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Katy had broken Yaz's nose. Yaz had thought as much with the pain her face was in but she had hoped it was just hurt badly. But Katy was the one who did all the fighting so Yaz was sure she knew what she was talking about.

Yaz would have given anything to have something good happen to her at that point, it was obvious Katy wasn't going to apologise for what she had done. Despite being completely in the wrong, but Yaz didn't expect anything less. Katy had always struck her as a girl who embraced the whole "only the strong survive" mantra. In that sense Survival of the Fittest was perfect for her. Yaz didn't quite know why the girl that had bullied her on the island and had just attacked her was now helping her, but it was probably due to guilt. It was one of the benefits of being small at least, everyone felt bad for you if you got hurt.

Katy placed a bottle of ibuprofen in front of her. She didn't hand it to her, that would have come too far under helping for Katy. Yaz accepted the offer anyway. She picked up the ibuprofen and pretended to read the label as she watched what Katy was doing. The bigger girl was wrapping her hand up in gauze.

"What did you do?" Yaz asked as she tipped two of the tablets out into her palm. She pulled her bag off the desk with her free hand and liberated a bottle of water from it; taking a sip to help wash the tablets down. She put the cap back on the bottle and put it down in front of Katy and dug out her own first kit.

It contained a pack of sterile wipes, which would be the best bet for cleaning up her face. She used one to clean up all the blood that had ended up smeared on her face during the commotion and threw it away before pressing another up against her nostrils to try and stem the flow. It hurt to even do that.

The one comforting thing was that Katy too had ended up with an injury.

Yaz was grateful when Katy got off her. It relieved the pressure in her lungs and head. She coughed as her body tried to quickly fill her lungs with air. It was a bad feeling.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees because she felt like she was going to throw up at first, but eventually the coughing subsided. Her eyes were watering and she didn't know if it was because of the choking or because she was crying. Either way she didn't want Katy to see, so she rubbed them away with the sleeve of her hoodie.

There was still pain flaring across her face though and Yaz knew it must have been from her nose. She dabbed at it with two fingers and pain flashed across her face in response. She quickly withdrew her fingers and ran them under her nostrils instead. They came back sticky and red with blood. That alarmed her; she hardly ever cut herself or hurt herself badly.

She looked up as Katy addressed her. She wanted to check her nose. Yaz wasn't sure if was being sincere or not but she was offering help so Yaz didn't want to insult her by saying no.

"Ok." She mumbled and pushed herself onto her knees so that Katy could get a better look.

The First Drop
Cassidy immediately offered Gavin an energy bar.

It took Gray a few seconds to try and figure out her line of reasoning. He had been distracted by the fact she'd had a toy boat in her bag. It must have been her weapon, in which case that was some bad luck. So she didn't have a gun, but that didn't stop her offering Gavin the energy bar.

It was such a strange leap of logic. Gavin had his own bag, which meant he had his own food. So why did Cassidy think he needed some of hers? Maybe she thought it would help her gain an ally.

Gray noticed Andi give him a look, and then in one quick motion she knocked the bar out of Cassidy's hand and glared at her. Gray was slightly surprised but he didn't show it. He could follow Andi's reasoning, Gavin walking straight up and asking about a gun was suspicious. Especially when his reputation at Aurora was taken into account, granted she was being harsh about it but it wasn't like that was anything new for Andi as far as Gray was concerned. It was clear that Andi didn't want anything to do with Gavin though.

Gavin on the other hand was being very polite and peaceful about the whole thing. If anything it was too polite. The language far too formal and measured. Before he had even really finished speaking Gavin turned to Gray and started speaking again. The he talked was weird, simultaneously too friendly and condescending. Gray had the strong suspicion Gavin was trying to make himself sound smart by the way he figured out where Gray was keeping the pistol. It wasn't that impressive, when you considered Gray's pack had in fact come with a manual for using said gun that'd he had a quick read over. So he knew his gun was loaded and he knew the safety was on. Plus it didn't take a genius to work on that the safety actually read off and on. So if anything it was a little insulting.

Then he asked if Gray would actually give him the gun. Gray couldn't help smiling at the bluntness of it. There was no way he was giving Gavin the gun. The guy dressed like he was in the Matrix. There was no fool me once in Survival of the Fittest either; you couldn't take a chance like that. Gray would struggle to justify it if it was just him and Gavin, but with the chance two others could get caught up in the bloodshed if Gavin just decided to turn the gun on them, no way Gray was not going to take that risk.

Gray passed the rock over to his left hand and withdrew the gun with his right, being careful to hold it so that his fingers weren't on the trigger.

"I think I got it under control," He said as he turned it so Gavin could see the safety was on, before putting it back. "And don't take this the wrong way but I am not giving you the gun."

The response was instantaneous, Yaz felt the person drop all their weight across her forcing all the air out and then there was a driving pressure on her throat.

As Yaz's vision returned fully she saw Katy Warren's face leering back at her. Katy who bullied her at school had attacked her now, during Survival of the Fittest. She was the worst person Yaz could have met and judging by the welt on the side of her face Yaz had hit her hard, and made her angry.

She was threatening her about finishing what she had started, putting an exclamation point on the statement by dropping more weight onto her throat.

Yaz couldn't breathe. The force of Katy dropping onto her, combined with the shoulder being driven into her neck made it impossible to get any deep breaths. Yaz could feel herself start to get slightly lightheaded and her eyes started to water.

Katy asked if she was going to calm down and Yaz not being able to move her head, or speak properly; only managed a weak "Yes."

It sounded weak and Yaz hated it, Katy was always the one who was picking on her for being weak, for being shy. Katy was the type of person Yaz thought she had left behind when she joined Aurora, but instead was just further proof that there were bullies everywhere.

"Please...get off me."

Yaz felt something prod her.

Her attacker was still in the room after all.

Another nudge. Yaz didn't want to acknowledge it but it had been slightly harder than the first one. Her hearing and vision were slowly returning too, although spots danced across her eyes and there was a painful ringing in her ears.

It was the worst experience of her life. Her back hurt, there was a pain that flashed across her face every time she breathed through her nose, and her nose was bleeding badly and she openly sobbing in front of this person.

Then she was being shaken.

"Sh-fuc-p, would you?"

Now normally Yaz wasn't a violent person, in fact violence never crossed her mind as a possible option in any given situation. But considering the situation she was in and the fact that point of SOTF was to have students kill each other she had one reaction to the shaking and that was to lash out at her attacker to get the person off of her. If anything the reaction was much closer to blind panic than anything pre-planned but Yaz could barely see or hear.

She was facing away from her attacker since she was lying on her left side but as she rolled over she threw her right hand out as hard as she could. She felt her fist connect with something hard.

Yaz wasn't fooling herself though, unless she got extremely lucky she could expect some retaliation.

She just hoped it wouldn't be any worse than what had already happened.

The First Drop
Gray heard the yelp before he saw the person. Cassidy then stepped out from behind the statue. Gray had never had that much interaction with Cassidy if he'd had any at all. He knew she was a cheerleader though so that was a start; someone who did cheer-leading must have had decent fitness at the least. She also had her hands raised to make it clear she wasn't carrying any weapons; not that Gray had been expecting her too if the way she had called out was anything to go by. The way she started fanning herself was slightly weird though, although if that was how she was trying to calm herself down who was Gray to comment, he wasn't calm himself. He was just very good at looking relaxed.

She wanted to talk though, which was as good an idea as any. Gray could take a guess about the thing she wanted to talk about, probably some kind of partnership. It made sense, two people were safer than one and while Gray didn't know what Cassidy's weapon was he knew he had a gun and in most circumstances guns won fights. Not that Gray had any idea how to shoot straight or aim, but the presence of the gun itself would deter most attackers at the very least.

Gray was going to reply to Cassidy when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, before he could turn though a rock landed at his feet. It was quickly followed by a voice.

"Mind picking that up?"

Gray recognised the voice instantly, even though he hadn't heard it in a while.

It was Andi.

For some reason a smile crept across Gray's face.

"That was better aim than last time." He said as he bent down to pick up the rock, he turned it over in his hands a few time as he looked across to where Andi was standing. It was funny actually, that one of the first people he met on the island was Andi, and apparently she had noticed as well. Gray was well aware of how stupid the exchange was but it was a nice distraction from what was actually going on. For the whole of ten seconds.

Again Gray was going to say something when someone else walked over, a check once over told him it was Gavin Hunter...who immediately asked if anyone had a gun.

Never mind a greeting at all, just waltz right in with the heavy stuff. Any sense of calm Gray had managed to gain was destroyed by Gavin's appearance. He had heard the stories of Gavin being weird, because obviously who hadn't. It also didn't help that Gavin had decided that to go to Disneyland in the summer he needed a leather jacket and fingerless gloves. It was the kind of get-up you wore if you wanted people to pay attention to how 'different' you were. Gray wasn't one for social groups or standing but he knew how social interaction worked.

Gavin however did not. Gray knowing he himself had a gun just blinked a few times. He scratched the back of his neck as he thought through his response. He was thinking through his response because he knew what could potentially happen. In the end he decided that honesty was the best way to move forward. If he lied about the gun now it would just make it harder for them to trust him later.

Gray adjusted his beanie before giving Gavin a slight nod.

"I do."

The explosion of the grenade blinded and deafened Yaz and she was terrified.

The next thing Yaz knew her wrist was being grabbed and she was viciously yanked forward. She felt something hit her foot before she fell and tumbled over, landing hard on her back. The impact of the landing knocked the wind out of her so she couldn't even muster a defence.

Then she felt something slam into her face. There was a sickening crunch and pain flared through her entire face quickly followed by her eyes starting to water. She did the only thing she could think of and curled into a ball. She wrapped her arms over her head expecting more punches but none came.

She was fully crying now. Something warm was flowing from her nose and she knew it was blood.

She still couldn't see and she still couldn't hear. The person who had attacked her must still have been in the room but Yaz didn't care, they'd stopped attacking her and that was the most important thing.

For all Yaz knew they could have stolen her pack and already have left. She whimpered slightly, her face hurt so much and if her attacker had stolen her pack she wouldn't even have any form of first aid.

Yaz wished she could just wake up in her bed. That she had just been dreaming and was having a nosebleed. But she knew that wasn't true, dreams didn't have any pain.

She whimpered again, she was trying not too in case the person was still in the room but it was hard not to.

She'd easily just had the worst minutes of her life and the worst part was it wasn't even close to over yet.

Yaz bent down and picked up the first aid kit, putting it on the desk, she quickly checked the door to make sure no one had heard her but it didn't look like it. She rifled through the rest of the bag but didn't find anything unexpected just food, energy bars, a torch and a survival guide. Yaz didn't even look in the survival guide she instead just threw it straight back into her bag. She didn't want it but and the same time she didn't want to get rid of it in case she needed it later.

In short she was involved in a game of death and her only defence against anyone of her classmates who wanted to hurt her was a pillowcase containing a rock. There had been a good reason not to open her bag after all. It had only depressed her more. At least they'd given her food at the least and a rock was better than nothing and if she could find a friend hopefully they'd have a better weapon, and someone would be less likely to attack two people.

Yeah that was what she would do, she'd meet up with someone or a group of people, and she’d be safe then.

She threw the pillowcase in her bag anyway; she didn't want to carry it around in the open.

It was at that point she heard something clatter onto the floor of the classroom. Yaz had to step around the desk to get a look at it, she instantly regretted her decision.

It was a grenade. Fear gripped Yaz in that instant but before she could react there was a blinding burst of light and a loud bang.

She didn't even have time to make a noise.

Yasmin didn't feel safe in the slightest, which was why she was hiding under the teacher’s desk in the classroom she had woken up in. Her thought process wasn't functioning normally and she was scared. So she had done the only reasonable thing she could think of after she had woken up, she had hidden.

It wasn't a very good hiding place because if anyone walked around the desk they'd see her huddled beneath it. Having the hood on her hoodie up didn't help either since part of it was bright pink. She had her knees tucked in close and was hugging them with her arms. She could see her bag, the white letters reading G022 stencilled across it in bright white. Just a further reminder of the nightmare she was trapped in.

She hadn't even opened it, the only reason it was under the desk with her was because if someone saw it they'd know she had been in the room and Yaz's wish was that if anyone else was in the school they just walked past her. She didn't know what to do beyond hide though and that made her feel useless.

She knew what the terrorists wanted her to do; they wanted her to kill everyone else and be the last one standing. Then she'd be declared the 'winner'. Yaz already knew that she wouldn't be able to do that. For a start she didn't want to kill anyone, and even if she did she was the smallest person she knew, and there was no chance of her overpowering anyone.

She could feel the tears start to run down her cheeks. All she had wanted was to have fun with her friends in Disneyland, and now she was hiding under the teacher’s desk in an abandoned school taking part in SOTF. She could feel the cold metal of the collar around her neck and reached up to run her fingers along it, and then she gripped her necklace.

She had to get out from under the desk; the only issue was she didn't want to. Breathing deeply Yaz started to calm her down, and carefully crawled out from her hiding place.

G022 - Yasmin Carrol: Start

She picked her bag up once she was up and quietly lay in on the desk. Carefully opening it she saw a piece of paper fall out onto the desk. Picking it up Yaz read the words that were printed on it.

'Pillowcase Containing a Rock'

Yaz didn't get what it meant until she grabbed hold of an actual pillowcase. She tried to pull it out normally but it was stuck on something, so Yaz gave it a harder tug. It came loose but so did the first aid kit that had been on top of it, which skidded across the desk before flying onto the floor with a loud bang.

"Oh no."

The First Drop
"Well at least it looks like a nice place."

B007 - Gray Emerson: Start

The comment did nothing to help relieve the tension Gray was feeling. It had been worth a try.

Outwardly at least he looked perfectly calm. But inside he was freaking out. Gray had always been the more relaxed and calm one out of his friends, he was just good at keeping his emotions on the inside. It was proving harder to do give his current situation though. They had been dumped on an island and told to kill all their classmates and friends. They had even given Gray the perfect thing to do it with.

A gun. A Walther P99 to be exact, at least that's what the piece of paper, told him. Gray didn't know if it was right or not but he doubted they were lying considering the way they'd introduced themselves. He shuddered at the memory. This was really SOTF. Everyone had assumed it was gone for good.

As it turned it out it wasn't and the collar around Gray's neck was just further proof of that fact. The thing was solid metal and had no give at all. Not that he wanted to test that too much; Gray had heard stories about kids pulling their collars when they didn't want to carry on playing the game. Knowing that made Gray slightly nervous to touch the thing, he was fine bypassing his brains fear of pain but the fear of death was something else entirely.

Waking up had been a weird feeling as well, he'd almost head-butted his pack; according to the pack he was B007, which must have stood for Boy 7. It was a long way off from what Gray considered his lucky number to be but he hadn't dwelled on that. They had taken his phone and iPod, he didn't care about the phone too much because it had been old and dying but he would've loved to have music to listen to. They had even taken his headphones, at least he still had his beanie so thank god for small miracles. He took it off quickly to give it a quick check, brushing off some pieces of dirt and grass that had gotten stuck to it while he had been out cold. The stuff he had been given was pretty basic.

Some food, a flashlight, a map, compass and a first aid kit. Oh and the gun. The gun had been in there too, Gray packed everything else away but left the gun out, and he didn't quite know what to do with it. After all he had never actually held a gun before. Picking it up Gray bounced it in his hand; it was heavier than he thought it would be. He put it back down on top of his pack and stood up to take a look around. As he did so he felt his left leg lock into place.

"Ah...that's bad." Gray stumbled slightly as his body reacted to the lack of movement in his leg. It was probably caused by the fact he had been so still for so long, after all it had gone when he'd gotten off the bus and it would've locked in if he'd had the chance to get off the plane, so it made sense. "Hopefully this doesn't keep happening." He grunted as he pushed on the back of his knee to unlock his leg.

After lifting his knee up a few times to work out the stiffness Gray looked around properly. He was in a park that much was obvious; the gazebo with Christmas lights and a 'Just Married' sign was ominous though, as was the fountain and statue that he could make out. Everything was overgrown as well, the place was abandoned that much was clear.

Gray picked up the gun again and shrugged before stuffing down the back of his jeans like he'd seen people do in movies. He could only think of one other thing to do apart from that.

"Hey! Anyone else here?"

TT Reads V5 Pregame
Ah I may as well throw Gray into the queue to see . He starts here. He doesn't have any prom threads and has one memory thread.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
May 25 2013, 01:26 PM
Except that one game.
And from your sacrifice we learned never to hang around someone who likes The Shining and has an axe.

Edgar Tolstoff's long overdue friend thread
Passion for Photograhy and Drawing. I reckon Yaz would get on well with him. They could have met in an art class or something similar.

That Friendship Thingydo
Le'see here, person how enjoys art and has a hobby where a lot of art is involved at some stage or another. Sounds like she'd be a good friend for Yaz. She'd probably be the more chatty one to Yaz's quiet nature or we can figure something else out I don't really mind.

and back.

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