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"I dunno. Haven't been in it. I'd guess it has a window though." Gray didn't respond to Matt's statement of their being a problem. If he didn't realise he and Finn were the problem Gray wasn't going to tell them. It would just make everything more difficult. Gray ignored Finn's comment. He didn't need to deal with it; Finn was just going to be a problem no matter what.

When he moved around and fell onto the sofa, Gray just stepped away and went over to the door. He wasn't sure if Matt and Finn were meaning to be as invasive as they were being but regardless it wasn't smart. The part where they were treating Sean as a threat despite him only responding to aggression on their part was the weirdest of all.

Sean for his part was panicking. It was understandable. Gray couldn't defend him killing someone, but Sean didn't seem dangerous or in the right mind. He just seemed broken. He'd only be dangerous if he was backed into a corner, something that Matt and Finn were doing without realising it.

Sean was adamant about not leaving the room, and Gray didn't want to argue with him. If he felt safest in there that was fine.

"It's cool Sean. Just do whatever makes you feel best."

Gray rubbed the back of his neck as he looked between Matt and Finn.

"Look, he's not a threat anymore. But honestly you guys aren't helping. So could you go to one of the other houses? Just so that everyone feels safer."

Gray didn't honestly care about whether they thought he was being fair or not or if was he was an idiot. The truth was it was better for everyone if they left the house because their presence was setting Sean off and that wasn't good for anyone.

Fallout Mafia: Sign up thread
Ok fine.

The Faster The Treadmill
Oh he was deaf. That made sense.

Chris had a group again. He wasn't sure what to make of it since his other groups had all ended terribly. Luckily Maddie and Michael seemed to have good heads so he was confident it wouldn't end up exploding straight away at the very least. Maddie had busied herself with her bag so Chris and Michael were left to continue the conversation, which seemed awkward to Chris since Michael was deaf.

Michael was writing something down and when he was finished he passed it to Chris. He couldn't help smiling slightly at the message. Michael was in high spirits at the very least. That or he put up a good front of positivity. Chris didn't care either way if he was honest.

"Sounds good man." He said, giving Michael a thumbs up when he was done.

He picked his bags up and slung them onto his back. Maybe he'd gotten lucky and things had finally worked out. That was a big maybe though.

In the end Chris followed Michael as he left the beach.

((Chris Harlin continued elsewhere...))

General Video Game Discussion Thread
More or less than Origin?

"Thanks for the input." Gray said meeting Finn's eyes. "No need to be an asshole though." Everything was going downhill. Finn had clearly shown he wasn't going to listen to anything Gray actually said so there was no point bothering. What it did mean though was that if Sean had hear Finn he was most likely going to panic more that it sounded like he already was. That wasn't good. He'd been calm when it was just the two of them. Quiet and depressed but calm all the same and that was better than a panicking Sean.

A panicking Sean had the ability to do damage and you couldn't really figure out what he was going to do. The amount of different turns he had taken on the deck of the ship had been scary enough. He didn't need to deal with that again while strangers who didn't know Sean well were around.

"Matt's telling the truth Sean. They don't want to hurt us."

Now Gray had to wait and see if Sean was actually going to listen or if he had already flipped out. He was hoping for the first option. That would make things easier for everyone.

The Faster The Treadmill
"Chris." He reached out and shook the girl’s hand returning her smile. "I wouldn't worry about the whole well-adjusted thing. I've had...a rough couple of days myself."

Images of Stephanie flashed through his mind as he let go of Maddie's hand. That partnership handed ended well, and Stephanie had seemed outwardly sane before she'd flipped out. Still Maddie had just gone face to face with Hansel and seemed to have kept her cool meaning she had a better head on her shoulders than Stephanie at the very least. Anyone who could stare down a ruthless killer like Hansel and still be able to smile afterwards was mentally tough that was for sure.

Chris had a feeling he'd heard Maddie's name in an announcement at some point but he lacked the ability to be high and mighty about her killing someone, he had done the same thing and he hadn't done it in a life or death situation. His kill was about as brutal as they came.

The other guy passed another message across to Maddie. He wasn't much of a talker it seemed and Chris was curious why he was only deciding to communicate with Maddie, he didn't want to sound paranoid but it was disconcerting when two people knew each other and left you out of the conversation. Chris had no idea of knowing what they were talking about.

He nodded his head in the direction of the other boy. "What's with the notes anyway?"

Gray rolled off the sofa and onto his feet. He suppressed a yawn. He couldn't have been asleep long since he hadn't actually dreamed of anything. That or he had just passed straight out. Regardless he didn't feel threatened by Matt or Finn. He had already had a gun pointed at him by one of his friends, so there wasn't anything else that could really surprise or scare him. Plus they seemed mentally stable; no one greeted someone like that unless they were still sane. There was just something different in their voice. Kind of like Sean's was different on the boat, something almost dreamlike about the way he was speaking.

"Eh, doing good. I guess."

He nodded in response to Finn's greeting.

"What about you guys?"

It was at that moment Finn must have spotted Sean in the other room, because he called out if someone was there. Gray raised his hands to try and calm Finn down.

"It's just Sean. He was asleep in there. We aren't trying anything."

Things now had the potential to get ugly and Gray didn't want that. Sean was unstable enough as it was, he didn't need someone getting aggressive with him, that would throw what little stability Sean had regained all out of whack. Sean had already slammed the door shut and Gray could hear him dragging something across the floor.

"No one is aggressive here." He spoke louder, hoping that Sean would hear him and stop whatever it was he was doing.

Murder Critique Theater 2K14
Alright that's five, but if you want to see your character riffed/critiqued just post it here.

Murder Critique Theater 2K14
Right so going to try out something a bit different with my critiques.

It will work the normal way for signing up, just tell me which one of your characters you want me to look at; can be main or mini but the difference comes in how I will be critiquing your characters. Basically I'll give live thoughts as I go and then sum up my overall thoughts at the end. The idea is for it to be done MST3K style (Mystery Science Theater 3000) where they jokingly riff on movies so I'd consider this a disclaimer that if you aren't 100% behind the idea of me poking fun at your character at points than it would be best not to put a character forward.

Oh additional disclaimer doesn't have to end in a death. It just sounded catchier as a name.

So I'll open the queue at five characters and then depending on demand I'll expand it to ten.


The Faster The Treadmill
Hansel was gone. Maddie had almost shot him but he'd gotten away. He'd managed to keep his bag too. That was annoying, Chris had wanted to keep Hansel from being able to hurt anyone else but he'd failed at that. Maybe he'd get a second chance but he doubted it. Things happened too fast on the island and a plan had to be fluid to accommodate that. Every announcement changed the game added in new threats and took away old ones. Chris had no idea whether Hansel would even survive to the next announcement let alone if he'd manage to see him again.

What now? Chris would have to think about that one. He'd not had a plan since everything with Stephanie had gone down. He guessed escaping from an encounter with Hansel when he hadn't planned any of it should have gone down as a blessing and a warning. He needed a plan. He didn't really have one though.

He shrugged in response to the question. "I don't know right now." He turned and walked to his bags, picking them up and returning back to Maddie and the other guy. He was handing her a note but Chris didn't think too much of it, he was supposed to be friendly anyway. "There aren't too many sane people left alive though. So I think sticking together may be the safest option."

Please observe if you will the one death I managed to accumulate over the course of that hour.

Gray's moment of peace was interrupted almost as soon as it started. He didn't remember falling asleep but he'd remember the jolt of energy that went through him once he realised why he'd woken up. There were people moving around the house, and it wasn't Sean. Adrenaline was already starting to flow through Gray as he lay on the sofa. What did he do in the situation he was in? He had his gun and Sean's gun sure but he didn't even know who was in the house with them and he didn't want to shoot someone who was friendly by accident.

That meant he had a couple of choices in front of him, he could just throw away moral's, shoot first then deal with the consequences later or he could go with what had worked so well for him since the beginning and play it calmly. Hide the fact he was worried and just act like everything was cool. A routine he'd perfected throughout his stay on the island and one that had paid off for him every time. In the end Gray just didn't see any reason not to use any other method.

He raised one hand up in greeting to the new arrivals. "Hey."

The big question know was if they planned on being friendly or not. If not Gray had his gun on him, and Sean's was in his bag. So as long as they didn't just shoot him straight away he'd be fine.