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SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
All aboard the inactive train. Next stop Lynchville.

Vote: Flare

Hopefully he flips Mafia. If not an inactive townie is still detrimental to the town.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Looking back was Penguin discreetly trying to deflect suspicion onto me or I am just reading too much into it?

New Age Poll
Turned 18, 2...wait no 3 days ago now.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: That smiley is not the emotion I wanted to convey.

>:| That's better

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
It's Deamon -_-

And yeah I was fairly sure Randomness was bandwagoning but I guess I didn't read over the posts properly.

Apart from that I need to read through the thread again to see if I can find anything of interest.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Randomness doesn't do much but jump on bandwagons...wait a minute.

The situation had been escalating rapidly but when Adonis shoved Kyran it exploded. Brad yelled loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the canteen; he also implicated Gray in everything as well. Kyran had slid across the table and almost fell off in front of Gray. Gray leapt to his feet mostly because Adonis had pushed Kyran over but the wave of food and drink sliding his way added some incentive.

Brad then tried to threaten Adonis by saying he would get a teacher involved. Alba was past the point where he would care about that. Not that he cared to begin with. Gary could understand why Brad was trying to threaten Adonis with a teacher, because if things did get violent someone would have to clean Brad up from off the floor.

As Kyran started to push himself up Rachael announced that she was leaving and asked them all not to lose it. Well that's what Gray got for trying to make sure she was left in peace. Looking back he should have just picked Rise Against and have been done with it. If he'd have done that Adonis would never had flipped out and Kyran wouldn't have ended up being shoved across a table. This was exactly why Gray didn't like Adonis. It didn't look like Gray was ever going to get a thank you or any recognition from here at all either. That was rude. She could have at least said something.

As Kyran was pushing himself back up though he turned to Gray with a smile on his face.

"Watch this."

Then he turned and threw a ball of mashed potato straight into Adonis's face. Gray's brain quickly started working a plan that would hopefully get him and Kyran off the hook. It only meant getting everyone else involved, but then again everyone was looking anyway. All he had to do was say two words. Plus it was a once in a lifetime deal and there was always just the cheap thrill. Gray cupped his hands to his mouth a yelled at the top of his lungs.


That was when the magic happened, everyone in the cafeteria started to throw food around. The air became full of food. Gray leaned to the right to dodge a cluster of spaghetti that was flying towards his head. For a few moments Gray had a smile on his face and then he turned round to see Adonis with mashed potato on his face which made him laugh outright. Then Kyran followed up by pushing Adonis onto the table. It seemed like something was going to go down but at this point Kyran at least had the food fight going on to distract everyone from what was going on. He hopped over the table to find that Kyran and Adonis were squaring off against one another. From the look of it a fist fight was about to start and Gray was not going to get in Kyran's way if he wanted to take Adonis out. In fact Gray would welcome that. So he was happy to sit back and only jump in if it looked like Kyran needed help.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Well that's embarrassing, probably should have slept last night. Plus he was Town anyway so I was wrong. So yeah Randomness maybe.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
So Aura Master Fox and Randomness have been flying under the radar and haven't said much apart from some generic comments and throwing votes on the bandwagons. Might be something worth looking into.

The Prom Planning Thread
Gray Emerson doesn't yet have a date so if someone he knows wants to ask him he'll probably say yes. If no one asks him he'll either turn up or go with a group of friends.

Clouds Up
Yaz liked the idea of going to prom with a group of friends much more than going on her own or with a date. It would be less stressful and people would pay less attention to her if she was with others and Yaz was completely fine with that. She was starting to feel more comfortable with the conversation though so when Michelle started to make jokes she joined in.

"Maybe we could just do a slow Macarena?"

Then Amy mentioned having kids which was something Yaz had never thought about. Sure she'd had crushes before but she'd never thought about starting a family with them. In fact the thought of even having a family had never entered her head. She had to agree with Michelle when it came to babies. At least until she was older.

"When I'm older I'll probably still be tiny." Yaz said in reply to Amy. "If I have kids they'll probably be taller than me."

It had got Yaz thinking though. What kind of person would she like to start a family with? It was a big decision to make and it couldn't be made lightly, it gave your life a new purpose and meaning but at the same time Yaz felt like she would end up having her freedom reduced. She rubbed her headband as she thought it through. Eventually she gave up and went back to the conversation at hand.

"I'd like to go as a group. But are you sure Kam would be ok with it?"

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
I didn't vote last day phase because when I checked the thread Will was one away from getting lynched and penguin_alien had stated that she was going to drop the hammer near the end of the phase anyway. So there was no point.

MurderWeasel's Post Clinic
Well I was hoping to get in before there was a line but anyway would you be able to critique Gray's last post in After the Battle? Which can be found here.