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Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well since time is running out I guess we should go for Decoy

Vote: Decoy

Looking for friends and relationships for my characters
I could see Yasmin being friends with Jasmine with them both having a passion for art.

V5's Backyard Fighters
Grey could become involved in this. But he may need to be talked into it.

Casting Call!
Being a techie myself I feel honour bound to lend a character to help tech this. Just need to figure out which one.

V5 Relationship Chart
Wow that was crazy to look at.

But yeah this seems like a good way to keep track of everyone's relationships.

V5 Concepts Thread
Name: Gray Emerson
Gender: Male
Hobbies and Interests: Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding

Appearance: Gray is 5’6” and weighs 134 pounds. He has auburn hair that tends to be messy. It is long enough to cover his eyes when it’s wet. However he tends to wear a warrior international beanie.
Biography: Early on in his life Gray was considered adventurous but lacked direction. He would take up a hobby and then drop it once it bored him. He would revisit old hobbies and take them up again for a short period of time before dropping them again. Eventually his parents got sick of this behaviour since they would need to buy new equipment every time he took up a new activity. This led to them telling him to pick a hobby and stick to it. He compromised and stuck with the two hobbies that were the most similar Surfing and Skateboarding. It may have helped that he could use the skateboard to get into school. Although a bad crash has led to him having a problem with his left leg that causes it to lock in place. Another hobby he has is watching MMA, although he doesn’t practice the sport in any way.

While Gray puts real effort into his two favourite hobbies he doesn’t put the same amount into the rest of his life. He is laid back to the point of being uncaring. This comes from the fact that his dad’s attitude was that people were too caught up in their own lives and problems and never stopped worrying. Gray firmly adopted this philosophy and is laid back because he doesn’t worry. His reasoning for this is that his dad never seemed worried in front of him when he was fired.

Grays attitude crosses over into education as well. He’s an average student who puts in just the right amount of effort to maintain his pass grades. He’s doesn’t seem to care too much about his education when compared to others. He regards exams as a waste of time because he feels you don’t need to put in a high stress environment just so you can prove your knowledge. His time at school when not in class, usually revolves around hanging out with his friends. When out of school he’s more likely to be found outside practicing his skateboarding or surfing, than inside studying.

Facemaker Pic

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Introduction Thread
Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Something I just realised, what if the remanining players are all Mafia members and don't vote? Well now that I've mentioned it, we might get some more votes.

SOTF: Arena (Game ON!)
I'm in.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
It's probably safe to say that's all we're gonna get out of Dropbear since if your lurking that long surely you could have come up with some better plans/ideas, and deflecting it back to Namira has been happening alot so it says "Namira is being treated with suspicision by the town. Let's try and rile that situaution up some more." Or is it just me that thinks that?

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Since I'm going to sleep and I've noticed that this thread tends to get active really fast. I don't want to be left behind if a vote is needed so.

Unvote: Slamexo
Vote: CorruptDropbear

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Seems like a plan. Now we just need to decide who to lynch. Dom mentioned Decoy so maybe we should start there?

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Just to help put pressure on Slam. Try to get something out of him.

Vote: Slamexo

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Ok so after reading through what has become an amazingly active thread.

It's my first game of Mafia and I didn't fully understand how a Jester works at the point I made that post. So if you want to say that's suspicious that is pretty flimsy assumption to go on. I mean everyone has difficulty the first time they do something. But if that's all the evidence you have then your grasping at straws if I'm honest.

I'm thinking we should try to either pressure Slam into being helpful or at the very least not a distraction. Or see if we can get some inactive people talking to reduce the amount of lurking going on.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Vote: Namira

And it begins.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well that's awkward. But yeah that looks pretty damn legit.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I get the strange feeling it's not a coincedence that a list is posted featuring inactive people and suddenly they all pop up voting for Rattlesnake. Just sayin', but that seems suspicious.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
In response to Namira's comment on lurking I decided to make a list of people who have yet to post. Hopefully this good give us some leads. Instead of lynching people who are actively trying to get stuff done. This does include people who joke voted and haven't done anything of value since.

1. Dom
7. decoy73
10. Gwbiii
11. Serpentis.Deteramot
13. CaseyNuge
20. CorruptDropbear
22. Solomir
23. Acidic

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well at least the third party and mafia killed the same person. Saves us potentially losing two townies. So it could have gone alot worse. I'm thinking we either go for some of the more inactive players, or continue going after the leads we have.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
EBWOP: How did I manage to not notice I'd deleted this.

Unvote: Flare
Vote: Slamexo

Sorry Slam but if you are pro-town your a pretty unhelpful pro-town and you've not really done much but critique others.