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V6 Roll Call
You guys know the drill here! As V6 is fast approaching make yourselves known in this thread so we know whether or not to include your characters!

(Also remember that if you miss roll-call and had an already approved character we can fit you in before the first rolls happen)

See you guys in game!

Sting Like A Stingray
There was something to be said for the persistence Jerry was showing. Trav would have guessed from the tough talk that Jerry would have buckled quickly under pressure, he was being proved wrong. He hadn't really shown anything amazing but Trav knew you could far off pure stubbornness and a desire to be the best.

Jerry was waiting for him to make the next move. Made sense, when you fight a counter-fighter you could either try and draw out shots with footwork and feints or you could force them to lead. Shaking his head slightly and grinning at Jerry's gesture for him to bring it. Having loosened up enough Trav decided to give Jerry what he wanted, he'd just have some fun at the same time.

He switched stances to orthodox as he moved forward with a stepping left hook. His left leg and arm moving at almost the same time. As the distance was closed he faked throwing a right front kick, raising the knee only to quickly lift his left leg up into a flying head kick.

Who said you couldn't put on a show when you fought?

Britian's Leap In The Dark
Eh, we had a good EU deal thanks to not having to take the Euro and a couple of other provisions.

Still it takes 2 years for the accords to be fully processed and we might not even leave by the end of this depending how the talks actually go.

Britian's Leap In The Dark
From the look of it, most British members on the board wanted to stay.

Said and Done
Her suggestion was well-received.

She fiddled with a loose strand of hair as Vans went on her rant. Not that she didn't have any right too, Cameron had fucked up, she knew that. She recognised she had made a mistake, but she didn't want or enjoy her best friend throwing all of her venom and bile at her, she had seen Vanessa at her acidic peak before but had never personally been on the receiving end of it.
“Well…” She didn’t know how to continue. “Fuck sake.”

Cameron went back to staring out of the window, quietly thinking about what to say.

“You still have lead and can do backing vocals. I mean I know I fucked you over here. But it won’t be Peyote Coyote without you and I wouldn’t want to do it if you aren’t there. It’s our band and I’m rambling and I know I’m rambling. I fucked up I’m sorry but…fuck.”

Then her phone fell off her leg.

“Fuck.” Cameron hissed as she tried to pick it up, then it slipped out of her hand.


Said and Done
At least she’d gotten a response, it was better than nothing. Cameron lent over to grab the aux cable, doing it so carefully you would have thought that Vanessa was about to lunge across the jeep and attack her. Once that was done she plugged her iPhone in and set Once More 'Round The Sun by Mastodon to play, she’d got the CD recently and had been wanting to share it with Vans ever since she’d first listening to it. It had a lot of things she thought her friend would like. Tweaking the volume a bit so the detail of the composition was noticeable but wasn’t so loud as to be distracting she settled back into looking out the window.

About halfway through Tread Lightly the silence became so loud it was unbearable. Cameron was on a road trip to go and get tattoos, they couldn’t just sit in silence or exchange one word answers the whole time. She missed talking to her best friend.

“You should come back…Not that you left or anything but…y’know it like wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Cameron Herrig, lyricist.

Said and Done
((Cameron Herrig continued from Smoke On Her Face))

Cameron sat staring out the window.

Vanessa hadn’t said anything since she had begrudgingly agreed to actually go to the tattooists. Cameron had been excited when she’d woken up, today was the day they had booked weeks ago. Today was the day she had sent off sketches for. Finally she was getting her two tattoos. One of a coyote head on her shoulder and the other an eye with a galaxy for the iris on the palm of her hand. They were heading all the way down to Phoenix to get them done, both of them had booked appointments. Cameron was seeing a guy called Earthgrasper, she had seen his art online and fallen in love with it, everything about it appealed to her, the colours, shading and designs.

Vans was getting one as well, although she had either forgotten or just didn’t want to go. Cameron snuck a glance over at Vans driving; she still felt bad about everything and things had been awkward between the two of them ever since she had invited Coleen to join the band. The desert highway was breezing past as California Girls lurched from the radio.

“Can I plug my iPhone in to the aux? Got some new stuff I want to show you.”

Smoke On Her Face
Eventually everyone left and Cameron was left by herself.

((Cameron Herrig continued elsewhere...))

General Video Game Discussion Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jun 23 2016, 12:20 PM
Give me your Battle.net, NAFT. We will play together forever and ever.

Unless you're a filthy Hanzo main.

Wow rude...it's more Widowmaker now anyway.