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Naft's Critiques
Ah what the hell I'm going to throw Yaz into your list of people to critique.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
Hope you guys are all ready for Parktaur, the Minotaur monk who fights using the ancient and deadly art of flipping all over the place. He has a backstory involving a mountaintop dojo and a 100 person kumite but that's not important right now.

New League of Legends Thread
I hated locked camera as soon as I started so I had extra incentive to turn it off XD

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
So so in and most likely will be a striker.

New League of Legends Thread
Learning how to wreck face with "bad" champs is some of the best fun.

Start It With a Positive Jam
Katy gave Yaz explicit orders not to tell either of the two people she was going to greet why her nose looked and was broken and why her eyes were swollen. It would be difficult to explain something like that, well not difficult in the usual way, difficult to explain the situation and why she was with the person who had done it. Since Katy wasn't the most polite or caring person. Gruff and blunt described her better, she wasn't exactly a good travelling partner but at least Yaz knew where she stood with Katy. Katy didn't like her because she saw her as weak but she wasn't going to try and kill her, which Yaz couldn't guarantee for the two people she was about to see.

Yaz tugged her arm free of Katy's grip.

"Thanks for the warning." She muttered as she walked off down the corridor.

Katy was a bitch, but she was the only ally Yaz had and because of that she really had no choice but to stick with her. Despite how much she hated it. Even now Katy was still acting the same as ever, even when they were trapped in a life and death situation. Well if she wasn't changing no Yaz doubted she ever would, which meant their partnership would be anything but co-operative.

Yaz was unsure how she was supposed to approach the situation.

What if one of them had a gun? Or some other weapon?

Yaz tried to push the paranoid thoughts out of her head as much as she possibly could but part of her realised that it was good to be paranoid. After all she had been minding her own business before Katy had attacked her; there was no telling what could happen. It made the prospect of entering the room that much more daunting.

Yaz decided the best approach would be to knock on the door to get their attention.


It was at that point Yaz noticed that they were playing with a game of Hungry Hippos.

The First Drop
Gray had just caught up with Andi when he heard Cassidy yelling at him...well him and Andi in actual fact. He couldn't help but break his stride a touch. Normally he was easily able to shrug off whatever people said to try and insult him or intimidate him. He had proved as much when Adonis had tried to start a fight with him. It was something that most people forgot since Adonis and Kyran had actually hit each other but he had been the one to start that whole thing. He guessed it wasn't exactly a big deal, after all he was only trying to get Adonis to leave Rachael alone but still, sometimes you do the right thing only for it to go unnoticed in the heat of the moment.

Gray only thought back to that because Cassidy's reaction was pretty much an exact mirror of that. She had assumed she wasn't allowed to join them, which wasn't true. He had been offering her luck if she decided to go with Gavin. She had interpreted it as him saying she couldn't come with him and Andi, which wasn't true. Instead of thinking through what he had said though Cassidy had a knee jerk reaction and burned her bridges with the two of them. Gray had always managed to stay laid back mainly because of his dad and despite how much he wished he'd just wake up on the plane as it was landing he knew that wasn't going to happen. He was getting around to accepting it but it was hard, it was always going to be hard but people responded better if you didn't act stressed.

At least that had been the idea. Cassidy had just proven that it wasn't always the case.

He shook his head, there was no point responding since Cassidy had clearly made her decision. Sadly she had made it based off a false assumption and was letting that decide what she did. Really it wasn't Gray's problem that she'd done that but he still felt bad she had made the decision the way she had. It still didn't excuse her being a bitch though. Not that it mattered any more.

Andi had made it clear that their...partnership? Was only temporary, she was planning on meeting up with either her boyfriend or her teammates, whichever came first. That was fine with Gray he was meaning to find his friends too, strange as it was he wasn't hating the idea of travelling the island with Andi at least it was someone he'd interacted with before getting dumped on the island, even if it hadn't been pleasant.

Maybe she thought he hadn't noticed it or she had tried to hide it but Gray had noticed her voice relax when she had first spoken to him. Maybe he had imagined it, maybe not. It didn't really matter in the long run. She slowed down to let him catch up, said they wouldn't be coming back for Gavin or Cassidy.

"I don't think they'd care."

Maybe she didn't completely hate the idea either and that was a start.

((Gray Emerson continued in Steadier Footing))

Start It With a Positive Jam
Katy's first reply to Yaz asking if she had any ideas was to be a bitch. Yaz subconsciously touched her nose when Katy mentioned it, it still stung every so often and her face still felt swollen. The second time Katy spoke she was more constructive, a plan to wait a see was a much safer bet than just walking over to the people, things had a higher chance of ending up the way they had when Yaz and Katy had first met.

Yaz poked her head around the corner again and tried to get a better look at the person in the hallway. It was awkward since they were standing in a doorway, but when they moved to brush some hair out of their eyes Yaz had a good idea who it was. If she was right it was Rebecca Kiesling, Yaz only knew of her because she was the assistant to Leona Van...something, and they performed magic together. It was kind of hard to forget something as unique as that. She was clearly talking to someone inside the room as well, so Yaz had a good idea of where everyone was; which was useful information. She had no idea who the person in the room was but Rebecca didn't seem very nervous around them.

Yaz ducked back around the corner and turned to Katy.

"One of them is Rebecca Kiesling, I don't know who the other person is but they're inside a classroom. Everything seems pretty calm between them too."

It was a quick rundown of everything Katy needed to know. Now Yaz just had to add in a suggestion of how to handle things.

"I think we should just approach them calmly. No need to start something."

The First Drop
Gray shrugged. He wasn't giving Gavin his gun ever. But there was no need to say that out loud, it would just make the mood even more tense than it was, because honestly who just asked someone to give them a gun. It did nothing but make everyone paranoid about whether it was to genuinely help or just a trick to allow the person to get a gun and kill them. It was counter-productive to the whole staying calm thing Gray was trying.

Gavin meanwhile managed to continue to be patronising when it came to the gun, assuming Gray didn't know that using a gun wasn't like in the movies. Gray filed that little piece of information away under obvious. Having Gavin talk to you was like having a parent explain to a child that a stove was hot. It was obvious advice explained in a way that made it easy to understand, which was fine if you were explaining it to a child, but Gray was eighteen and he assumed he had picked up enough life experience to realise that he knew the difference between movies and real life.

Cassidy asked him to put the gun away like they were actually a group, which was far from the truth. A group was way more cohesive then they were and each member of a group at least tolerated the other, which was not the case with their group. Gray was basing the assumption off his old group of friends that he spent most of his time with in Seattle. They had all known each other for a long time and all got on well together; it was a proper example of a group especially when compared to what Cassidy was considering a group.

Andi started speaking and Gray assumed she'd voice what he had just thought but instead she offered up the plan of splitting up to look for shelter of some kind, it was a good plan in all honesty, two groups would be able to cover more ground than one and if anyone attacked either of the groups Gavin was a giant armed with a lead pipe and Gray had a gun. Gray didn't know if he'd be able to use the gun if it ever came down to it but it would make anyone rethink attacking them at the least and that was enough for him. Andi didn't even wait for a response before turning and walking off, which Gray had expected.

Gavin however had a plan of his own, which was to go and find a shopping centre and then find some supplies, it sounded solid enough, except judging by the way the park seemed to be ruined things weren't looking good for the condition of the shopping centre. He offered Gray and Cassidy the chance to go with him, an offer Gray immediately turned down. In terms of safety Andi was the much safer choice than Gavin because Gray knew where he stood with Andi, he had no idea that if he went with Gavin he would actually attack him with his pipe once they were out of sight of the others.

Gavin, like Andi didn't wait for a response before turning and walking away, Gray just looked at Cassidy and shrugged.

"I'm gonna go with Andi, so good luck if you decide to go with Gavin." He said before picking his bag up and swinging it over his shoulder as he started walking after Andi, adjusting his beanie as he reached her.

Start It With a Positive Jam
((Yasmin Carrol continued from Hajime))

Yaz and Katy had ventured into the Elementary School because it had been the nearest building. Yaz hadn't bothered to take her 'weapon' out of her bag; it would have been useless if they ran into anyone anyway. It was a rock, in a pillowcase; it was about as threatening as a plastic bag and about as deadly. So unless you got a lucky hit on someone it wasn't worth the time or effort to use.

As she crept through the corridor of the school she thought she could dimly hear a voice. It definitely wasn't coming from further down the corridor so that left the classrooms as the only place it could be coming from.

Yaz was unsure how to approach the situation. The last and first time she had contact with someone else in SotF it had gotten her a broken nose via a flashbang grenade followed by a punch to the face. Ironically that same person was now the one she was travelling with. Things seemed to have a funny way of working out.

Yaz was about to ask Katy how they should approach the situation when another person crept out and knocked on one of the doors. She quickly ducked back around the corner and turned to Katy, keeping her voice low as she spoke.

"I think there are two people down the corridor. Any ideas?"

Katy told Yaz not to speak unless she was asked too. Yaz rolled her eyes at the command but didn't say anything.

If Katy wanted to continue playing the stupid game of dominance who was Yaz to deny her.

Katy got up and started to leave, Yaz made to follow her but stopped when her foot hit something on the floor. Looking down Yaz saw that it was the pencil Katy had been fiddling with. She bent down and picked it up, stuffing it into her pocket. It wasn't even her pencil but it made her feel slightly more comfortable.

Drawing had been one of her favourite things to do back in Seattle and she always had a pencil on her person. It was a small thing but it put her more at ease, made everything seem more...normal, less dangerous.

Feeling a little bit better Yaz sped up to a quick jog to catch up with Katy; she didn't want to get left behind after all.

((Yasmin Carrol continued in Start It With a Positive Jam))

Katy had actually offered to let Yaz travel with her. It was obvious that Katy didn't like doing it; Yaz could tell as much from the way she didn't look at her and instead played with a pencil that was on the floor.

Granted she was planning to dump Yaz some place as soon as she possibly could but even having a partner - even if that partner was Katy was better than nothing. It wasn't like Katy would be bad in terms of physical ability, far from it but on a personal level it would be an unpleasant experience.

Still she wasn't going to say no to the offer. After all everything Katy had said had been true and Yaz needed any advantage she could get.

"Ok...sounds good." Yaz picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder.

"Guess we better start looking for others." She said. If she had learned anything about Katy it was that she accepted authoritative action, and if Yaz just asked Katy what the plan was she would be letting Katy assert her dominance again.

Instead it would be better to at least play some part in deciding what they were going to do next and an uneasy partnership was better than no partnership at all.

Katy had summed up Yaz's situation perfectly, and it didn't paint a pleasant picture. Everything was stacked up against her, and some of the obstacles would be pretty hard to overcome, and that was if Yaz was being generous about her situation.

"I guess my plan was to find one of my friends...past that..." Yaz trailed off.

She didn't have a plan at all, and her original one of finding friends seemed like it would be much much harder than she had first realised. A much better plan would just be to stay out of trouble and stay hidden. But the fact that certain parts of the island would be made out of bounds by the danger zones meant she would have to move at some point.

Even then if it came down to it, would she able to kill another one of her classmates in self-defence? If the encounter with Katy was anything to go off she was useless in a fight...no scenario looked good for her.

"I don't really have a plan anymore."

Yaz was just starting to realise how awful her situation actually was.

Yaz gathered up the pillowcase and returned it into her bag. Katy even emphasised her point by tapping on her own bag, like Yaz needed any reminding of what her weapon was. She had experienced it first-hand.

That was why she was surprised when Katy actually slid one of the flashbangs across the floor to her.

"Thank you." And for the first time since they had started talking Yaz actually meant it. The thought of just pulling the pin and bolting entered her mind briefly; she could have done it too. Just pull the pin, throw it and hide behind the desk again. If Katy caught her afterwards though...no wasn't worth the risk.

The next question Katy asked her made Yaz stop to think. Did she have any close friends she could rely on in SotF?

Maddie was the first person who came to mind, they were close and both trusted each other. The only issue would be she would have to find Maddie and that would be hard. Off the top of her head Yaz could think of a few others but Maddie was the main one. Still the group of people she really trusted was very small regardless.

"I don't have many."

Katy mocked her and then said that she was going to go and find the softball team. She also made it clear that Yaz wasn't invited. It was what Yaz had expected so it didn't come as a surprise. After all Katy didn't like her and had no reason to go out of her way to help her.

That didn't stop it being disappointing. Yaz knew that Katy would have been an awful person to travel with but she knew Judo after all and was in good physical shape, apart from the broken hand. So it would've been a safe option. Unfortunately it looked like Yaz was going to have to make her own way through the game. It was a daunting prospect and it wasn't one she was looking forward too.

There were too many people who could potentially be out to hurt her. There would also be people who would shoot first and ask questions later, Katy had proved that much.

Yaz was broken out of her thoughts when Katy asked what she got in her bag. Yaz had a funny feeling that if she'd have gotten something good this would have been the point where Katy tried to rob her. As it was however Yaz had an awful weapon so there was no point lying.

"I got the same as you." She said as she got up and made her way over to her bag. "Apart from this." Yaz took the pillowcase out and tossed it just in front of Katy. The rock making a dull thunk as it hit the floor.

Yasmin was pleased that Katy had broken her hand. She knew it was bitchy but Katy had gotten away with so much while they had been at Aurora it was nice for something bad to happen to her for once. Yaz just wished it hadn't been done at the expense of her own nose, which was also broken. It stung badly too, and Yaz was sure her face was starting to swell up from it.

The way Katy phrased her explanation made it sound like it was Yaz's fault, which wasn't true at all, Katy was the one who had attacked her out of nowhere. If she had actually checked and been less gung-ho they would have avoided the entire situation. They both would have ended up intact as well.

As it was they were both injured and it looked like Katy had lost the use of one of her hands completely.

Yaz was surprised when Katy apologised though, or gave the closest thing she was going to give to an apology. She didn't look at Yaz as she gave it either. It was like the apologies Yaz had gotten off kids when they were at middle school, when the teacher had forced them to apologise. Insincere. Not wanting to show weakness. It was always the same things with bullies.

"Thanks I guess." Yaz said in reply. She wasn't sure where the two of them stood at that moment in time and there was an awkward silence as she thought of what else to say. In the end she settled on the simplest option.

"What now?"