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Turtle's Murder- I Mean, Relationship Thread
Ming and Aliya could probably be friends as they're both outgoing friendly people.

Forrest would be friends with both Richard and Marceline. (I feel like her and Marceline together would just boil down to the two of them talking absolute rubbish at one another)

Who are these people?
Bret would probably get on well with Kyle since Kyle's a nice person and Bret is an alrightish person.

Primrosette's Relationship Thread
Omg I was right.

Primrosette's Relationship Thread
Emmett wants bullies eyy? I have Bret. He'd totally look down on Emmett.

party don't start til I walk in
Myles and Forrest could potentially be exes, it probably got awkward. Same thing probably happened with Andy potentially.

Bret probably dislikes Myles for a lot of what you have listed as his hobbies.

the thread wherein i pay attention for a week then disappear til v7 starts
Bret would probably be friends with Lee because they're both on the football team and he respects his teammates. He'd probably ignore his ethnicity and faith since they're teammates as well.

in all the posting of relationship threads no-one will notice that i'm gay
Forrest could probably be friends with Teresa because partyhaus Tennessee and Spencer because who doesn't want Drag Race friends? Viewing parties up in here.

I noticed Yuko likes to go jogging, Aliya could use a general running partner and friend who she can just hang out with.

Relationship shit, fiends, enemies, totem spirits etc.
MK Kilmarnock
Jun 29 2017, 06:06 PM
Ohai Deamon, I was hoping that maybe this guy I'm playing will have a relationship with Bret! :)
Hmm I wonder who that could be?

Also, dayum, I wasn't expecting to see anybody that Wyatt would respect so quickly but Aliya really fits the bill.

Well, less 'respect' and 'damn girl I wouldn't mind getting into your pants just so long as you're legal and ain't a terrorist'.
Oh godamnit XD. I guess I'll file that under 'annoying meathead who always comes onto me at parties'.

Maybe my devout Protestant football kid and your devout Catholic football kid can like, really fucking hate each other because of religious differences but still be football buds.
Sounds good, could be I respect your game, how you play and you as a person but I don't appreciate this whole Protestant deal.

Can I be your totem animal, Deamon?
I dunno Yugi, what kind of advice would you give?

CBP - Sorry your message was too big to reasonably quote.

But yeah Forrest and Violet can be friends. Forrest doesn't actually care how other people choose to play. She'd be cool just hanging out over Skype and in person chatting about games etc. They'd probably get in well if Violet finds exotic animals cools and Forrest funny.

Lucas and Brett's relationship sounds perfect

Relationship shit, fiends, enemies, totem spirits etc.
I gots three peeps and they need friends yo. If you want to offer anything you can post in here or PM me. I don't mind.

Aliya Kimia Nemati - Persian girl from Iran who is an aspiring professional wrestler something her father disproves of immensely to the point where the pair barely speak. Wrestles on the school team with a style can best be described as funky. Has two younger sisters one of which she has a fierce rivalry with while the other teams with her whenever they get the chance to wrestle on the weekends.

She's a relaxed, happy-go-lucky person who is generally friendly, in good-spirits and willing to make jokes. The only thing that angers is people insulting her for being Iranian or a Muslim. Her other many hobbies besides wrestling are running and collecting Nike trainers with loud and colorful designs. She works at whatever diner or food place is present at where ever pregame is set to get extra money to pay for training. If there are any parties being held she'll probably attend.

Aliya needs friends and some people who will annoy her. Teammates from wrestling and anyone who is interested in pro wrestling would be cool too. Also someone she works with at the diner or whatever would be cool. If anyone has an idea for her being in a romantic relationship I'm all ears.


Forrest Quin - An asexual girl (though she's not fully aware of that yet) abandoned by her original mother and adopted by a gay couple. Forrest is a DJ and remixer who has a YouTube channel where she posts up remixes and mashups under the pseudonym of DJ HELL KITTY. She's in an all-girl group where her main job is the get the room jumping via beatz. She's also a massive party girl who holds house parties whenever her dads are out of town and is known for being able to consume drugs and alcohol like they're candy. She has a droll and deadpan personality and sense of humour which has a lot of self-depreciation and bizarre interludes. She owns small collection of reptiles and exotic pets, her favorite being a bearded dragon called Drake. Forrest has had a few boyfriends/girlfriends but it never really gets past the dating and kissing phase as soon as it's suggested they go further she freaks out at the idea.

Basically Forrest needs friends she parties with as well as friends she hangs out with normally, she plays League of Legends and is big into the Mega Man X and Super Metroid series still playing the games and sometimes doing speedruns so she'd be friends with fellow gamers. She also needs some exes of either gender who feel aggrieved with how she broke up with them (very sudden and not much warning or explanation). As well as people from around school who don't like her because she's weird.


Bret Carter - American football player who plays Strong Safety. Is massive (he's 6'3") as well as being a massive douche on the field, going full-bore into every tackle not caring whether or not the opponent gets hurt while trash talking up a storm. Is a devout Catholic who prays before every game and wants to get a scholarship to be able to go and play at college. Around school he's an alright person although he does have a tendency to look down on people that aren't in his social circle, anyone who isn't a cool or popular kid basically and is a stubborn fuck regarding his views. Has a twin brother who also plays defence on the football team and will be being played by Ricky.

Bret needs football friends and popular/cool kids friends. There's probably also other people he looks down on and subtly bullies.


Enzo spluttered out some words and sprinted off after Coleen. She was alone again, it was what she wanted though. The rest of the students on the island didn't care for her or see her as person. She didn't feel any connection to them anymore and knew they would all have to die but the conflict within her was still there deep down.

Truthfully she was still contemplating what home would be like and if it would even still be home if she returned. She doubted it would be.

She ejected the magazine from the glock and inspected the bullets. Still the exact same amount as when she had last checked.

Sighing Kimiko pushed it back into place, raised the gun up and fired.

The shot split the air and the casing span out of the gun before landing perfectly upright by her foot.

Kimiko left it there as she returned the gun to her pocket and walked away.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))

V7 Sprites!
Submit as many as you like eh?

Forrest Quin

Aliya Kimia Nemati

General Video Game Discussion Thread
For those interested Fallout 4 is currently £9.99 on Steam (Please convert to your local currency and or item of trading)

Coleen gave a weak smile and muttered something to herself as she backed away from Kimiko. Once she had gone far enough she turned and walked over to Enzo saying something before departing. Kimiko watched her go knowing she was never going to see the girl again. Wherever she was going she would die there. She was hesitant and unsure of what she wanted to do and Kimiko knew that at the very end it would be what killed her. She would find whoever she wanted to kill and she would have the chance to kill them but she would hesitate. That would be it.

Enzo was yelling after her, maybe they also realised the same thing as Kimiko did or they didn't like the idea of being left alone with her. Kimiko merely watched as Enzo was abandoned by their travelling companion and perhaps friend. She didn't envy the position Enzo any. It must have been hard to deal with the decision they had been given. They could either wait with her, which based off their body language while Coleen had been speaking to her was not an idea they found appealing in the slightest or they could leave and potentially never see Coleen again.

For Kimiko's part her job was simple; she just had to wait for Enzo to make a decision, even then they were only being motivated by the fact Enzo had treated them like a real person. It had looked like Coleen would do the same but that hadn't been the case. Despite that Kimiko wouldn't stop Enzo if they wanted to leave. She looked at them once more before turning and continuing to lean on the railing of the docks looking out over the ocean.

It would have been easy for her to kill both Coleen and Enzo at any point in their conversation if she had felt like it. She hadn't though. There was no reason to do it. They had been non-threatening, even going out of their way to appear so. Coleen in her mind had risked her life just to talk with her. Kimiko drew the glock and ejected the magazine, counting how many bullets were left. She had taken two lives with the gun since she had taken it from Nancy by force.

She knew when she had left Enzo last that she was going to have kill again. She had killed three more times since then. Once to get a gun, once by accident and once because they had wanted it. At least that was what she told herself.

Finishing her count Kimiko slide the magazine back into place and replaced the gun in her pocket.

Her fingers reached up and gently felt the gash above her eyebrow. It was a clean vertical slice just above the outside edge of her brow. It still stung every so often and she could feel the dried blood around it. She hadn't seen a mirror yet on the island but she was sure she looked horrifying. Blood running down the front and back of her clothes, tired eyes, the cut on her face, her roots were probably coming back through too.

Stupid thing to think about, her appearance but it was better than allowing her mind to wander as she waited for Enzo to make their decision.

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Jun 23 2017, 02:32 PM
Deamon - The reason Yugi didn't die do to your ability is because he had been protected that round.
Right but then my question is why did Zetsu get two protections when they were the JOAT?

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Shadow of Mordor is £3.50

Actually here's a massive list of all the good deals: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/06/22/steam-summer-sale-our-giant-recommendations-list/#more-455375

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Jun 23 2017, 02:52 AM
Super unfun game but I place only 50% of the blame on Decoy.
I was determined to break the game over my knee
perhaps game would have been more fun if certain people weren't actively trying to sabotage it?
I don't consider playing within the rules given an attempt to sabotage the game. If the setup allows the game to be broken open then I'm not surprised by people doing it.

A mass claim was guaranteed at some stage during the game regardless anyway.

Coleen seemed to know immediately that the question had been the wrong thing to say. The way she avoided Kimiko's gaze told her that much. Despite that the other girl continued talking about her time on the island.

It was the first time Kimiko had heard about someone's time on the island properly since Caleb. She felt a small pang of empathy for the girl but it was tempered by her knowing why Coleen was telling her what she was.

Eventually Coleen stopped and apologised for talking so much. It didn't matter to Kimiko anymore though. She merely shrugged and looked out over the ocean briefly before returning her gaze to Coleen.

It was alright. In the end she should have known better anyway.

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Jun 22 2017, 09:03 PM
Ricky for copping to Inge's crappy safeclaim and pushing him for it.
I did this tho : (

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Also I was very close to just claiming to start the game just to see if anyone would see if I was bluffing.

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
So wait, why did Yugi not die to my ability? Because not even gonna lie I'd been waiting for someone to hit me all game just so I could laugh at them.