yaz knew that if she lied she would most likely get found out, and then they wouldn't be able to trust her again.

Yaz didn't want to answer Rebecca, because she hated both options.

Luckily Janie came to Yaz's rescue without even realising it.

"I...I woke up by falling off a desk." Yaz practically mumbled the answer. She didn't look up at the other two girls in case her eyes gave her away; instead she hoped they'd think she was just embarrassed. As long as they didn't ask any more questions she'd be fine, they'd hopefully just assume that was it and wouldn't ask any more questions...she hoped at least.

She hated being the centre of attention so much.

New League of Legends Thread
I remember jungling with Udyr, if the lane was warded and you ran in with Bear Stance...well good luck catching a cold.