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I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory
Kimiko shook her head. She knew leaving would be best bringing herself to actually do it was harder than she expected. She was just frozen where she was. Eventually she shook her head and shrugged. She didn't know what she wanted. She knew she was doomed, hell awaited her once she finally left the world. But she wanted and needed to keep going for Caleb and out of fear for what awaited her at the end of her journey.

Ty wasn't aggressive though. He seemed like something had happened to him. There was a lack of spirit in the way he moved and talked, Kimiko didn't know for sure if it was there or if she was imagining it but she felt like he had given up almost.

She raised her hands up in a placating gesture before starting to sign out a response.

"No, you can stay."

Kimiko waited for his reaction. It was weird, they both knew each other through Clarice and had met before but Kimiko couldn't think of a time they had ever been alone together. The situation was ironic in a way. Kimiko swallowed as the sick feeling rose in her throat. The knowledge of what she had done was still haunting her whenever her thoughts wandered. The moment replaying over and over again. She had acted without thinking and killed when she had no intention to.

She shook her head a little and returned her gaze to Ty, waiting to see what he would do.

I Imagine Death So Much It Feels Just Like A Memory
((Kimiko Kao continued from Takao))

Kimiko didn't know what to do. She had killed someone and she didn't even know who they were. It was a different feeling from all her previous kills, she had known who the person was with all the others. The girls name still rattled around in her head, disconnected from everything else. She knew the girls name had been Jasmine but she didn't know any Jasmine's. She felt a roiling in her gut, like a storm brewing. If her place in the afterlife had ever been in question before now it was settled.

There was no going back from what she had done. She was especially aware of the gun in her pocket, even though it was in her possession it still felt like she was continuing Nancy's legacy. The gun was an instrument of death and she had used it to its fullest potential. Some pacifist she had ended up being.

Kimiko felt sick and like she wanted to cry but she forced both feelings down. They wouldn't help anything. The girls face flashed in her mind and she tried to remember it but the details were already hazy. Her subconscious already trying to forget what she had done.

Looking around Kimiko found she had wandered to the staff lounge. Not wanting to stand in the corridor Kimiko decided to re-enter it. What she had just done still took up most of her attention and she did so in a daze. It was stupid and reckless and Kimiko was immediately angry with herself when she realized the she lounge already had an occupant. Her hand instinctively went to the gun but she forced herself to just rest it on the grip.

The girl, Jasmine, appeared in her mind again and she let her hand drop.

Instead she waited to see the reaction of the occupant.

Kimiko felt Caedyn slam into her from behind sending her crashing into the doorframe with a dull thud. A sharp pain emanated from just above her eyebrow where it had hit. Behind her she could hear Caedyn sobbing and repeating a name.


Short for Jasmine.

The name of the girl whose life she had probably ended.

She raised a hand to feel where the pain radiated from above her eyebrow. It felt wet.

Turning Kimiko took one last look at the scene she had caused before slinking around the doorway and heading down the corridor, leaving the sobbing behind.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
VOTE: boogie

Deamon sighs and waits for the seemingly inevitable boogie town flip

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 28 2017, 09:58 AM
Man I don't even know what to make of all of this rampant speculation.

I feel like a lynch on Frogue or Zetsu could be productive since it would verify whichever one isn't lynched, but at the same time Zetsu seems borderline confirmed as is. That leaves godfather possibility for Frogue but I think that's something that town can safely sit on for a while.

A hill I'm willing to die on though is that there being not only a bomb but two bulletproof townies seems bastard-levels of dickish to the scum team if they're all town and I refuse to believe that none of them are scum sitting on a safeclaim. Possibilities as I see them are as follows:

1. Decoy intentionally stuck in two of the same role to mess with massclaims, and thus both Boog and Flare are town.

In this case I'd imagine that Deamon is almost certainly scum, because again, I can't imagine how anyone would think it would be fair to have two bulletproof townies and a bomb in the same game, unless it is a bastard game (hehehe).

2. Decoy only made one actual bulletproof townie, and one of Flare or Boog are scum.

In this case (which I think is most likely), if we lynch one of them and get a town result we can lynch the other and get scum. Conversely, if we lynch one and get scum we can be pretty sure the other is town. Under this possibility I would still hazard to guess that Deamon's claim is just a really brutal safeclaim that Decoy put in, however.

3. All three are town and Decoy is really bad at building games.


4. Both Flare and Boog are scum and coordinated really poorly.

I don't really see this as being super likely but it's a possibility. If this is the case, Deamon is basically confirmed town.

So the most productive lynch I see is one on either Flare or Boog, since it gives us a lot to work with in the coming days.


To be contrarian, I'm going VOTE: Flare since I can theoretically see either of the two being scum/town just based on behavior alone. Flavor wise I suppose I can find myself agreeing with Ricky's assessment on EDI vs Grunt being more important, but I also feel like it'd be dumb for Decoy to not have a major party member be a scum safeclaim, and if we know for certain that Joker is town, EDI would be a logical townie to have too.

So that's where my vote is staying for right now. Once we really get down to the wire I'll hop on whatever train is the biggest, though, especially if it's either Flare or Boog.
Well I know my role is true but if you really don't believe me go for it

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
May 26 2017, 02:36 PM
I don't really like that Deamon's claim renders him functionally invincible now that he's claimed, but them's the breaks. If it's a safeclaim for scum, it's a horrifying and genius safeclaim that we're all gonna be reluctant to pull the trigger on.
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Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Well in that case.

VOTE: Inge

Kimiko saw the girl hit the floor and her blood went cold.

She didn't know who she was. She didn't mean to hurt her. She had just been surprised and reacted on instinct.

Kimiko slowly rose to her feet and kept the gun held tight as she moved closer to the girl. Caedyn momentarily forgotten.

This wasn't the way things were supposed to happen.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
General Goose
May 26 2017, 08:14 AM
May 26 2017, 07:43 AM
Inge and Frogue's claims are suspect as fuck.
Elaborate, please.
The characters they claim don't fit the general town theme. Which is members of Shephard's team or people that worked very closely with them.

Niftu Cal is a joke character and Udina is an unhelpful ass no one likes.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Fucking internet

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Inge and Frogue's claims are suspect as fuck.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Inge and Frogue's claims are suspect as fuck.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Aww yeah, finally get to drop the roleclaim I hyped all the way back on day one.

They thought they were so clever. Turn out, mess with someone's head enough and you can turn a scared kid into an all powerful bitch. Fucking idiots

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You are Jack

You are pissed off. Hell, you're always pissed off. At the very least, you've been able to direct your anger, and to some extent, come to terms with it. You are the VENGEFUL TOWNIE. Should you be killed, you will take out your killer - either the hammer vote (if you were lynched) or your killer (if you were nightkilled).

You win when all threats to the Citadel have been eliminated.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
Going on holiday for a week and a half to go see Strong Style 16. Will try to stay on top of posting with Kimiko but this may get upgraded to an away depending.

What was the next step?

Kimiko hadn't considered her plan past the point of holding Caedyn up. The girl had killed and had a gun though which made her a dangerous and a threat. The easiest thing to do would be to shoot Caedyn then and there but Kimiko had no idea how much the announcement could have been trusted. She couldn't remember anything about a gun. The other option was just to rob Caedyn, that wasn't an altogether appealing option either.

It meant Caedyn would be her enemy from that point on, but it meant she'd have even more supplies. Whether she needed more supplies wasn't part of the question she was considering. It would be easy for her dump anything she didn't need once she found a safe place to do so.

Kimiko was about to move when a sudden shout made her jump, her instinct kicking in Kimiko span and fired off two shots in quick succession with the gun. The roar seemed to be louder from within the confines of the smaller room and her arm jerked up wildly since she had no support.

She didn't know if she hit anything but she felt a churning deep in her stomach as she waited to see.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Game going slow you say?

VOTE: Kermit

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Yeah so reads please.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 16 2017, 01:27 PM

You ever going to commit to a real read?
I mean, I'll commit on a read when I'm confident of it, yeah. What exactly do you mean by "real"?
An actual read that isn't a joke or stupidly lax.

Because I just ISO'd you and it's 13 pages of either meaningless shit or non-committal bullshit.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 16 2017, 12:22 AM
Summary of up to and including page 83: (Frogue saying that me posting summaries may affect his future voting after I pointed out people were doing that has got my jumblies rumbled, but whatever.)

Page 80:
No Lynch occurs! Vyse and Paige are eliminated due to a lack of replacements, flip as, respectively, a vig and a cop, no nightkills. Volt says "well geez that's bad."

Page 81:
Volt votes MW because Vyse scumread MW, and Vyse was town. Kermit jokepost in the form of me inserting mafia-related words into the song "The Sound of Silence" (Kermit jokeposts will become a theme). Kermit (no first person in this summary), points out that last dayphase, Zetsu said MW was at L-3 when MW was really at L-5. Prim says "losing Vyse and Paige was bad". Prim also says "Yup, Zetsu miscounted votes. Also, are we still focusing on MW?". Kermit says that the nightphase wasn't that bad, as there were no (known) nightkills. Flare votes Zetsu, reason unstated. Brackie says "I'm okay that Vyse is gone because of his post volume, but also not okay w/ it because Vyse was cop". Kermit corrects his previous statement RE: vote count, says MW was actually at L-6; is more open to a Zetsu lynch than a MW lynch because of Zetsu vote count things. Kermit also says "Paige was cop, not Vyse" in response to Brackie. Irrelevant shitposting and also some stuff that wasn't a shitpost, but still not very relevant (participants are Inge, Boogie, Flare, and Kermit.) ensues. Zetsu defends against allegations, votes MW.

Page 82:
A couple of posts RE: Zetsu. Goose asks for regular mod!votecounts. Zetsu asks if Kermit would take his word that the votecount-thingaroo was an accident, also asks Kermit why he isn't feeling a MW lynch. Kermit posts RE: Zetsu (doesn't answer Zetsu's question), say he is holding off on MW wagon because: MW hadn't posted yet during the dayphase, he was like "lynch me!" last dayphase, and a MW lynch was exactly what we did yesterday and we should take more info into consideration. Kermit responds to Zetsu's question with a "I guess.", is also sus of Prim. Zetsu says this is normal Prim, asks if Goose has a post restriction (hint: he does.). Shitposts and Goose role discussion ensue.

Page 83:
More Goose role stuff. Grim is like "Brackie, you have like three posts calm down, and the stuff RE: nightphase being bad was scummy. We have 7 days for this dayphase, let's wait and talk about stuff before we lynch MW. *nightphase discussion*"
MW says that people being all like "golly, what a shit night!" is a common scumtell. MW defends himself RE: not voting himself last dayphase. MW and Kermit post about nightphase. Zetsu laughs at a thing Grim said. Kermit says "the people saying "bad night!" are trying too hard to look towny". Zetsu: "maybe there's a MW vs. Volt scum!arguement, also stuff RE: "bad night!". Kermit and Goose post RE: "bad night!"

You ever going to commit to a real read?

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Oh and Prim and Yugi