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Mimi's Sprite Station v2
If you'd be able to make Jasmine Stone that'd be pretty cool. Especially since I put more detail in the appearance becuase of you XD.

Exposition-->Rising Action
Yaz listened to Rachael's response and found that she had a similar thought process when it came to what she said. She was starting to enjoy talking to Rachael more as well, which was always a bonus. She nodded as Rachael spoke and smiled when she had finished speaking. It was almost like hearing someone say exactly what Yaz did. Whether that was weird or not Yaz had yet to decide. In any case she understood what Rachael was saying exactly. "No I get what you're saying." Yaz said with a reassuring grin. "Mainly because I'm the exact same way."

Then a voice addressing her directly rang out across the campus making her jump. "Jesus!" Yaz turned to see Arthur Wells standing a little way behind her. She had art class with Arthur but she hadn't spoken to him too much. She was friendly with him but Yaz didn't talk to many people during her art classes, she mainly just put her ear buds in and got lost in her work. She'd speak to her close friends but that was about it since Yaz's true passion was art and when she was truly focused on her piece it was very hard to snap her out of it.

"Hey Arthur." Yaz said with a friendly smile. "What're you doing out here?"

Exposition-->Rising Action
Every time Yaz got involved in a conversation she always managed to say something stupid or maybe she was just worrying too much about what she said to people and how they'd react. Yaz didn't really know herself, but she did tend to think about what she was saying and consider how people would react.

Yaz was brought back to reality when Rachael asked her if she was alright. "Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." She gave a small smile. "Sorry I tend to think too much about what I say. Do you ever do that?"

Yaz wondered if it would help if she talked to someone about the habit she had. Not that it was all bad. But over thinking what she said; especially in regards to wondering what people thought her probably wasn't the healthiest thing for her mentally. Taking into account how much Yaz worried about what she said especially. So talking to Rachael about it may be for the best, because she seemed friendly at least.

After the Battle
Gray's attempt to actually serve his punishment was getting more difficult. First Cassandra had showed up and had a go at him for pretty selfish reasons, then Steven had shown up but he didn't seem to be there to take a shot at Gray, Andi however had decided to come over for one reason only and that was to mock him. Gray didn't appreciate what Cassandra or Andi were doing but he could see it from their point of view and so had let them take their shots. Cassandra had now fallen silent since Andi had shown up, which Gray found weird but it wasn't really any of his concern.

Steven had approached with a big smile on his face and had asked if everything was alright. It seemed Steven was neutral when it came to the food fight. That or he hadn't been in the cafeteria at the time. Otherwise he'd have been another person who had come over just to yell at Gray. Andi had used the opportunity to vent some more. Gray returned her stare as she spoke it was what he had done with Adonis and that hadn't exactly gone well but if he hadn't been intimidated by Adonis's stare there was no way he was going to let Andi try and death glare him.

Cassandra for all her talk earlier was still silent, not that it mattered to Gray at this point. It was almost as if people were taking turns to rant at him. He half expected someone else to walk across the field and throw a bottle at him since that seemed to be the only logical step up from what was currently happening. No matter what happened though his idea of cleaning the athletic fields had been a bad one and he should've just gone with cleaning the science rooms since he doubted people hung around them after school was finished. Then again judging by how his day had gone up until this point he would've probably found someone who wanted to have a go at him.

Andi then replied to his earlier comment by saying that she doesn't miss. Gray couldn't help smiling at that. Like Cassandra before her Andi had also been annoyed by his refusal to rise to the bait. In the end Gray decided to answer Steven's question since he'd yet to properly acknowledge him. "Not much. Just serving my detention." He turned to Andi. "My stuff also got wrecked. If that makes you feel better. If not then..." Gray shrugged. "There are more bottles over there."

Little's Buddies (Thread V2)
Sounds like a good plan

Exposition-->Rising Action

Rachael didn't have much of a reaction to the picture which was fine with Yaz. It meant that she didn't have to explain what the picture meant to her or why she drew the pictures she drew. It was something Yaz didn't like explaining to people she wasn't comfortable with and even then she rarely explained it to people anyway. It was a subject Yaz didn't especially like talking about with anyone but sometimes she had too and she was glad it wasn't one of those times.

Rachael then started asking questions about Yaz's photography and it would have been impolite to leave them unanswered.

"Yeah it's for art magazines and stuff like that. I had one photo published earlier this year but none since then, which is sucky."

It for Yaz to talk about something she liked to do with no strings attached. Photography was like drawing for her but without the negative feelings...did she just say 'sucky'? There Yaz was having a regular conversation and then she had to ruin it. Yaz felt her cheeks start to go red and she held a hand over her face.

"Nice one." She muttered to herself.

Exposition-->Rising Action
Yaz wasn't aware that Rachael wrote stories and sent them to magazines. It seemed very similar to what Yaz did with photography magazines. Rachael seemed pretty confident with the story she was currently writing. Yaz thought story sounded interesting. Although she was more interested in drawing and photography Yaz did like to read if a book caught her eye but she couldn't exactly judge the quality of them. Yaz did sometimes read comics if that counted, but that was few and far between.

Then Rachael asked what Yaz was drawing and that was where it always got awkward for Yaz. She found it hard to explain to people why she was always drawing monsters since that was personal to her. She was also aware that it was awkward for people to hear why since it was linked to when she was bullied about her height when she was younger. It was the main reason why all her drawings of creatures had weird proportions and were all really tall and Yaz didn't like explaining that to people. She flipped the sketchbook back to what she'd been drawing and showed it to Rachael.

"It isn't finished but it's going to be a monster in some woods. I was just trying to figure out how to shade it." Yaz flipped through the rest of her sketchbook to give Rachael an idea of what else she drew. "I also take pictures and send them to magazines and stuff. Kinda like you do with your stories." Yaz had no idea why she had added the bit about her photography but know she had said it she just had to wait for Rachael's reaction.

Exposition-->Rising Action
"No problem." Yaz replied.

Rachael seemed to be alright with her ideas for kingdom names; she'd said that she'd need to assign names to people and then she'd gone back to typing. Yaz had gone back to working on her piece and was looking intently at the creature occupying a large space slightly to the right of the centre. She had been engrossed in the piece before Rachael had asked for help and now Yaz couldn't get her concentration back. She had been thinking of a specific way to shade it so that it popped out more than the rest of the picture but she had forgotten what that way was.

Yaz could still here the sound of Rachael typing and peeked over to see that Rachael was immersed in the story she was writing. She didn't exactly know what Rachael was writing but Yaz was finding that she couldn't regain her focus on the piece she'd been working on. She flipped back through the sketchbook to see if she could find inspiration from any past pieces but apart from finding out that she'd drawn a knight with spikes all over their armour which she couldn't remember there was nothing to help her with what she was currently working on.

Yaz sighed and looked over at Rachael again she didn't seem to be having the same problems and Yaz was getting increasingly curious as to what she was actually writing. Yaz carefully set her sketchbook down next to her before starting to speak.

"What..." Yaz couldn't even believe herself sometimes. "What are you writing?" She asked nervously.

After the Battle
Gray blinked as Cassandra's rant came to an end. He'd never been called an 'idiot boy' before so that was something new. When he thought about it yeah the food fight had been a bad idea and people would have been caught in the middle. But he guessed he just got caught up in the moment. Granted Kyran was the one who had planted the idea in his head but that wasn't exactly his fault. He couldn't blame Kyran for something he'd done. At the same time though he did wonder what would have happened if Kyran hadn't gotten involved. From what he had been imagining it didn't seem like it would have been pleasant. That was in the past however and now Gray got to pick up litter due to how it had gone, which seemed like the better result to him.

He was brought back to reality when he realised Cassandra was glaring at him. It did to seem to him that her reasoning had been slightly selfish when it came to why him starting the food fight was a major disturbance and annoyance for many of the people involved. Of course it hadn't seemed to disturb anyone that had joined in, but that was another matter entirely. Even if the school wanted to punish everyone involved it would have been next to impossible because of the amount of people that had been involved. Instead they had just caught the main causes of the food fight/fight and punished them, which was a much better idea.

Gray didn't want to make a scene but it did seem that Cassandra could potentially cause one. So he decided it was best not to mention that she had slightly selfish reasoning. Unless he wanted her to yell at him. But he seemed to have rubbed her the wrong way by just being present so he couldn't really help that. He could have left but he really didn't feel like continuing his punishment inside. He decided it would have been best to play it safe.

"I know lots of other people got caught up in the food fight. But I can't change what I did. So for what it's wor-"

"Hey, guys. What brings you out here today?"

Unfortunately for Gray he was interrupted by a yell from across the playing fields. He glanced in the direction it came from to see a boy standing a little way back on the fields, Gray acknowledged him with a short wave. He couldn't quite make out their face but the voice sounded like Steven Salazar who was involved with the school newspaper. Obviously he wasn't coming over to talk to them because of the school paper because school was over. So he must have been leaving school and just spotted them. Not that Gray minded, although he would have preferred to finish what he was saying to Cassandra but considering what had happened during the day he wasn't too surprised that someone else had turned up.

That was when the water bottle had flown past Gray and crashed into the bin.

“Mind picking that up?”

Gray looked in the direction the bottle had come from to see Andi Victorino smiling at him, but it was far from a friendly smile it was more evil than anything else. Like Cassandra before her Andi was trying to get a rise out of Gray by mocking him. It was a more vicious attempt though since Gray was also around two others so Andi was trying to embarrass him as well. Obviously she had been caught up in the food fight. Gray hadn't interacted with Andi much so he didn't know what she was like personally but he knew that the current situation wasn't the best way to start proper interaction.

"Sure." Gray said with a shrug. "It's kinda why I'm here." He picked the bottle up and threw it into the bin. "Might want to work on your aim though."

After the Battle
Gray had managed to find a rhythm and was managing to pick the litter up and deposit it in the bin bag efficiently enough. He had no idea how long he'd been picking up litter for but he knew that if he wasn't humming the tunes to songs as he worked he'd have gone insane. That said it wasn't like he had too much to worry about. He would be fine as long as he didn't check what the time because then he'd know how much time he had left and that would just make things feel like they were taking forever.

One of the other bonuses of being outside was that the weather was good, which Gray appreciated. The sun was warm but there was a nice cool breeze that stopped it being too hot. Sure the punishment was tedious but he could have had the punishment that Kyran and Adonis did, so Gray would have been lying if he said he hated picking up litter. It wasn't what he wanted to be doing but it was better than the alternative, which was being suspended from school for five days and being banned from prom. Gray didn't really mind about the being banned from school, the catch-up work would suck but it wasn't all bad. Missing the prom however would have been gutting and Gray was glad he'd still be able to go. It was funny actually because he never realised how much he'd wanted to go to prom until he'd seen other people's opportunities taken away from them.

Gray had just started to clean up a large pile of litter when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey, it's too bad they aren't making you help clean the cafeteria? That would have been a little more apt, don't you think?"

Gray turned to see a girl who was just shorter than him. The first thing he noticed was the wavy brown hair that framed her face and green eyes. He blinked quickly to keep himself focussed. He was struggling to put a name to her face until he noticed that she was standing up perfectly straight. Then he realised that it was Cassandra Black who was trying to get a rise out of him. Gray had never had any problems with her before but from the sound of it she had been in the cafeteria when he had started the food fight. That or she had heard from someone that he had started it and just wanted to make fun of him, which made no sense. Gray thought it was a well-known fact that he was amazingly laid back, but it seemed he was wrong. He decided not to rise to the bait and instead just play along.

"Yeah I would've preferred cleaning the cafeteria. It would have been more interesting that's for sure." Gray pretended to wipe sweat from his brow, before grinning and continuing to pick up litter. Sure it may have been a dickish thing to say but she had decided to come over with the sole intent of messing with him. So he was going to give it back. It only seemed fair. It wasn't like he had just been able to walk away...well that was slightly true but he was being punished for what he did, of course she wasn't aware that his iPod had been destroyed by his own actions or that he could potentially be losing his Skateboard for an undetermined amount of time. All she had seen was him picking up litter, which to someone who had been caught up in the food fight may not have been considered enough of a punishment. It even seemed that him starting the food fight was more well-known than Kyran and Adonis's fight. He didn't quite know how to feel about that.

Exposition-->Rising Action
Rachael had greeted her and then gone back to typing on her laptop. So Yaz just sat down cross-legged on the bench within the gazebo and rested her sketchbook on her lap. She flipped through some of the pages until she reached the picture she wanted to work on. It was currently just some basic outlines that she wanted to add to and then shade. She thought it was kind of rude for Rachael to go straight back to listening to her music and typing. But then she had said "Hi" and Yaz wasn't exactly amazing at conversations anyway so it wasn't all bad. Just in case though she put her right ear bud in so that if Rachael did decide to talk to her, she'd be able to hear her.

The picture she was currently drawing was of some creature climbing a tree in some kind of twisted forest. Yaz had a distinctive style to her drawings where the limbs of a creature would seem to be elongated and the one she was drawing had really long arms which she'd only just noticed. She shrugged and started to shade in the tree it was climbing up. She didn't exactly know what texture she wanted the creature to have so she was going to shade it last so that she had more time to get an idea or decide how she wanted it to look. Yaz liked her pieces to have a specific feel and she tended to be very specific with the details of whatever she was drawing.

Just as she was getting engrossed in the piece however she heard a voice addressing her.

"Excuse me. Excuse me. If you could build your own fictional kingdom, what would you call it?"

That caught Yaz off guard and she froze.

"I don't know much about fantasy." Yaz muttered to herself before turning to Rachael and giving her a nervous smile. "Ummm, I have no ideas." She muttered again before shaking her head. "How about...Runedara? Maybe Yundrasa?" Yaz rubbed her headband. "Sorry if they aren't very good." She said apologetically.

Yaz didn't know how Rachael would react to her ideas but she seemed to be fairly similar to her when it came to conversations. So if she didn't like her ideas she might not say so. Not that Yaz minded, she didn't exactly consider herself to be very good at conversation anyway, let alone with someone she only knew the name of. She tended to keep her sentences short if she was talking to someone she didn't know very well. It was her own way of protection she had developed. It meant she could see how the other person acted and whether they were actually a nice person to talk too. Right now it seemed that Rachael was a person Yaz would be able to talk to.

Drawn Pictures
Hey since I'm amazingly late to this party would you be able to draw Gray Emerson and Yasmin Carrol?

Also I'm loving all your drawings so far.

After the Battle
Gray looked out across the playing fields and all the lying around on them and sighed. It looked like his three hours of detention was basically litter duty. The cafeteria would have been more interesting even if it was messier. But then again at least picking up litter was easier, even if it was more boring. As he got to work he started to reflect on what he had done to end up outside picking up litter for three hours of his life. Not to say it wasn't his fault, because it was and he'd cost Kyran the chance to go to prom which made him feel worse. That was mostly due to the fact Kyran had got involved to prevent a fight between Gray and Adonis. Gray doubted if a fight would have started or if Adonis would've just hit him repeatedly. Gray would've been lying to himself if he thought he could take Adonis, unless Adonis tired himself out with punching or Gray got a lucky shot.

He picked up a crisp packet using the claw he'd been given and put it into the bin bag. It was going to be a tedious three hours that was for sure. It didn't even matter if he made good headway and finished cleaning the playing fields. He'd just be moved to a different area and made to pick up litter there as well. So he decided to take his time picking up the litter around the playing fields. Since the whether was alright and he enjoyed being outside when compared to being inside the school right now, that may have had something to do with the fact Mrs Freeman looked like she would suspend him if she saw him again.

His mom had been less then impressed when he had called her to let her know that he was in detention for three hours. She had been on his side right up until he caused the food fight. Then she had been fully behind his detention; even threatening to confiscate his skateboard. Gray was slightly worried about that because he didn't like the idea of the new skateboard that he'd built specifically to suit him being taken away. He knew what his mom was like though and was also relying on the fact that he'd done it to try and help a friend out. Normally she would forgive him for that, the fact that his iPod had been nuked by a bowl of jelly probably helped too. But that's what he got for leaving it out on the table and now he'd have to buy a new one.

The memory of the food fight still made him smile though, along with the look that Adonis had on his face as Gray had left Mrs Freemans office. Even though he'd ended up with the detention he still counted it as a good day, because how often did anyone get to start a food fight. Plus Adonis had gotten what he deserved while Gray himself had managed to walk away relatively unscathed. It still sucked about Kyran though. He'd have to find a way to make it up to him, since he'd gotten involved to protect him and all.

Exposition-->Rising Action
Yaz took her headband off and wiped the sweat that was forming under it off her forehead as she made her way across the campus. It was a really humid day and she was hot even though she was only wearing a black tank top and a pair of tight fitting jeans. It wasn't like the clothes she had got any thinner either. So she was stuck with what she had on.

Yaz had managed to find a gazebo that seemed empty and she was making her way towards it. As she did so she opened up her bag and took her sketchbook out. Since the gazebo seemed empty it would be easy for her to just put some good time into her current drawing. She had her headphones in and was listening to Three Days Grace. Yaz always found that she worked better and was more creative whenever she listened to music.

As she walked into the gazebo however she saw that there was actually someone in the gazebo already. Yaz froze momentarily. She recognised the person as Rachael but she couldn't remember her surname. Luckily for Yaz Rachael was also listening to music and had yet to notice her. Yaz pulled her headphones out and said a greeting.

She then stood there awkwardly. Rachael must have had her music on louder than Yaz had thought since it didn't look like she had heard her. Yaz didn't want to interrupt Rachael because she seemed to be concentrating, but at the same time she didn't want to just sit down because that would be weird for Rachael. One minute she was on her own and then when she looks up someone is sitting next to her. Yaz didn't want that to happen to her so she didn't want to do it to Rachael so instead she opted for the simplest thing she could think of. She waved at Rachael from over the top of her laptop hoping she caught her eye so she could stop feeling so awkward.

Clouds Up
Yaz watched as Michelle left feeling better than she had done when she had first walked into the diner. She had gone from dreading prom to actually being excited about it. Yaz had a smile on her face as she finished off her drink and took out the assorted coins from her pocket; she dropped them onto the table and started to count them out. She hummed a tune to herself as she did so. She was distracted thinking about prom because she remembered that she needed to pick out a dress from the ones she'd liked. It seemed like a lot of effort but since she was going with others now she would need to make sure she looked alright.

Yaz was so lost in her own thoughts that when Amy spoke to her she jumped. Amy was smiling at her and said that she needed to go otherwise her parents would shout at her. Yaz smiled back and nodded and returned the hug that Amy gave her. She waved as Amy left the diner and went back to counting her coins. She wasn't exactly sure how much she wanted to leave as a tip. She also wondered what it would be like to go with a big group but at least Michelle said Kam would be cool with her and Amy joining them. So that mean't it wouldn't be awkward and that was always a positive.

Yaz also realised that if she went to prom she'd need shoes and to do her hair. She sighed the more she thought about it the more she had to consider and the more effort she'd have to put into prom. But at least it would be fun, she hoped. She decided to leave a generous tip before putting her headphones in and leaving the diner. With the realisation that she had to prepare much more than she realised her nerves had returned but she tried to forget about it as she made her way home.

((Yasmin Carroll continued elsewhere...))

Do you sneak some of your own traits into your characters?
It just kinda happens that each of my characters seems to have some part of my personality in them. Even the ones that are based off people I know have a bit of my personality since I won't know how the person I'm basing it off will react to every situation possible.

Think Before You Act
Gray thought his punishment would be worse than it was so he counted himself lucky for that. Sure his detention period would suck but once he’d done that he was free to carry on with his life. He’d clearly got off easy since Mrs. Freeman was right, he did end up starting everything. But since he didn’t actually get physically involved his punishment was lighter. Although how he got away with starting the food fight he didn’t know. She seemed to think that he’d thrown food but Gray knew better than to correct her. If she knew he had started the food fight his punishment would have been much much worse and Gray was fine with his current one.

He just nodded when she passed her verdict and accepted the paper he was passed. Three hours of cleaning up food, well he had caused the food fight. He knew the custodial staff would be shooting him dirty looks but he could deal with that. He’d just keep his head down and work. He’d have to call his mum though and tell her that he was staying at school for 3 hours. How she’d react to hearing that he’d started a fight, a food fight, and now had to stay behind and clean it up he didn’t know.

He felt bad for Kyran though, all he had done was defended Gray when Alba was looking to beat him to death and now he was unable to go to prom. Gray had glanced over at Kyran when Mrs. Freeman had been writing and Gray could tell he was pissed and Gray sympathised with him. When Mrs. Freeman had finished talking Kyran got up he’d glared at Alba and turned to him and mouthed ‘sorry’. Gray mouthed ‘It’s cool’. But he wasn’t sure if Kyran saw him because he was already on his way to the door.

Gray didn’t want to be alone in a room with Alba and an angry Mrs. Freeman. So he decided it was time to leave. As he got up he looked at Alba and toyed with the idea of mocking him. It would probably come back to bite him in the ass sure but he felt like Adonis deserved it. So in the end he opted for giving Adonis a wink and mouthing ‘unlucky’. He adjusted the way his hat was sitting on his head before walking out the door.

((Gray Emerson continued elsewhere.))