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The Play-by-Post Sessions
Seems fair to me.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
So how many times did Zabriel back track over the course of that arguement, cause I lost count.

Needless to say that was a horrible phase. One silver lining though is that now we don't have to be suspicious of Fiori since he's well dead.

Ummm would it at all be beneficial to see who reall got the bandwagon on Will moving? I mean like check the middle of it to see who voted but didn't really give much explanation.

The Play-by-Post Sessions
Horror you say, Cthulhu you say. I'm down with that.

The Play-by-Post Sessions
I am teh interested.

((Just gonna skip Solitair at this point since it's been 9 days.))

"Freak, that's original." Gray muttered.

Everything seemed to break down as soon a Gray had spoken. Adonis had reacted aggressively to his comment and had squared up to him. This had lead to Brad jumping to his defence which in turn lead to Kyran trying to restrain Adonis. Rachael on the other hand tried to talk everyone out of whatever they were planning to do.

What Gray thought was going to be a quiet lunch with a buddy had somehow ended up at the beginnings of a fight. It was kind of insane. But considering Adonis had sat down with them some drama was bound to happen eventually. Adonis had attempted to intimidate Gray by standing up to his full height of 6 foot, which compared to Gray's own height of 5'6" with Adonis's extra mass was somewhat intimidating. However Gray had met car going at full speed before and only broke his left leg so unless Adonis was made of pure steel than Gray wasn't going to be easily intimidated.

Instead he held a steady gaze with Alba to tell him that his regular tactic wasn't going to work. Sure Alba would probably be better off than him in a fight; he was more athletic than Gray, stronger and had a height and weight advantage. So if a fight did break out Gray would have to hope that his high pain tolerance would see him through. Of course Gray didn't want it to end up as a fight. He just had to defeat Alba with words...which looked to be just as difficult.

Gray made sure to keep his voice calm and steady as he spoke, he didn't want to turn Adonis into a madman. Not that he was far away from that stage.

"I was minding my own business, but it was getting hard to talk over you. Plus she just wants to read not have someone flirt with her." He leaned further back into his chair to emphasise that he wasn't bothered by Adonis's posturing. "Just relax okay."

Well now either Adonis was going to break free from Kyran and then break Gray's face or he was going to calm down. Gray hoped it was option two. He'd damaged his nose once before and it wasn't pleasant.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: That was terribly phrased. I mean't why bother voting for him when MW is just going to kill him anyway.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Why bother voting because MW is gonna mod-kill him anyway. Seems like a waste of time to me.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Pippin also dropped in a vote for Inky at the end of the bandwagon.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Another game note: I will be handling fluff in the style of Elena's mafias, such as V3 Mafia and Board Mafia V1. Fluff will reveal killer characters and victim characters, and nothing else.

The exact statement MurderWeasel made.

Little's Buddies (Thread V2)
I've currently got Gray in the same thread as Psychadelic's character so that's why he isn't in Cicada Nights.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Just to clarify Namira ninja'd me in the post that Sideliner is referring to.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Now I'm just going to throw this one out there but dispite being mentioned a few times as having suspicious behaviour Randomness is still staying quiet.

And yeah Dom a little more to go on would be nice.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
So I'll just drop this one here



I'd say I hope this is the right decision and all that but at this point it seems redundant since the three people above me have said the same thing. (Apart from Toben).

I'd just look out for some of the people that have dropped in to vote for Inky after being quiet. *cough*Randomness*cough*

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah that's the general consensus. As long as the lynch makes sense it's good to go for it.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
We stopped doing that because it was tedious and always had the same result.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Meh we can speculate for longer because we still have time left.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
That's interesting. Probably worth keeping in mind.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
That's a good plan Slam. Plus as you said it'll keep Inky happy.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Kami I feel so loved that your keeping your vote on me. Although it is funny that I'm No.13 with my username.

((Skipping with permission from Psychadelic))

During his discussion with Kyran, Brad had wandered back over from the lunch line and asked if they were talking about Punk Rock.

"Yeah it's Punk."

Brad hadn't heard Rise Against before and Gray couldn't help but think that he was missing out. Sure they were extremely political with a lot of their songs, but if you good look past that their songs were all very enjoyable and Gray could appreciate the skill of their playing. He had actually seen them live the year before at the WaMu Theater. Coincidence had led to his birthday being on the one day they played in Seattle during the whole of the Endgame Tour. It had been a damn good birthday.

"I'd say it's probably my favourite genre." Gray thought for a minute before answering the question of what his favourite bad was. "Rise Against is my favourite band. But I did see them live on my birthday."

"So Rachael, what brings a pretty girl like you over here?"

Gray couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. He'd turned to see Adonis pulling this face that was meant to be cool and sexy but all Gray saw was stupidity. It was becoming surreal watching Adonis try to flirt with Rachael who clearly didn't care about or want his attention. Gray did have to respect how much Adonis believed in his ability to get a girl. But Gray knew when something was going to just become uncomfortable for everyone on the table. He decided he'd have to take the plunged and tell Adonis that his plan was failing. Another person had just joined their table, which was getting pretty full and gave Rachael and small wave. Gray thought his name might have been Arthur but he couldn't be sure. Either way he had just walked into an awkward situation.

"C'mon dude, she just wants to eat her lunch and read her book. Leave her in peace."