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V5 Concepts Thread
Yasmin Carrol

Appearance: Yasmin has long blond hair and bangs that reach down to her shoulders. She has a blue headband that makes her bangs stick out off her face and keeps her hair away from her eyes. She stands at 5”2’ and weighs 116 pounds. Her eyes are a dark shade of greenish blue and she has a small nose. She tends to wear t-shirts and jeans and always wears a black and white bead necklace.

Biography: Yasmin has a very positive outlook on life and is very happy go lucky once people get to know her. She is shy though and will tend to be quiet around large groups of people or people she doesn’t know. She grew up as an only child so didn’t have as much social interaction as a child would normally have at a young age which has led to her shyness. She did however start to draw while she was lonely, her drawings can be considered her way of expressing herself creatively or when she feels words won’t work. During her time in middle school she was bullied for being smaller than most of the other girls. She also hit puberty later than most and only recently finished growing.

Still planning to work and expand this one. But I like what I've got so far.

Ready Aim Fire
It was quick and fun, so yeah I'm up for a second round.

Ready Aim Fire
So I'm guessing this is most likely the last round considering how this has been going.

V5 Concepts Thread
Ok here I go with my first V5 concept.

Gray Emerson

Appearance: Gray is 5’6” and weighs 134 pounds. He has auburn hair that tends to be messy. It is long enough to cover his eyes when it’s wet. However he tends to wear a Warrior International beanie.

An accomplished Surfer and Skateboarder, due to his parents telling him to stick to something the benefits of taking part in these activities are that they keep him in shape. Another one of his hobbies is watching MMA although he doesn't practice the sport. Gray is a laid back and calm person, due mainly to his dad who never seemed to get worried about anything, even being fired. Gray seems to be average at school although if this is due to lack of trying or not being amazingly smart has yet to be discovered. Due to an accident when a car hit him while he was riding his skateboard he broke his left leg which has led to it giving him problems where it locks in place. Gray tends to be easy to make friends with and once he knows them well he is loyal to that person.

Ready Aim Fire
Well I have to agree with you Ban. This game does move quickly.

Wage Slaves [Interest Check]
Well this just sounds awesome, count me in!

Ready Aim Fire
I'm in. Sounds like fun.

The collars exist...
It's weird to think that devices like explosive collars could exist but then again I wouldn't put anything past some people.

Introduction Thread
Hey all. I found this site through tvtropes, which seems to be a trend. Looks like I've joined at a good time with V4 drawing near it's conclusion. So I look forward to joining in with V5.