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Seven years ago today...
Hope you feel old! Oldie!

But seriously that is a long ass time to be on one forum.

The Faster The Treadmill
And then everyone was shouting.

But in the chaos the new arrival put the gun down and raised his hands up. Maddie shouted that he wasn't a threat. It was too late for that and Hansel yelled for everyone to calm down. None of it mattered, the offending gun was on the floor, and the fake crisis was averted. If the guy hadn't snuck up on them it wouldn't have been an issue.

Chris turned his gun back on Hansel and found that the girl also had a gun pointed at him. Chris had no idea she had a gun or where it had come from but that wasn't important. It was just another layer of danger for Hansel to try and deal with. Another person who could take a shot at him. That was good. He was less likely to try anything when there was more than one gun pointed at him.

He talked about how no one had to die. It was a loaded statement coming from a known killer and Chris wondered if the situation served as some sort of irony or karma. The killer saying no one had to die. Chris had a feeling that it was the guns that were currently pointed at Hansel that were the real reason he was suddenly pro-living and non-violence.

"You're right," Chris said keeping his voice calm. "But I can't just let you walk away. So you can throw your gun and bag over here, then you can leave."

Could Hansel still find a way to kill without a weapon? Probably. Would it be much harder for him? Yes. Chris didn't possess the heart to kill someone else so soon. Instead he'd have to make do with neutering the threat Hansel posed to everyone else.

I swear I'm like the only one that doesn't have a penta.

Talking to Sean was worse than pulling teeth. Gray couldn't blame him, he'd been through a lot but a little extra emotion in his responses would have at least made it easier to gauge his mood. Instead Gray got to fly blind with the blandest answers known to man. But they had a plan at least. They were going to go and try to find Kyran and Claire. Gray didn't care how long or how hard it was going to be. He was going to find them.

Finding them would require more luck than anything else. The fact he had found Corey and then found Sean had been all luck to being with. It hadn't even ended well there and the group had fallen apart. Gray hadn't thought about that much, but it had started to become a pattern that whenever he ended up in a group it would immediately fall apart. He was with Andi, Oscar and the others until they'd broken up on the overpass and Andi had disappeared saying she'd be back. She hadn't returned, but her name hadn't turned up on the announcements. So at the very least she was still alive. Gray still didn't know why he cared so much. He'd thought too much about it that it always kept coming back to the same reasons. None of them enlightening.

Then he'd met up with Cassandra and Corey, funny how the first person he'd met for his second group was another person from the day of the food fight. He wouldn't see Steven again though. That chance had come and gone without any input from him. Regardless that group had broken up as soon as they'd gotten to the beach. The group with Sean and Corey lasted all of two minutes before Corey ran off and now he was gone as well and so was Cassandra.

Gray was like some kind of bad luck charm for groups.

He watched as Sean got up and walked out of the living room and into the room next door. Once he was gone Gray sighed and put his legs up on the sofa, digging through his bag he pulled out his water and took a sip.

So he had a goal with Sean and it was the same goal he'd been trying to accomplish for the entirety of his stay on the island. The goal where even when he'd actually been successful in part of it he'd failed in another way.

He'd found Sean but Corey had died. He'd lost Andi. She may have even returned to the overpass but he wouldn't know since he'd just left. He'd let Cassandra run off and she'd gotten murdered. He'd let Oscar go his own way and he'd ended up dead.

He couldn't even succeed properly. Couldn't move forward.

Standing up Gray walked out of the house. He looked out across the whole collection of broken down houses. Just like the remaining people in the sick game they were playing.

Everyone left was broken in some way.

How was he broken? Gray didn't know. He wasn't one for introspection. His thoughts again went back to that time on the playing fields. Andi had shaken him and he'd just ditched and left the problem behind. He'd tried to make a change sure but as soon as he'd gotten onto the island he'd regressed, gone right back to what he was comfortable with.

The only reason he had become de facto leader of two groups was because he was so good at pretending to be calm. He couldn't actually lead in any way. He could barely organise his own life, let alone try and look after others on an island where the options were death, escape or win.

What had he been planning to do with his life after Aurora anyway? Everyone else had been talking about going to college, moving away to start lives elsewhere and what about him?

Simple, he was going to stay in Seattle and make a career out of skateboarding or snowboarding. Nice lie he'd told himself there, try and distract from the fact he'd messed up his own chances of having a future. He'd slid through school, only doing what he needed to. He could have gone to a college. It wouldn't have been a good one but did it really matter? He could have got a degree or something, some sort of backup plan. But no he was going to be a pro skateboarder or had he not wanted to leave Seattle because he was scared?

Trust the game of life or death to make you realise how much of a fuck up you were.

Gray finished the water and tossed the bottle away.

"Fuck man." He sighed as he looked up, resting his head on his hands.

Did he even have enough time left to make his life actually mean something?

Well, he was still alive, so he could still do something. He could still find Claire and Kyran, could still help Sean. Saying that he could stop people being hurt was stupid, he couldn't do that. He drew the gun and looked at it in the moonlight, watched the light reflect off it. He still had the ability to make a difference.

The important thing was how he chose to make that difference. He didn't have long left. People were still dying and soon death was going to come asking for him, like it had done for Steven and Corey. It was to come as one of his classmates. He had the ability to stop it. It almost got him when the car hit him but he'd gotten lucky. His luck had to run out at some stage and the way things had been going it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

He stuffed the gun back down his trousers. He'd just need to be ready, need to have a purpose, need to actually feel something.

Then the answer to his first question smashed through his thoughts.

He was broken because he found it exciting. He'd gotten a rush from the stand-off with Sean on the boat. If he wanted to trace it back further he'd gotten a rush when Adonis was threatening to beat him up back at Aurora.

How did you explain that one?

Gray didn't want to.

He walked back inside and lay down across the sofa. He was planning on figuring out where to go next. But instead he found himself falling asleep for the first time he could remember since waking up what felt like a lifetime ago.

The Faster The Treadmill
Simple question. Tough answer.

What came next?

Chris was surprised that getting Hansel to drop the gun had been as easy as it was. He expected more of a fight. Not like he was going to complain. He had no experience actually using a gun so he was doubtful of how effective he'd actually be with the pistol he had in hands. Then again Hansel was close enough that maybe it wouldn't matter.

The important thing was Hansel was unarmed. Chris saw the girl smile he wasn't sure why she'd smile exactly but it wasn't that important a detail. Chris was more focused on Hansel standing in front of him.

The most obvious direction everything could go would be for Chris to shoot Hansel and be done with it. That would be the simplest, quickest and easiest option. But Chris didn't want too. He had already killed one person in the last twenty-four hours and he was hesitant to add another body to that total, even if that body would belong to a murderer like Hansel. Stupid reason? Maybe. But Chris wasn't sure he had the potential for another in him. The first time had been bad enough.

Chris opened his mouth to respond to Hansel's question but a faint movement out of the corner of his vision stopped him. He quickly glanced in the direction of it to see a guy with a shotgun. Chris would have paid more attention to who it was but he was distracted by the gun.

He whirled around and pointed the gun at them. This was bad.

"Stay there!" He called out.

The chances of things going straight to hell had just increased. If Chris had been in a better state of mind he would have realised that the gun was pointing down. But as things were he had been caught off-guard.

The Faster The Treadmill
He didn't want trouble. Said the guy who Chris had just caught pointing a gun at someone, with the intention either being to rob them or kill them and he didn't want trouble. Chris saw straight through Hansel. Not like it was hard by any stretch.

The adrenaline was really starting to flow through Chris' body as he stood there gun pointed at Hansel. His eyes darted between Hansel and the girl whose name he didn't know. That was the second time he'd not known someone’s name in as many meetings. In looking between them he noticed something about Hansel. He still had the gun in his hand.

"I said put the gun down." Chris repeated, making sure to keep his aim trained on Hansel. He was dangerous, he'd killed a lot of their classmates and Chris didn't want to give him the opportunity to add any more to his body count. So until Hansel's gun was down on the sand Chris wasn't going to relax. It was too dangerous to give someone like Hansel that chance.

That was why he kept his gun pointed squarely at Hansel's chest. It was the biggest and easiest target to hit. If Hansel tried something Chris wasn't going to hesitate putting bullets in him. Honestly it would be the best thing to happen to everyone on the island in the long-term. Hell it would make the island that much safer, but Hansel hadn't tried anything beyond pointing his gun at the girl. So Chris held off on shooting him, Hansel hadn't technically put anyone in direct danger, ignoring the fact that Hansel was walking talking danger of course.

So Chris kept the gun pointed at him, knowing that the way Hansel responded to his demand would shape how the entire scenario was going to play out; and he was strangely at peace with that.

So Sean lied to him and that was that.

They both knew it was a lie. There was no way Sean possibly thought he was going to fool Gray. It was an obvious lie and they both knew it. Yet they still both accepted it as the way of moving the conversation on or ending it. Gray really did wish that Kyran or Claire was with them so that they could help. He didn't know what to do to try, he didn't talk about emotions much, he just moved on.

He knew that not many other people could function like that. They had to let it out and talk to someone or just express themselves in some way. He didn't know if Sean was one of those people though. If he was, keeping it all inside wasn't going to do much good. Gray looked at the boy sat in the corner of the room. He looked so small and defeated. Gray realised looking at Sean that he hadn't been through anything over the course of his time on the island.

He was lucky; maybe one of the only lucky ones who hadn't had to kill someone or do something that was going to haunt them for the rest of their life, for however short a time that was going to be. He tried to flex his leg but was greeted by the complete lack of movement. He sighed and pushed himself up, bending his right leg he pushed down hard on his left knee. A sharp pop and a stab of pain let him know he'd fixed the problem.

"Damn." He muttered as he flexed his leg to get the feeling back. It had been a painful one that was for sure. It probably had something to do with the lack of comfort and the stiffness of the rest of his body. Sleeping wasn't something where comfort was taken into account anymore. It was nice to have the use of his leg back though.

"Hey Sean. I'm thinking we rest here and then try and find Kyran or Claire after sleeping. You cool with that?" Gray wasn't quite sure why he was bothering to ask Sean. He had a good idea of what the answer was going to be anyway. Regardless it made sense to at least include Sean in the whole decision making process, even if it was just to say yes to things. "There might even be beds in here." Gray hadn't realised how much he had missed sleeping in an actual bed until he'd mentioned it. If there were beds he was sleeping in one, no questions asked.

The Faster The Treadmill
Chris hadn't calmed down or stopped running. He hadn't puked either.

((Christopher Harlin continued from In Total Control))

He'd ended up at a beach though. So he'd gotten somewhere at least. He felt like he was a safe distance away from Stephanie's body. Not that the thought made him feel better. He felt sick to his stomach. He was no better than any of the killers on the announcements anymore. He was just like Mara, Theo or Hansel. Just another person who had killed one of their classmates. He hated himself and a small part of him hated Stephanie for losing it. But it wasn't her fault; it was only natural to expect someone to break under the pressure of the game. It was his fault, he had the opportunity to stop and walk away but he hadn't taken it, he had continued to beat her until she was dead. Chris didn't know how he was going to deal with that knowledge.

He slowed his run down to a walk as he reached the beach. He'd gotten lucky with the fact no one had attacked while he had been running in the first place. He dropped his bags and gasped for air. He had never been more grateful for the time he had put into the football and soccer teams in his life. He couldn't imagine trying to make the same run without the benefit of that sports practice. He pulled a bottle of water free from one of the bags, he didn't know if it was his or Brianna's and he didn't care anymore. He had more important things to worry about. He took three long gulps and finished the bottle, dropping it to the floor he looked out onto the beach.

That was when he spotted them. Two people out on the beach, picking his bags up Chris started to move closer but he stopped once he realised the context and who one of the people involved was. He recognised Hansel easily enough from the hat he wore. Chris had always thought it was the stupidest and ugliest looking thing back when they had been at Aurora; it was strange how it had now changed into an object that inspired fear in him. He knew Hansel was a killer, hell he expected everyone on the island knew Hansel was a killer. He was on the announcements enough.

Selfishly Chris' first thought was that he was being presented with an opportunity to make up for killing Stephanie. Then he saw the situation for what it was. Just another instance of the game they were trapped in trying to take someone else's life. Chris had seen it enough with Brianna, Jesse...and Stephanie. He didn't want to see it again. He thought he could dimly recognise the girl but no name was forthcoming. It didn't matter; he didn't need to know her name. He knew who Hansel was and that was enough. He dropped his bags and drew his pistol. It felt weird but it wasn't the first time he had held it. He checked and flipped the safety off, it wouldn't do him any good if a gun fight actually broke out if his gun was set to its safe mode and unable to fire bullets.

Luckily Hansel couldn't see him, meaning Chris could at least get a little close. He raised the pistol, holding it with both his hands, one eye down the sight. Almost like he'd seen the professionals do on the cop shows on TV, almost. Once he thought he had gotten close enough to Hansel he called out.

"Put your gun down." He spoke as calmly and as clearly as he could, his voice shaking a little bit. He was within firing range of Hansel after all and he didn't seem like the kind of person who hesitated when it came to shooting people.

Chris knew that there was only two ways the whole situation was realistically going to end and despite his fear earlier he was strangely at peace with that as he aimed down the sight of his gun.

Gray glanced over at Sean who had taken a chair in the corner of the room. If he was honest with himself Sean didn't look like he was doing good at all. He probably needed help or someone to talk too. But Gray couldn't find the right words, nothing felt sincere or real enough. It was either too harsh or too soft.

If he wanted to be completely honest though Gray was almost scared to ask. Sean hadn't been speaking at all, well, he spoke in reply to Gray but that was it. Gray knew what his normal stance on personal problems was; stay out of it unless you're asked for advice or they ask if you can talk. Sean of course wasn't going to do either of those things, not that Gray could blame him; he had killed someone and seen someone else die.

It wasn't something anyone who was sane wanted to think about, let alone share with someone else when they didn't want to. At the same time though Gray didn't think it was good for Sean in the long run to keep it all bottled up inside. He had seen Sean have what he could only describe as a mental break while they were on the ship and now he had retreated inside a shell. Only coming out of it to respond to him. If anything it was probably worse.

Gray wished Kyran or Claire was with them. They had always been better on the personal emotional stuff than he was. They'd be better at looking after Sean and making sure he was ok. Instead Sean was stuck with him, the kid who had popped his shoulder back in after falling off a half-pipe and who had suggested another kid just deal with it when they broke their wrist. Gray wasn't convinced he would be any good at looking after someone on an emotional level, yet he had to make sure Sean was ok, because Sean was his friend and friends looked out for one another. That's why after a heavy mental debate Gray decided to ask the question he had been dreading for hours.

"Hey Sean, how're you doing?"

I think my skill is coming back

Edit: So this happened.

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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Diary of Keila Blathin

Dear diary.

Today was interesting I guess. I mean it started out normally I woke up and helped around the inn all the usual things. After finishing all my errands I was just about to go for a walk when this dwarf walked in to the inn. He said he had been sent to watch over me. I didn't really get time to tell him to leave me alone because after we'd left he inn a man got stabbed in the middle of the street in broad daylight. During the middle of some celebration or something I dunno, my dad did explain it to me but I wasn't really listening.

We ended up speaking to some of the city guard because we were witnesses and going to speak to a guy who had been attacked and roobed robed by some guys at the docks. So me adn and the dwarf his name is Orebic were thebait while the others hid and we waited for the thigs thugs. So me and the other witnesses, Lisbeth (a half-elf like me but she's taller and more grumpy), Orebic (you know him), Aeta (a halfling who talks like he thinks he's a legendary hero) and Floriano (a half-elf like me who is good at first aid).

So we got in this big fight and I think Lisbeth may have died. I knocked two guys out using that rainbow thing I do and Orebic had a fight with a big guy with a massive beard...then he caved in one of the thugs skulls, which was less cool.

We got paid the most gold I've ever seen in my life by the city guards. Then Aeta asked if there was anywhere I new where we could drink, only because I asked Orebic if he wanted to spend the night at the inn. (He explained his father new my father and his glandfather grandfather new my grandfather).

So I've drunk for the first time and thats why this entry is all scribbly and makes no sense. I think I had two and Orebic said I did well for my size. I still feel dizzy though. I might go to sleep. We were told by the city watch that they may have more work for us so that should be fun. It's almost like an adventure. If only we left the city. Ok diary I'm done writing.


Dear Diary

It's morning, my head hurts and I have no idea what I wrote in you last night.

I'm sorry.